Alphonsus Neo

Hello, I have a special request for a second instalment of the Alfi series.. If you haven’t already known, Alfi is a portmanteau of my beloved Alphonsus and myself. But since I plan to start anew on this blog, I should just change the title altogether right? 🙂

So in a day’s time it’s our 10th monthsary (and his birthday on the 18th). 10 months of ups and downs.. I’m not some self-denying bitch and delude myself into believing that this has been a very smooth relationship so far. In fact our honeymoon period ended way before the usual 3 months because of our stubborn mindsets.. I would never give in and he has been very protective of me which somehow led me thinking that he’s restricting my life. Haha it took me months to realise that it’s actually a good trait that not many guys these days possess. I would be very upset initially but as time passes I’ll start to understand the good intention. For example I’m starting to fade away from online social media tools because I get a little disgusted by people who update their statuses so frequently that it somehow reflects their attention-seeking behaviours.. He didn’t like me to tell my whole life to the entire world so I was only allowed to be active on Facebook like, once or twice a week. Even my Twitter is dying.. Painful huh? 🙂 Not really.. I’m actually enjoying the benefits of being low profile. Less unnecessary trouble and fake fronts you’d encounter.

People say we’re inseparable.. As much as I hate that term (makes me feel damn dependent on him but oh wells, guess I have to shake off that image since I’m attached now eh?) I can’t deny that it’s a compliment because how many couples you see today behave like one? They are either hanging out with their friends more than their partners or are just not proud to show them off to their friends.

There were so many sacrifices he’s made for me. A few months ago I casually mentioned that I wanted a netbook because I was so tired of carrying my gigantic laptop to school. Right now I’m typing on my pretty HP netbook that he bought for me a few weeks back. He’s not rich per se. He’s just like any other poly dude working his ass off to make ends meet so I was so elated and surprised when he actually say that he’s getting one 🙂 He never had this reluctant expression on him whenever he buys (luxury) stuff for me even though it may leave him broke for the rest of the month. And whenever he buys me stuff it’s always voluntary. He’s so willing to give unlike me. That’s probably one thing I have to learn from him 🙂 My darling also picked up French recently because he wanted to converse with me in that language despite having zero interest in it. He knew I love French but have no one to practise with.

Being with him makes me feel like a princess. He would never turn a deaf ear to my whines. In fact he’d always find a solution to them. Like because I have dry scalp, he would drag me to his hairstylist for a scalp treatment. I don’t really go for such pampering because to me it’s not cheap. But price is never an issue for him as long as I like it 🙂

Upon knowing that I lost my dog on Friday, my handsome gave me a call at work to speak to me. And he took a cab down to comfort me after work at 11 pm even though he was dead tired. It was a touching sight seeing him appear and give me a hug. I just poured all my sorrows on him and drenched his shoulder. Instead of being grumpy due to his lack of sleep, he was encouraging and optimistic that I would find Angel very soon. 🙂 Knowing that I skipped dinner to find my dog, he took me to McDonald’s to grab a quick bite because according to him, hunger makes one feel worse.

Without him to take care of my needs I’d probably be so preoccupied with school work that I’d go berserk anytime.. So I’m thankful to have my handsome in my life to guide me, and vice versa 🙂 I’m very honoured to be the person in life to lead him to the right path. And I’m even more excited to see him on TV and newspapers (for MMR) soon! HAHA!

With that, thank you once again darling. You’re my counsellor, advisor, personal assistant (:P) and motivator and will always be one.

 Happy 10th month to you! ❤

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