How’s Life?

Oops the lazy bug bit me again but I guess it’s time my blog gets a slight revival.

My Uni application has been a roller coaster ride as I’ve received both offer and rejection letters. Now I end up being school-less for this coming academic year because I rejected my first offer (Linguistics and Multilingual Studies) and now my appeal got rejected as well. Hahaha, stupid right? I DO regret rejecting it if you ask me. I mean, who doesn’t? It’s NTU leh.. But when I picture myself getting the degree and going out to working society, I could totally see myself struggling to get a job and I would eventually work as a position that is totally irrelevant to my course of study. I certainly don’t want to spend like, $40k on a piece of paper that’s totally pointless to me.

I actually saw the rejection coming but I didn’t know my prediction would be so accurate because after all I’m still relatively experienced in that field of study. But anyway, all hope is not lost yet! I’ve emailed the dean of admissions, hoping that they’d review my appeal to Communication Studies (yep, after much consideration I decided to go for this instead of ADM) once again. It kinda bothers me somehow that I’d get rejected when my GPA is pretty decent. BF told me it was because I didn’t put it as my first choice initially. Hahaha oh no I bruised its ego.

In the event that my appeal gets rejected I’d probably work for another year but *sigh* I’m SO SICK of working already (even though my boss offered me a permanent position with a pay increment). I’m so so tired of dealing with crazy parents everyday, supervising my subordinates and getting scolded for stuff that I didn’t know I was supposed to do. At this rate I may just lash out at my superiors man.

So talking about work (I work in a tuition centre), I’ve been rotating centre locations for the past uh, 3 months? On top of Jurong, I travel to CCK and Yew Tee! The most ridiculous parents I’ve met so far are from CCK. There was once a complaint was made against my colleagues and I (okay the focus was on me) because I sprayed insecticide on a cockroach that was running around in a Primary 2 classroom! This ridiculous housewife’s response to that was this (in market aunty-mandarin of course):

The kids were still in the classroom and the smell of the insecticide will cause the kids to fall ill after inhaling it … My daughter just recovered from fever yesterday and we’re (with her nephew who was also in the class) going on a holiday tomorrow. If they fall sick how? You compensate is it? OK if they fall sick I WILL CLAIM THE MEDICAL FEES FROM YOU.

I was like, *roll eyes* the kids already went out of the classroom before I did anything to the roach because they were soooo afraid of it! You know, some parents can be so unscrupulous to point their dirty fingers at anyone just to make themselves feel like a BOSS. Furthermore, insecticides (BAYGON) are household products that are SAFE. Smell a bit won’t die one. *roll eyes all the way to Pasir Ris*

When my colleague went in to open the doors and windows and sprayed some of her precious perfume, that Mom went to her and said:

You spray got use meh? Spray also still have the smell!!

WHAT YOU WANT LAH. You tell me, how not to be angry? Totally felt like pulling her hair and drag her out of the centre, slam the door right at her face and hopefully it hits her mouth so that she could shut the fug up. So she went on lamenting about how badly the staff handled this matter while other parents were not complaining. Paranoid much? The funniest thing was my guai-lanness when I went into the classroom and asked the entire class, “OK kidsssss, do you still smell insecticide?” to which they innocently replied, “NOOOOOO!!” The embarrassed aunty then argued that “of course they will say no. The smell is not so strong as compared to just now”. Argh, shut up lah aunty. Bring your warped logic elsewhere where uneducated people would appreciate.

I’m so surprised ridiculous people like her exist. Singapore HAS TO propose a law that forbids stupid people like her to have offspring. Don’t pollute the minds of the young anymore ok!

Ok it’s getting late. I’ll share more work stories when I come back.

And I seem to be procrastinating on the uploading of photos onto my blog. *shy smile* OK I will do it soon!! SOON BUT DON’T KNOW WHEN ONLY. But I will do it!


2 thoughts on “How’s Life?

  1. Hope your eyes don’t drop out of their sockets! What do you think of the easternmost estate of Singapore? 🙂


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