Cab Thieves

One of my biggest pet peeves (on top of crying children, spoilt children and.. well basically children) is people who attempt to flag down a cab knowing that I, the impatient one standing right beside them, have been waiting LONG BEFORE THEM.

These scumbags anger me terribly especially when I am running late for work and there is almost ZERO available cab in sight. On my unluckiest day, it rained very heavily and I had to wait for more than 15 minutes for a friggin taxi. What happened was this: a bloody fat female idiot had to jump the queue (walked further away from me but nearer to where vehicles were coming from) and flag down a cab before me. Of course, it stopped for her and trust me, I ALMOST pulled out my middle finger as the cab drove past. But I didn’t because I am GRACIOUS. I don’t behave like those selfish retards. Bloody hell.

And that was NOT the end. Then came another male idiot on the phone and pretended not to notice my presence and blatantly flag for a cab! Thank God the cab was busy so after witnessing his selfish act I immediately told him off. I shouted, “Oi, EXCUSE ME? I came first yeah?” and he crossed the road to flag at the opposite direction (not too bad). I know this action contradicts my statement about me being gracious but hor, graciousness has its limits too and I certainly do not have that much patience to sustain my graciousness at that point of time. Once is enough. Do it again for the second time and you jolly well GET IT.  And no, let me just say that even if you ask for my permission I will not let you have my cab too. You’re in a hurry I AM ALSO IN A HURRY OK?! If not why would I choose to get a cab right?

That happened a few weeks back but lo and behold! This “cab theft” incident occurred again when I was waiting for a cab near Bukit Gombak MRT station. Already late for work, this douchebag in the form of a lady had to get on my nerves by flagging down an incoming SMRT taxi. I was like, what the flying f***?! and began waving frantically and signalling the stupid bitch to go away (ok I think my actions quite exaggerated and funny come to think of it). To my surprise, the taxi DID NOT stop for her! It took me in the end!

What I learned from the driver is this: he saw ME flagging first so he refused to stop for her. He claimed that that’s the law but seriously, which taxi driver cares these days? Most of them are so lazy and inattentive and would choose to stop for anyone’s flagging near them. I applaud his righteousness! Yay!!

So for frequent taxi riders out there, here are some tips you could use to combat cab “thieves”:

  • Run to the front of that shameless moron like how he/she did to you and flag down a cab
  • Walk to that shameless moron and ask him/her why he/she deserves the cab more than you. Regardless of the answer, simply shrug it off by saying, “Sorry but I still think you should hop on to the one after mine because you know what principle is? It means you should step aside because I FRIGGIN CAME BEFORE YOU.”
  • Shout to that shameless moron that you came first. If he/she pretends not to hear it walk up to the person and tell him/her upfront. This is also one of those times you should put up that hooligan look on your face.
  • When a cab comes, wave frantically and signal to that shameless moron to go away. The moron wouldn’t be able to see it since his/her back would most probably be facing you. It’s actually to tell the taxi driver that you came first.
Ok that’s all.
P/S: I’ve written a compliment letter about the righteous driver to SMRT 🙂