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Travelling can be daunting for some people because of the amount of time and effort put into planning one single trip. I still remember the first time I set off on my first solo adventure. Granted, it was memorable, but the preparation process was tedious especially since it was my first time travelling alone to Seoul. I had to pore over tens of thousands of reviews just to ensure that my time and money would be well-spent in a country which I had never been to.

Who knew planning something that's supposed to be enjoyable could be SO STRESSFUL?

Who knew planning something that’s supposed to be enjoyable could be SO STRESSFUL?

There is certainly a lot to consider when going on a holiday. Furthermore, my hectic schedule and me feeling perpetually lethargic after work usually meant that I would always end up having a half-baked itinerary and paying more for any tickets, no thanks to my procrastination. Hence, the temptation to simply walk into a brick-and-mortar travel agency to book a tour package (and have my itinerary be at their mercy *sighs at the thought of having to wake up at 7am every day during my supposedly holiday*) has always been strong within me.

But nowadays, plenty of online all-in-one travel agencies have been sprouting out everywhere to assist us with planning a smooth trip. Since the emergence of such sites, a great deal of my time has been saved. Rather than visiting each and every airline website and blogs (and seriously, comprehensive blog reviews about anything are a rare find these days..) to compare and verify prices, almost everything that requires payment or reservation in advance can now be done altogether at one place – at the lowest prices available at time of booking. One of such online travel agencies that have helped me heaps over the years is Traveloka.

Traveloka site interface

Traveloka site interface

Available in both desktop and mobile applications, Traveloka is an online travel company that works its magic remotely. They come out as the main platform to find cheap air tickets now or whenever when you feel like it. Initially only offering airline ticketing and hotel booking services, it has now evolved into a one-stop shop for all your travel necessities. That’s right – ALL. Sounds a little too ambitious, eh?

Like you, when I first received news about their new site (and app) features, I had my doubts so I did some snooping around. Indeed, buttons linking to different products ranging from flights, hotels, experience (basically attractions and fun activities you can find in your holiday destination), car rentals, airport transfers, villas and apartments are shown on the app and website. Gone will be the days when you have multiple tabs opened on your browser while planning your trip. You literally only need ONE app now to complete your itinerary, and this will take like what, 30 minutes tops? No wonder physical travel agencies are going out of business!

With Traveloka, you don't even need a physical map to plan your holiday..

With Traveloka, you don’t even need a physical map to plan your holiday..

But let’s not dwell too much on everything and focus on just the flight booking feature which is arguably the most important part of any trip planning. For me, my period of stay is determined by the availability of the lowest priced air tickets. $100 less for return flight tickets on 26 June as compared to the price of those on 21 June? That’s it – I’m vacationing for 5 more days! (And yes, I know it doesn’t make monetary sense as a whole – this is just excuse to extend my trip 😜). It is also an open secret that flight ticket prices fluctuate a lot so in order to clinch the best deal, you really need to possess blistering high level of determination.

Searching for flight tickets to Bangkok..

Searching for flight tickets to Bangkok..

Thankfully, with the Price Alert feature on Traveloka, getting flight tickets at the lowest price possible is now attainable. This convenient feature will help to keep track of the price of your preferred flight tickets over a specified period of time. Whenever the price changes, you will be alerted so you don’t have to keep checking back. First-world solution to a first-world problem 😜 And once you have decided to part with your money, it won’t take you more than 5 minutes to complete the transaction if you have saved all your passport and card details. To speed up the booking process, Traveloka also allows you to save the passport details of more than 1 passenger! Once payment is complete, the booking details will be instantly sent to your inbox.

Price Alert feature

Price Alert feature

Oh, my bad. 5 minutes is probably an underestimation for you will probably be too caught up in exploring the myriad of activities and services (such as airport transfer for some VIP treatment) recommended to you at your checkout page. For instance, just as I was about to exit the page to concentrate on filling my itinerary after purchasing my flight tickets from Singapore to Taipei, I was bombarded with suggestions varying from Taroko Gorge tour to Kenting Discovery Dive. Other recommendations include those that are hardly talked about on travel blogs so if unorthodox travels are your sort of thing, you may want to stick around the Xperience page for some ideas!

Xperience page

Xperience page

All in all, this all-in-one app/website certainly walks the talk in my opinion – it’s convenient, efficient and cost-effective. Since my experience with them has been rather pleasant thus far, I can’t comment much on their customer service. Hence, to play safe, you may want to start small and plan a small trip abroad with them.

What do you think of the features on Traveloka? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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This post was done in collaboration with Traveloka.

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