An Intern’s Wretched Life

Got back my final GPA about 2 days back. Not my ideal score, but I guess life still goes on (nope, not revealing my grades here – don’t like public scrutiny anymore). On the bright side, I shouldn’t be worrying too much since application for Uni has been done with my first 5 semesters’ GPA. 🙂 Waiting anxiously for the outcome now..

That aside. Today’s blog post can be considered as a short continuation from my previous post about my internship.

I thought I need to blog about this to keep my future self reminded and cautious of similar black sheep when applying for jobs. And of course, the lesson learned.

So just when you thought the episode ended, here comes the aftermath. Very sian right? Internship ended already still have to deal with the aftermath. I guess at this point I can safely advise all students seeking internship to let the school do the job for you. DON’T do it yourself as the company you self-sourced may just be as calculative and exploiting (using this term very loosely because it was more or less WILLING coz of bloody grades) as mine.

After harassing rushing and reminding my supervisor for more than a month about my pay, I can finally receive it tomorrow. But there’s a problem. They did not pay me for the two Chinese New Year holiday which they are supposed to according to Ministry of Manpower. And I swear I have the MOM and CPF employment guidelines at my fingertips after working for this company because they had been relentlessly overworking me like mad.  First it was the ridiculous CPF deduction from my pay. Now this? Seriously they never fail to disappoint and I REALLY wonder how the past interns tolerated these shit. I mean, if the past interns were willing to totally get manipulated and tortured by these scumbags, then I guess it’s their choice. But man, if this happens to me, the bitchy righteous side of me has to be unveiled to protect myself.

So I was asking my supervisor how much I’m paid for February and the sum amounted to a weird figure. Clearly when I prompted further about how it’s derived, she became curter with her tone which kinda pissed me off.  If you’re gonna be so calculative about my pay, why can’t I freakin’ do the same? And if I REALLY have to be calculative, I’d factor in those long overtime hours! Boils my effing blood. I’ve sought advice from my liaison officer whom will consult my law lecturer who was previously a lawyer. Yes, before you mess with anyone, check where he/she’s coming from first! Like any other adult employees, an intern (especially student intern) needs money for survival. How CRUEL can a company be to shortchange an intern?!

My only wish right now is to watch this company suffer the same consequence as LIME (unfortunately this magazine really didn’t deserve the wind up). Not through unethical means of course – don’t wanna stoop to their level. I believe karma will get them one day when more and more people are exposed to their misdeeds and lies! Even my Mommy is damn upset because of this incident.

Anyway I’ve made up my mind. I’m gonna lodge a formal complaint against this dishonest company with MOM as well as the CPF. They apparently need proper, black and white employment guidelines from the authorities else they will never know where their mistakes lie. Once I’m done with it, I’ll probably post it up. But it’s gonna be a password-protected entry so if you wish to gain access, do approach me. BUT make sure I know you well enough to trust that it’d be kept confidential. 😛

OK I’ll update if anything goes wrong tomorrow when I collect my moolah. I hope nothing goes wrong though.. It’s been delaying for too long. I’m officially broke man -_-

I will be also updating my blog more often now. Stay tuned for entries about my Penang trip!

You Are Not Forgotten

Hiiiiiii I’m so glad I finally found time to update this neglected thing. I’ve been quite busy these few weeks and I’m always feeling so lethargic when I reach home.

Oh by the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 even though it’s more than 3 months late. I’m sure 2011 would be different from the past years as I’m gonna embark on a brand new (education) journey.. Well, if I get accepted into NTU to study design.  Having said that, I’ve just completed my studies in SP 🙂 Wow can’t believe 3 years just went by like that. From the day I entered SP as a freshman on 7 April 2008 to the day I completed my final module on 18 February 2011 – it was definitely a blast even though there were ups and downs. But it’s alright because between the down and up moment, your maturity level goes up by an inch 😛 And if I remember correctly I should be able to collect my diploma on 25 May. Til then, I’ll be working my ass off hopefully to achieve a fatter bank account, enough to sustain my next holiday trip.

How should I continue from my abrupt end to my 2010 journals? Let me start from my final module – internship, which carried a whopping credit unit of 17 like, almost half of the total CU for that semester. I shall not reveal the name of the company because I’m not ready to burn any bridges. But for a little hint, it was a magazine company which gave me the design internship.

Although I’m truly grateful for the design skills I was taught, I simply cannot deny the horrible experience I had there. Complete with mean bosses and terrible employee welfare especially when you’re only a teeny weeny intern, it’s just anybody’s nightmare. And the pay is bloody low. I bet after CPF deductions (yes you heard me) I could be the lowest paid intern in my batch. Like who on Earth would deduct a measly intern’s pay? That flirtatious-looking accounts person didn’t believe that interns are excused from CPF deductions until my lecturer gave him the CPF guidelines. I wonder how many interns were duped by their so-called compulsory CPF scheme before I came. And after I left they CONTINUED to deduct the next intern’s pay for CPF. How despicable and unethical right?! They’re also very calculative in our pay I CAN’T STAND IT. So stingy for what?!

And that’s not just it you know.

Apart from having to endure that awful breath my supervisor exhaled that smelled like a dead rat, I also have to endure her bad temper. Usually she’s very moody on Mondays, I don’t know why. But that doesn’t give her the rights to vent it on me. She is exceptionally nice to and fearful of the editor and bosses, which I don’t really blame her. But her niceness is a little bit extreme, like she is gonna lick their shoes. You should totally see how her tone changes when she spoke to me AND THEN to the editor or the CEO. Kinda puts me off, like I’m not worthy of her respect.

Being an intern there also means that you’d be under-appreciated, taken for granted and I freaking hate it. Like I’m some kind of their SLAVE. I’m expected to work overtime and leave the office everyday at 10pm without any word of thanks from anybody. And when I don’t, I get reprimanded for not working as a team. I also get chided for the small mistakes I made during those sleepy nights. !#$%&! The most absurd thing was when the entire company left for Christmas lunch last year, the interns were made picking up the mess they left (who wouldn’t be surprised we were not invited). We could only leave for lunch at 4.15pm once we were done. My overly controlling supervisor texted me at 5pm asking me what time I left for lunch because she didn’t see me in the office. FYI, my lunch break was 1 HOUR. And she was so afraid I took more than that for lunch and had to resort to questioning me. What am I, your prisoner?? And once again not a single “thank you” from them for helping to clear the mess. Well done!

There are so many other unethical stuff they do but I can’t say it here since it’s a public page. I’m boycotting the stupid magazine from now and while I’m at that, I’m telling all friends to do the same too. It seriously doesn’t deserve the attention it gets.

Because of the company, my tolerance level rose. Even after all the crap they gave me, I was still able to keep my cool and pretend to be a well-behaved, soft-spoken intern all for the sake of grades. It’s amazing how I did that.

Unlike my classmates who had awesome colleagues to plan a farewell dinner for them on their last day, I had nothing. No farewell gifts, no paycheck, nothing. Instead I was given a B+ for the overall grade. I was SO UPSET that night and my heart wrenched. I effing cried. Did my utmost best, gave my all and that was what I got you know. And the most ridiculous thing was how my supervisor who bloody gave me that demeaning grade consoled me, probably to relieve herself of guilt. She said something along the line of  “don’t worry about the grade. It’s not too bad” which really made me feel like stabbing her. It’s like telling the person you’ve slapped so hard it doesn’t hurt. You’re not the person receiving a B+ for a module worth 17 credit units you bloody idiot! OF COURSE IT’S NOT WORRYING TO YOU.

So it’s been more than a month since my departure and I haven’t received my paycheck! What does that tell you about the company? BULLY. ‘Nuff said!

Anyway thank God hell ended. It was the longest 3 months of my life. And the worst one.

Stay tuned for my next update 🙂