Worst Friday, Ever

Hey guys!

My life has been so drama recently.. Even more drama after I failed to complete my test yesterday for ICMT (Issues & Crisis Management). I was extremely upset, already on the verge of crying when I left the lecture hall because I knew I was never going to get an A after losing about 6 marks so far? If you haven’t already know me I’m an extreme perfectionist. B+ is never enough for me ok? 😦 I’m also a victim of the warped (elitist) education system in Singapore. Anyway before I digress..

The air-con in MLT 12 was like, blasted to its maximum that left everyone including myself (cannot adapt to extreme weathers) shivering like some naked people in ice water. That reaaaaaally hindered my writing speed and I was writing extremely slow and UNTIDILY 😦 Ok lah also partly because the time given for the paper was damn short! 1 hour and I had to write & explain 5 kinds of organisations that are prone to crisis  at the last page?? 5?! WHYYY MS DAWN WHYYY!? 😦

Then it was during the peak hour when I took the train home. I practically ran and squeezed into the supposedly Marina Bay-bound train a few moments before the doors closed (that’s my usual practice). And unexpectedly the strap of my bag got trapped in between the doors. Normally during peak hours the doors would close, open and close again to ensure that everyone is kept clear from them right? Well NOOOO.. the train just moved okay! And the doors were closed so TIGHTLY that I couldn’t release my bag from them despite multiple attempts. Instead of alighting at Bukit Gombak, I decided the take the train to Bishan because the doors open there.

Ok you must be thinking why I didn’t press the red button to alert the staff? Because I’m afraid of embarrassment ok.. It’s like, Singaporeans are so amazed and alarmed by the smallest matter. Argh..

So throughout the journey I was standing stupidly at the door until…. an announcement was made at around Yishin that “this train terminates at Ang Mo Kio”. KANASAI I immediately panicked like hell!! FYI, Ang Mo Kio is one stop before Bishan which means the doors that trapped my bag will NEVER be opened. My heart pumped so fast that my hands went numb while texting my boyfriend for help. There were 2 chatty girls sitting opposite me who totally stopped talking and started pointing at me in shock when I left my bag hanging in mid-air as I pressed the red button. Argh, super embarrassing I swear. Everyone just started to look at me 😦

Train terminated at Ang Mo Kio (not at the middle lane somemore wtf) and all lights went out. Passengers waiting for the next train all looked at me too. Sigh.. then came some station officers whom I beckoned for help. One of them told me to just pull the strap out.. I couldn’t so he helped me. Now my strap is torn. Zzz.. To end of the embarrassment I had to leave down my particulars and tell them what happened. Apparently it’s like a nightmare for them whenever the red button is pressed.. because they have to submit a report to the headquarters. Hoho.. Anyway I hope no idiots took picture of that incident and post on STOMP. I’d be STOMPING mad. :\

After that I took the train back home. Knocked the door, and was half surprised that my dog didn’t bark to welcome me home. She’d bark whenever she hears door knocks, or bell rings. But no.. Maybe she’s hiding somewhere in my mom’s room and couldn’t hear anything.

Went into my mom’s room and mom was shocked to see me there. “How come no sound when you come home?” she said. “Why Angel never bark at all? Where is she?” I started panicking again as I went searching for her within the house. Dad’s room, no. Toilets, no.. She was nowhere to be found. Called her name but she never appeared..

Crying, I walked around the neighbourhood with mom and sister clapping my hands and calling out for her. I was blaming my mom and sis for being so negligent that they didn’t even realise she was gone! I went home, printed notices and pasted everywhere in the vicinity.. A friend of my mom saw the notice and said that he saw her in the afternoon running around and playing with some strangers. That was about 3 pm. It’s already 8 pm now. She’s missing for 5 hours and not even a single soul knew? I was dead mad and kept scolding my mom! My sister was outside at that time. No one was in the living room but yet the door was left OPENED. Angel obviously knew a way to sneak out because the gate has holes big enough for her to squeeze her way through. I became so worried and started crying even more.. Tried finding her for the next 3 hours but to no avail. I tried knocking on every single door to ask if anyone seen her 😦 Luckily towards the end of the day someone called to tell me who took her home.. and Angel is back in my Alfi’s arms now 🙂

Okay that’s all. Today is a better day 😉

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