Happy 20-11-2011 to Me :)

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the long hiatus. But before I rant on my beloved job (which is already a draft since 3 months ago and I never have the time to complete it), let me first announce that I am finally and legally 21 years old since yesterday, bitches!! I never knew being born on 20 November could be so damn awesome until somehow I thought about it last year while I was on my bed. I was supposed to plan for my 21st birthday party and then 20-11-2011 came across my mind! So basically, I would be 21 on 20-11-2011, get it? What nice numbers! HURRY, PURCHASE A LOTTERY TICKET NOW. 😛

Just a quick fun (maybe not) fact about my birth date: the gynaecologist for my then-pregnant Mom predicted that I would be born on 1 December 1990. But somehow I managed to crawl my way out on 20 November, by natural birth. I must have wanted to be a Scorpio so much that I got out like 10 days earlier!

I had a birthday party 3 days before my birthday and I invited people who have positively impacted me (and we still talk). The party wasn’t a lavish one and the guest list wasn’t very long. It was a simple event that allowed me to see people who I haven’t met for a long time because I was so busy working that I totally neglected my social life. 😦 So I really appreciate those who specially went all the way to Nethevaron Road (where the party venue was at, and trust me, it’s probably the most confusing and inconvenient place in Singapore) to celebrate my birthday with me.  Sorry if I didn’t speak much to any of you that night because I was so busy ensuring that everyone had something to eat! Yes, your stomachs are of  most importance so no one should leave the place with a growling stomach!

(Sorry, due to time constraint I would not be uploading any pictures taken during the party. If you have added me on Facebook, I’d be posting it up as soon as I have the time so please view it there!)

Anyway the point of this post is just to really commemorate my 21st year. Being 21 could mean the mark of adulthood (thus the “key”) to some people, but I think it’s a good time to reflect on what happened in the past 21 years of my life. The ups and downs have definitely shaped me into the person I am today. Of course I didn’t pull through all the ‘downs’ alone, so my quality of life now is actually attributed to many benefactors around me. And I am so glad they are still part of my life today 🙂

1997 – 2002

Never invited any of my primary school classmates because we are not that close now, which is really a pity. My primary school years are one of my best times because we were all so innocent and were not judgemental of one another. My first best friends were Chrissie and Huiling who went to the same class as me until we were Primary 5 when I had to be ousted from the class because of my failing grades (like super fail grades. You know, the all-Band 4 kind of result?). I was put into a class which had a mixture of very weak EM2 and pure EM3 students and that was where I got to know my next clique of 6 girls – Ming Ming, Zi Wei, Rachel, Jacqueline, Connie and Pauline (half of which have entirely disappeared from my life :\) and occasionally Eunice but she was always excluded from our group due to some personality conflicts, haha! Because of my academic grades, I went through years of humiliation and ostracism from peers who performed better academically (i.e. the EM1 or better EM2 students.. even other prefects showed hints of hostility when I was in the prefectorial board) but my parents knew nothing of this because I never showed any sign of despair at home, I don’t know why. It affected me emotionally but at the same time, it also kind of made me stronger and more indifferent to such hostile treatment. So perhaps that is why I appear ‘dao’ or cold to some people who meet me for the first time. Hahaha!

Ms Patsy Teo (or Mdm Teo after she was married in 2001) was my P5 form teacher in St Anthony’s Primary and has been my favourite since then as she was so patient with me in my Mathematics, but I guess all her efforts went in vain when I got an E for my PSLE Mathematics. On top of that she also appointed me a prefect on the very first day of P5 which had me on cloud nine. 😛 She was really understanding, had so much faith in us and even encouraged us to do better and ignore negative remarks we hear from other schoolmates. 🙂 And without her, I wouldn’t know Google existed in 2001. Hehehe

2003 – 2007

I didn’t do well for PSLE (aggregate score of 170) because of the very ugly E I scored for Mathematics and had to be posted to the very-undesirable Normal Academic stream. I am pretty thankful that I do not have results-oriented parents who would push their kids so hard that many a time, they would turn out rebellious. Sometimes they DO compare me with other brighter children, but other than that, no scoldings or heavy punishments when I showed them my PSLE results. 🙂

Got into my fourth choice (Hillgrove Secondary) because my results were so terrible that only a newly set-up school would accept me. But luckily Hillgrove is just a stone’s throw away from my house so I’m fine with it 😛

Anyone who graduated from Hillgrove would know that it’s not a very good and reputable school to begin with. Infested with underaged smokers and young hooligans, the school is often into deep trouble and was once even scrutinised by the media for the bad reasons (remember this 14-year-old girl who fell into a canal and drowned? And then this other girl who gloated at her misfortune on her blog? Oh by the way the latter was my CCA junior). Students who are posted to this school often leave with no less than 1 tattoo on their body parts and 0.8 grams of tobacco on their lungs. Of course there are a few commendable students but these people are unfortunately outnumbered by those mentioned earlier.

These people who gradually become scumbags of society are often caused by peer pressure.. and yup, it’s perhaps due to the right company I mixed with in my secondary school years (and also because I wasn’t very easily led astray *hohohoho*) that I didn’t leave Hillgrove impregnated with twins by some chao ah beng. And they are my friends Wenqin, Tetrina, Xiaoqing and my other awesome classmates of 5A1 (Adelene, Aloysius, Gerald, Zhiyong, Elton, Junhua, Si Kai, Meng Kian.. just to name a few) who went through thick and thin with me especially during my active blogging years. LOL! It’s super embarrassing yet hilarious when I think of it now. Don’t know what caused me to have so much guts and negativity to be lamenting about every asshole on my blog then (though I still do now.. just less openly). I was probably going through my rebellious years as a teenager but strangely I rebelled against the rebellious ah bengs & ah lians in my school instead of my parents. Am I weirdly awesome or what!?! HAHA!! My blog was circulated among the cohort. Everyone who read it felt the intense hatred and disliked me immediately. Even Wenqin dissuaded me from blogging, lol!

But my friends continued to stand by me. 🙂 They understood everything, didn’t jump on the bandwagon and hate on me (which unfortunately happens all the time in Poly). There was this time I broke down because I was wronged by my classmates, and Wenqin comforted me and even lashed out at them on her MSN nick!! Hahaha I bet no one remembers this but it doesn’t matter as long as it’s etched in my mind 🙂  Thank you, my friends. Secondary school life would be hundred times more torturous without you.

Other than friends, I also have to thank Ms Jaime Toh (my Sec 3-5 English teacher) who had SOOO much faith in me, always expecting me to be top for every English paper and always giving me valuable inputs and enlightening me about life. Hahaha. Not forgetting Ms Karen Ang (Sec 1-2 Mathematics teacher) and Ms Koh Sock Hwee (Sec 3-5 Mathematics teacher) who regained my confidence in Mathematics and brought me from an E (PSLE Math) to an A2 for O-level Math. They made Math so easy that I wonder why I did so badly for PSLE. -_-

2008 – 2011

Scored pretty well (L1R5 12, L1R4 9) for ‘O’ levels and emerged as one of the top scorers in Hillgrove for that cohort which came as a huge surprise for me. Then I got into my first choice for tertiary education: Diploma in Media and Communication by Singapore Polytechnic. Was initially contemplating between this and Temasek Poly’s Veterinary Technology but the distance scared me. LOL.

Anyway I think I’m really very lucky to have my school fees financed by my Uncle so I didn’t have to work so hard to make ends meet. Thank you, Uncle Joe.

Got to know Jit even before school started through online portal STOMP and gradually, along with other classmates (like Yanhan and Sakinah) who came late on the very first day of Poly due to a suicide along the MRT red line, became good friends! Then I got to know Leeyen, Tammy (whose first question to me on the first day was “Why did you choose SP instead of NP?”), Amirah and other nice approachable classmates better as time went by. If you have added me as your friend on Facebook you’d see many music videos I created with my classmates. By music videos I mean us dancing stupidly to the music or lipsyncing them, usually done in between projects. Those were the awesome carefree days with my awesome classmates. Hahaha

But those days never lasted, especially when it came to the third year. Somehow there would always be a DEEP PIT on every phase of my life and it always appears towards the end of each journey. Haha. So on my final year, class politics which involved myself started surfacing and things got really ugly. Suddenly almost the whole class (some were really neutral and were really sitting on the fence, probably minding their own business) were against me because of one silly incident that was seriously misunderstood and twisted towards someone’s favour. And then it was viciously spread across the whole cohort and no one gave me a chance to explain. Contrary to what happened in Secondary School, I felt like a stranded person on an island with no support rendered from anyone in class. Not even a word of encouragement or anything to assure me that I was doing the right thing. The only support I got was strangely from my Secondary School friends and boyfriend :\

But since this incident is long over and the air has cleared (somehow.. Without any clarification though), I shall not reveal too much information about it. Let bygones be bygones… right? Nonetheless, if not for this incident, everything else would be perfect 🙂 With wacky classmates brightening up my days every week, and not forgetting to throw me a surprise birthday celebration in class every year. (And every year I receive presents of the same kind! LOL Very smexy)

2009 – Now

Life is hard especially when you’re a student with not much income and besides, I’m also not very well to do. So I got myself a job at MSLC (the tuition centre owned by this fierce but effective lady and a very incompetent husband I rant about all day). In a blink of an eye, I have worked there for more than 2 years. Never thought I would go this far. I still remember those days I felt SO EAGER to quit because of how I was SO BADLY treated by my bosses! But my willpower is so damn awesome I decided to stay on. Seriously how did I manage to pull through?!?

Bad experience aside, I have the best colleagues anyone could ask for. They think like me and behave like me (*cough* only the bimbotic part of me, hehehe) so we got on really well. Even after some have left the company, we’d still catch up with one another and chill out during our off days, and even go on an overseas trip together! I would lament about my internship experience to them and they’d just listen in disbelief and bitch with me. Hahaha! My colleagues are probably the reason why I was so reluctant to quit (on top of the money lah) 🙂 So thanks for making my weekends Jacelyn, Gina, Grace, Susi, Shirley & Jocelyn! And of course when I was transferred to CCK centre, Serene was there to make my weekdays too!

2009 – Now

And how can I forget about the one and only Alphonsus Neo who has been with me for 2 year now? Mr boyfriend has been facing all crises with me since day one (especially the issue I had with my Poly classmates.. thanks for lending me a shoulder to cry on) because I am only capable of bringing him problems! LOL! I am quite glad to have a bitchy boyfriend like him because he’s always there when I need to rant about anything even though sometimes he’d lose control and interrupt my complaints with his thoughts (just listen to my story first ok.. Your inputs can come in later) And of course when he needs to rant, I’m always there too! Because his stories are always so juicy hahaha!!

And did I mention that this guy is always showering me with gifts? Even though they are very unnecessary? -_- He is always buying me things and claiming that they are monthsary presents even though it’s still days away!

Anyway thanks for always being there for me even though my moodswings can really kill sometimes. All I need is your patience and your understanding that my moodswings will NEVER go away! LOL Sucks to be you my dear 😛

He was the one behind all the planning of my 21st birthday party. It was meant to be a surprise! I think he must have spent a lot on the food, bungalow, decoration, the humongous yet delicious birthday cakes and other miscellaneous stuff. I don’t know the total damage because he just doesn’t want to tell me. VERY STUBBORN. But THANK YOU for making my 21st birthday a memorable one 🙂

Okay, thank you for reading this LONG, HEAVILY-WORDED journal.

That’s all from me after like, 3 months of absence? 😀 Hope it’s worth the wait.