Online Shopping

Hokay since I am in the mood to blog, TWO BLOG POSTS! Because, why not? 🙂

This shall be a happy and light entry! Hopefully along the way it doesn’t change its direction and become an angsty one instead. Haha 😛

Recently I have been going for retail therapy because the amount of stress I face at work is enough to drive me insane so yes, I’ve sunk deeper and deeper into online shopping as my weird working hours won’t allow me to patronise shop fronts. Although it is very harmful to my wallet, it no doubt brings numerous joy to my mundane life, especially when I open up my mail box after a long day at work and see a parcel meant for me! HAHA. The little joy in life seriously!! But I seldom have the chance to wear my newly-bought apparels as they not suitable for work (will appear overdressed) so they will be kept in my closet until school starts!

Some of my top favourite online shopping sites are ASOS (prices can be a little steep but quality is assured), Love, Bonito (really good quality pieces at affordable prices!), Lily Pirates and Lacepipe 😀 The last three sites are based locally.

A few weeks back I went to ZARA@Somerset313 to hunt for a floral blazer which I came across online. IT WAS MAD GORGEOUS but super expensive (like duh it’s ZARA). I contemplated hard and left the boutique without getting it because I couldn’t part with my moolah. Major upset! 😦 So when I went to ION last Monday I had this temptation to enter ZARA again to see if it was still in stock! YES it was!! And in MY size! 😀 And my boyfriend insisted to get it for me -_- Almost tore the blazer in the boutique ‘coz we were snatching from each other (me wanting to put it back to the rack and him wanting to pay). Guess who won?


I lost!! But lost happily. HAHAHA I feel bad though……

That’s all from me! I wanted to blog about friends outing but tinypic doesn’t seem to work after uploading the above picture. Must be because my blazer too boomz already!! So yup, shall blog about it on my next entry!


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