Dealing with Scammers on Carousell

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source: shutterstock

Hey guys! Terribly sorry for the lack of updates. I have so many things to talk about yet so little time to do so ever since school started. Before laziness kicks in again, here’s one wordy post I’m sure many online shoppers can relate.

As the title mentions, it’s going to be about dealing with unscrupulous people online. What prompted me to draft this post was my close shave with a scammer on Carousell who nearly cheated me of S$19 for a piece of brand new romper that I doubt ever existed. I have successfully gotten back my money so I really hope by penning down my experience, it would serve as a reminder for everyone to be more cautious when shopping online. Of course, I’ll also be sharing some tips on how to avoid getting swindled and what to do if you are in that situation.

Yes, S$19 may not be a lot but it’s money I painstakingly earned from a month’s slog. Even if I had to part with that sum of money, I would rather give it to people who are worthy of it, and not to those good-for-nothing individuals who live off others’ hard-earn money. Freeloaders top my list of most hated people and they include those shameless ones asking for money when they are perfectly abled YET refuse to work. Scammers are no different but they are definitely worse than them in terms of morals and ethics.

What happened

I was searching for Rochette Romper (from Love, Bonito) on Carousell and I stumbled upon one for sale at S$20. Those who shop at Love, Bonito would know that the popular sold-out romper retailed for about S$35 on site and resellers typically sell them for about S$30. So S$20 for a brand new piece was really a steal! The price included normal postage and was even reduced to S$19 when I asked if price was negotiable. But what made it dubious was the fact that it was still available even after several hours of being listed when the romper was highly sought after everywhere. Later I read the listing description that there were two pieces (of the same size and colour) available. Partially also not wanting to miss out on a great deal, I gave the seller the benefit of the doubt as after all it’s not uncommon for items to be sold on a first-pay, first-served basis.  She perhaps practised that, I thought to myself. Within an hour, I had already made payment (via ATM) to that swindler. However I couldn’t make any offer through that listing because the item was already “reserved for someone else”. In other words, she had already accepted someone else’s offer, probably the buyer of the first piece. That was before the App allowed multiple acceptance of offers after its recent update.

For the record, text in pink speech bubble was written by me while the one in grey was by the scammer.


Her attempts at tempting me


Refused to provide video proof. I didn’t insist as I tried my best to understand that she was busy.

Before transferring the funds, I did do some background checks on that seller such as reading her ratings. At that time, she had 3 positive, 1 neutral and 1 negative. Loss mail and dishonesty were the main reasons for the negative rating. To be safe, I asked for a video proof of postage but was declined because she was “mailing many parcels alone” even though she stated that she’d provide that service upon request on her profile. She also “encouraged” me to opt for registered postage and quoted me S$3.80 for it when Singpost only charges an additional S$2.24 for local registered articles. I felt more discouraged than encouraged seriously :\ and that’s probably her plan to deter buyers from opting for registered postage. Didn’t want to be ripped off, I told her to send me a picture of the parcel before mailing it out via normal postage. Biggest mistake ever.


“Video proof provided upon request” as stated on her profile


Her only negative but very descriptive feedback

But on second thought, if she was really out to cheat, I think she would find all sorts of excuse to delay the delivery even if I were to opt for registered postage so I guess the best solution is to not buy from her altogether? Unfortunately I didn’t contemplate any further as my eagerness had already clouded my judgement. The deal was just too irresistible and I think that’s one danger of online shopping. We get so immersed in finding dirt-cheap bargains that we gradually lose our sense of rationality.


The romper I wanted to buy from her

Since she was selling two similar pieces (later it became three), I wanted to make sure that the rompers were originally and brand new from Love, Bonito and not some replicated piece from Taobao. She assured me that they were indeed from Love, Bonito and even had the tag on (as shown in picture above). Also, her replies were rather fast before I made payment.

The interrogation

However, two weeks passed and still no sight of the parcel. The longest time I had waited for a parcel’s arrival was a week and it was because my envelope was tampered with and Singpost took the liberty to repackage it. On other occasions, my parcel was returned to the sender because my address was smudged by the rain. The past two weeks had perfectly fine weather so there was no reason for the delay.

If she had underpaid the postage, the parcel would still be delivered to me but I’d have to bear the penalty.

And most importantly, I had never experienced any lost mail. I know Singpost has a rather bad reputation of mishandling mails and I believe that mails do get missing from time to time as it happened thrice to my friend living at Jalan Membina. But the postmen servicing my old and current estates never fail to deliver my parcels successfully, rain or shine. People who know me would know how much of a shopaholic I am and I receive an average of three bulky parcels a week. I am such a frequent online shopper that even my Bukit Batok postwoman once personally delivered a parcel that had no unit number to me LOL. Furthermore, it’s a national postal carrier utilised by major companies that send out bills and letters in regular envelopes every single day. If such small items can be delivered without any problem, how would an A4-sized bulky parcel disappear? Well, unless someone stole the mailbag away during transit but that’s VERY rare.

I decided to confront the seller but of course, I started off with a more courteous tone.


She said she didn’t receive my message. I totally believe ya.

I asked if other buyers had received theirs to which she replied that they already did. What a liar. The truth will always prevail.

I felt being polite was going to lead me to nowhere, so I jumped the gun.


Notice how she immediately turned the tables and accused me of not opting for registered mail although she “encouraged” me to? Typical response of a scammer who attempted to cover her ass. I’m sorry but your ass is obviously too big ‘coz I totally saw through you.


The altercation continued. Each time she tried to outdo me in the length of writing. Okay sure, bring it on!


A case of the pot calling the kettle black. I am soooo pathetically equipped with general knowledge *_*

I bombarded her with lots of questions which she couldn’t answer, and her replies were extremely slow.

The investigation

Carousell admin was also taking a long time to get back to my complaint because of a major event over the weekends. I grew really impatient and eventually embarked on my own investigation. I couldn’t get anything by Googling her username, but I made a huge discovery when I searched for the DBS CURRENT account I transferred the S$19 to because I found out that it actually belongs to 65Daigou works as a forwarder for sites that don’t accept international credit cards like Taobao. To purchase from these sites, you’d have to first top-up your account with cash (via bank transfer, credit card etc.) and you can withdraw them anytime.

Does that give you an idea of the scammer’s plan? Yes, that loser had been making use of a third party’s bank account to receive funds because she obviously knew that it’d be too risky if she used her own bank account. She avoided using anything that would suggest her identity. Smart move, but there is no such thing as a perfect crime. You’re bound to leave traces of your misdeeds.

On top of that, I also managed to find out who she is, her age, where she studies and her place of residence despite her extreme cautiousness. But I never once threatened to expose her.. although I did plan to do so if she ultimately refused to refund. I’m cut out to be a detective, doncha think? People say that you need to have the mind of a criminal to know how a criminal operates. That’s absolutely true although I don’t scam. I just have lotsa tricks up my sleeve hehe. Or maybe I’m just overly analytical.

On the fourth day, I messaged the buyer that left her the negative rating to understand more about her situation. Apparently, in a bid to deter meetups, that deceitful seller charged her S$3 for meetup at her (the seller’s) convenience. How ludicrous. No one in the right mind would PAY to meet when mailing would cost also around the same. She opted for normal postage in the end but of course, the parcel never came and she never got her money back. She also mentioned that there used to be many other negative reviews relating to the same issues on her page, but somehow they got deleted!


Her lies… they’re exposed.



At the same time, I also made an appeal on Carousell marketplace in hopes of gathering other buyers of the romper because Carousell admin couldn’t reveal them to me (it has got to do with their privacy policy I believe). I did so without disclosing the seller’s identity to avoid sounding like I was defaming her and also… to sieve out the nosey parkers from the genuinely affected ones. The aim of this was to check if they had received their parcels.

The refund

In the end, THREE people approached me. That makes FOUR buyers of the romper including myself. Didn’t she only have THREE pieces? And didn’t she say that everyone else had received their romper? BAM! That confirmed my suspicion that she was scheming to cheat!

Out of the three buyers, one received hers after two weeks while another had been promised a refund because her parcel was “returned”. Upon receiving the returned mail, the swindler ripped it open to find the romper stained! And she totally blamed it on Singpost haha.


“Stained” on a female apparel? Are you trying to tell me that there are perverts at Singpost?

Why she would tear the envelope and inspect the item again is beyond me. But one thing for sure is that she only had ONE piece and was trying her luck at scamming the others of their money on the pretext of lost mails. She honoured one deal and refunded another to make it seem more plausible that two other mails were lost. Brilliant plan, come I clap for you?

She probably felt that I wasn’t easy to mess with so she finally relented and refunded my money through, which she referred to as her “supplier”, because my parcel was suddenly in her letterbox. *scoffs* She took screenshots of the process but cropped out anything that hinted the actual source of the money. Gosh, I have never in my life seen such a blatant liar.

The last buyer, like myself, never received the parcel but with my guidance, she got her money back via ATM transfer (as doing so wouldn’t reveal her bank account number on the payee’s bank statements) after waiting for the parcel for three weeks. But it was through perseverance and endless arguments that she finally got what she wanted. Despite asking for a receipt of transfer, the scammer never provided any and hasn’t replied since.

The aftermath

After everyone had received their refund, Carousell finally got back to me to ask for an update. Although I have no concrete evidence that she scams, I did manage to raise a lot of doubts about the seller which convinced the admin that she’s dishonest. They have since removed the scammer’s listings from the search engine and are now in the process of suspending her account.


First, you need to be aware of the tactics that scammers deploy to hook their victims. It’s always the same modus operandi but people never fail to fall for them.. which I totally understand because we all want to get the best deals possible. I have seen many people avoid online shopping altogether because their experiences had been tainted by scams and frauds but these can be prevented if you are more street smart (it can be inculcated!). Keep your guards up if:

1. Prices are too good to be true

In order to get your moolah, scammers have to first manipulate you into their traps and one way to do so is set their prices as reasonably low as possible to avoid arousing suspicion. They are not priced too low but are definitely among the lowest in the market. This usually occurs for very popular items as they tend to attract more interested parties, thus pressurising everyone to make payment quicker. Also, if item (especially the popular ones which require immediate payment) doesn’t get “sold” within the day, it’s highly possible that seller is still waiting to defraud more people.


I’ve noticed a rising trend in scammers using bank accounts owned by third parties, more commonly Freight Forwarders like 65Daigou, to receive money from unknowing users (which they can later withdraw without leaving a trace). To better protect yourself from scammers, do refrain from transferring money to the following bank accounts:

– DBS Current 054-903335-9
– OCBC 514-772680-001
– UOB 388-302-811-0

As Carousell is widely use by casual sellers, anybody who provides a CORPORATE bank account (e.g. POSB Current, DBS Current – these are typically operated by businessmen and organisations for commercial use) for money transfer should raise a red flag! 

2. Seller only mails and never meets

I know of honest sellers who practise this but it’s no doubt one distinctive characteristic of scammers who obviously do not want to be identified. They will never agree to your meetup requests even if you’re willing to travel to their convenience, or pay them to come to you. They give all sorts of excuses to deter you from opting for registered postage so that you’d go with normal postage in the end.

Yes, you can ask for mailing proof like a snapshot of the parcel with affixed stamps, or a Certificate of Posting (COP) but c’mon… envelopes can be reused, address can be overwritten with a new one. Who knows what the seller does with the parcel after sending you the so-called proof? She can just happily chuck it aside while laughing all the way to the bank.

And in case you didn’t know, a COP does not mean anything. You pay S$0.20 for that yet still have to drop the parcel into the post box yourself. I have first-hand experience so I’m definitely not writing rubbish. I was so appalled! Ridiculous right? What’s the point of buying a COP when I can just walk away without mailing out the parcel?

Hence, many people now prefer video proof (i.e. taking video of the mailing process), Make sure you ask for a clear still shot of the address on the parcel before he/she drops it into the post box. But think about it, if the seller is really out to scam, will this person send you any proof ultimately? No.

3. Seller denies responsibility for all lost mails

This is usually stated on the seller’s profile as part of his/her “terms and conditions” which I feel are heavily abused by so many people (especially the younger users who have zilch understanding of the law) these days. I know some people resort to doing this to protect themselves but if your parcels frequently go missing, don’t you think you should stop mailing and meet up instead? Or maybe just make registered postage compulsory? Why subject yourself to scrutiny when you know that your parcels will most probably get lost?

*shrugs shoulders* I do not have that silly clause in my terms and conditions, because my mails never go missing and I have absolute faith in Singpost lol. Plus, I take the initiatives to send mailing proofs even if I’m not told to do so. However if they do (which would only happen for low-cost/smaller items as they are strictly mail-only) get lost, I may, at my discretion, bear some responsibility by doing a partial refund or mailing out a replacement. But personally I don’t think parcels would be lost if you’ve duly written the addresses correctly and properly secured it. It’s not like you’re operating a blogshop business that you have to send out hundreds of parcel everyday. What’s the probability of losing the one and only parcel that you’ve mailed out?

Hence, I conclude that the term “Not liable for lost mails” are only used by people who always lose their parcels.

Just like the scammer I dealt with, not only did she not take the slightest bit of responsibility, she even pointed fingers at me for not opting for registered postage. That was her immediate reaction, like she had already planned to respond that way if someone confronts her about the lost mail. Pfft. Dishonest much.

4. Seller entices and reassures you unnecessarily

“I have many other interested parties!!”

“I have only one piece left!!”

“Don’t worry, I don’t scam!” although you’ve never hinted at any doubts about the seller’s trustworthiness.

Yadda, yadda.

These are some words commonly used by scammers to rob you the ability to consider. They make you go into a state of hysteria and worry that other buyers would beat you to buying it. Take a deep breath, read the seller’s reviews and access his/her credibility. Most importantly, trust your instincts. If you sense something amiss, don’t be afraid to reject the deal and do not succumb to temptation.

Also, do not assume that the seller is legitimate just because he or she had registered the business with ACRA. That does not prove the honesty of the seller. ACRA registration is not difficult at all as you’d only need your Singpass and S$50 for registration fee. I’m sure you’re able to name some registered dishonest companies. If they can cheat, why wouldn’t ACRA-registered Carousellers?

After the above incident, I am now more wary of people with negative and (sometimes) neutral feedback that write about mails being lost. I assess those without feedback as well by looking at their sold items and join date.

5. Seller does not have real-life pictures of product

Never believe if seller says that the item is “true to picture”. We all know that pictures can be digitally enhanced, and studio lightings (for stock photos) can saturate or brighten the colours of apparels. The only way to find out how they really look like before paying is by looking at real-life pictures (if you opt for mailing). How hard is it to take a simple picture of the item with your phone, seriously? There’s a reason why Carousell was developed, to ease the trouble of uploading pictures on the computer before you can finally post them up on a classifieds site! So it’s very strange if the seller can’t provide any additional pictures. Is he or she hiding something from you? Does he or she really have the item?


Rest assured that you’re not alone as a typical (or veteran) scammer wouldn’t only strike once. They are so hard up that they would try to cheat as much money as possible so you can be sure that there are many other victims around. Do not 打草惊蛇 (act rashly and alert the enemy) and accuse anyone without evidence. If you suspect that you’ve been scammed,

1. Approach the seller

Ask questions that you know would contradict the facts and use this against him/her later. Like my example above, I asked if everyone else had received their romper and she said “yes” when it’s not the case! However this only works if the seller doesn’t disappear into thin air.

2. Conduct underground investigation

Lol, this sounds like some crime show (which I’m so obsessed with right now yay Hong Kong drama) but it’s totally necessary because you cannot expect the authorities to do everything for you. Start by Googling the scammer’s username which won’t give you results 99% of the time because they can assume a different identity each time they plot to cheat. The only thing that DOES NOT change is the bank account number. Other details which you can try searching are telephone numbers, e-mail and residential addresses (for trades). Document your findings and use them to support your case later.

3. Gather as many victims as possible

Some people may not be aware that they had been scammed because they chose to believe the conman, that the parcel was lost. It’s only after you’ve semi-exposed the scam (without revealing the scammer yet) would they realise the truth. Take this opportunity to talk to them and gather as much evidence as possible. Get someone to head the discussion on how to deal with the scammer. Once you feel that it’s enough, you can confront the scammer or bring it up to the relevant authorities. If you know where the scammer studies or works at, lodge a complaint to the management (that was what I intended to do until I received my refund). If you have the scammer’s address, better yet, pay her a visit as a group. But please, no violence!

4. Report to Carousell admin

Honestly, they can’t do much because the conduct of sellers is beyond their control. The most they can do is to e-mail the seller to ask for a follow-up, and/or suspend the seller’s account. If the seller doesn’t reply, I’m afraid their effort ends there.

5. Make a Police report

Only escalate the matter if the scammer refuses to do anything. But making a report is a long and tedious process which doesn’t guarantee results (much to the advantage of the scammer) unless it involves a LARGE amount or many victims. Encourage everyone to file a report using the same reference number to show that the cases are related. An alternative would be to lodge a claim with the Small Claims Tribunal though this should be the last resort if all else fails.

That’s all I have to say! I hope this post serves as a helpful guide to anyone who has fallen prey to scams. As much as I’d love to help everyone, time does not give me the luxury to be involved in your investigation. However, I’m open to any questions so please feel free to drop me a message if you have any queries. Please also acknowledge that I am not an expert in this area so do consider thoroughly before heeding my advice. I won’t be responsible for any undesirable outcome.

Thanks for reading everyone! ❤

181 thoughts on “Dealing with Scammers on Carousell

  1. you mean you tried searching for another bank account number and nothing came up? then probably the account holder didn’t post his/her acc number on a public platform!


  2. Hi, is it even possible if my seller says he didn’t receive my money though my transaction went through with txn ref? what should I do if I do not know any of his/her personal detail? Carousell has yet to get back to me.


  3. Hi Wenxin! It’s not possible if the recipient’s account number was keyed in correctly. But no 2 account numbers are similar (eg. difference in 1 number) so its not likely that anyone could transfer to the wrong account unless you’re superrrr careless. Why dont u show the seller proof that u hv paid? If he still denies, i suggest to post up a listing to ask if anyone has dealt with the seller. Then confront him together & threaten to make police report.

    Carousell took at least a week to reply me so u hv to be very patient. Unfortunately if he still continues to deny u cant really do much esp since u dont hv his details. Thats the risk in online transaction. Carousell can only suspend him. Hope that helps.


  4. Have you tried calling with a different number and googling the phone number? Pls gather as many victims as possible and make a report. If I were you I would spam on every listing that the person has.


  5. How to contact the admin? I’ve been scammed $90 as items didn’t arrived as it should. Need help to get back the money. Thx..


  6. Hi Lin, you can contact the admin through the app (the 3 vertical dots on the top right hand corner > Report user). Alternatively, you can email them at Do note that they took at least a week to reply my first message so unless you can wait, you should try getting back the money on your own first. Good luck!


  7. Hi me and this other person have been scammed may I ask how u managed to get your money back for the last girl who has been scammed? Thank u!


  8. Hi JieYing! Did you mean how the other girl and I got back our money? It’s a rather long process but basically it’s just us confronting the girl via PM, uncovering her lies and also getting the money back from Daigou. The admin also helped us with the suspension of her account.


  9. Hi, I really hope you can help me!

    I had made payment on the 23 December and the seller mailed out the item on the 26, I didn’t opt for registered mail. But as of today, I did not receive any parcel in my letterbox. Been checking it everyday. Is it a high chance that my item even lost? 😦


  10. Hi Tin!

    Collection of mails from the post box is usually done at 5pm (or later at town areas) every day. If your seller had mailed out after 5pm, your mail would only be collected on the next working day.

    I’ve checked the calendar. 26/12 was a Friday and the following 2 days were the weekends. Singpost doesn’t collect nor deliver mails on the weekends so your parcel could’ve been collected on Monday.

    Singpost on average takes about 3-4 days to process the delivery. There were the New Year’s Eve and New Year holidays on the following week of 26/12 which might have delayed your mail. Since it’s still the festive season, Singpost could also be facing high volume of mails so all these could also cause delays. I suggest giving the seller another week. It should be in your mailbox by next Friday 🙂


  11. hi! I’m facing a similar problem. i was looking for something and the seller approached to say she had it she provided a real life pic and the pic of the parcel, which she said she mailed out that morning, 28 december.(normal mail) its been more than a week but it hasn’t arrived. i even went to my local post office to check but no luck. i tried to ask her if she wrote a return address but she’s been ignoring me for days now. she only has one other feedback- and that account has since been suspended. i paid 60 bucks for the thing. what should i do?


  12. Hi 678, the seller sent out your parcel on a weekend and the following week was loaded with 4 non-working days due to new years eve & new year (for more info, refer to my reply to one asker above). Also, singpost could be facing high volume of mails during this festive season hence could hv delayed your mail. So maybe wait for another week? All parcels sent during christmas & Ny should be delivered by then. Otherwise, the only thing u can do is to report to carousell/police unless u have other details about the seller.

    Anyway, i know i shouldnt rub it in but $60 is too high an amount to opt for normal mail. U shld hv met up or went for reg postage. Nobody can be trusted online. Pls be careful next time!


  13. Hey Fiona, although I can concur with your post and understand your pain but I’ve got to point out that assuming people’s lives is not a great way to start. As you’ve typed: freeloaders are good for nothings as they do not know the true value of money, sorry to say this but that is wrong. In fact they know it very well. They know it better compared to those who work daily and on take-home payday think about going straight to town to look for branded buys. As for freeloaders if given a chance to redeem themselves, if they truly want it, in a competition such as amazing race or wipeout, they’ll be the first ones to win. Whilst for Scammers, scamming is a skill. Requires the right amount of naivety from the person their planning to scam from. Uni Scholars are smart to be scammers. Oh wait.. That’s purely assuming right there now.. Moral of my point: Don’t be callow and trust strangers too easily. People are only concerned when it concerning their own money. Take care & look out for yourself!


  14. Hey Terry! You’re right. I should have phrased it in another manner. Freeloaders are a bunch of self-centered people who take joy in exploiting the kindness of others because they only care about their own well-being. Speaking from experience because I personally know one of such character. But yes, nobody can be trusted online!


  15. Hi I also got cheated by this carousell with the Id of simplycheapchip, I admit that am careless didn’t read more of his review, he actually created several account to randomly scam on people. Some receive some don’t and am the unlucky one that didn’t receive anything after payment. I got his account number 248-14564-1 and mobile number 87175127. Any idea if he can create an fake account number that doesn’t expose himself ? Anyway am just rising awareness here because he has been around scamming people on and off as I manage to found out his past account .. And all of them gt suspended by carousell admin. And yes the I agree with the point that U said scammer don’t do meet up.. He really refuse to do any meet up .. So guys please be careful if u saw this mobile number and account number .. I have already made police report anyway.


  16. Hi Dave! Thanks for sharing. I don’t think it’s possible to create a fake account because you have to produce identification documents to open one, unless it’s not a local bank account. Since the purpose is to scam, he probably didn’t use his own. His number could probably be prepaid. Likewise, he could have used someone else’s number (buying prepaid phone numbers from foreign workers is a common practice among illegal money lenders). You should gather more victims and make police report together using the same reference number. This will pressure the police to investigate further. Good luck!


  17. Hi! Just read your post and love it, it’s so informative! I have just been cheated by a buyer, what happened was that she made only partial payment as deposit for the item, and after arranging a mee-up with her friend for its collection, she told me she’ll transfer the remaining payment but has gone MIA since, not replying my messages at all. I’ve put up a post about her on my carousell, but she’s still unmoved 😦

    I’ve created another account, and have been pretending to be interested in her item, trying to get her to give me her number, but she has refused. But she’s going to give me her address instead, since I told her I’ll self collect at her place.

    Was planning to get her number afterwards, but honestly it can’t do much right 😦 She can just block me. I’m thinking about mailing a letter to her parents, about their daughter, but I’m not too sure as well.

    I’ve emailed carousell admin, but they seriously can’t do much – the only thing is to email her.

    Do you have any suggestions/advice for me? And do you think I should file a police report against her? But the remaining payment is not a huge sum though, just $15. It’s just that I feel she has to be stopped, or more sellers will fall prey 😦

    Hope to hear from you soon!


  18. Hey Alice! Thanks for the comment.

    Firstly. I suspect that the “friend” was actually her. I don’t think mailing letters to her parents would help because they may get intercepted since you don’t know how to address them. Perhaps you can try lodging a police report (but they won’t do much as it only involves a meagre amount) and pay her a visit with it. Hopefully the copy of the police report would frighten her enough to pay you back the balance. You can also show her parents if they are home. It’d be good if you could get hold of her school so that you can threaten to lodge a complain to the principal as well. Very mean but.. desperate times calls for desperate measures. Use this as last resort.

    Is your buyer a young schoolgirl? If she is, maybe you can alert the Instagram community and try to get more victims to come forward. They are usually quite active on #sgflea #sgselling #sgblogshop #sgfleamarket #tempomart. To raise awareness, you can try #wheretheblacklistedgo #sghallofshame

    Hope any of the above works! Keep me in the loop on further updates x


  19. Hi!
    i think i might been scammed 😦 brought a nike shoe and made payment on the 27 feb and seller said they would mail out on the next day morning ! i opt for reg mail too .. asked them if they had mail it out but no replies .. !! Total of $92 pleasee help thank you !


  20. Hi Nash! Did you mean 27 Jan? Have you posted a listing about the seller? And have you contacted the admin for help? Perhapd you could leave down the seller’s username here so that people who have dealt with him/her can advise you as well.


  21. Recently, I made a trade with carousell user @cheapsteals_. She initatiated the trade and turns out to be an irresponsible/insincere trader, or rather.. a scammer. First warning flag: she only do postage. Though we are trading and it makes sense to meetup and do the trade, she only does postage. Second warning flag: She requested for a video proof from me. A liar knows a liar best. Actually this is only when i realise that she only do postage. But I didn’t bother insisting on a meetup. Thats my fault. She was so friendly and nice and had so many positive reviews, it just didn’t occur to me that I should be careful. I’m new to selling online and this is a very good experience.

    She delayed for many days giving weird excuses like shes overseas. Like why on earth you’re suddenly overseas when we agreed the mailing date.. And I gave some random excuse too cos I didn’t trust her that much anymore and wanted her to send video proof of my item being mailed before i send out her item. Somehow or rather, i got manipulated to think that because I hadn’t mail her item, she won’t be mailing mine either. So I gave the BOD, because someone has to mail it first ultimately. I gave in and mailed her item and send her the video proof. She mia until 4-5 hours later and send me a crappy video. Third warning flag: The parcel wasn’t even addressed to me. No recipient name even though I gave her my name. It was just my address writing on a piece of paper. And the video was tampered with. When she was suppose to drop item into postbox, it suddenly went cranky and show somewhere else and sound was cut off too. It also seem like she puled her hand back (pulled out the parcel). When video was “back to normal”, it shows her hand pushing the postbox flag, making the effect as if she mailed.

    I was still being stupid. Waited a week and asked her about it. Then she insisted that video was actually not bad and could see the process of her mailing the item which was not true at all. I am not being unreasonable but I asked everyone and my friends were like what nonsense is this video. She refused to refund or reply me now. It’s not the money that matter cos its not a huge amount. But she shouldn’t get away with it! I have her address and phone number. I don’t know what I should do though.


  22. Hey Rachel, sorry to read about your unpleasant experience on Carousell. Your case is a little tricky since there had already been an exchange of “proof”. If she really didn’t mail the item, then she most likely still has it and I feel that the only way to expose her is to prove that she still has the item. Can you get your friend whose account isn’t new but with a few ratings to just enquire about the item? Act all surprised and excited to see the product (even if its sold) on her listing or perhaps also enquire about another item so that she won’t be suspicious. If she has the item, she would def wanna sell it to your friend. Be prepared for excuses like “oh I had more than 1 piece”. I personally feel that confronting her at her home right now is pointless since u have no proof but it’s good to just keep it aside first just in case. Hope that helps!


  23. Hi,

    I think I have been scammed as well 😦 She claims that the parcel was sent out on 28th Feb, but till now (13th March) I have yet to have received it. Thankfully the amount I lost was only $10 (item) + $1 (normal mail) for a paddlepop skorts listed by the user ensblogshop. As she has a lot of positive feedback (+54/0/-0), I thought she would be a safe user, thus I was careless and let my guard down. I informed the seller that I would prefer to meet up, but she says she can only meet up at Hougang because she is pregnant. Hougang was really far for me because I stayed in Hostel (at NTU – Boon Lay), so I thought I will risk this once through normal mail (I have done all my past transactions through meet-ups). I guess I should have insisted on at least putting it through a registered mail or meeting her.

    Initially she said she would take a picture of the parcel before sending it, but approximately after 4 days of not receiving the parcel, I pm-ed her to confirm if she had sent it and she said she already did, and upon further questioning on the photo evidence, she claimed that her son was sick so she had to bring him to the doctor, and asked her brother to mail it for her instead. I then tried to probe further and she said the mail may be lost or delayed, and asked me to head to the paya lebar Singapore post centre to enquire, which I did but since the parcel was not registered, there was nothing much the staff could do apart from trying to no avail to search for my parcel with my name and address.

    Two weeks has passed since then and I tried to contact her, and she has disappeared into oblivion. Not sure if it’s genuinely a lost mail, or she’s scamming me, but I’m hesitating to write a negative feedback because the number of her positive feedback keeps telling me that yknw, maybe my case was really a lost mail – that 1/54 chance? I don’t know, feeling so bumped. 😦


  24. Hi Jeanette, for not posting out the item herself, not sending you a photo evidence as promise and disappearing into thin air, I think it’s sufficient and reasonable enough to leave a negative feedback. Maybe more victims would come forward after your feedback? No harm trying!


  25. Hi,

    Abit long, but I hope to receive advise on pm what to do.

    I purchased something from a seller on the 17th Feb. On the next day he forwarded me an invoice with a screenshot from Yamato regarding shipping. The screenshot included details like status, date/time and branch code but NO tracking number.

    2 weeks later (1st Mar) he messaged me on carousell saying that my order has been shipped and that the tracking number will be texted or emailed to me “in no time”.

    Take note of the day and dates.

    5 days later (6th Mar, Friday), I’ve yet to receive any news so I asked him about it.

    Seller: I was admitted to hospital due to food poison . I send u by this weekends.

    I waited that weekend. No news. No email. No message.

    12th March (Thursday). No news at all. I asked if he was still in the hospital.

    Seller: Nope. I sending to u all by this coming fri. Ytd i discharge alrdy

    14th Mar (Saturday), still no news. I confronted him about it again, his reply?

    Seller: Sry i update u strictly by tdy. I got thing to do for my catch up studies. Ps.

    15th Mar (Sunday). At this point I’m getting quite fed up. It’s been 2 weeks since the item has been shipped according to him. And I haven’t received the tracking number from him. It seems that whenever I confront him about it, he’s either in the hospital or busy with school. He keeps promising me he will send it to me by a certain date, but always fails to so.

    Me: Bro. I havnt received anything yet. Is it so hard to send me the tracking number? It takes less than 5 minutes? You told me two weeks ago that the item has been shipped, until now havnt reach sg yet?

    Seller: No nt hard. Aya. I keep leave out one customer so sorry i cant able to track who i send who i didnt

    Me: So can you track mine anot? You left out mine? You can reply me but cannot update me?

    Seller: I at sch hw update? Wan i update my place to u nw? Im otw hm..thn settle?

    Seller: U fed up i understand but i cnt keep track who i given who i DIDNT. I cnt one by one ask hey did i give alrdy or nt?

    Me: Why you mean you can’t keep track of who you gave and who you didn’t? You said you keep left out 1 customer. And I keep asking you for updates more than once, it’s obvious that ONE customer you didn’t give is me right? No need to ask one by one, it’s me you left out. Order #3473. And it’s your duty as the seller to keep track who you give and never give, make a list or something next time. K I give you benefit of doubt, once you finish school and reach home update me about the shipping asap. It’s not like I want to keep chasing you and make you fed up also, but you can’t even give me a simple update and assure me that my product is here. I hope you understand where I’m coming from. Thanks.

    Seller: The email ive sent. I comprehend yr fed up yr worries. But i got to say im so sorry i lost of track who i sent who i didnt..thr quite a number for me to handle. So there one or two i missed out.

    16th Mar. No updates from him. Confronted him about it, he asked for my email. I gave it to him.

    17th Mar (today). No updates or email received from him.

    I would appreciate any advice from you. I tried searching his account number/shop name/email address on Google but to no avail. Please advice!


  26. Hi Frustrated, sorry for the late reply! Just to check, is “Yamato” the username of the seller or the name of the courier company? Perhaps you could try finding out the name of the courier company from the invoice and make a call to enquire about the parcel sent on that particular date to the address you gave to the seller instead of just waiting for the seller to give you the tracking number. If they are unable to provide you with the tracking number (there must be one since it’s registered), then most likely your parcel wasn’t sent out at all and you can use this evidence against the seller. Let me know if you need further advice. Good luck!


  27. Already tried that. Yamato is the courier company. The invoice he sent also looks pretty dodgy, it was cropped and didn’t show any tracking number, which there should in the first place. Called them a few days back but they couldn’t do anything without a tracking number. I’m now very sure it’s a fraud as the seller recently took down all his listings. However about 10 of us victims have come together to make a report. Not sure what else we could do as he isn’t replying any of us and we have no real information on him. Tried googling his email, bank account, shop name but to no avail. Sigh. I guess we have to leave it to the police then. Thanks for the reply 🙂


  28. Hii! If i make police report, will my parents be informed if im 16? Because i dont want to let my parents know 😦


  29. Hi Fiona, thanks for your informative blog post on Carousell scammers. I have had a bad experience with a seller on Carousell too. A few days ago, i was scammed $720 from a seller on Carousell.

    On 3 June 2015, I was browsing through Carousell and saw an ad that was selling iphone 6 for $800. I approached the seller ‘happyholidays’ and she quoted me the price of $720 for iphone 6(16gb). I thought it was a good offer, so i agreed with the pricing. She asked me for my details of my name, address, phone number and item, so i provided her. She then SMS me to make payment upon order and called me using the phone number 98143297 to confirm my purchase and to transfer the money to her OCBC bank account 5158 9738 7001 and told me that she will deliver between 6pm to 8pm the next day.

    On 4 June 2015, at 6.07pm, i SMSed and send a message to her on Carousell to ask what time will she deliver. I didn’t get a reply until 9pm. She messaged me on Carousell saying that she was stuck in a traffic jam and was not back in Singapore and said she will deliver the next day. She even asked me if i still want the item, otherwise, she will arrange for a refund. I told her that if there is no delivery tmr by 8pm, i want a refund.

    On 5 June 2015, at 1.44pm, i asked her if she can make it by 8pm. At 5.16pm, she replied that the item is available only on Sunday, 11am and told me that if i want it, the date of delivery would be final and no more changes. So i arranged a timing with her to meet at Yio Chu Kang MRT station at 11.30am. Afterwards, i changed my mind and i told her that i wanted a refund. She did not reply and i kept requesting for a refund and told her that if she don’t refund me, i will report her to the police. At 3.35pm, she replied saying that if she can get to me as soon, she would not have delayed and said that she could have just ignored me because i was being rude.

    On 6 June 2015, i continue to request for a refund but there is no reply throughout the whole day and threaten that i would make a police report if she do not refund me back immediately. At 6pm, when i went to check on her Carousell account, she deleted all her listings. At 8.53pm, i headed to Kebun Baru NPP to lodge a police report. I hope the police will do something about it because it is a lot of money involved. What i am worried is, will i get my money back?


  30. Hi Yuna, the possibility of getting back your money isn’t very high but it’s still worth a shot because it’s quite a substantial amount. Do gather as many victims as possible and lodge a police report together!


  31. Hey Tiffany! Glad you enjoyed my haul posts hahaa. Ok I will find time to post my haul from last year (havent been shopping much lately on Carousell). Stay tuned 🙂


  32. Hello~ stumbled upon this page while searching for Carousell scammers (I’ve heard a lot of horror stories). Just to clarify about the mailing indemnity though. I personally own a Carousell shop and do state that I am not liable for lost mail. This *definitely* does happen as my dad handles mailing at his company and he was saying that about 5 out of every 100 mails go missing (although I reckon this is more relevant towards small letters and packages).

    Based on contract law, you have to state what constitutes delivery. If the terms are that delivery amounts to depositing the item in the mailing bin at Singpost, then that’s the end of the contract. This doesn’t make a seller a scammer-in-the-making. Correlation is in no way causation.

    Thankfully though, I’ve never had any of my customers losing their package so far. :3

    Scammers are making it hard to do business on Carousell these days when buyers(some) are crazily paranoid.

    Anyway, regarding video proof posting, you’ve got to teach me how to do this! How on earth can I video a posting of a bulky item while having my iphone in one hand, a bulky item on the other, and no hands left to open the metal bin’s door. And then uploading the video! Via whatsapp, maybe? @_@

    Thanks and have a gd time in Carousell~


  33. Hey Isa, you should be able to take a video of the parcel using one hand. What I usually do is to take an uninterrupted video of the addressee details on the parcel, me opening the metal bin door with the same hand that’s holding on to the phone (I usually open with my last 3 fingers. Your index finger and your thumb should be able to hold your phone well enough) and depositing the parcel into the bin. Sounds tough but should be manageable. And yup, I send my videos through whatsapp! only if the buyer requests though.


  34. Hi, I should have read this before I’ve dealt with this scammer jas.leelee t Carousell. I’ve got scammed for a Prada bag, transferred $280 to her bank account number 278-08726-3

    Too bad can’t find anything when I google this account number. Trying to get a police report now. Please advise any other steps I can take to refund my money back. Thanks.


  35. Hey Choknat, do you have other details like phone number or email address? Since the scammed amount is such a large sum and the item involves luxury products, I’m pretty sure there are other victims as well. Do make sure you gather as many victims as possible and lodge a police report together (or using same ref no.). The police may be able to trace back to the scammer with the account number.


  36. Hi Fiona, I’m not sure whether if I had been scam or not.. because I ordered nike shoe from this account @mistymess and the waiting time is 2-3 weeks I transferred my money $60 on 14 June and she said she had already placed order. Recently I checked her carousell account, and she wrote on her bio that she’s overseas and will be back in singapore early July. However, today I checked her carousell account again I was shocked that her account got suspended and I not sure what to do idk because $60 is quite a huge amount to me as I’m still a teenager. So I emailed the carousell team today and I saw your post online so I did what you suggested such as searching the bank account but the bank account holder is not the person I order from instead it is someone else. which idk what should I do I mean right now I’m so worried and I don’t even know whether if I should continue to wait until she’s back… but before I order I made some checking such as reading the reviews and she had two positive reviews which is very good, so I guess she’s trustworthy but still right now idk what to do, can u give me some advice? :/ sigh


  37. Hey tristanholic, what do you mean by “the bank account holder is not the person I order from instead it is someone else”? Did you contact the person already to be so sure of that? Try to dig out more info about the account holder first before he takes them down.


  38. Hi!
    I have just been scammed of ($100) on carousell my case is a little similar to yours. Now I am at a loss please help me! So here is what happened: the cheat goes by the name of Mericana. I bought 2sets of skinny mint each ($50). In her bio she said that if the purchase was over $59 there will be free registered mail! So I paid via Atm transfer to her account : 248-64822-8. She said that she would send me a photo of the mail but she did not. It has been more than a week and the mail has yet to arrive. Furthermore, over the weekends she has been ignoring me on carousell chat until yesterday when I posted comments on her other listings. This morning she replied me and said she is not held responsible for any lost mail! I was so enraged! The mail was sent via normal mail so I told her I wanted a refund as according to her bio my mail should have been registered mail. And she came up with tons of excuses saying that it did not apply for my case and crap. But if so she should have told me! Than she was saying and I quote” for all you know I could have changed my bio after our transaction” when I told her I have screenshots and will report the case to the police she seemed ok with it and told me to go ahead after telling me it is not her fault as he is not responsible for lost mail.. She also refuses to give me a refund. Also she said she has not written any return address on the mail as she does not want strangers to know her address which is total bullshit! Up to date, she still has not sent me any photo proof which leads me to suspect she did not even mail it out in the first place.
    Sadly, I only have her bank account number and evidence of our chat(transaction) I do not have any other details. So I hope you can help me get back my $100. I earned it through hours of hard work:(


  39. Hi, I found this page when I googled Carousell Scam

    I “bought” an action cam, SJ5000++ from this user, theofficialcheapmarket, on 17 Jun 2015, based on 2 favorable reviews.

    I have paid him/her S$150 via cash deposit into his bank account with OCBC SAVINGS 5153033914.

    On 1 July 2015 when I wanted to check with him on the delivery (supposed to be on 2 Jul), I was surprised to his account has been suspended.

    A few of us have made/will make police report.

    Please email me at kynd2 at if you want the police reference number to tag your report.



  40. Hi fiona! Stumbled upon your post whilst googling carousell scammers. Im in a rather similar situation & I need your help!!

    So heres my situation,

    On 24 may 2015, i asked about this preorder jogger pants from this carouseller and made payment on 25 may after I checked his reviews ( 2 positive 1 neutral ), so he said it would take about 2 weeks to arrive as preorders usually do. So let me just count 2 weeks from 25 may would be 8 june 2015.

    On 4 june 2015, i asked if the joggers had arrive since I received no word from him at all, And this was what he replied me
    ‘Sorry am still not in town for visiting purpose. Anws..Hi. just checked my email. There is a delay at supplier’s side. Supplier emailed, delay is another week plus or so. If it troubles you, I can just refund. I told them latest i’ll be waiting til the 16th june. Otherwise I expect a refund. Will refund you by then?’

    So naturally, i agreed. On the 16th of june, i asked if I would be expecting a refund as per agreed, he said that the supplier would be refunding him cash in a few days time and i gave him my acc for the refund.

    I asked again if he had done the refund on 19 june and he replied the next day on the 20th that he was tight on cash and his pay would only be in next wed (24th june) and that the supplier also promised a refund on that wed.

    On the 30th of june (more than a month since I’ve made payment), i asked AGAIN if he had done the refund and stated that it has been more than a month since i’ve made payment and that he has not even bothered to contact me about the payment at all, he replied (not too sure if it was just patronisingly) that he would be refunding it tmr evening (1july) or the following morning (2july)

    So as you can tell by now, Im not too sure if he is telling the truth or not?? But on the 1st july i asked again, if he had done the refund. He replied me saying that the supplier had gone mia and that he’s desperately depending on his pay to pay everyone back and to give him by this week. obviously i dont trust that he would do it anymore and that he’s been talking about his pay since 20th june???

    So i just wanted him to refund me on that day itself, he just gave me more excuses and empty promises (how hard is it to refund $15??)

    I asked again at midnight if he had done the trnsf and he said he is getting it done asap, i asked if he would be trnsf-ing it today and he say that for the very last time he would be doing the trnsf today evening (2july) or friday evening (3july) and that i can go and make a report if he fails.

    I was just wondering, what shld i be doing to uncover this possible scam? And how did you manage to find out that the acc no. Was a daigou account? Would really appreciate any help!!



  41. Hi Elise, have you contacted Carousell? Gosh I feel so angry for you. She sounds like a total prick. If I were you I’d spam on all her listings that she’s a bloody scammer to warm others not to deal with her. Did you also manage to leave a feedback?

    I’m afraid all you can do now is to make a police report. Hopefully you have other victims to report together with you. Stay firm and don’t waver. You have all the evidence so she’s definitely at fault!


  42. Hey Gladys, I found out that the account number belonged to Daigou just by googling. From your account the seller doesn’t seem to be a local. It’d be quite difficult to apprehend him if he’s a foreigner :\

    I say give him an ultimatum. Tell him to pay by a date and if he doesn’t, you’ll make police report, report to Carousell and leave him a negative feedback (if you can) and warn others by creating a listing about him and plaster his bank account everywhere on the internet. A bit juvenile but that’s how you deal with faceless scammers :\


  43. Hi Fiona!

    I bought a dress on 12th June and I still have yet to receive it. The thing is, I purchased the exact same dress from the same seller before (it’s an ongoing preorder) sometime in February, and she was very prompt with her replies and the dress was delivered on time.

    However, it’s been two weeks longer than the first time I received the dress and she has not been replying my messages.

    Should I still wait for the dress to turn up in my mailbox or should I take further action? I tried googling her bank account number but nothing came up. I got scammed of $45 before last year but I didn’t take any action, and I just don’t want to get scammed again 😦 What do you think I should do?


  44. Hey Claudia, maybe you can try leaving a comment on the preorder listing that says something like “I bought a dress from this preorder but have yet to receive it. Anyone joined this preorder too?” If she deletes your comment and ignore/block you then most likely she’s trying to avoid you. In that case you should raise the matter to Carousell admin and lodge a police report. At the same time if the comment doesn’t get deleted, other victims would also see it and then approach you. If that happens, you guys can lodge a report together. Hope that gives you some ideas.


  45. Hi Fiona! Okay so on 25th June, I stumbled upon this Nike black basic watch from a carousel and after enquiring about the watch, I decided to purchase it on 27th June. But I was quite busy with stuffs so until the 6th of July, I haven’t transfer her the money yet and on that day she asked me if I was still int in getting that because she had another interested enquiry, I told her yes and asked if I can make payment on the next day which is 7th July. Then she told me that she had another interested buyer for that same watch who could transfer her on that day itself and she apologised for that. The watch costed $16 with an additional $0.50 for NM and I asked her even if i pay $20 for this watch also cannot? Then she told me that she will let the other person know that I am bidding and told me to hold on. Then at about 50 mins later, she got back to me and said that the deal is mine. So I went ahead and transfer to her a/c on 7th July and she told me that she’ll mail it out on Friday which is 10th July. I asked for a photo proof on the 10th and she said she’ll be sending me later, but didn’t. Pm-ed her on the 11th and 12th for the photo proof, she told me that she already mailed on Friday and I thought it was okay, so I told her I’ll let her know when I’ve received my parcel. Then comes 15th July when I still haven’t receive anything, I asked if she received any return mails cos there’s no way my mail would take so long to arrive. I asked for a description of the packaging as well as my photo proof and she said that she’ll send the video proof later as her mum is sick. Told her to send it to my number and she gave me hers, telling me that she had no reason to scam and when I WA her, a photo proof was what I got, no video proof as she said she would send me. Checked my address against the photo and she said she hasn’t received any return mails because if she did, she would definitely inform the buyer. And until today, I haven’t receive my watch.. But on her carousel, there were 282 positive feedbacks about her and only 1 neutral so I don’t know if this is a scam or did my mail really get lost. Should i go down to Paya Lebar Signpost to enquire about my package?


  46. Hello dreamingxdaisies, you can try enquiring but Singpost will most prob give you the standard answer that they cant track since it’s not registered. Did your offer get accepted on carousell?


  47. Hi Fiona,i just preorder Nike flyknit racer oreo 2.0 from the seller name ShopAtArtemis and made full payment $250 via atm machine on 22th of July which is on Wednesday 11am. I follow all the instruction to take a picture of the receipt and send to them and they will send me the confirmation order email. I still waiting for their confirmation email to check whether my stuff have been order or not but i didnt get any respond .Today 24th July, i just talk with the seller at carousel chat asking him/her to check whether he/her send to the correct email.He/her say that i will get the confirmation email by today afternoon.But still i didnt receive any email.According to their website ,they say they will revert back any email within 24-48 hours but its been 3 days now i didnt get any response on my email.
    What should i do?
    How do i get my refund?


  48. Hey Reilz, sorry to hear about that. Maybe keep chasing for replies? Give them an ultimatum that if they don’t reply by a certain date, they will be reported to the authorities. If they still don’t reply you maybe you can try asking those who’ve left a positive feedback on their page for ways to contact them?

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Never, ever, ever do online transactions for anything that cost above $30. Luxury stuff that go on online preorders are usually NOT authentic. Do take note for future purchases.


  49. Hi, Fiona,

    I think I have been scammed 😦

    My problem is different from yours as it was a meet up. The seller goes by the id: sellingcheapherexx. She was the one who approached me yesterday for a trade with of my bag with one of hers. As per discussed, we meet up this morning to do the trade and I stupidly did not check the item as I was rushing for work.

    It was not till lunch that I was able to check the item and it turns out to be a completely different bag as per discussed, furthermore, the bag was slightly old and scratch up. (The bag I traded for was a complete brand new bag, that I have not even use yet!) I went to check her carousel and to my shock, she had deleted all her listings. I tried to contact her via Carousel but so far there is no reply.
    To further my frustration, I do not have her contact number as she insisted it’s for security purposes that she does not want to give it to me.

    I have reported since to Carousel under ‘suspected fraudster’.

    Do you have any advice in which I could increase my chance of catching that girl?


  50. Hi. I bought some product worth 126 dollars from this guy around 1 month ago . He have many positive reviews and there isn’t a single review says he’s scamming. So I bought this product with registered mail. After 2 weeks he said that there is no longer any stocks left. I told him that I will wait for restock and he said most likely it will restock at the end of the month of July.
    Three days ago he told me that there’s still no stocks and
    Ask me if I want to change colour. I said yes and afterwards there isn’t any reply from him. I msged him again but he still did not reply even tho his is active on carousell and selling new products. What should I do??


  51. Hi! I admire your courage. Im living in the US and i just started using Carousell. I tried to buy an iphone 6 plus for USD 250 compared to USD 949 on apple. I have not made any transaction yet. But after reading ur blog, i start to have doubts. When something is too good to be true there must be something wrong. Do u think there is scamming here in US same as in Singapore?


  52. Thanks Iskandar! I can’t comment on US since I don’t live there but scamming is definitely rampant everywhere online. USD250 vs USD949 is whole lot of a difference unless of course, that is a clone set or there are defects or problems with the phone to justify the low price. Do exercise caution and try not to transact online if possible especially if it involves hundreds of dollars!


  53. Hi I need you help! I bought something from someone on carousell and I found the item to be slightly defective and requested a refund. He reacted violently and said that I was a scammer asking him for refunds to get free items and reported my account to carousell and says he’ll file a police report since he has my address. The item was $20 and I said I’ll just not ask for a refund if he’d stop overreacting but in the end he still did. Would my account get suspended? As I have more than a 100 positive reviews and would the police follow up on small case like this which isn’t even true? As in I can definitely defend myself but I don’t want to have to deal with all the trouble. And also would they go to my house and question me since I’m rarely home or would they contact me through Letter or other means?


  54. Hi Shoe, if you account ever get suspended you can get it reversed by producing evidence. Don’t worry the police is not so free to investigate on such trivial matter (which is one of the loopholes scammers have long identified). They won’t go to your house for sure but maybe give u a call to clarify. But if your conscious is clear there’s really nothing to be afraid of! Tell the seller to bring it on 😉


  55. what if the seller after saying she sent out, delete all her posts and change all her details to suspended account? I only have her bank account number and her previous carousell name. what should I do? i reported to carousell but they say they can’t do anything much


  56. If her account is suspended it’s most likely done by the carousell admin. Therefore the seller might have done something that’s against the carousell policy, such as cheating. I’m afraid there’s nothing else you can do except to lodge a police report.


  57. hi . ive ordered a shoe worth $48 . the item sent was different from what was shown in the picture . police doesnt want to help me . what do i do ?


  58. Hi can I know how you tracked the person down using her account number? I’ve had a similar experience. This is what happened.
    Her Carousell ID is @joeychewxblogshop and I purchased her listing of 3 halloween horror night tickets for $130 on 26 Sept 2015. Her listing has also mentioned that she would take a video of the mailing process for the buyer. I’ve asked her to send me a picture of the ticket before doing any transactions but she said that she can only do so after she receives the money and purchases from the supplier. So I transferred her the money and reminded her to send me a picture of which she said she would as she was leaving her house to meet up with the supplier. After transferring the money to her she asked for my contact number to send me a picture of the tickets when collected. When I messaged her asking for updates she said the tickets will be collected the next day in the morning. And again when I messaged her on 27 Sept she said she’d mailed me the tickets already and I would receive on either Wednesday or Thursday. Please note that throughout this process I’ve not given her my mailing address. Today, 28 Sept, when I messaged her, she has 0 listings and no reply from her at all. I have reported her to carousell.
    A new update: When searching for her account using my laptop they said that the user cannot be found but when my friend searched through the app her account is there.
    What should I do?


  59. Hello, after reading your account, I’m afraid you’ve been scammed.. and that was the seller’s intention all along. Which is why I really discourage people from transacting online for anything that costs over $30.

    I managed to tracked the person down because she was using an account number that belongs to a legit company. If you can’t get any results from finding the seller’s account number, I guess the only thing you can do now is to lodge a police report and gather as many victims as possible. You can refer to some of my replies above. Carousell wouldn’t be able to do anything beyond suspending the account.


  60. Hi Fiona, thanks for sharing and glad you got your justice back!
    I just had a bad experience through Carousell. Last night i took a cab to go to the seller’s place which costs me $25 and ended up paying $70 for something which is spoiled. Texted the seller but the seller just ignored and blocked me off. Used another number to text him and he blocked me again. Managed to track this teen down through facebook and sent a message to his father but he ignored me as well. Guessing maybe the father was the one who asked his boy to do so, and they look so decent on the family photos he posted, really shame on him. Besides lodging a police report (too much hassle) and posting his photos on social medias (which i do not feel like doing because it would be too humiliating for him and his family), is there anything else i can do?


  61. Hi Mikey, sorry to hear about your situation. You’re really a nice person for not resorting to naming and shaming him. But I’m afraid besides leaving a negative feedback and reporting to the Carousell admin, there’s nothing you can do. Maybe you can try, you know, scaring them by saying that you will share your experience with popular sites like Kaki News Network, STOMP etc if they still refuse to reply? Maybe that will prompt them to respond

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  62. I have been selling some stuff lately and this particular user started pm me……. I was very ALERT because the account was not verified both by fb and email and was created last Tuesday, the same day she pm me. She ask me where to meet if she wants to buy my book. I said near my house and near my school. She said she also study at that area and I tell her I study at this poly then she say she also. Then she Ask me the next morning at 8+am if can meet later in school…….

    I tell her I forgot because she MIA at Tuesday after chatting and I don’t bother asking her if she wants the story book because the account might be fake. Then she tell me she wants one and meet on Thursday.

    The nightmare continued when pm me about another book I am selling. she ask me if I stole a library book. I told her liao I buy from library Used book sale. Then she freaking ask me want to meet for lunch and I discussed about that matter and she ask for my number, I gave her by mistake. Then she ask me what I wearing and I said black shirt. She said black shirt and short skirts and spammed me and ask me du I like short skirt. I try to avoid saying yes but she kept asking me and I said yes.then she ask if she is pretty. I am like reply her wth and she say .haha jk. Then I went for lunch with my classmates then that freaking girl say she got class,ask me if I got friend to eat with and I Said yes and I am going hme after this becuz shr say she wants meet me later………………

    She also ask me if she is pretty, I say dun know and she ask me if I want her pic n I say yea. I also ask for her phone number she nvr reply.

    I AM very mad becoz my pic on carousell is like sec2 pic of me in robotics cca and she calls me handsome and ask me if I am cute. 😱😱😱

    What should I do? I meeting het today……… 😱😱😱
    I hope for a reply for going tru with a sick minded carousell and tell me what to do other than blocking her thnx


  63. Hahaha omg I’m so sorry it’s too funny I can’t control my laughter! It’s really not as serious as you think la! And why bother to entertain her? She’s just bored. If you continue to feed the trolls, they will never stop. So pls, just ignore her. If she still pesters you after warning, tell her that you will report her to the police for harassment 🙂


  64. Hi everyone please be careful if u want to deal with this seller nickname is myminibazzar in carousell..I think she and her father in law are both cheaters..I recently bought a luggage from her she kept assuring mi that the luggage is brand new never use before no scratches as the luggage is still with I just believe what she said meet her father in law to collect the luggage at mrt station..her father in law also assured me the luggage is new never use before..due to crowded many people in station and base on trust and also cos the luggage still with tag I trusted him.. I did not check the luggage on the spot as mainly also difficult as the luggage is wrapped in plastic with so many people there..the problem was due to tiring after work and travelled to collect the luggage from the seller i only opened the plastic the next day after my work..when I opened it was a shocked to me..I saw the surface of the front and back of the luggage is full of lines I couldn’t believe it how can a brand new luggage look like that if never use before? Due to late I decided to pm the seller only morning I told her the lines and she replied she only middle man selling on behalf of her in law she hope i can accept if only minor lines..but the lines are so obvious i think they r trying to cheat cos don’t tell mi they never noticed it is full of lines when they took pics of the luggage? Now she is like accussing is my fault as i should check on the spot I(i admit – please everyone if u want buy anything please check before going home with it), I should have told her within 1 day of the damage (base on what she,said i think even i told her on the same day don’t think they will refund mi too cos they r out to cheat people) other reasons she said I could have damage it when I bought home,she dunno at all cos she never see the real luggage at all then how come she so confidence is brand new no scratches?no she said her family do not wan refund cos is my responsibility as I did not check and also is not her fault as she is only the middle man.. what should I do? Please help thks


  65. Hi all
    Fyi, thks goodness the seller’s father in law finally called Mi he said he really don’t know and will refund back the money since I requested for the refund ..will be going to meet him tmr hope things will turn out smooth


  66. Hi! i was just wondering, the seller has no bio, deleted all her listings and didnt bother to ask me what kind of mailing i would like. She also dosent reply AT ALL! i have never met such a irreponsible seller. i payed extra $7 for express, and i got my item in 2 weeks, when it should have arrived by 5days. After all this, seller dosent care about threats of reporting and says “im not a answering machine” so i rlly dk what to do i reported to carousell idk how many times! so really hope you can help! btw i cash deposited not bank transfer 🙂 thank yoy


  67. Hey Rachsam! I don’t think there’s much you can do since you’ve already gotten your item (lucky you!). You can try reporting to the admin but the most they can do is just suspending the account. It’s too small an amount too to escalate to the police (you can still do, but the police won’t take action). Treat it as you overpaid for the item and be more careful next time!


  68. I done a carousell purchase from a seller for shoe. At first night I receive on a meet up when the seller said that she had passed the item to her cousin and asked me to picked up from her cousin which receive item late and no one answer my call from the hp no provided from seller, I found the first shoe spoil as I check at home. I shoot a pic to the seller and the seller promise to refund for the first spoil shoe but on Monday. Last night when I checked the money was not refund and she asked me to return the shoe. But now I am worry as she is lying that she will refund.


  69. She insist not and asked me to return it to her cousin. Really worry as the seller is not really reasonable with late item receive and no one answer phone call.


  70. You are wrong on the registered charges. It is normal for seller to ask for $3-4 for registered post.

    $2.24 is only to get the mail registered. Singpost still charge separately the postage based on weight and for the stuff we buy, Singpost will surely classify it as non-standard mail at higher cost.

    So for example, a item that weight 450gram is going to cost $1.70 (postage up to 500gram) + $2.24 (registered) = $3.94 total.


  71. Hi Joe, I didn’t mean to say that charging $3-4 for reg mail is unethical (if that’s what you’ve derived). I only felt it wasn’t fair for her to charge me $3.80 for reg mail when the amount I paid for had already included normal mailing charges (i.e. the weight). I would’ve thought that she had done her maths and factored in postage costs in the price. But if the selling price did not already include postage, I would have been perfectly fine with that amount, even though it’s on the high side.


  72. hi fiona,
    i recently purchased a pair of shoes from a carouseller at $27. she has a lot of good reviews and no negative ones so i didn’t hesitate to purchase the shoes! i asked for photo proof when mailing & she agreed and told me she would mail 2 days later. on that day i texted her to check if she had mailed the items and she said she had but didnt get a chance to take photo proof. its been a week and the shes haven’t arrived and tbh idk what to think bc it would be too much of a coincidence if she were to claim it was lost mail. i know it isn’t a significant amount but i saved up for 3 weeks for those shoes and i dont want to believe i’ve been cheated. 😦


  73. Hello! Did your offer get accepted so that you can leave a review? If not, you can try offering her and see if it’s accepted. I have an inkling that she only accepts offers of items that she mails out.. but that’s just a guess. Meanwhile try waiting for a few more days? Maybe she genuinely mailed and since it’s so close to the festive season, your parcel got delayed? 🙂


  74. hey may I know how u manage to find her name and where she studies at and where she lives? I am also conducting an investigation on a carousell user but did not make much progress.


  75. but you mentioned that she was using a third party’s bank account, how to go about it then? and can you guide on the process of finding a person particulars thru googling the bank acc number? is there some website that link a person bank acc number to their particulars?


  76. I simply googled the bank account and her twitter account came up, which showed that she wasnt just doing it on Carousell. And there she posted stuff about her school and neighbourhood


  77. Hi Fiona, I was super relieved and glad when I saw this post upon googling on “what to do if cheated online in Singapore”. Yes, I’m one of those helpless victim of this malicious act and I am desperate to find other ways of tracking this seller down to get my $80 back. Maybe it is not so much about getting back my moolahs (because I have lost the hopes of ever seeing them again) but I am too determined to find out whoever did this and this person should be brought to justice (or at least get a piece of my mind).
    So I have done whatever that u have suggested, contacted Carousell admin for suspected fraud and dead seller and made a police report with screenshots of our conversation on Carousell. All to no avail.
    This seller could possibly be a pro at scamming because I am sure she has more than 1 carousell account, she uses her kids posb account details, which according to the police have no other complain against therefore they won’t proceed with the investigation, she was able to delete her positive feedbacks from 9 it becomes 3 after she went missing, she deleted her listing before carousell did and even uses her other accounts (all are already suspended) to make comments disguising as her customers. Her account name is Beauty_palace and when I Googled it, nothing much came except for a famous salon in Singapore.
    I have been using carousell for 3 years and this is the first that I was cheated and worse still, I did not have any other details of the seller except for the account number. How confident was I!
    Having said all that, do u have any other tips to offer for this? Or is it the end for me? I wanted to try Case but there is not much details of the fella for me to Lodge the complain. 😣


  78. Hello Zoorz, her feedback could be deleted by the Carousell admin themselves upon receiving complaints (or that those were linked to her clones that have been suspended). There’s no way anyone is able to meddle with their feedback coz they’re locked. Maybe you can try gathering other victims and see if anyone of them has her contact details like email address? Perhaps you’d like to state the account number here to warn others about her!


  79. Hi! I facing the similar issue now.
    What I ordered is PO. But is has been way too way long and seller is not replying. I don’t have he/she particulars at all. The seller has no review. Please help! 😦


  80. Hi Hannah, so sorry for the late reply. The only way is probably to lodge a police report with the account number you have. But it’s not going to be easy to trace the person down without knowing much about him 😦


  81. Hi! Im an avid online shopper too, but I have a question. Is it possible that the seller is able to take all the money inside my posb savings if I do payments by bank transfer? Someone was talking about it earlier and it got me thinking if that was possible


  82. Hi

    Just read your post on scammers lurking in Carousell. I just got cheated of $180 for USS e tickets and have reported this case to Carousell team. Hope they can do something about it. This scammer created a few accounts I believe and wrote his own review. I only found out when I went into his other account linked to his which has the same image he posted. Shortly after I transferred, he played delayed tactics and did not send me the e tickets. Reminded him this morning and he said all sold out and asked me for my account number to do the refund which never materialised. Next thing I knew his account was suspended. Not sure if the police can do anything about it. Would u be able to advise? Tks


  83. Hi Vivien, it’d advisable to lodge a police report but do note that they will only officially launch an investigation if there are more than 1 case. So it’d be better if you can gather more victims to lodge the report together


  84. One thing carousell does is that they will delete any postings you make warning about other users about scammers. I nearly got conned by Teh 0167562833, asking for a refund to his Maybank account 551306519742, under Shashinki, even though no payment was actually made.

    I tried posting this warning to other carousell users, but my posting was rejected. Twice!

    This is why the scammers are undeterred.


  85. Hello, yes I noticed that too. I think it’s because Carousell doesn’t want such PSA posts to clutter the app. After all it’s a marketplace and listings shld be solely about the things you sell. I had one listing a few years back warning against counterfeits and it gathered close to 300 likes and tons of comments over a span of a month and before I knew it, it was HIDDEN from the public and only can be seen by me now, although I had already agreed to have my listing shifted to the Community/Everything Else category. Sometimes I don’t like the way the team handles things but what to do right. Lol.


  86. hi, thanks for your article. I would also like to share my experience. I got scammed on carousell by this seller named weyzhan, no negative review and seemed like a credible and honourable seller at first. i bought an item in december 2015, paid $30+$1.5 postage, and item was never received. in april 2016, seller said that she received the crushed parcel back from Singpost, and asked to meet up to pass me the item (I thought it was nice of her to inform me). I agreed to meet up at first, but not able to fix a time with seller for a few days, and seller was not very responsive. I then thought that it didnt make sense to meet up as i paid for postage, and inquire if she will refund me my $1.5 postage. she said no, as she already spent the postage, but if i prefer, she will refund me the product amount ($30). I said that as a seller myself, I think its seller’s responsibility to ensure delivery, as i myself have re-posted to buyer when Singpost posted back item to me. Nevertheless I said i would like the refund back for the product, and i provided my account number. (and nope, i was polite, no vulgarity or swear words) She then MIA, and after a few days said shes in US and will arrange for transfer. Ever since, shes been MIA though shes been posting up new items and apparently met up with other sellers for deals, got new reviews. All in all, she got back the product, as well as kept all the cash.

    I got her account number, her home address (as i checked with singpost regarding the missing parcel, and requested her to provide her address). I have reported to carousell, which they have not made any actions or suspend her account, only mentioned that they have contacted her via email, and recommended me to post feedback about her to warn other users -.- I have also made police report, to which police advised me to approach Small Claims instead as it is not under their jurisdiction. I checked on Small Claims website, that I have to pay $10 to file the report, its economically unsound to chase for $30.

    Just wish to point out that such ridiculous people exist.


  87. Thanks so much for sharing! I love how this entry has unofficially become a database of offenders who (unfortunately) manage to get away scot-free! Please keep them coming!


  88. Hi! I would like to share my bad experience with a seller. As I was buying a lot of clothes and shoes, the seller offered me a choice between a discount or next-day free courier. I opted for the courier as I was anxious about letting such a large parcel travel by normal mail. I transferred the money as per usual and waited. The next day I did not receive my parcel nor any sms/email/PM about any delays. I messaged her about it and she kept on giving excuses about her delays and how she couldn’t send it out anymore. After hearing that, I immediately requested a refund which she tried to dodge citing company policy that they only offer store credit. I immediately launched into a long explanation that she had no right to do so and threatened to make a police report. Needless to say, after a long wait I finally received the money. I hate scammers and I honestly thought I had taken extra precautions to avoid such people (she had hundred of positive reviews)! I never expected myself to fall victim to such a crime.

    Though, I must ask your advice on how to deal with dead-beat buyers! I was selling my new NARS blusher and I took the first offer that came. Even though there were 3 more buyers who were willing to pay more, I decided to stick to the first-come-first-serve ‘policy’. In the end, the buyer didn’t transfer the money or replied and I lost my other 3 buyers. Luckily for me, the next offer was legit and I sold it.

    You should write more about these things! It would be a useful guide for first time sellers and buyers!


  89. Hi,
    I’ve recently bought an album on Carousel and so basically the seller told me that they would only keep the album for 1 month before releasing it to the public for sale. I have tried meeting up with her a few times but it was always ended up with either one of us being not free. So on 17 June, 2 days before the due date, I asked if she was free again and she said no. So it was left there and a few days later, I asked if she was free to meet up again and she told me about the deadline thing. Her tone changed completely and she was being extremely rude. She pushed ALL the blame on me and said that I should be a more responsible buyer and blamed me for not being able to meet her, which obviously doesnt make sense because I have other stuff to tend to also! Then, I asked about the refund and she said there were no refunds, and our deal was considered “closed’. I was obviously really angry as why should I be paying for something I didnt get? And also it was obvious she was trying to pocket the money and earn double for 1 album as she kept blaming me for the smallest of things and made up a lot of excuses to blame me. After that, she refused to reply and I even called her to no avail. Now she isnt even replying me anywhere and I am feeling extremely desperate as I really need the money back. What should I do? I tried reporting to carousel many times but they have not replied me. Thank you so much!


  90. Hey CST! For deadbuyers, I’ve learnt my lesson after encountering a series of irresponsible sellers (one even made me wait for 30min for nothing – luckily I sensed something amiss from her feedback and told her to meet me at my convenience so no cost incurred by me, just time wasted!) and only mark the item sold to whoever makes payment first (can be partial for meetups). You may worry about having to refund should there be multiple transfers, but trust me, so far I’ve never done any refunds because those who aren’t keen after all won’t pay eventually. Those who are really sincere, but need time to make payment due to work, will ask for time allowance, which I would oblige most of the time (say, til 10pm on the same day). Once you have received payment, you need to inform all other interested parties immediately that the item is sold and not to transfer any money to you. So far, I don’t have any problems with this first-PAY-first-serve arrangement 🙂


  91. Hey Geraldine, sorry to read about your experience. I doubt you can get your money back from the looks of it. Maybe you can meet her at her convenience instead? Like at her void deck or something or wherever she is. It’s going to be an inconvenience for you but at least you get your item in the end. Tell her nicely that you’re already taking a step back and travelling towards her even though you’re busy. If all else fails, I guess the only way now is to use scare tactics (making police report or exposing her on Carousell).


  92. Hi Fiona, wanted to share my unhappy experience on Carousell last weekend. We bought a $350 white study table for my son from this seller -@ffffffffffff and trusted that she will provide a quality product as the cost of the table is significantly higher. Sadly the table we received (product is self assembled)when we open the packaging waa in fact not white but pink in color. There were multiple dents on both the wood and metal bars of the table. We tried messaging her but the seller is not responding. Have reported this to carousell but doubt there is much they will do. I have all left multiple messages on all the sellers listing to warn other buters in case she strikes again. Really upset with the whole carousell experience!


  93. Hello, I have read about your opinion about scammers not being responsible for lost mail as a ‘silly clause in my terms and conditions’. I completely disagree. I have been on Carousell for a very long time, making over 200+ successful transactions, and I felt that it’s necessary to put that ‘silly’ clause. Obviously, I am not a scammer. I just think it’s a wrong generalization to make.

    I personally put it because some mails DO get lost because of three things that can happen:
    1. The stamps/address fell off
    2. There is no return address
    3. Wrong address

    I had a case where the stamps fell off and the mail bounced back to my house. I had to apologize to the buyer and resend it again. This is probably the number one reason for lost mail. It was lucky I made it my policy to always put a return address just in case this happened. Some sellers do not do that because it may not have occurred to them to do so. But what if the mailing + return addresses fell off? There is no way to get your mail back as Singpost has no idea where to send it to.

    I think the buyer and sellers both play a part in ensuring there is no lost mail.

    There is ALWAYS a chance of lost mail no matter what you do. The postman could steal it (it has happened before), it could have got lost in transit, who knows. The buyer should know the risk involved in opting for mailing, and always ask for photo proof (with stamps) if they are scared of scams.

    The seller should always ensure the mail is properly affixed with the appropriate stamps and addresses. I personally video down all postings in the scenario that the buyer complained that their mail has never arrived. They could be scamming me instead, saying that they never received the mail but actually did. I will be forced to provide a refund if I did not state that I am ‘not responsible for lost mail’. And if I never video-captured down the mailing process. You just never know. There are all sorts of people out there. I honestly would say that an honest seller is at also at the mercy of the buyer as well.

    One good example would be meet-ups – the buyer is almost always late, or they fail to show up. Punctuality is just not part of Singapore’s culture. It’s the main reason why I include free mailing in most of my items to entice people to opt for mailing instead. There is less trouble as I don’t need to waste my time going for a meet-up and deal with bad buyers/sellers (yes, sellers I buy from are often late as well). There was a buyer who asked to negotiate and reserve an item for her (even though I stated in the description clearly that I don’t do negos). Just to be polite, I gave her a $1 off. In the end, guess what happened instead? She kept dragging the deal, and had the guts to delay it by one month later. I was so frustrated that I cancelled the deal and left a negative feedback instead. She was so petty that she gave me a revenge feedback. I had to email the Carousell support staff to erase it.

    There are always horror stories as a seller or buyer. The internet is a scary place, and the best you can do is to protect yourself either way. This is just my two cents. Thank you for reading.


  94. Hey Claire! Thanks for poppin’ by and I absolutely appreciate your input. I would say this post was written in the interest of the buyers so I didn’t really consider the sellers’ POV. For that I sincerely apologise if you took offense to what was written. You’ve got very valid points there which I will incorporate into the post for a more balanced “guide” for new Carousellers. Have a great week ahead 🙂


  95. dont ever use carousel, the support/admin of Carousel are just as crappy as the scammers on the App. I had plenty of expericence emailing and corresponding with them and I could conclude they are mostly probably adults with lower than avg I.Qs. So dont expect help from them, YES, its that bad now.


  96. Hey Ken, I’m afraid those days when Carousell admin really steps in to mitigate users’ problem are already a thing of the past because of high traffic. The most the admin can do now is to suspend fraud accounts due to their terms of use, privacy laws etc. That’s why we all have to be more vigilant when transacting on Carousell. We all have a part to play in preventing ourselves from becoming victims of scams 🙂


  97. Hi Ms Seah,
    I had ran into a situation of possibility of a scam by the seller (she claimed she was claimed she was scammed by her supplier). Had sent u an email on the account of events and would like to seek your opinion.

    Many Thanks!


  98. Hi Fiona

    I had a sway meet up with Carousell Artemisxx. Her contact is 97835001 to get a 12 dollar item. I refused to accept her item because the battery compartment had signs of corrosion that ultimately spoils the item. She insisted that I must take the item and refused to take it back. So I put it down and left with her hurling vulgarities f words at Lakeside mrt on 21 September.
    She threatened me with words like you better watch out and obscenities and continues to make nuisance calls. All this mind you over a 12 dollar item that she was so desperate to sell. Unfortunately I did not check her profile properly but this is her normal behavior.


  99. Hey Ong, from your account it seems that you didn’t accept the item. It’s definitely your right as a customer to refuse the item as afterall, the purpose of meetups is to check your purchase. The seller was probably upset as she made a wasted trip (maybe she didn’t stay at Lakeside?) but yeah, it’s really silly and unprofessional of her to be blowing her top at her potential customer and selling faulty items. It speaks volume of ethics as a seller.


  100. hi I ordered a kanken & she said it was authentic but when I received it i realised its an inspired piece. I paid $65 for it lols & when my Friend confronted her she refuses to refund me. what can I do now??

    her carou user @kankenisbae


  101. Hi ! What if the seller seems extremely reliable with 5.5K likes on facebook and around 9K followers on insta ? It’s actually bangmeowszx which seems quite reputable but seller hasn’t confirmed mail or sent mail for over a month and remains uncontactable even though she still posts on her private insta account ?? Extremely anxious because the amount I paid was definitely more than that romper which you wanted. Please advise, thanks !


  102. Hello!! I just got scammed by someone using 65daigou’s bank account!
    He is ignoring all of my mesages, how do i find his identity like you did in your case? Please help.
    Also, can the police trace back to him from 65daigou?


  103. I’m afraid I can’t help you with that since quite a number of scammers are already using this tactic to receive money. If it’s a big amount I suggest you make a police report!


  104. Hi, just now i transferred $20 over to a guy in carousell with the promise of in game credits.
    However, he went mia after that….
    The a/c no. he gave me should be his personal savings acc. but i do not have his phone number or name..
    Right now I am reluctant to make a police report because its in game credits and not actual products, I do not want to waste time reporting if the police can’t help since its in game credits.
    Can the police help in my case?


  105. Sorry for the add on!!! I tried to confront him on carousell with another account, and that guy claims that he already did the transaction with me already, when actually I received no news from him.
    Moreover, I transferred over using manual atm banking too, I am just afraid that because the deal was done by manuel atm banking instead of ibanking and the fact that the deal is on in game credits, there is no actual evidence and the police will not be able to help me :C
    What do you think about this?
    Thanks a lot for your time!


  106. Hi Jaden, your case is quite similar to paying for e-tickets over the internet but not receiving the tickets as promised, which has already been reported on the news several times and the culprit nabbed.. but to be honest your amount is pretty negligible and from what others have shared with me, the police wouldn’t do much for such small amounts. I’m afraid you won’t be able to retrieve your $20


  107. Hi a buyer whose message I delayed responding because I was speaking to other buyers. He offered me a very higher price and when I accepted it he gave me a negative feedback calling me a liar. I guess he offered a higher price to give me a negative feedback. When I messaged him asking what his issue with me is since we really have a conversation he didn’t reply to me. I sent a mail to Carousell as I think calling me a liar will discourage other buyers from buying items from me. After ready your story and all the others in the comment section I think I should be more careful about from whom to accept offer from as they are not many serious buyers and some are more interested in your location than your product. How long did Carousell take to get back to you?


  108. Hey! If you’ve not done what the person has accused you of, just e-mail the admin and explain to them. If their investigation proves what you claimed is true, they will remove the negative feedback from your page. Trolls are everywhere. Don’t take it to heart and let them ruin your Carousell experience! 🙂


  109. Hi, I would like to add on this post by asking for help. I suspect that I have been scammed by a Carouseller (I’m not going to reveal the name first until I have confirmed). The buyer asked me to transfer $39.50 to 3 different accounts and I asked her for number to contact on 10 Dec. I was actually very suspicious of her and looked into her account and found that her account was created on 9 Dec. I still helped her to transfer since she replied me but after 13/12, she stopped replying after I ask to meetup. I kept messaging her until today but still no reply.

    I contacted the number she gave me and the person said she was not the stated person so I asked for her Carousell name. It seemed legit so I did not question her. I’m now currently searching for the account holders of POSB Savings 324-00182-4, POSB Savings 314-02259-9, POSB Savings 030-99609-7 so I can ask them. Can you help find out who this account holders are so I can contact them?


  110. Hey Rei, I’m sorry to hear about your experience. But my means are really limited. You have to leave this to the police/Carousell admin to handle 😦 Hopefully other victims will stumble onto your comment while searching for the mentioned account numbers and contact you!


  111. Hi, I recently got scammed by a person claiming that his item was authentic. We met up to deal and I double checked the item to see. I did not know how to check whether it was legit but he asked me if I was okay with it. I said yes and we made the deal. I went home and found out it didnt fit me and i wanted to sell it away. When people wanted to buy it from me, they asked me for more pics and they then told me it was fake. I checked further and found out the it was indeed fake. Is it my fault? The person I bought it from also stated once sold no refund on his profile. He also told me that he did not know it was fake and that he got it from another carousell user. He said he knew it was authentic because the person that sold it to him showed an e-receipt. Now im contacting him and he tells me he cannot do refunds and that he has already asked me to check. I trusted him, what should I do?


  112. Hello, sorry for the late reply. Unless you specifically confirmed that the product was authentic, you can’t really fault the seller. Online shopping is like that.. you win some and you lose some. For electronics I prefer to buy from reputable electronics shops because there are fakes around and if not careful, they may catch fire/explode etc. Practise caution next time!


  113. Recently got scammed by a carousell user selling Google pixel. Asked to pay $85 deposit then snaked his way out of the deal. Hopefully someone will read this and beware. Acc no. Is POSB Savings 119-89197-3

    Liked by 1 person

  114. POSB Savings 403-439363

    Scammer who MIA after one day after I transferred money into her account for concert tickets. Promised to pass tickets at meet up but did not appear after 40-60 minutes. Promised to deliver the tickets later in the same day and refund my transportation cost but when I pressed for information, she blocked by WhatsApp and calls were no longer going through.


  115. I had a similar experience so I and 2 other carousell users posted about what the scammer did. Like you, I showed her I wasn’t a person she should mess with so she refunded me in the end. However, Carousell deleted our listings about the scammer and did not suspend the scammer’s account. I guess Carousell Singapore is more efficient than Carousell Malaysia.

    The scammer has police friends and she told me that she was not afraid of police reports because the police would not do anything. That is sadly true in Malaysia, but I had planned to make a surprise visit and bring the police report to the scammer’s college and make a scene (Like you, I am also very much an investigator lol). She was lucky she refunded me before I make a police report. The amount she tried to scam was not much but I was prepared to go all out to ruin her life had she not refunded me.


  116. OMG HI! I just stumbled across this thread cause many other including myself got scammed by this user called: vales8

    Owes me 750! Another buyer got awfully worried and somehow contacted me via one of the items im selling. Guess what..this scammer upped his/her scamming by selling the SAME item to TWO different individuals who paid the same amount for something we will never be receiving. Told us the same reason too : It is on reverse now, but i will mark as sold cause too many people asking inquiring about this. It was nearly impossible to get a response via inbox BUT luckily this person replied to my NEGATIVE feedback.

    He or she is slowly refunding whatever he took from us all. But i personally have not received anything.Perhaps he or she got worried as I exposed all the fake googled-up pics and started posting the links on his/her listings. AND mentioned that ALL of us have all their different bank account details and we can trace it back to the individual.

    in my case, i found out differnt buyers transferred the money to 2 different account numbers- one to a women and one to a man. (Different bank accounts too). So i spammed and said:

    Look we all have the details to all your different bank accounts- to open a bank account the person needs to be there- IC, fingerprint etc before the bank opens an account. So it is easily traceable.

    Hopefully i’ll receive my 750 soon! Thanks for this tread. Im glad you received your money back! I am still hopeful!


  117. Hello:) i wanted to correct one mistake from your post. $3.80 for registered mail was the correct amount. However the size is only for an a4 and up to 1kg. $2.24 is only for the registered service. Does not include the price that goes according to the item weight. Lost mail will sometime occurs especially in season like christmas. Not only carousell seller mails, but from other website. Other than that, i agreed everything on your post:) yes, i am a seller but not the one who scamed you.


  118. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. It’s a good read for all who are new to Carousell. Even after 2 years of being a Carouseller, I have to be extremely aware of some sellers out there. The best advice is to always go for people with 100% positive feedback 😛 Thank you for writing this article!


  119. Hi, just saw this post after searching for carousell scams as I suspect that I may have been scammed. Still not too sure. And was reading through in case someone have had similar problems. Was planning to buy some concert tickets (though the prices are hiked up but I’m desperate to go). And this person on carousell offered to get his friend to get me 4 tickets through his friend and he is the middle man. Told me that I had to transfer half the amount as deposit so that his friend will start sourcing tickets for me since his friend works as a ticket reseller and had wide connections. And after paying half the deposit, he friend will proceed to meet me on saturday for me to pass him the other half of the amount and pass me the tickets along with other buyers. Since there was a meetup, I’ve decided to trust the person and transfer half of the money ($800) yesterday morning. And yesterday night, the person messaged me to ask if it was possible to transfer the other half and instead will transfer me the ticket the next day via email (tickets are e-tickets) as his friend did not have enough money to pay for all the tickets since he is helping a lot of people to get them. Didn’t see the message till today morning but replied and agreed to it since the person assured me that his friend will give me a call after getting the tickets from the reseller and email it to me right after (did the transfer at 8am before work) But today at 1pm, he told me his friend checked his bank account and there was no transfer for today and told me to call the bank. I called my bank (OCBC) and they verified that both my transfers for yesterday and today were already credited. Told the person and he insists that his friend didn’t receive the money. I asked for evidence that his friend didn’t receive the money (e.g. screenshot of his transaction log), he told me his friend will go to the bank later to check since he does not have i-banking. And ask me to transfer another $800 first so he can pay the reseller first and refund me $800 after verifying with his bank (DBS). I told him that I won’t be transferring anymore since I have transferred a total of $1600 (yes it is a lot of money for 4 tickets but I promised my sisters I will get them tickets for the concert). I even told him to ask his friend to give me a call so we can settle this directly instead of waiting for him to message both of us. He said he texted his friend to call me and later said he friend was too busy to call, as he was already meeting the reseller for my tickets and other people’s tickets. Even offered to go to the meetup place that his friend is meeting the reseller so that I can directly deal with the reseller and then settle with his friend about the bank transfer face to face when he first told me about his friend not receiving the money. He kept trying to ask me to transfer more money to his friend to get my tickets and they will refund the excess I paid later. But I kept insisting no and asked them for a refund since they will be unable to get tickets for me if I dont do the extra transfer according to them and that they were not able to provide verification that they didnt receive any money from me today. He then told me that he don’t think his friend will refund me my 50% deposit since it has been made clear that the deposit was to prevent people from backing out. But never once in his messages he mentioned my deposit was to ensure I dont back out. And also the only reason I am “backing out” is because I don’t want to transfer more money that the agreed amount. I have honoured my side of the transaction by transferring the $800 deposit and trusted them and transferred the remaining $800 to them with the belief I will get my tickets. Now, I’m at a loss of what to do. The person seems really apologetic about it since he is the middleman so I’m not sure if this is a scam. But still I want my refund back and now the person asked if he could reply me tomorrow since he hasn’t slept at all today due to this. Don’t know what to do. Please advice. Thanks


  120. Hey there 🙂 Yes I understood that $2.24 was for registered service only. I was just wondering why I needed to pay additional (for the item weight) when NM (the item weight, no?) is already inclusive. Anyway thanks for the input 🙂


  121. Thank you! Actually these days, even those with 100% positive feedback aren’t entirely reliable since sellers can choose NOT to accept physical offers on the app and still go ahead with the transaction. I had one recently.. Seller had 100% positive feedback but was so irresponsible, refused to reply my messages about the defected dress I received until I had to get Carousell to manually allow me to leave a negative feedback on her page to force her out of hiding. But then again, I was lucky because she could still choose not to reply/refund me. Have to trust your instincts!


  122. I’m afraid you got scammed, girl. If the bank confirms that transaction has been made, it def had been made. No two bank account numbers are similar so don’t believe his/her crap that you got the wrong acc number. That’s a very large amount and I believe there are more victims out there. Do gather everyone to make a collective police report. Since it’s not a small amount, police should be able to take action.


  123. Got cheated when purchasing of USS tickets in Carousell.

    Reported to police. Was told to make a civil suit if i want to proceed further as they will close the case. Considering making a civil suit against the scammer. But only has his hp number and bank account number. is it enough information to proceed? Anyone did that?

    Anyone know the cost for bringing into court case?


  124. Hi! Recently i’ve been dealing with this seller on carousell. The two girls were sharing one account & helping to manage it together. I bought two items. On her listing, she stated “$3 for registered mail”
    So i pmed her and requested for registered mail for the two items. Then i asked her, was it $3 for registered mail in total (meaning i only need to pay the price of the two jackets + 3) or $3 for rm per item ( meaning i needed to pay the price of the two items + $6). She said it was the former. So i offered the price of two jackets + 1 item.
    However, i explicitly stated i wanted rm & i asked about rm. Nowhere in the conversation did i say i wanted nm.
    The seller made a mistake in the sense that it was actually 3 for rm PER ITEM. The other seller (her friend) took it as I wanted nm (since i paid the price of 2 items + $3) even though I alr stated i wanted rm twice. I paid the price of 2 items + 3 only because that’s what the seller told me, after i clarified.
    So the seller took it as that i wanted nm, even tho i alr stated i wanted rm. Lol. then she sent me a photo of the packaging (but without stamps). I specifically requested for photo proof of the item but she claimed that the staff took the package from her & that there was no time to take a photo as she had to rush off to work. So the “photo proof” is just a picture of the packaging.
    Then 2 weeks passed & i didnt receive my item. The normal mail got lost la. It’s obviously the seller’s fault cause she misinterpreted what i said (even tho i rlly dun understand how hard it is to understand “i want rm, pls”) & she didnt clarify. She just assumed i wanted nm.
    Then she said she’s not liable for lost mail?? Lmao. In the first place, if she had stuck to my order, the mail wdnt have gotten lost.
    She refuses to pay me my money (which is $56.80) (a rather large sum). What can i do? I only have her ocbc bank number


  125. Oh, sorry for the addon but i forgot to mention that i cannot leave any feedback for her as she didnt accept my offer during the transaction. She also deleted the listing, meaning that she cant accept my offer anymore. I made an offer on another of her listings but she refused to accept. She has 121 positive feedback. Please help me get my money back


  126. okay so i helped a carousel-ler transferred some money ($19) to her seller on 23rd june because she said she was overseas but po was gg to close and before that alr asked her to leave behind her name, phone no., address and nric. she left her name, contact no. and address but totally ignored the nric part. it was my fault that i didnt check her address and phone but i tot it was legit since she replied q fast ??

    she said that she would be back on the 30th of june (aftr pm-ing me on the 20th of june) and will message me once she comes back but i have given her enough time alr so on 1st of july, i asked her if she was back? but no replyy. i continued prompting her until 6 of july and was now clearly sure that this is a scam cos until now she still hasn’t replied. a couple of days after 6 of july i rmb i had her “contact no.” and “address” and tried to call her but apparently it’s “not in use” !! before trf-ing, she asked me not to like call or message her cos need extra roam data then why she using carousell when she overseas?? clearly i wasn’t in my right mind when dealing and was too blur to rmb :(( then i checked her address and realised she had only given me her blk and postal code! but everyone living in the same block has the same postal code right?? loll i was so shooked for a moment and i finally realised i had been scammed?? this was like srsly my first time ever since i had been on carousell!

    she gave me an account to trf to but im not sure if i can still get my money back! can you pls help me find her as well? ><


  127. Scammers are disgusting lowlife scumbags. However their existence depends on us. The scam companies like Alibaba became one of the most powerful company thanks to idiots who support them. In Singapore chinese supremacy gives scammers great advantage. Usually when chinese especially PRC commits fraud gets immunity from PAP government. Even police is very selective to take action against PRC / Chinese scammers. While there are alot of scammers there are also honest sellers, Its important to give recognition to honest sellers while punish the scammers. I myself a carouseller with 100% positive feedback from hundreds of great customers. However i get very cynical idiots sometimes. They treat you like criminal. They ask you alot of things like bring the product to their doorstep yet they will rudely refuse to make any payment.


  128. Hi, is it possible for a mail to not reach me in over a week. More over, the seller said that she was lock out of her carousell account for a week and that’s why she wasn’t able to reply me. She replied me after a week saying that she actually did mail out the item and even took a photo proof. However, she did not send me the photo proof at all and said that she would later. It’s been 2 days and she has not replied at all.


  129. It’s not common but possible especially during the wet/busy season. I had my parcel repackaged due to the rain (envelop was torn) so Singpost took it back to the facility to repackage it for me. And it only arrived in my mailbox after one week. Try to chase for photo proof. If she fails to send one to you, it’s highly likely you’ve been scammed. Report away!


  130. hey dear, i really need some help right now… i suspect myself of being scammed a pretty huge sum of amount and i’m very lost on what should i do right now. is it really possible to check from their bank accounts? because i have transferred her already and she said she received it. but right now her account is being suspended and i have no chance of communicating with her… i wasn’t even able to get her phone number…. the only thing i have right now is her bank account…. i have already emailed the carousell help email but i’m just curious if there’s anything i could do by myself now. please advice and help me! 😭


  131. Hello! You can’t do much with just the bank acc number because the bank will not reveal anything to you. You will have to liaise with Carousell or the police for this matter. All the best!


  132. Hi there,

    Just wanted to know how did you trace the account owner based on the account? I think I was just scammed on Carousell and the seller is using savings account. Although I reported to admin, I ask also wanted to investigate myself.

    Anyone encountered an issue with this username: lindysrack?

    Thanks much!


  133. i was also scammed by someone named charizelle junio from carousell. after she received my payment i cant contact her anymore all i know is her address and name and her account in carousell has been deleted also. Godbless this bitch😒


  134. Man, how i wish i read your blog earlier.

    I was scammed in carousell by a syndicate from china that hires singaporean with carousell and bank accounts. I made a police report as well as a report to the bank but they said they couldnt do anything as I willingly transferred the 1k.

    The police said that the chances of me getting back the money is low, so i\m probably gonna try going to SCT as the scammer has a company registered with ACRA.


  135. I purchased Disney on Ice tickets and a seller hannakhan showed me eticket and asked me to transfer money to POSB savings 424-96767-0 account. I did transfer 110 SGD and no tickets emailed. When I went to check carousel the account was akready suspended. I tried looking for the bank account on google cant find who it belongs to. I have already reported to carousel and police report. I hope I get my money back. How do I find out who owns the bank account?


  136. Singapore public service announcement! Beware of this pervert shemale on Carousell, who is out to trick and seduce straight guys! Selling of pre-worn ladies undergarment and so on! Many people have fell for this, read about it here:

    The number has changed to this number 87882033, but the method of cheating guys still the same, and the bapok Thomas Toh aka didymuz stays at 818B CCK Ave 1, still trying to rent rooms out to straight and unsuspecting China/Malaysian workers to see them in various stages of undress and in showers!


  137. Hi I just bought a Celine mini belt bag from Carousell and the seller confirmed with me the bag is authentic but after that I found out that the bag was fake and she won’t reply to my text. Can I know how to print out the chat messages in Carousell


  138. Bapok Thomas Toh, didymuzTT, didymuz, crayon, crayonTT is the famous cross dresser of Singapore staying at Blk 818B CCK Ave1. She has been trying many tricks to get straight men to stay in her flat so that she can see them in various forms of undress!

    Beware of the number 87882033 and 90992155!

    Shameless bapok lurking in forums like Blowing Wind and Grindr to trick guys, telling people that she is a 24 year old chinese guy, when this Bapok is at least 42 years old!


  139. Hi I need help . I got a shoes at $200. For 2 weeks I have not even received n I have nv come across any lost mails! How should I do. I’m v pissed off at the seller


  140. I have just been scammed by user mkpandora. I transferred $70 to her for a hooded jacket since first July 2018. But until now she never respond to me. I will ask Carousell admin if they can help me locate other buyers for the same item. But she is smart. She never accept the OFFER made. So I am not sure if without that , Carousell admin can locate the buyers.


  141. Hi Fiona, I’m also been scammed by Carousell Seller Name: HOTMAMA & luxurydeals90, I’ve been cheated by $500 for a counterfeit chanel bag 😦 she refused to refund to me when i found online the authenticity card was a fake num 10218184, she replied me that I hv get a pretty cheap price damn i still saying she selling counterfeit bag..I told her u should inform me as early that this bag was not an Authenticate bag, hence i will consider to deal or not. I tell her i will make a police report, she told me: PLS GO AHEAD what I wanna do so & she told me that the bag was used bag [1stly she say it’s a NEW UNUSED BAG] Her HP NUM Is : 9789 5566, her Bank Acc is 120-231583-8.
    I wish to get back my heard earn money.. who can help me on it.. I’ve report to carousell adm, but no action frm them at all.


  142. The most important thing that you can do if you have been a victim of this fraud and accrued serious losses of assets and funds, is to contact certified professionals who specialize in the recovery of funds and data. There is no better company than Global Elite Recovery, who have been in business for nearly a decade, helping clients with professional recovery services.


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