The Wait Has Ended

I’m typing this while waiting for my poor baby to knock off (yes, it’s 1:43am now and he’s still slogging at work). Poor thing 😦 He’s aging so rapidly due to work on top of school and other projects that he undertook. Perhaps I should reward him when I get my pay.

Anyway yes I know I haven’t been updating my blog as promised because I’m just too lazy to upload my pictures and link them all here! Typing the HTML code is hard work ok? Hahaha I’ll probably do those entries when I have the time. For now…

Well last week I was told to attend an admission interview at NTU. The lady gave me a missed call when I was at work and I ALMOST didn’t want to call back (darling taught me not to return missed calls from any unknown number). So before I did, I actually went to Google on the number and the results gave me “……”. My reaction to that will come as a surprise to anyone: *imitates Barbarella* I WAS DEVASTATED. Why? Because Linguistics was my THIRD choice and I so badly wanted to enter into my first choice which was Art, Design and Media 😦 Having told to go for an interview for a THIRD choice simply meant that I was rejected for my first and second choices. Sigh, my GPA that bad meh? It’s above average ok? Hahaha..

Nevertheless I agreed to go for the interview. Maybe if I get accepted into Linguistics I would appeal for my preferred choice. I was also told that there would be a 30-minute written test before the interview. *Panic mode* I don’t know if I can still write flowery since I’ve been so used to news writing style. So I spent the next few nights reading up on Linguistics and searching for potential interview questions πŸ˜›

Got lost in NTU on the interview day and was late by about 5 minutes even though I left the house earlier than planned! But thank God I wasn’t the only latecomer. In the waiting room were 4 other interviewees – probably Poly students like myself too. And I saw TWINS. Like cool sia how often do you see twins going for interview on the same day for the same course of study? Anyway the room was damn quiet and several times I wanted to break the ice.. but dared not because they all looked so ‘dao’ and the ‘don’t-play-play-with-me’ kind. 😦

For written test, we were given only ONE side of the paper (the question is at the front) to write and this has to be done within 30 minutes. In my opinion… the question was relatively easy (shall not reveal what was asked). I had no trouble answering it at all. Maybe I was just lucky enough not to have writer’s block early in the morning πŸ™‚

Subsequently we were called into a professor’s room one-by-one for an interview. The moment I saw her name I was like, “Confirm Korean” because she shares the same surname as BoA πŸ˜› Just like my idol, she’s really nice and friendly. The interview was really casual and informal, like I could totally air my thoughts without having to worry if the interviewer would shoot me down for a politically incorrect answer. Of course, being an ADMISSION interview, I was asked a few tricky questions like:

“Why was Linguistics your third choice instead of your first?”

Thank God this questions came across my mind before and I really pondered hard before I went for the interview. Darling also suggested a few answers and probably that’s what satisfied Prof Kwon.

And one super impromptu and unprepared one like: “Oh you studied French! How do you say “The weather is fine” in French?”” I was like O_____O that really really caught me off guard.Β  I was like, “ERRRR.. I kinda forgot because the French I learned was only the BASIC. I could tell you the back part.. something something tres bien” To that, she laughed. HAHA yah lah I also found it quite silly and funny. Geez -___-

I went on to describe the similarities between CASS (my faculty in SP) and LMS (Linguistics and Multilingual Studies) like how we are so NEW and SMALL as compared to other faculties in campus. Unlike NBS which is like so huge and crowded and saturated, we are somehow so bonded that lecturers even hang out with the students after class.. and I really like that. With that, Prof Kwon gave me an approving nod and continued to elaborate on life in LMS. Hehehe!

Then before concluding the interview she asked if I had any questions. UH HUH plenty!!

This may seem very desperate but.. “So when would I know the outcome of this interview?” in which she replied, “I’m not very sure but it should be next week :)”

“I also understand that LMS is a very new faculty and there is no graduates yet. So what are some achievements of LMS?” In other words, how does the school which is not well-known yet ATTRACT new applicants? Her answer was somehow about the projects their current students are working on and how they have been exposed to various experiences yadda yadda..

Left the room on a happy note πŸ™‚

And yesterday…

I got an envelope in my mail box intended for me…

Admission letter from NTU

Oh ma gad πŸ™‚

After considering for 2 days, I’m not sure if I still want to appeal. Reason being:

  1. Design is so subjective and subjectivity ALWAYS cause me to lose marks in graded projects. I know because I’ve been through so many design-related experiences. The moment I step into Uni I’m all set to get first class honors! -chiongster-
  2. You’ll never get enough rest if you’re in the design industry. And as you know I love to sleep 😦
  3. ADM has the lowest cut off point of all courses (seriously, among courses in NUS, NTU and SMU) because portfolios are prioritised and seriously considered. I don’t want to be seen as an academically weak student all over again -_- It’s depressing.
  4. No doubt art students from all over Singapore would be applying into ADM and honestly, I really think I’m not as good. As a result I could suffer academically. This is not a matter of low self-confidence but really mah. What I learned in Poly were advertising-related. I wasn’t required to master Photoshop, Illustrator and other design software. 😦

However if I remain in LMS:

  1. What if I don’t have any interest in Linguistics? From what I read it’s very theoretical 😦 I want more hands-on.
  2. The last time I checked, studying Linguistics doesn’t give you very bright career prospects in my opinion. Alumni are really limited to positions as a interpreter, translator, teacher (actually anybody with reasonable qualifications can be a teacher. And why should I be a teacher when I choose to study Linguistics? I may as well go to NIE -_-), editor, writer, publisher and etc. More can be read here. The so-called career prospects are quite hard to find in Singapore don’t you think? :\
  3. What if my cert is not recognised because LMS is a new school? 😦
  4. I hate explaining. So I get really annoyed when people start going “Huh?” or “What’s that?” when I tell them what I’m studying – OK very bimbotic and lazy mindset but that’s just me.

Questions, questions, questions… Why is life so full of uncertainties and dilemmas?

Or should I just reject NTU and study veterinary science overseas instead? HAHAHA Just kidding. No money.

And for the record, I only applied for NTU.

I guess that spells GG for me. 😦