Happy 11th Birthday Angel!

I was in Primary 5,  a friend of my Dad sought our help to take care of his Corgi Cutie while he went on an overseas trip. We enjoyed the presence of  Cutie so much and even hoped her owner would abandon her (so that we could have her all to ourselves lol).

After Cutie was taken home,  Mom and I started searching high and low for a perfect home companion, mostly through ST classifieds. Then we chanced upon a breeder’s ad and immediately went to view her newborn Shih Tzu pups at her Bishan apartment. There less-than-a-month-old Angel was with her brother, placed in a playpen, struggling to reach the next floor tile as their legs were still pretty frail. Two months later, Angel was deemed fit enough to leave her mommy but was still relying on milk. Unlike other puppies, she was so quiet at my place and would sleep all the time even when we put her in the cage (was afraid that she would sneak into my parents’ room and pee on their bed – dad would tear the whole house down). She never once barked or protested at all when we locked her up. Hahah we seriously thought there was something wrong with her but we later figured out that it was only fatigue? Sorry, no pictures of her as a puppy because I didn’t have a camera then 😦

Gradually, she gained our trust (going to the cage to do her business and we never really taught her that! Smart girl) and was allowed to roam free in the house all the time. It has been 11 years and Angel has been through different phases of my life, watching me graduate from Primary School, receiving my “N” and “O” level certs and most recently, my diploma. I doubt she will live long enough to watch me graduate from Uni but if she could, it would be a great blessing to me 🙂 And  believe it or not, I speak to her like a human being when I was younger (though I still do now! But not so often because I have a confidant called Alphonsus Neohahaha) and would hug and caress her long fur when I felt low or have this sudden fear of losing her (usually happens when I see videos or pictures of tortured/abused animals). Puzzled, she would look at me with her huge marble eyes and subsequently attempt to lick my lips. Then as I move my face away from hers, she would continue to lick, lick the air! HAHA

“Harro chiu rike moi ponytailz??”

Anyway this post as you can see is dedicated to my best doggy pal, that celebrated her 11th birthday two months ago 🙂 It wasn’t a very grand affair.. dressed her up and just brought her to the canine park at the rooftop of Nex mall (quite pointless cos she doesn’t play. All she did was tailing other dogs -_-) and rewarded her with a feast at Doggiestyle Cafe 🙂 I’m making it a point to celebrate her birthday every year so that I don’t feel so remorseful if she were to leave me suddenly. Sigh..

Doggiestyle cafe’s interior

A rare nicely shot picture of Angel (of course with someone having to trick her into looking the camera with? Food of course).. when I made an unglam face. Kns. But it’s too cute not to put it up here!

That (greedy) look on her face as she was fed with her birthday treat. Savouring every single bite of her patty!

Doggiestyle cafe, even though made for dogs, do serve decent human food as well! I especially love their calamari – thick and comes in a huge portion!

Birthday cake from PLC, just next door! Because her face is so flat, we couldn’t let her eat the cake on her own as she would definitely dirty herself. So we fed her – until the cafe staff stopped us because no outside food is allowed in their premise 😦

It was pretty quiet when we were there but I guess the crowd only comes in around dinner time because when we left at about 7pm, the place was already occupied with many other dogs 🙂 Will definitely pay a visit for their side dishes (not sure about their “main courses” but you can give it a try) even when my dog(s) are not with me.

Will clear all the backlogs now before University life begins unofficially next week 🙂

Posts I aim to complete: Taiwan trip (like a finally!!) and maybe if time allows, I would really want to document my University application process! Trust me, the process was so long that I really thing it’s blog-worthy. Lolol!

Til then 😉