So Worn Out Like a Wrinkly Bitch

Hey minions (ohoho), it’s time for me to finally take a short break and BLOG about my miserable life.

I have finalised my internship matters! I would be commencing as a design intern at a magazine from 29 November onwards. I’m quite looking forward to the whole new experience but yet at the same time, feeling rather nervous. Hope it’ll go okay for me!

Wednesday unofficially marked the final day of FYP slavery and slogging like nobody’s business. Why unofficially? Because I still have bloody report to submit, expenditure and attendance compilation. And because my group was in-charge of costume design AND making, we also have to WASH and return them to the school like, why the hell? 😦 But I’m so glad the event is OVARRRR! Anyway I felt a great sense of accomplishment because our costumes turned out awesome for Lady Gaias. At first we were full of doubts and uncertainty but in the end we managed to impress our Principal, CASS director and other participating members. Hahaha and the whole Green March event managed to obtain press coverage on Straits Times (not sure about TNP but I’m sure they did an exclusive coverage on the main Lady Gaia).  What an achievement! But all these wouldn’t be a success without the determination and help from my group members! Well done Outreach Team A!

Now for other modules I’m left with the big ICMT mock press conference and CIBM CA3. After that I’ll more or less be smelling freedom.

Oh one last issue. Today I was totally in my bitchy mode. It all started because of the so-unexpected pipe leakage at the DMS which caused me and 15 others from Advertising Copywriting class to be unable to print our CA3. The main colour printer was switched off to prevent any possible electrocution from happening. The other colour printer died on me when it was MY turn to print, like what the flying coconut! So in the end I printed all text in black and white and went to the printing shop nearby to get coloured visuals printed. SO RELUCTANT to go there because of the hefty cost..$0.50 per COLOURED printing. I had 6 pages to print and that was definitely going to eat up 3/4 of my EZ-link card value.  KNS.

Went there to find the shop totally packed with anxious students like myself. That was fine, but I was so upset the machine couldn’t detect the files I wanted to print! I went to 3 different printing kiosks and gave me the same result: BLANK PAGE. What the hellll I wasted almost 1 hour trying to print. AND what pissed me off was this guy, who was OBVIOUSLY aware of the long waiting queues, having the cheeks to ask his friends (who also took damn long to print also) to print for him as well. I was so angry seah!! So I lashed out at him, “Excuse me, can you don’t be so inconsiderate? Can’t you see we are all QUEUING up?” He was stunned and dumbfounded for awhile but quickly gave a rejoinder.

“But it’s only one page..”

“I’m sorry, no, please go and queue up,” I argued while looking right into his eyes.

“One page only mah. Okay fine, fine..” And he reluctantly joined a queue next to mine.

Geez, I seriously can’t stand people who get their friends to buy things on their behalf and PROLONG the waiting time. This also includes people who help withdraw others’ money from ATM machines. I mean like, you have legs so why can’t you friggin’ wait with the rest? STAND WILL DIE IS IT!

>: (

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