First Ever Jalan Raya

I am starting to feel like a country bumpkin after churning out 2 entries about my life..

Seriously, what kind of human am I not to experience JALAN RAYA before? After all, I’m a Singaporean living in a country that embraces racial harmony. Actually, other than Jalan Raya, I also haven’t been to a Malay and Indian wedding. 😦 So embarrassing, so friends of other races, please ENLIGHTEN me by inviting me to the aforementioned events. Teehee.

And yes, three days ago was my Poly class first outing of 2010, right? Maybe not because I could have missed the previous one this year due to work. But anyways, I took the effort the attend this one because it could be the last Poly class outing before we graduate for all you know. And coincidentally (or as planned), it was still Hari Raya. So organiser Sharizan took the initiative (I really appreciate that) to organise a class Raya outing! Heehee, and I visited 2 of my Malay classmates’ houses. It felt kinda like Chinese New Year with the ang paos and all just that the food is SPICIER 😛 We had a blast and certainly gained a few stones from the binging and all but who cares? WE ENJOYED OURSELVES! 🙂

It kept raining this week so it was not surprising to be caught under slight drizzle at Tampines! We were heading to Atikah’s house first and I heard from Leeyen that her mom cooked a lot! Thank god it was only the first house we visited if not I doubt anyone could take in so much awesome food which would be a waste ‘coz Atikah’s mom has FABULOUS culinary skills. On top of that her mother was a great host (pretty too! Just like the daughter) and the hilarious part was when she chased us ALL out of her kitchen because she didn’t want anyone’s help in dish washing. After eating we played with Atikah’s pampered cat, Paris. It was so SHY and basically shunned everyone except for Sharizan. So we poked fun at him saying that Paris was interested in being his girlfriend and even suggested to have their relationship statuses changed on Facebook (yes Paris the cat has an account there).

Our visiting time for subsequent houses got pushed back because of *cough* poor planning and some impunctuality.. but everything went alright! 😛 It was a pity I could only visit Atikah’s and Amira’s house due to some plans after 7pm. Amira has a male cat named Puteh, and after these 2 visits I can conclude that cats are proud animals that would never yearn for the guests’ attention. Instead they’d hide and had to be FORCED to get stroked by the guests. Hahaha.. like what seah?? But even so I bet cats (like PERSIAN CATS!!) make good pets if you like to sayang them and make them feel like Kings on your lap. 😛 Oh yes, over at Amira’s we had PANCAKES (tasted like prata!!), BROWNIES, FISH CRACKERS and this cracker that tasted a bit bitter.. What’s that called?? Jordan said it’s a plant.. Hmmm. Anyway those Hari Raya goodies are TEH BOMBZ! Comparable to Chinese New Year goodies 😉 And the pineapple tarts are equally nice too! Couldn’t stop eating. Seriously, are Malays born to cook?? If so I wouldn’t mind my hawker centre/coffee shop stalls to be all muslim food you know? Better than those PRC vendors who THINK they can cook good Singaporean dishes. Geez gimme a break lah!

And guess whutttt? Amira’s parents gave everyone of us an ang pao (what do you call that in Malay?) each upon leaving!! I’m not excited because of the money but the FIRST-TIME experience! Hahaha yep, that was my first Hari Raya ang pao and I’m not gonna use the money inside anytime soon. It could be my lucky charm!

The next house visit was supposed to be Sharizan’s but I gotta leave right after Amira’s. What a waste! From the photos taken I could tell there were good food there too, as well as Ain’s because there were fish and chips. We had to give Sakinah’s home a miss due to time constraint 😦 It’s alright! Everyone had fun still 😉

More food pictures to make you drool (and some cats as well not to be eaten).



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