2D1N Cruise with Leisure World (deal.com.sg)

Hey everyone!¬†How d’ya like my frequent updates? ūüėÄ

I just got back from a very short getaway with my family. Our holiday lasted less than 24 hours on a cruise. It was a suggested idea by my Mom who is so hooked on deal sites like Groupon and Deal that¬†we’ve been using dining coupons to pay for our meals¬†nowadays. One day she saw an attractive travel deal on Deal and decided to coerce me into going as she wouldn’t go if I don’t. I refused at first because I never trusted such sites (gimmicks aplenty) and even more so for travel deals as I’ve seen too many poor feedback about it on forums. But seeing how eager my Mom was in addition to her not travelling for the past 2 decades, I agreed to tag along after reading through the terms and conditions for the umpteenth time.

The deal was $13 per person for an overnight stay on-board MV Leisure World. Included in the offer were World Cup Live Screening (big deal in Singapore coz we gotta pay to watch it) and meals, and if we purchased 3 tickets,¬†we would¬†also be entitled to a complimentary cabin (worth S$40) for 3. All these for just $13 nett. It’s no doubt a very tempting deal!¬†Boyfriend wanted to go as well as he was enticed by the cheap foot reflexology (S$15 for 60 minutes WHUTTTT) there so I bought 6 tickets (for my family of 4 and himself, plus 1 extra to get one more free cabin – strategic) but his passport renewal application was rejected at the very last minute due to a very stupid reason so 2 tickets went to waste *sigh*

But deals being deals, there were some drawbacks to the seemingly good offer. We¬†could not travel on Friday and Saturday. On top of that, we¬†had to depart from Singapore via the last ferry (8.30pm) from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and take any return ferry scheduled before 5pm on the following day lest we’d incur an extension fee of $20 per person. It says 2D1N on the header but the trip doesn’t even last a day! So do take note of such gimmicky ad text when buying travel coupons especially ūüôā

Anyway after purchasing the coupons, I had people telling me that the ship (MV Leisure World) we were boarding was a GAMBLING SHIP (read news reports here). Argh, I should’ve checked thoroughly before purchasing. It was too late to regret now since such coupon sites don’t do refunds but I definitely lowered my expectations a lot.

Booking was done in a breeze via emailing and calling (to confirm receipt). Everything was done and confirmed within 2¬†days¬†–¬†1¬†if not for the hiccup in boyfriend’s passport – even though the agency (New Century Tours) sounded like in a state of mess when I called (loud background noises that sounded like MRT announcements O_O so loud that I couldn’t hear the person on the other end of the line at times). But still, their efficiency and professionalism are commendable.


My getup and look for the casino (virtually touched up my messy hair).. then found myself too overdressed when I got there -_- Everyone else was in shirt and shorts. Love my lippy here by the way! It’s MAC’s Diva.

Our trip was just yesterday and we had to be there at least an hour before the stated departure time. We had light dinner even though we would be just in time for supper buffet when we arrived at the cruise.



Boarding pass for Leisure World and Transit Pass for ferry transfer.

Boarding gates opened at 7.30pm and the departure hall was PACKED with people of all ages and races! I was surprised coz I thought I saw somewhere on the terms and conditions that only people aged 18 years old and above are allowed on board, and that food served there are non-halal.. which left us only with a certain demographic group right?

The ferry from Tanah Merah was horrible. Everyone was like rushing to¬†board because there were limited seats available. Be prepared to stand if you aren’t fast enough (we stood on our return journey).¬†Upon arrival at¬†Nongsapura Ferry Terminal, we¬†transferred¬†to our second ferry to MV Leisure World, a stationary cruisevessel near Batam. The entire journey took less than 1.5 hours.

Immediately after we alighted from our second ferry, we went to surrender our passports to the embarkation counter. The interior of the ship definitely didn’t look modern to me as everything was in dull shimmery gold.


Cabin keys

While I queued for our cabin keys (super long queue omg), my parents went to the dining room on the fifth level to get supper.



Porridge for supper! How apt. (and spot the woman in tudung in the background. There’s probably halal/Muslim-friendly food after all!)


What my elders took – fried prawns (??) which were cold and soggy, fried fish that were not too bad, some bitter gourd and preserved veg which my Dad commented that it tasted a little sour O_O


Checked into our little cabin after we were done with supper. Can you imagine 4 grown-ups squeezing into this pigeonhole? Lol. Yes, this room is meant for 3 but slim people. I didn’t have a good night sleep because it was so cramped! So thankfully it was only AN OVERNIGHT stay!!


We messed up the bed of course


Closer view of the small sleeping area


The wall-mounted bed. There’s a lever at the side to bring it down or up.

I slept with my Mom and sister while Dad slept on the wall-mounted bed.¬†I’d get really paranoid about the bed giving way and falling onto our bed underneath when my Dad was up there¬†(although he isn’t exactly fat) so I slept cross-legged HAHAHA The creaking sound of bed when he moved really put me off :\

If you think the sleeping area is small, wait til you see the toilet.


The reflection of the door on the mirror gives you an idea how small the toilet is. The door is really close to the toilet bowl!


Yup, that’s where we’re supposed to bathe.

The door is so narrow that we didn’t even see it there at first (even mistook it for a wardrobe). It’s a restroom so tiny that even Chubs, my dog, would feel claustrophobic in. But yeah, having said so, it’s still possible to shower and do your businesses in there even though none of us showered during our stay ūüėÄ But shower if you really, really need to!

Our phones were dying but we couldn’t charge them coz¬†our powerhead pins weren’t compatible with the holes on their sockets -_- Forgot to bring international adapter. Didn’t expect it¬†to be different anyway¬†coz since¬†Leisure World is home-ported in Singapore and everything sold there is in Singapore currency, I’d assume¬†that they’d use our socket too right? -_-

And by the way, no Wi-Fi¬†anywhere there. There is an internet station with 2 computers near the reception counter but it’s erm, too open? Like anyone could see what you’re doing on the big computer screen when they walk past.¬†I know coz I saw someone trying to key in her PIN number on the DBS iBanking page -_-

Leisure World Cruise facilities

Leisure World Cruise facilities

After putting all our baggage in the room, we went out to explore other decks. I know Dad was more interested in watching the World Cup, but he still accompanied us to the karaoke lounge because that was the only activity available that hour besides playing jackpot. The microphones went from table to table and each table could only sing 2 songs at a time. We did a total of 6 English oldies! ūüėÄ The lounge closes at 2.30am though, and above it was an open space for Mahjong. I seriously wonder how the players could hear one another when the karaoke music was so LOUD!!


Tropicana Karaoke Lounge. Spiral stairs to Mahjong zone.


The free live screening of the World Cup was at Treasure Cove sports bar but we didn’t go there at all. Dad caught a glimpse of the Belgium vs Russia match on a small TV at the karaoke lounge ūüôā


Basketball court outside the karaoke lounge

After that we went to play the slot machine in one of the many casinos there. The minimum age to enter is 18 and there isn’t any entry levy but you’d need to pay a S$10 deposit (refundable) in order to get this prepaid gaming card for the slots. Even though there’s an attire for the casino, no one stopped me when I was in shorts :\


All the ah ma and ah gong spending their life¬†savings on slot machines… *shakes head*


Not supposed to take pictures but I’ll take a few for keepsake hehe.

There were just too many slot machines there, probably the only thing they have in their casino. I didn’t see any proper gambling den. C’mon, how can a renowned gambling ship only have slot machines? O_O Did I miss anything??


Slot machines for people who like endearing stuff like my Mom and I. Kept spending our money on dog-themed machines HAHA SO CUTE RIGHT


One more!!! My mom won 12 free games. At one point she actually won some money. Then she got addicted and lost every single cent -_- I’m never letting her step into a casino ever again.

Stopped playing after we lost our initial capital of S$20 HAHAHA. Gambling isn’t my thing, really… I can even get sick of playing Blackjack during CNY. And I like playing Mahjong without money involved! *good role model* Hahahaha!

Woke up at 8.30am the next day to have breakfast at the same dining room. It¬†was alright¬†but not much variety to choose from. They don’t really serve iced beverage I realised.. only plain water. It’s also the first breakfast buffet for me that served half-boiled eggs.



Gotta peing/toast them yourself. Mine ended up BURNT! Fail.


Different condiments to go with your bread: jam, butter, kaya and peanut butter.


Uncooked noodles and beehoon for you to put into the boiler


To make fishball noodles.


Half-boiled eggs!


DIY hot beverage corner. Milo is the top favourite as you can see.


DIY Milo

I went down to book our return ferry after I was done with my meal. I had 3 departure timing to choose from: 12.30pm, 2.45pm and 5.00pm. Any time after that would be considered as an extended stay which would be chargeable at S$20 per person. Initially we wanted to leave at 5pm but our cabin check-out time was 12pm and there was really nothing much to do there (as you can see), so we brought our departure time forward to 2.45pm. After we returned our keys, I kinda regretted not opting for the 12.30pm one :\



REALLY nothing to do there (unless you’re a heavy gambler) coz many facilities are closed in the day. I wanted to go for a 1-hour full body massage but there was only ONE masseuse available (the other was on leave) and all the slots before my departure were fully booked. Yes, you gotta make reservation for massage! Shucks, I agreed to go on the cruise because of the cheap massage leh!!!¬†ūüė¶ So no review on the massage if you’re expecting one..


Went to explore the upper deck. Very nice view up there! The¬†scorching sun was very suitable for¬†sun tanning¬†(not sure if this is allowed though! ūüėÄ )


Mega loveeee this picture! Taken from the upper deck.

What did I do then? I spent my next 1 hour sleeping on the restaurant’s dining table. Lol unglam max but no one knew me there so never mind.

We had our lunch there as well. Okay come to think of it, S$13 for 3 meals is not too bad. But I wasn’t really enjoying the food :\


I boiled the Yong Tau Foo for my Mom. Not sure how long it takes to cook so I followed the person next to me! Took them out of the boiler when he did hahaha. Mom liked the Yong Tau Foo.


Where is my fishball?? How can Yong Tau Foo not have¬†fishball ūüė¶


Repeated food choices from supper last night..


Chap cai peng for you?


I only had fried rice for lunch.

All in all, the cruise isn’t as shady as I thought it would be¬†and you’d probably find it acceptable¬†with lowered expectations, seriously. It’s mai hiam buay pai, don’t expect much for just S$13. I can say for sure that my Mom liked it though. But that’s probably because she hadn’t travelled for a long time so she’d love¬†anywhere she went. Another reason for not liking this cruise as much is because¬†smokers are allowed to smoke anywhere. It’s heaven for my smoker Dad but hell for people like me who are allergic to cigarette smoke (I’m asthmatic). Plus, they stink my hair!! ūüė°

Service-wise, staff at the restaurant and casinos were exceptionally friendly and ever-willing to lend a helping hand when needed. But still, I wouldn’t want to stay¬†for more than a night there due to the lack of entertainment for non-punters like myself which is understandable coz it’s a gambling ship after all.. But¬†at least give me Wi-Fi man ūüė¶ I could coop myself up in the pathetic cabin all day with that.

But if I HAVE to go there again, I’d blow my money on a full-day massage ūüėÄ You can’t deny the affordability of the massage there. Teehee!

That’s all for this travelogue…. if you consider this as one. Hahaha.

Thanks for reading ‚̧

P/S: If anyone’s keen to purchase from me the extra pair of tickets, please drop me a message at askme@fionaseah.com! They are valid until 14 July (last day of the World Cup).¬†SOLD! Thanks everyone ūüôā

REVIEW: MAC x Lorde Pure Heroine Lipstick

HELLO everyone!

It’s time for my first proper lipstick review! I¬†finally received my MAC parcel after 2 torturous weeks and I was¬†so stoked ūüėÄ I can’t wait to show you guys how Pure Heroine¬†looks. I mean c’mon, it’s DEEP PLUM! You can never go wrong with that. I think it’s the most gorgeous shade of purple!


Campaign poster for her two-piece make-up limited edition collection in collaboration with MAC – Pure Heroine lipstick and Rapidblack Penultimate Eye Liner.

I first saw the campaign picture above¬†sometime in April¬†(tweeted by GlamourUK) and I was immediately won over. I’ve been obsessed with darker-than-usual lipstick shades recently so this just resonated with me. I also like Lorde and her unique sense of style so I knew I had to get the lipstick!

Due to budget constraint and my preference towards using gel eyeliner, I gave Rapidblack Penultimate Eye Liner a miss.

Unfortunately the lipstick is only available online and selected stores in U.S. But thank god for freight forwarders, I managed to buy this at time of launch on 5 June (yup, was camping on MAC website the entire day!) and get it shipped over to Singapore. If anyone’s interested to know, I used Vpost ūüôā

Singaporeans! Find out how to buy from maccosmetics.com here!

pureheroine1 pureheroine3 pureheroine2

I’m slightly disappointed with the packaging though. Since it’s a Lorde x MAC collaboration, I expected some differentiation in it, like how MAC did for their Viva Glam collection. Right now the lipstick looks like any other lipsticks in the MAC’s permanent line (Pure Heroine is limited edition).

Okay, now time for a swatch!


It’s kinda like dark violet with an undertone of fuchsia (true to this colour)


Named after Lorde’s debut studio album, Pure Heroine is a fusion of Heroine (bright purple) and Cyber (very deep purple).¬†It has an amplified finish. Like other MAC lipsticks, it slides smoothly on my skin and lasts a long time.


What it looks like on an NC35 Asian skin.

One more :D

One more ūüėÄ On my eyes is “Classic” from the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette

My verdict: To my dismay, it doesn’t look like what it is on the campaign poster *sigh* so I’m pretty disappointed ūüė¶ ¬†I’d say it’s 80% Heroine and 20% Cyber¬†whereas¬†the poster depicts the other way round (which is what made me want to get it ūüė¶ ).¬†This is definitely too bright purplish for my liking.

However if you like Flat Out Fabulous or funky shades of purple, this is definitely something you should get!

Pure Heroine and Rapidblack Penultimate Eye Liner retail for US$16 (S$20) and US$19.50 (S$25) respectively. Both items will be made available internationally on maccosmetics.com in July (exact date unknown).

I spent S$56.20¬†inclusive of¬†shipping charges for 2 lipsticks¬†(including Pure Heroine) not available in Singapore ūüôā So if you do the math, each lipstick is only approximately S$28 which is still cheaper than a regular-priced MAC lipstick here (S$29). But the wait is terrible¬†lol unless you opt for express shipping.

Thanks for reading!

Do you own Pure Heroine as well? Share with me your thoughts about the product! ūüėÄ

Father’s Day Celebration @ Por Kee Eating House

Hey everyone!

It was Father’s Day last Sunday but knowing that¬†every restaurant with a bustling crowd was going to inflate their prices, we chose to celebrate a day after. Moreover I reckon most decent eateries were fully occupied (I tend to dilly-dally a lot when it comes to making reservations lol) so we technically had nowhere nice to dine at.

Just a small rant though…¬†Words cannot express how much I hate these¬†“Hallmark holiday”¬†like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. Although I personally place little to no importance on such made up holiday, I still feel obliged to celebrate because my boyfriend and parents do, especially my Mom¬†who is slightly more¬†ÁąĪťĚĘŚ≠ź (sensitive to how other people perceive her – wow what a long definition for just 3 Chinese characters). Don’t get me wrong, I love my Mom and I don’t mind splurging on her and I always do – every year, without fail, on more significant days like her birthday. But she’s one who would¬†feel overshadowed if her friend’s children threw a more extravagant celebration than her own. She doesn’t blatantly say it but y’know, I could tell from the way she narrates what she heard at the market :\ Green with envy.

And don’t get me started on Valentine’s Day¬†and its¬†annoying marketing tactics. I am attached (like I just planned for¬†my boyfriend’s birthday yo??) so I can say this without sounding¬†like a bitter loner: Valentine’s Day is for people who are dying to prove a silly point that there’s someone out there as silly as them, who would subject themselves¬†to unreasonable price hikes at restaurants? That there are people who would spend $500¬†on a small bouquet of roses which will wither and die in no time (omg why you kill those poor plants?!)? Or¬†$30 on a huge helium balloon and expect their partners¬†to carry it wherever they go? Omg. I’d bury myself in embarrassment if that was me! There are 365 days a year, 362 days after excluding birthdays and Christmas (it’s not made up so yes), why oh why get all lovey-dovey only on 14 February?!?

If you feel offended, you should. Because I’m talking about you -_-

Okay end of rant.

Back to Monday with ma familia with slightly more special treatment for my Dad. Once again Boyfriend the bigger glutton recommended me¬†a restaurant called Por Kee Eating House 1996. My first impression.. very good, sounds like some zi char place cos my Dad only likes food cooked the zi char way. Typical uncle, you’d say. Hahaha.

Procrastinated again and only reserved a table in the early afternoon that day and phew, I managed to get an indoor (air-conditioned) table. The weather nowadays is killing me!


Por Kee serves mostly seafood and the prices aren’t very cheap. I almost ordered a Seabass dish without confirming the price but thank God I did eventually coz it’s at least $50 each!! OMG. Quickly changed the fish¬†to a more pocket-friendly one, which was¬†Red Tilapia as it also came in smaller sizes (less expensive).


Steamed Red Tilapia Hong Kong Style (S$28)



Hong Kong Kai-lan (S$10)


I love the Hong Kong Kai-lan! It’s something you wouldn’t expect to hear from someone who avoids veggie at all cost haha.


Champagne Short Ribs (S$18)


What exceeded my expectation was the Champagne Short Ribs. I was quite apprehensive about¬†it at first because of the “Champagne” but it doesn’t taste like it at all! In fact it’s quite sweet ūüôā My only complaint is that meat was quite tough, hard to chew :\


Crispy Butter Prawns (S$22)


Love the buttery taste on the prawns! If only there were more crumbs ūüėÄ


Crispy Half Roasted Chicken (S$16)


Roasted chicken came with a salty dip. Without it the meat tasted bland! And yes, we targeted those crackers first hahaha.

My total damage (shared among 3 people) was S$107. Very expensive for 5 mundane¬†dishes but I guess that’s the norm for¬†a classier zi char restaurant especially when they accept major credit cards ūüėõ It didn’t quite live up to my expectations though because I have definitely tasted something better elsewhere. I’ll probably come back again to try their Beef Horfun, which is highly raved on food blogs!

Thanks for reading ūüôā ‚̧

Por Kee Eating House
69 Seng Poh Lane
Singapore 160069
Tel: 6221 0582