Spring/Summer + Rainbow 2012

Ever since I became a full-time hire, my spending power somehow increased and I’ve been splurging on clothes and accessories 😦 But it can be a good thing depending on how you look at it. No doubt I’m essentially more receptive to designs that I once thought were too wild or bizarre to wear (of course, Lady Gaga’s style still remains under the “weird” category that only can be carried off by herself) and have slowly moved away from boring neutrals. Now I feel much more comfortable wearing COLOURS! My favourite types of designs are those mentioned on the title – lace and floral prints! Okay to be honest anything that has floral prints just appeals to me, so naturally most of my clothes (even those that I bought BEFORE I became like this) have at least 1 stalk of flower printed on them. LOL! You can call me a walking flower pot.

After buying excessively for close to a year, my wardrobe is bursting and I have to resort to putting my clothes on my work desk. I decided to CURB MY SPENDING POWER and NO SUCCUMB TO TEMPTATION!! But sometimes you’ve gotta blame on stress + boredom (interning at a fashion magazine publication house does play a part too)… they bring you to platforms where online shoppers post their recommendations and reviews and the craving starts again 😛 But of course I do have a limit. Like I wouldn’t spend more than $35 for an item (unless it’s in extremely good quality and I REALLY love it and I can foresee it as a staple). Poverty sucks 😦

My favourite picks (but didn’t buy because I couldn’t bear to part with my money):

ASOS Skater Dress in Rainbow Print - £32.00

ASOS Skater Dress in Rainbow Print – £32.00

ASOS Skater Dress in Rainbow Stripe - £32.00

ASOS Skater Dress in Rainbow Stripe – £32.00

ASOS Strappy Maxi Dress On Grunge Print - £36.00

ASOS Strappy Maxi Dress On Grunge Print – £36.00

Ted Baker Tulip Print Maxi Dress - £183.00

Ted Baker Tulip Print Maxi Dress – £183.00

Karen Millen Smudge Print Dress - £140.00

Karen Millen Smudge Print Dress – £140.00

House Of Holland Stripe Poncho Dress In Silk - £180.00

House Of Holland Stripe Poncho Dress In Silk – £180.00

Gorgeous, aren’t they? My personal favourite is still the Ted Baker dress but it can never be mine unless I turn into some hardcore shopaholic, and also because my boyfriend doesn’t like me in anything that looks like a toga. ?_?

But seriously, is it only the high-end brands that are capable of manufacturing such lovely prints and colours?? Those low to middle end ones, I understand about the fabric quality being way inferior but, I mean if you’ve got a talent in designing, you should be able to produce nice designs, right? O_O Ok I’m not an interior/fashion design student so pardon my ignorance. Hahaha.

So because I can’t bear to part with most of my money for the above (I don’t mind sponsors though *coughcoughs*), I spend my money on another cheaper alternative which is – yes you guessed it – blogshops! Four years ago I had this very bad impression of blogshops because even on their “studio” pictures, the quality of the apparels looked very bad. And most of them imported clothes from Korea/Taiwan which I thought were too cutesy and overrated (the exact same kind of top for example is sold on many different blogshops). But today it’s a totally different issue with blogshops manufacturing their own clothes, even though some many be blatantly copied from renowned designers.

Love Bonito Chantelle Blouse

Love Bonito Chantelle Blouse

Love Bonito Alethea Dress

Love Bonito Alethea Dress

OTD - L'zzie Top // Love Bonito Charlize Shorts (Matte)

OTD: L’zzie Top // Love Bonito Charlize Shorts (Matte)

ZARA Printed Bomber Jacket // Love Bonito Charliza Shorts (Matte)

ZARA Printed Bomber Jacket // Love Bonito Charlize Shorts (Matte)

The Zara jacket wasn’t bought online obviously. It was once again a gift from l’Alphonsus Neo because I liked it so much and despite trying all ways to prevent him from bringing it to the cashier, he still got it. -_- NEXT TIME, I must control showing any signs of apparel affection when he is around.

And here are some loots from ASOS. It’s probably my most atas online shopping destination. It has such a wide range of products and they are always on sale! Love it to bits 🙂

ASOS 2 Pack Moustache Stud Earrings - Black & Gold

ASOS 2 Pack Moustache Stud Earrings – Black & Gold

My ears’ got moustache :3

Timex Nylon Watch - Pink/Green

Timex Nylon Watch – Pink/Green

Timex Nylon Watch - Pink/Green

So cuuuuuteeee… the watch.

The moustache earrings are so irresistibly adorable and they attracted so much attention (and giggles) when I wore it to work haha. And the watch is so eye-catching yet youthful. It’s also in PINK, my favourite colour! What more can I ask for? Hehehe! I am very sure I won’t bump into someone of the same watch in Orchard Road!

Oh and talking about ASOS, I almost didn’t manage to see my moustache stud earrings and Timex watch as my parcel had my unit number totally left out -_- Thank God the mail carrier remembered my name (because she delivered a lot of parcels to my doorstep prior to that) and passed it to me! How horrifying, it could’ve been a lost mail worth more than SG$100 lor (of course there were other items in the parcel as well, not just the earrings and the watch)! My last check on ASOS.com showed that I did input my address correctly (I mean of course I did, or else how could I have received my whole lot of items previously?) so it could be an error on their side. And I was so glad ASOS’ very efficient customer service helped to rectify the matter and assured me that my address would be printed correctly on my next purchase. *thumbs up*

Okay I’m tired! Gotta work tomorrow 😦


Not Again…

And so, the backstabbing continues at my workplace where anything can happen as long as you have immature subordinates/colleagues working with you.

Not that whatever I heard bothers me because I’ve gotten used to all these bullcrap. If I can’t endure such nonsense, I’d have been devastated and depressed a long time ago. So, to each his own. I can’t stop you from having opinions. But once again if I think I’m not in the wrong, don’t expect me to change to suit your preference.

But basically the main point of this post is about what my bosses told me..

Now, it does not matter what they say. What matters is what I think of you.

Probably the sweetest, nicest and  the most inspirational quote that I’ve ever heard from the people whom I thought were the nastiest beings on Earth.


Friends are Forever

Hi guys, this shall be dedicated to my friends as mentioned 2 entries before. 🙂

About three weeks ago, Jacelyn initiated a meet-up with our past colleagues because Jocelyn’s 21st birthday was nearing 🙂 We took that golden opportunity to celebrate her birthday in advance too (without her knowledge) as we seldom met up after the girls started school at NTU.

Shirley, Jocelyn and myself were the probably the first batch of trainees that managed to stay beyond 5 months after Jacelyn joined the Centre. 5 months is considered a longgggg time if you’ve read how horrible the working environment is at my workplace. But no matter how horrible our bosses were, there were zero politics unlike my current work location now. So that explains why we were pretty close 🙂 And I am glad the chill-out session was made possible, thanks to Jacelyn who always plans such outings despite her busy schedule.

JocelynJocelyn, the birthday girl, receives her surprise birthday gift

Ji De ChiThe very nice Durian Snow Ice at Ji De Chi! It’s as good as eating the real fruit!

 Us 🙂

And the week after, I met up with some of my closest lot of Secondary School classmates and dined at Marche@Somerset. Most of the boys couldn’t make it as they were stuck in camp (boo NS!). Hopefully we’re able to plan another outing that majority is able to attend!

From Xiaoqing’s phone. Brought a camera but was too relunctant/lazy to use it knowing that I would take AGES to upload them 😛

That’s all for this post. Will be meeting up with my besties Tetrina and Wenqin tomorrow for supper. When was the last time we met up? Longggg time agoooo. Probably at my 21st birthday celebration!

And I will try to post more often if I can!

Psst, 26 more days to my Beijing trip (and approximately 4 more months to my tentative Taiwan trip)! I’ve waited so long to be able to get away from work 😦

Why I Should Be #foreveralone

I’m trying not to procrastinate my posting or else my momentum would be lost again. 😦

It’s been close to 3 years and sometimes I still wonder what my boyfriend sees in me. I swear anybody, especially if one’s of the opposite sex, would have already surrendered before we hit our third month together because of my stubborn temper. Being a rather upfront person, I don’t really conceal my true personality even to people I barely know. But of course, I do know what respect is so I’d still maintain being courteous and polite to others, just less a slighter hint of hypocrisy. So you wouldn’t expect me to be ultra nice to someone whom I really dislike.

Since young I’ve been inculcated independence, responsibility and the value of self-respect so I am less prone to stand nonsense.  Probably because of that, one slight mistake is enough to blow my fuse and most often I do not forgive because as much as I’d like to pretend that I’m not a petty person, I DO bear grudges. Years ago, I was asked once that if my future husband (that is, if I somehow magically got married) were to cheat on me, would I turn a blind eye and forgive him even if we already have kids that are too young to support themselves? My answer was a straight NO even if you ask me the same thing today. I may seem inconsiderate to my children but why the heck should I tolerate his infidelity? Engage a lawyer and file for divorce immediately. And no, I refuse to hear your explanation. WE ARE DONE!

Which leads me to ponder why so many women still forgive their husbands after going through so much emotional torment and some even took in their mistresses because they were carrying the husband’s baby. Is it worth it? Forgiving your husband because you don’t want your kids to be fatherless should not be the way. In fact, you should educate your kids that it is morally wrong to cheat by LEAVING HIM. Right or right?? Most wives forgive their husband so easily, they tend to have this thinking that by committing just ONE mistake in their lifetime, they would definitely be forgiven! After all it only happens once what?

Anyway, if anyone is planning to leave their husbands because of that, be sure to suck him dry financially! No one bullies the female gender like that!

Hehe I’m so sorry I digressed! But technically I shouldn’t be having kids because, yes if you know me, you should know how much I loathe them! I’m serious. They don’t bring joy to my life (unless they are unbelievably adorable which I don’t think I’d have any as I don’t have the genes to produce such kids) when they CRYYY AND SCREEEEAM and when they grow up, they rebel and go against you! Makes me feel like pushing them onto the ground, whack them with with a thick rod and give them a huge tight slap to shut them up. If I’m a parent I’m very sure I’d be EXTREMELY STRICT to the point of abusive and terrorising. So better not to try. Lol.

Yes, I really don’t mind living as a child-less couple (and I am fully aware of the consequences like no one to take care of me when I age yadda yadda but I’m OK) as long as I have my doggies. :)! BUT in the first place, I am never yearning to get married. Other than getting tied down by the many commitments, you’d no longer make decisions on your own because you need to work as a couple! And I don’t like consulting others for opinions……… (unless it’s shopping) And, I don’t know, I think the thrill of seeing your husband everyday will die down as days go by…. (saying this based on my interaction with the usual market aunties HAHAHA). But all I can say is, I am perfectly fine being alone and I don’t need any man to fend for me.

Off-topic: Why do parents like to put their overgrown kids (of age that kids can already walk) into PRAMS? ARGH stop spoiling your damn kids. Let them walk can?! AND NO I won’t give way to you in the lift, along the walkway, when the doors open and not even my reserved seat in the MRT just because you’ve got a pram!! WHAT BLATANT LIARS!! ..I’m sorry I just thought of this as I was writing about children.

My mindset in a way deters people from knowing me, I know that, especially guys which explains why at the age of 21, I’m only in my second relationship (and probably the final one :)). Because according to my friends, they feel threatened and overshadowed as I’m not your usual girly-girl. During my secondary school years, I distant myself from guys A LOT even when they want to get to know me.

I can be considered as a feminist, but in a different way because I do not consider both genders to be equal. When I have many heavy cartons that need to be transported, I’d still love the males to be the ones doing it. 😛 Basically I just enjoy the feeling of empowerment. You’re right, I’m a man in a female’s body. I want to have the final say.

Talking about girly-girl, I believe most girls out there enjoy being pampered and showered with gifts and flowers. But strangely, I do not even though I love floral prints on my dresses. I think giving flowers is the dumbest gift idea which tells nothing about a guy but a money waster and cliché person – and I haven’t even mentioned about being supportive of environmental destruction. Holding a bouquet of flowers in public is also an embarrassment to me and I’d cringe whenever people look into my direction. Sorry all, I don’t mean to show off and give you the impression that my boyfriend loves me a lot because this dude over here has too much money to spend and he insisted that I hold the flowers in my hands wherever I go to show that he is a real loving man that any other girl would die for.

But seriously, what do girls do with their flowers? They wither and eventually you’d have to discard them what! 浪费钱!I do know of some girls who dry them and use them as bookmarks. But still, you got so many books for so many bookmarks meh?? And it’s such a waste of time! So once when my boyfriend got me a rose, I threw them into the bin right in his face. Cruel but there is no other way to express my dislike for such things. Because there is this myth among the males that girls’ thoughts are the opposite of what they say, so when I told him I hated flowers he thought I was kidding.

And gifts – I’m actually referring mostly to soft toys – are also nothing but a bunch useless things that take up space. I have nowhere to put them but in my storeroom, and after a few years, it would be thrown into the garbage. Lastly, they collect dust and I am allergic to dust. So from the above, you should be able to tell that I’m a very practical person. Want to give, also must give useful and practical stuff 🙂 But most people are unable to achieve that because they usually run out of ideas and give up. Hahaha! Just joking! But having said that, the feminine side of me thinks that jewellery makes good gifts only if they are suitable and nice. But excessive jewellery gifts also turns me off. Aiya, best not to buy any because anyway I can get them on my own with my own money!

When do guys usually give such things? It’s usually on the special days of a relationship and yes, you’ve guessed it – I’m not a fan of  monthsary, anniversary or whatever-sary you can think of (even Valentine’s day. It’s so commercialised I hate it GOSH!!). I think they are just lame excuses to get gifts which I honestly feel that if you’re really sincere, you’d get them anytime. And I freakin’ hate monthsaries. It’s a waste of time and money and the memory in my brain. I’ve got better dates to remember like my Mom’s birthday I’m sorry.

And all that sum up to one thing: I am an unromantic person. YES I DON’T DENY THAT. All those mushy-squishy stuff only make me quiver. -Brrrrrr- But on the other hand, it’s good financially what, right? Hahaha

I can’t really remember what else to include, but the above should be the main points on why I should be #foreveralone. So it’s a wonder why Mr Alphonsus Neo is still staying by my side despite getting verbally and physically bullied by me ALL THE TIME. He needs a standing ovation!! WOOHOO 🙂

But penning this post is not going to change anything about me 😛