REVIEW: MAC Artificially Wild Lipsticks – Icon, Yash & Photo

Hey everyone!!

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past three weeks! I was so swamped with school assignments that I didn’t have time for myself. But that’s alright because I’m back with a number of pending posts on hand. First, let me get this short draft published before the collection gets entirely sold out.


The “Artificially Wild” limited edition collection was launched last month and it features the return of some shades that were pulled from the shelves some time ago. The collection includes 4 eye shadows (Artificial Earth, Stony, Marsh and Natural Wilderness), 4 tinted lipglass (Obviously Bare, De-Nude, Spite and Explicit), 3 lip pencils (Stripdown, Cork and Oak), 3 cream colour bases (Shell, Breaking Ground and Au Nature), 3 powder blush (Next to Skin, Pink Cult and Taupe) and of course, 5 lipsticks (Siss, Yash, Shitake, Photo and Icon).

Singaporeans! Find out how to buy from here!

And as you can see, it’s a pretty huge collection inspired by military camouflage colours hence earthy colours like “greys, beige-browns and soft, dirty mauves” are incorporated. Before you dismiss them as boring neutrals, take a look at the official lipstick swatches below:


From left: Siss (satin), Yash (matte), Shitake (glaze), Photo (satin), Icon (frost)

MAC has done it once again. This collection aims to bring “nude” to a whole new level. I call this nude with an edge.

As always, I only bought stuff from the lipsticks section, and only 3 shades out of 5 which are Yash, Icon and Photo. Photo was out of stock when I added it to cart and thus was sent to me in a separate box.

Are you ready for my swatches? Here you go!


A simple swatch of Yash, Icon and Photo

Let me start off with Yash, a deep neutral with Matte finish.




A quick before-and-after comparison. Top is my lips without any lipstick.


Oops, pardon my unkempt hair. How do I look? 😀

My first thought about Yash in a dim room was, “Crap, I think it washes me out!” but it doesn’t seem look that bad in pictures now. Having a matte finish would also mean that the lipstick is going to last a long time on the lips even though it may potentially make your lips look kinda dry. In comparison with other MAC nude shades, I personally feel that Yash is somewhat similar to other Cherish and Honeylove, just a tad darker. Take a look at the comparison below:


Next up would be Icon, a frosted neutral beige with Frost finish.




Before and after



Hmmm.. mixed feelings about this shade. I’m probably not used to wearing lipsticks that appear too shimmery so yup, I don’t quite fancy it. This is the only shade that’s sold out on so I’m still contemplating if I should sell it off. But the hoarder in me would most likely keep it in the end haha.

Last but not least, the popular Photo which made me wait for days for its arrival. It’s a golden brown with Satin finish.



I believe this is the old packaging. Nowadays MAC lipstick boxes don’t come with stick-on labels.




Obviously, my favourite one from this haul would be Photo because it’s darker in colour and.. call me biased but, it complements my skin tone so darn well, doncha think? Haha. That’s a rhetorical question by the way. But seriously, is there anyone out there who thinks the same? I know Singaporean girls don’t really wear dark lipstick (or probably not gutsy enough to do so) so I get stares all the time when I’m out alone like I’m some kind of weirdo. -_-

That’s all for this post! Did you buy anything from this collection? 🙂

Thanks for reading lovelies ❤ And stay tuned for more updates!

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