Hey guys, I know you’re probably thinking why I’m switching to another blog host again. Well… that’s because WordPress has this lock function for individual post so I don’t have to (force myself) to lock my entire blog. And it’s also because Blogger somehow has become very, very lag recently. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me 🙂

I’m quite lazy to import my previous blog over (I don’t know how anyways) so I’ll just link it here. It’ll still be kept private so too bad to those who doesn’t have access (just kidding, come ask me for permission and I’ll gladly invite you). Oh yeah, I think people without a WordPress account can still post comments but you’ll be anonymous. So I’d really appreciate if you could identify yourself? Thanks maaaaan 🙂

So yep, I shall start churning out more posts now! I know it’s been super long since I blogged. 🙂

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