Friends are Forever

Hi guys, this shall be dedicated to my friends as mentioned 2 entries before. 🙂

About three weeks ago, Jacelyn initiated a meet-up with our past colleagues because Jocelyn’s 21st birthday was nearing 🙂 We took that golden opportunity to celebrate her birthday in advance too (without her knowledge) as we seldom met up after the girls started school at NTU.

Shirley, Jocelyn and myself were the probably the first batch of trainees that managed to stay beyond 5 months after Jacelyn joined the Centre. 5 months is considered a longgggg time if you’ve read how horrible the working environment is at my workplace. But no matter how horrible our bosses were, there were zero politics unlike my current work location now. So that explains why we were pretty close 🙂 And I am glad the chill-out session was made possible, thanks to Jacelyn who always plans such outings despite her busy schedule.

JocelynJocelyn, the birthday girl, receives her surprise birthday gift

Ji De ChiThe very nice Durian Snow Ice at Ji De Chi! It’s as good as eating the real fruit!

 Us 🙂

And the week after, I met up with some of my closest lot of Secondary School classmates and dined at Marche@Somerset. Most of the boys couldn’t make it as they were stuck in camp (boo NS!). Hopefully we’re able to plan another outing that majority is able to attend!

From Xiaoqing’s phone. Brought a camera but was too relunctant/lazy to use it knowing that I would take AGES to upload them 😛

That’s all for this post. Will be meeting up with my besties Tetrina and Wenqin tomorrow for supper. When was the last time we met up? Longggg time agoooo. Probably at my 21st birthday celebration!

And I will try to post more often if I can!

Psst, 26 more days to my Beijing trip (and approximately 4 more months to my tentative Taiwan trip)! I’ve waited so long to be able to get away from work 😦

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