Movies That Blow My Mind

I’m currently uploading this EXTREMELY huge file onto Mediafire because Gmail, being a bitch, doesn’t allow me to attach files more than 25mb of size. So while waiting for the upload to be completed I think I should blog a little about movies.

Today I felt like I was the stupidest person on earth because I didn’t friggin’ understand the movie Inception, and I think it was just me! In my opinion (please don’t shoot me down movie experts) Inception was mind-boggling that it confused the shit out of me. Like I totally paid $6 to exhaust my brains even more on top of the brainstorming they had to do for my school projects. Movies are supposed to be our form of entertainment!! Why are they giving me more stress instead?! So about 20 minutes into the movie I DOZED OFF!! How terrible was that?? Okay I’m really not blaming the movie.. The hall was half packed with students my age or even YOUNGER and they actually cheered after the movie ended. That showed how much they enjoyed it. Alphonsus loved it too.. even claimed it to be the one of the best movies ever.  😦

Update: Even after reading the plot I still don’t get it! WHAT THE HELL just shoot me. This is so frustrating!!

Inception wasn’t the only movie that made me feel this way. A Team too.. sigh, everyone else was like telling me how HILARIOUS A Team was but I didn’t feel a thing?! I couldn’t understand what the actors were talking about and I dozed off during that movie too. What the hell is wrong with me?? 😦

I think I should just stick to chick flicks and horror.. and Hong Kong movies. Sigh, what a bimbo lor..