Happy FIRST birthday Alfi!

7/8/10, Saturday: The long-awaited date had arrived! Saturday marked Alfi’s first anniversary and even though there was only this little amount of time to celebrate due to work, we had a blast! We ate so much at Orchard and I swear, most of our salary went to food. 🙂 Oh and I bought him 5 NEW sets of tops! I bet they look awesome on him!

I must say that my darling put in the most effort in trying to make this relationship work (which does eventually). For that, I really admire his determination, perseverance and patience. At times I could be really unreasonable and upfront but he tolerated them all. If  he was some other average guy he’d probably had ran away 😛 Hmmm, most people thought we wouldn’t last because of (what you can tell from above) our conflicting personalities. I’m a very indecisive yet independent individual but he’s always there to guide and is very cautious towards me like I’m a newbie in life. 😛 But I got 85% used to his behaviour after a few months.

We met more than a year ago through our CCA and he was this ah beng-looking guy with REALLY golden hair (now become 100% guai kia, jet-black hair), but he surprisingly didn’t look like his age. Although his profile stated his birth date, I still didn’t believe it so I had to sieve through his pubbing photos on Facebook to figure out how old he was! True enough, he was 23 years old. HAHA. And by the way, I was also a little attracted to his maturity due to his age 🙂

Before we got together he was smoking like an idiot (I’m sorry) because of I-don’t-know-what stress but my heart got won over by his determination to quit because of ME 🙂 He knew that I hated smokers to the ultimate core (from blogs and other stuff) and he NEVER touched cigarettes since then. He refused cigarettes from friends who persistently offer them to him and has since cut down on pub outings. Now he’s as fragrant and AFFLUENT as a non-smoker. 😛

He is someone who does not believe in spending time away from each other, so we made it a point to meet everyday no matter how short each meeting may last UNLESS of course, one of us is overseas. Even so, we would communicate each other via sms. To others, we may seem sticky (it only appears that way because we’re studying in the same school so naturally we’d see each other more often than any couple) and plain no-life BUT we have our own lives too with our own group of friends, just not known by many others who jump into conclusions so quickly 🙂 And yup, if you’re planning to go into a relationship, this is the type of sacrifice you have to make. You can’t just treat your boyfriend or girlfriend like a TOOL which you choose to use only when you feel abandoned by your friends *cough*. And although we’re sticky, we know our limits and we don’t behave inappropriately in public. Maybe a peck or a short hug but all in all we’re just innocently affectionate. 😛 We think like adults, kay!! Oh and having said that, we are not as obsessive as those teeny couples who always go like, “i mizxsz euuuuu i lurbbeeee youuuuu my hartxx beatszxs for himmzxz 070809<3” all over the net. I know it’s impossible for us to be modest in real life so we try to maintain low profile online! 🙂 We are considerate, heh.

I’ve learnt a lot from this one year, including handling negative perceptions. We get criticised, most of the time privately and supposedly unknown to us, by people who try to bring us down. But our conscious is clear so those comments never affected us. As time passes by, we tend to realise such comments usually come from armchair critics (also keyboard warriors) who reek sour grapes and are inexperienced when it comes to love. And they are either hideous-looking (always get upset about the world because they are ugly and can never find love), they always fail in love (so jealous and always waits for that one opportunity to gloat over others’ misery) or they are still single (but trust me, I was like that when I was single too). As much as you wish to refute the previous statement, they always stand true. Really, if you’re blissfully in love you wouldn’t even pass such silly statements because you UNDERSTAND how it’s like. 🙂

We also learned to be independent and responsible for our own expenses by spending on dates with our hard-earned money. This aspect really made me feel a lot more mature. Both of us are working part-time since last year! I mean, how many couples actually work to earn some income to spend on dates? I’m glad we’re not those kind of couple who whines and shamelessly expects their parents to financially support the relationship. We try to be thrifty so we can buy the things we want 🙂

I’m thankful that family members and friends who truly care have given us their blessings. Awww. Okay I know saying this would be so bloody shameful but.. hell I feel fortunate?? HAHA. 🙂

To make up for that small undeserving celebration on Saturday, darling and I have planned a Desaru getaway this coming weekend together with some friends. Yay, can’t wait!

Wait for my pictures!!

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