The Great Love, Bonito Sale 2013

Hey ladies! As promised, a short update on my hauls from the Great Love, Bonito Sale 2013 🙂

The Great Love, Bonito Sale poster

The Great Love, Bonito Sale poster

I was invited as a VIP to the sale via e-mail about two weeks before the event and that came as a surprise to me because I didn’t know I had spent so much at Love, Bonito 😛 They didn’t reveal the criteria for the selection but I guess the amount I spent should be the deciding factor. Anyway when the e-mail landed in my inbox I still furrowed my brows, thinking that it was a repeated mail as LB had mass-sent a notification about the sale beforehand and I almost wanted to trash it without reading. LOL! The shopaholic in me must have stopped me from doing so!! *phew*

VIP Invitation by Love, Bonito. Thanks LB!

VIP Invitation by Love, Bonito. Thanks LB! P/S: My chinese name censored because I am weirdly uncomfortable with revealing my full name online. If you know it, then good for you!

I had the choice of attending on the first (19 July, Friday) or second (20 July, Saturday) day of the event. Because I had work on Saturday and I knew it was going to be very crowded on a weekend, I chose the first day! And I was also allowed to bring a friend along! Since I was returning from Batam with my Bf, of course my Bf had to come along with me to help carry my stuff while I shopped HAHAHA

As you might have read previously, I went directly to Novotel Clarke Quay from Batam so I was carrying many barang barangs with me. I could feel all eyes were on me when I arrived LOL. It’s alright I think no one knew me there, I hope.

So when I reached at 8.30am (event started at 11.00am for non-VIPs), there were already 3 lines of queues formed and I stupidly joined the queue without realising that there was another one for VIPs just next to it. Anyway I was there early because the first 100 customers to arrive would be given a goodie bag each worth $150. Being Singaporean, how could I miss such a deal? HAHAHA But once again, I didn’t realise VIPs were ALL given goodie bags regardless of how late they arrived -_- So I gave up my goodie bag ticket to Bf’s friend who happened to sit next to us  and wasn’t among the first 100th customers (you lucky girl).

Before doors opened to the VIPs (sorry if I sound very haughty but this is the shortest term to describe people who were given the exclusive invitation) we were invited to have some refreshments at the front! Wow lovin’ the VIP treatment! 🙂

Strawberry Mascarpone Tart - unable to try this cos I was full from my Mr Bean pancake breakfast -_-

Strawberry Mascarpone Tart – unable to try this cos I was full from my Mr Bean pancake breakfast -_-

Blueberry Lemon Yogurt Tart - delish!! - more food at the side! But sorry too busy eating to take anymore photos :P

Blueberry Lemon Yogurt Tart – delish!! – more food at the side! But sorry too busy eating to take anymore photos 😛

Chocolate Cupcakes with Earl Grey Cream! I LOVE IT!

Chocolate Cupcakes with Earl Grey Cream! I LOVE IT!

We were then given the green light to enter the ballroom 1 hour before the actual sales event started! Rachel, one of the co-owners of Love, Bonito kindly allowed us to leave our huge backpacks and barang barangs at the reception so that we could shop with ease! So nice of her!

With ms_rach and I look so worn out

With the very gorgeous and well-groomed ms_rach. I look so worn out and haggard even Photoshop can’t save me -_- (ootd: Catwalkclose Lilith Floral Romper and ASOS Belt)

There were less than 50 customers including Bf and I in the ballroom when we first entered and it was awesome! We had the entire ballroom of clothes all to ourselves and we snapped up all the nice apparels without breaking a sweat! Yay I love being a VIP!!

Xiaoqing couldn’t make it on both days of the sale so she asked me to get clothes for her. So while shopping for my stuff, I also gave her live updates via Whatsapp LOL! I took pictures of the dresses I picked for her and asked if she wanted them.

While rummaging the racks, there was a Browhaus and Strip goodie bag giveaway and to win it, one had to go up on stage to answer a simple question. Bf lured me to the front and made me go up on stage -_- No one else bothered about the giveaway because they were too busy picking out clothes! Hahaha GOOD FOR ME! So yes, the first giveaway winner of the sale was me 😛

My loots!!

My loots!! And the goodie bags 🙂 Purple is mine and green is my Bf’s who of course didn’t need it so.. it’s mine now! Hahaha

What’s inside the goodie bags:

In Love Bonito's early bird goodie bag - an overview!

In Love Bonito’s early bird goodie bag – an overview! Not everything can be found in one bag. I realised LB packed certain stuff differently like I did not have the Salon Vim voucher but my Bf had it. I also had the Skin Food samples but my Bf didn’t have it.

Vouchers for Love, Bonito (I swear this was the highlight of the goodie bag hahaha), Salon Vim, Strip, Browhaus, NB, Cleo, Marble Slab Creamery, Twelve Cupcakes and a makeover voucher for Anna Sui *gasps!!*

Vouchers for Love, Bonito (I swear this was the highlight of the goodie bag hahaha), Salon Vim, Strip, Browhaus, NB, Cleo, Sony, Marble Slab Creamery, Twelve Cupcakes and a makeover voucher for Anna Sui *gasps!!*

Samples from Anna Sui (foundation not pictured here as I've used it!), Hada Labo (I have soooo many of them unused so if anyone wants them please let me know lol), Skin Food, Biotherm and Bliv.

Samples from Anna Sui (foundation not pictured here as I’ve used it!), Hada Labo (I have soooo many of them unused so if anyone wants them please let me know lol), Skin Food, Biotherm and Bliv.

What I received for answering "How old is Love, Bonito this year?" correctly HAHA. More Strip and Browhaus vouchers. Wow but I don't have much hair to wax leh? Since I love plucking them... Maybe can wax my down below hahaha

What I received for answering “How old is Love, Bonito this year?” correctly HAHA. More Strip and Browhaus vouchers. Wow but I don’t have much hair to wax leh? Since I love plucking them… Maybe can wax my down below hahaha

Sale prices!

Sale prices!

What I bought 😀

Malcome Maxi, a rather new item! But it's in size L :( Which means I have to alter it. I was looking for a blue one because white makes this dress look like a wedding gown. But it's alright!

Malcome Maxi, a rather new item! But it’s in size L 😦 Which means I have to alter it. I was looking for a blue one because white makes this dress look like a wedding gown. But it’s alright!

Don't know the name of this dress but it's really pretty. Sadly I couldn't fit in :( So it's pending sale to Xiaoqing HAHA

Don’t know the name of this dress (comes with straps) but it’s really pretty. Sadly I couldn’t fit in 😦 So it’s pending sale to Xiaoqing HAHA

Victorie Blouse - something I wanted to get during launch but Bf commented that it looked too bling in pictures and will make me seem very

Victoire Blouse – something I wanted to get during launch but Bf commented that it looked too bling in pictures and will make me seem very “minah” when worn but when he saw it in real life, he didn’t think that same -_- But that’s cool cos I got it at a lower price now. Haha

Caitlin Cheongsam Dress - another dress I wanted to get during the CNY launch but I already got the skirt :( And the original price was quite steep. So when it was $18? GET IT. My day 1 outfit for CNY 2014 is settled. Hahaha

Caitlin Cheongsam Dress – another dress I wanted to get during the CNY launch but I already got the skirt 😦 And the original price was quite steep. So when it was $18? GET IT. My day 1 outfit for CNY 2014 is settled. Hahaha

I don't know the name of this shorts but I got it because I'm in dying need of shorts for school!

I don’t know the name of this shorts but I got it because I’m in dying need of bottoms for school!

Glendale Dress for Xiaoqing! There was only ONE piece in size S (which is her size). Lucky her! I already have this.

Glendale Dress for Xiaoqing! There was only ONE piece and in size S (which is her size). Lucky her! I already have this so it’s alright 😛

Eclat Lace Dress for Xiaoqing as well. I also own this already LOL. No wonder I’m VIP right.

COVET Wynstelle Wedges in Size 39. Have been eyeing on this pair on Agnes&Maurice and Instagram but it's always above $25 :( So I was glad I saw this at the sale!!

COVET Wynstelle Wedges in Size 39. Have been eyeing on this pair on Agnes&Maurice and Instagram but it’s always above $25 😦 So I was glad I saw this at the sale!! (yes I’m shedding)

Unlike the previous LB sale events I went to, I didn’t see any BonitoChico clothes anymore which was great! Because honestly I wouldn’t even want to pay $10 for something that’s outdated.

As you can see I really had a great time at the sale. But being VIP (same goes to other VIPs too) would also mean that we’d spent a lot at every launch so we probably already own many of the stuff sold at the sale. I was actually looking for Tasha Toga but I didn’t see it there 😦

Saw some pixies near Central giving out flyers and balloons! I just had to take a picture with the pastel-coloured balloons cos they're so pretty. (And returned the balloons after that)

Saw some pixies near Central giving out flyers and balloons! I just had to take a picture with the pastel-coloured balloons cos they’re so pretty. (And I returned the balloons after that)

That’s all 😀

Short Batam Trip

Hello guys! Here’s a quick life update 🙂

Last week Bf and I went to Batam for a 3-day-2-night short vacation because it has always been our practice to travel during our school break. We wanted to visit Taiwan again but due to my financial constraints as a student, we opted for a nearer and more pocket-friendly getaway this time.

It was not a mutual agreement to go to Batam. Instead, it was Bf who wanted to go so badly because I was raving about it 2 years ago when I returned from Batam with my ex-colleagues. I didn’t think I was raving actually as I felt I was merely stating my observations.. like the obviously cheaper stuff there and the very cost-effective body massages. Despite that, I hated Batam, and I still do a little, because of a terrible experience at the ferry terminal and some xenophobic (towards Singaporeans especially) salesperson I encountered on my first visit.

For the curious, my ex-colleagues and I went to Batam 2 years ago for a short vacation as well and we were almost deported back to Singapore for talking and laughing at the ferry terminal. Our laughters might have been a little too much (because we were the only ones talking there so naturally it sounded loud) but being first-timers, we didn’t know Batam was so strict with their “Silence at Checkpoint” policy because my friends didn’t have this problem at all when they went to Bali (also in Indonesia). So then we were called out one by one (I remember vividly he said while pointing his finger at each of us, “you, you, you, you and you. Come out.”) by the immigration officer without warning in front of other passengers and were detained at the office for awhile because we were “noisy” and we kind of “irritated one of the officers there” wtfffff. I was damn furious partly because I felt they were picking on us for being all-girls and was ready to return to Singapore if told. But my calmer friends didn’t want to waste the trip and suggested to apologise to the officer when we met him at the customs. I was like, walao eh why should I but I didn’t want to implicate the others so I just had to lan lan suck thumb and apologise to that sour face. *shakes fists* But I’ve read several accounts on other blogs that some had to BRIBE the officers lest they would be given an “entry denied” stamp on their passports so I guess we were pretty lucky. They probably gave chance because one of us (Grace) was really pretty 😛

And the salespeople at Ralph Lauren Polo store spoke ill of Singaporeans in Bahasa Indonesia that we were stupid, while we were there wtf? Couldn’t they wait until we left? Excuse me but my friend could understand you because when Singaporeans pick up foreign languages, we learn the insults first. (lol)

I know not everyone in Batam is like this (the hotel personnel were friendly) but the experience really left a bitter taste in my mouth and I swore I wouldn’t go back again.

And then I went back last week. What the… I was really reluctant and Bf and I bickered about it almost everyday before and during the trip. To me, it was a waste of my precious time and hard-earned money. I could’ve saved a little more and it’d be enough for Taiwan.. or Bangkok. Anywhere but Batam.

Okay so back to the “review” but before that, let me share a bimbotic moment with you. We almost missed our ferry to Batam because even though it wasn’t my first time taking the ferry, I wasn’t exactly sure about the latest time we had to be in the ferry by. And Bf being a first-timer was also unsure; he just knew we had to be there 2 hours before. Our departure time was 11.30am and at 11.00am we were still happily having breakfast at ToastBox (LOL) because we didn’t hear any announcements (like in airport) for our ferry. After that at 11.20pm we went to check the flap display for the status and we saw “Closed” beside the ferry we were supposed to board. We were like, whaaaat it’s only 10 minutes away from departure and the gate is still not opened? UNTIL we skimmed to the lower part of the board where “Not Opened” was updated for later ferries. Well actually it didn’t ring any bell until I innocently questioned Bf the difference between “Closed” and “Not Opened”, thereafter followed by a short realisation pause LOL!! Anxious us quickly ran to check in and thankfully we were still allowed to board.

We bought the free-and-easy Spa~Sensation travel package from Five Stars Tours and stayed at Harris Resort, the same for my first visit. Being in Harris was a pleasant experience because the staff were really friendly, service-oriented and efficient. We had our full body spa on the first day in the hotel (a separate building on the topmost level, in a hut): 1-hour body scrub, 1-hour-30-minute body massage and 30-minute healing aromatic bath. The first 2 were something I had done before but the third one was totally new to me because it was technically bubble bath. Like, really thick foam bath. We were also served hot drinks during the process. It was fun but definitely didn’t do much to clean my body haha. No pictures because I forgot to take any 😛

Free pizza! Courtesy of Harris Resort :)

Free pizza! Courtesy of Harris Resort 🙂 We also ordered this super healthy and detoxing fruit juice which had banana, carrot, and pineapple I think.

We had hotel food for dinner on the first night. It was surprisingly good! I especially love their apple pie because the pastry that came with it has *insert MasterChef words here* finesse hahaha. I mean it was thick, chewy and it melts instantly in your mouth! I had this for dessert for 2 consecutive days 😀

My hot plate steak! Surprisingly good. I think it's slightly better than Aston's.

My hot plate steak! Surprisingly good. I think it’s slightly better than Aston’s. (140,000 Rupiah)


Bf’s Texas Steak and he also said it was not bad. Must believe him because he is a steak fanatic. (140,000 Rupiah)


The tart shell is to-die-for!! The apple pie itself is also very nice! This comes with vanilla ice-cream (so-so) and a chocolatey biscuit stick! (66,000 Rupiah)

The next day we went to Batam’s biggest shopping mall, Nagoya Hills and I regrettably bought a fleece cotton blanket on impulse -_- I already have one at home in Hello Kitty design which I bought 2 years ago in Batam. I didn’t think about having to lug it to the Love, Bonito sale (post up next) on the coming Friday. But I loved the design (Paul Frank) so that probably made myself feel better lol. Our purpose there was just to eat at A&W by the way.


Enjoying my AUTHENTIC (LOL) A&W Root Beer Float. For non-Singaporeans, the reason why we get so excited when we see A&W overseas is because we don’t have it here in Singapore. They shut down their operations here a decade ago (I don’t know why but I thought they were doing pretty well) and we missed their food ever since!!


Sorry about the gross-looking ice-cream! I LOVE THE WAFFLEEEEEE.


Walking around aimlessly in the quiet Nagoya Hills.

We also had curly fries and their 2-piece meal but we forgot to snap pictures again haha.

Bf and I

Bf and I



One of the reasons why Bf was so eager to go to Batam was because of their DIRT CHEAP ARCADES. In Singapore if I’m not wrong, one gaming token is $0.50 but in Batam, one token is just 1000 Rupiah (12 cents omg). We played til our hearts’ content and unleash our inner child (because unleashing it in Singapore would be too expensive LOL). We caught a lot of stuffed toys on the toy catcher machine once again!

We did foot reflexology at our expense back at our hotel which was also very affordable. S$18* for a 1-hour massage, not bad right? But it gave me super sore thighs and calves for days!!! 😦 Probably because I hadn’t been doing foot reflexology so I wasn’t used to the pressure.

Oh sidetrack a bit, I really don’t like how people in Batam always quote us in Singapore dollars. Like the moment they see your face, they know you’re from Singapore and they quote you exorbitant prices (that’s another thing I don’t like but it’s hard to avoid getting ripped off as a tourist) in SGD. It’s like an obvious first sign of rip-off. Even when I was in China the tour guide I didn’t like also asked for tips in SGD. But hey I refuse to give you my currency. I’m in Indonesia so give me Indonesia pricing for goodness sake!!

At night we hired a cab which costed us SG$18* to go to Goldren Prawn 933/555 (don’t know which one as I’m equally confused LOL), about 30-40-minute drive away, to have our dinner. We wanted to order crabs initially but the price was like 10,000 rupiah/ons. We didn’t know what ‘ons’ meant so we asked the person taking our orders who apparently isn’t very fluent in English. He told us 10,000 rupiah PER GRAM. OUR JAWS DROPPED. So we only ordered my favourite Gong Gong, BBQ prawns, Kang Kong and the yuckiest and meatless fried squid with flour I’ve tasted. The rest were not bad.


(Oops sorry for the bad quality) Kang Kong, Gong Gong and the fried squid at the bottom


Not nice. Don’t order ah.


Gong gong! You don’t really need the toothpicks to get the “meat” out because most of them were already near the opening! Use fingers can already 😀

It turned out that ‘ons’ actually means 100 GRAMS. We figured out when we saw the bill and the BBQ prawns, which was also charged “per ons”, were ridiculously cheap even though we ordered quite a lot. Bf was angry (at the server who gave us the wrong information) because he wanted the crabs but when we realised it we were too full to take in any more food lol.

On the final day, we woke up at 4am (Indonesia time which is an hour slower than Singapore Time) to take the first ferry back to Singapore because of the Great Love, Bonito sale I was invited to!

All in all, I still wouldn’t go back to Batam again unless it’s really necessary or unless my mom wants to go there in the future -_- I came back with lots of mozzie bites.

Stay tuned for the next post 🙂

*Prices have been roughly converted to SGD because I can’t remember how many zeros there were in the Rupiah we paid :/

How to Spot Fake Urban Decay Naked 2 Palettes on Carousell

Note (1): This is going to be an informational entry about Urban Decay products (more specifically Naked 2 palette since it is the hottest thing around in Sephora) mainly for girls but guys can also read on to advise their girlfriends/sisters when it comes to purchasing cosmetics online.

Note (2): This applies to the latest Naked 3 palette as well! Now counterfeit makers claim that they are Urban Decay factory rejects because they have alignment problems, warped mirror, etc. Ridiculous! Please don’t fall for it!

Hey guys, I’m back again with another update. However it’s still not going to be about my life but on something I think is going to be really useful for everyone.

Before I go on about the main subject, let me give a mini introduction and review about the Carousell App. Do skip the part in blockquote if you’re not interested to read! Lol.

Like many ladies out there, I’ve been frequenting Sephora and tempted to buy many of their products but somehow I knew my limits and managed to curb my spending. Last year, the founders of Carousell (a Singapore-based mobile marketplace) e-invited me to join its community but I was too lazy to download anything on my phone so I regrettably chucked that e-mail aside. Then, seeing that I hadn’t registered they invited me again 4 months back so I thought, OK these people are so sincere.. maybe I should give it a shot? After all if I don’t like it I can always delete it, right? And wow, the moment I went into the App, I knew I wouldn’t be exiting it so soon. There were just too many great deals around! You can easily get a product worth $80 at Sephora for just $65?! I could’ve possibly saved a lot of money if I had joined earlier -_- But since this post is not about Carousell, I shall do a more in-depth review on it some other time! (full review here)

So anyway Carousell, being extremely user-friendly and organised, has a “Beauty Products” section for users to sell mainly their (brand new or used) cosmetics, nail polishes and other stuff which you’d apply on your body parts. When I first joined I was still pretty new to (high-end) make-up but I definitely spent time long enough in Sephora to know the price ranges for the brands like Benefit, Urban Decay, M.A.C. and Bobbi Brown. An Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 is sold for $80 in local Sephora stores. So imagine my joy when I saw this:

Fake Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette for sale on Carousell

Fake Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette for sale on Carousell

Naked 2 for $30?! How not to be tempted? For your information, this user actually posted about the same item TWICE with the other one stating his/her contact number for quick replies. I was enticed by that listing but I shall not be ruthless and reveal his/her personal information here. (But if you’re interested to know which username you can always ask in the comments below)

Though it was a really attractive deal, common sense told me that something was amiss. It does not make monetary sense for someone to sell something worth close to a hundred bucks for less than half the price? I texted the seller immediately and verified its authenticity with him/her (ok this is getting tiring. Let’s just assume that it’s a her). I do not have the SMS conversation with me already but she replied along the line of, “It’s close to authentic… Minerals are directly shipped from the U.S… I have sold hundreds of it already… You can check my Facebook page for reviews..” FUNNILY she didn’t leave her Facebook link for me to see. Trying to smoke me with the “shipped from the America” gimmick ah? Not so easy babe!! And notice she didn’t mention outright that it’s NOT authentic? Close to authentic my foot! If it’s not authentic, it’s NOT authentic. There’s no such thing as close-to.

Of course, upon knowing that it’s a fake, I rejected the deal albeit very nicely. However I was still very concerned that others may be duped into believing that it was a real deal. I went back to the listing and saw a comment posted by a potential buyer, also asking if it was authentic (pictured above). It was a simple yes or no question but this seller didn’t want give a direct answer and chose to reply with the same minerals-shipped-from-US phrase again. On another listing (MAC blush), a user saw through her and commented, “So it’s not authentic..?” and this crook responded that “…imitate sounds a bit too weird. It’s a graded one, stocks taken in directly from the U.S. Minerals and products are authentic..”. Seriously, does she know the meaning of “authentic” or not?!?! *roll eyes*

Because it is a marketplace, I didn’t want to appear like I’m breaking her rice bowl by exposing her misdeeds. But I really hope people were smart enough to see that the UD palettes were fake and probably NOT shipped from the U.S. If not, I don’t know… I guess that’s the price to pay for being so gullible.

I skimmed through her other listings and saw many more unoriginal products for sale (e.g. M.A.C, Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy perfume, Marc Jacobs wtf…), some which she blatantly claimed were authentic under the Comments (can be seen by everyone) when she had clearly told me they were near to authentic through private messaging. What a downright despicable and greedy liar!! I despise you!

More examples of fake UD palettes for sale on Carousell and also evidently showing sellers being delusional themselves.

Fake UD Good Karma brushes won't have the UD logo?! Oh yeah if the fakes factory can imitate a UD PALETTE, they can pretty much imitate ANYTHING! C'mon don't kid me.

Fake UD Good Karma brushes won’t come with the UD logo?! Oh yeah if the fakes factory can imitate a UD PALETTE, they can pretty much imitate ANYTHING! C’mon don’t kid me.

And the item above is already SOLD. Who bought it? Hallelujah to you my dear! $55 for an imitation product is definitely.. wow, so-worth-it.

This seller foolishly thought she had the real UD palette as her friend “bought it from the shop (I’d guess it’s Sephora?)” Her friend also one kind ah, made this kind of lie.

An ongoing preorder which you can find by searching some of its keywords. Factory rejects? No such thing.

An ongoing preorder which you can find by searching some of its keywords. Please, people, do not believe every single thing your supplier says. They are also doing a business. THEY ALSO NEED TO MAKE MONEY. And factory rejects? No such thing. And I really detest it when sellers say “Quality Assured” when they obviously do not know what “Quality” is.

I’m definitely not trying to deter anyone from buying cosmetics online. You can still get the real deal on Carousell at a fraction of the retail price, in BRAND NEW condition, but you just need to be more careful and alert. Now, let me show you how mine looks like:

The real deal.

The real (brand new) deal at just $65. #nofilter to show how it really looks like lol

You can already see a vast difference. I’m not going to open up my palette at this hour (it’s past 1 am here) and swatch all the colours for you since I do not own a fake palette to compare with. But I have done numerous research and watched too many fake-vs-real YouTube videos that I can tell at one glance if it’s authentic. To make everyone’s life a lot easier, I shall do a quick summary on how to spot a fake UD on Carousell (applies to eBay and other online marketplaces as well).

Fake UD Naked 2 in Appearance and Packaging

  • (Old packaging) Usually does not come with the mini lip junkie (a lip gloss) which is pictured together with my own palette – the red stick-like thing on the right. For UD Naked 1 palette, it comes with a primer potion. You can tell from the imitations above that the palette fits into the box nicely with no space for the lip junkie. However some fakes nowadays do come with it hence this is not the main determinant anymore.
  • (New packaging) Does not come with primer potion samples
  • (Old packaging) Does not come with clear hard plastic box because it is cheaper to use one made of paper.
  • (New packaging) Does not come with good quality, thick paper box. This is a little hard to tell so if in doubt, please refer to the rest of the guidelines.
  • See below:
If palette was originally bought from local Sephora store, it should bear this sticker.

(Old version released before early 2014) If palette was originally bought from local Sephora store, it should have this sticker. Criminal organisations are too busy making black money that they wouldn’t care about minute details like this.


(2014 onwards) After Naked 3 was released, Urban Decay changed the packaging of Naked 2 and is now imported by LS (L’Oreal Singapore) Cosmetics instead of Sephora (as shown above).

Fake UD Naked 2 Palette (pre-2014 exterior)

    • (Old packaging) The brand “NAKED 2” is printed on it in a darker font (almost like black).
    • (New packaging) “Naked 2” is gold embossed. REMEMBER THE FONT (thickness, kerning between characters etc.) because even though counterfeit makers can make copies very well, there are bound to be some dissimilarities!
    • Feels less heavy or very light, about 5.7g as compared to the authentic one which weighs more than 7g.
    • Does not come with a batch number (e.g. A046) printed on the lower back of the palette itself.

This is the latest packaging (2014) which kinda resembles that of Naked 3.


In the latest packaging, you’ll be able to see (1) an expiry date, (2) batch number, (3) bar code tag if purchased from Sephora and (4) an import sticker, as mentioned above.

Fake UD Naked 2 Interior and Eyeshadow Colours (applies to both old and new packaging)

  • Mirror looks warped and your reflection appears stretched or distorted.
  • Mirror is hence of low quality and looks like it’s going to come off any moment.
  • The names of the eyeshadows are not aligned to the centre and some may also be misspelled (e.g. ‘D’ typed as ‘O’ and vice versa, so it’s printed as “HALF BAKEO” instead of “HALF BAKED”).
  • Colours generally look less shimmery (for shimmery colours), dull on the overall and less pigmented (i.e. you need to apply many layers over another to make the colour “appear”)
  • Fake Good Karma brush has darker-coloured bristles and when you lay it in front of you with the fluffy, rounded-tip brush facing towards your left, the brand “Urban Decay Naked 2” should also face nicely towards you (i.e. not inverted)

Fake UD Naked 2 Sellers (!!!)

  • Usually sell these palettes through preorders. A high-end brand like Urban Decay do not sell in bulks unless you personally visit authorised resellers like Sephora, Ulta and and purchase many of them (but rarely anyone does that because it’s about the same price if you include shipping charges)
  • Having said the above, DO NOT BELIEVE 100% even if the seller has a receipt (proof of purchase that she bought it from “authorised resellers” overseas). Always scrutinise these “evidences” THOROUGHLY, bearing in mind that these may also be fabricated (I mean, how hard is it to forge a receipt with Photoshop nowadays?). But if item looks exactly like the duplicates above, do not buy. See example below from
    Why are the reference and transaction numbers for all receipts the same? Even if they were bought at the same time, all transactions should be on one receipt, no??

    (Click to enlarge) Why are the reference and transaction numbers for all receipts the same? Even if they were bought at the same time, all transactions should be on one receipt, no?? Some crooks may also get these pictures from Google Images. One way to check is to drag the image and drop into the search bar on

    Lo and behold, cheated Malaysians lamenting on bought their palette from deal sites like Groupon, and other similar pages. So people who like to purchase coupons from deal sites, beware and be extra careful.

  • Obtain their stocks from unidentified suppliers. THIS IS A GIVEAWAY and applies to any other luxury/high-end goods. No luxury brand, I repeat, NO LUXURY BRAND will allow sale of their products to unauthorised resellers like… you and I? I mean, who are you to represent the brand? JUST WHO ARE YOU? Lol. Sorry if I sound very agitated.
    Ask “Where did you buy it from?” and if answer is “supplier” or “another Carouseller”, it is highly unlikely that it’s authentic.
  • Believe everything suppliers say, for instance like the above, “FACTORY REJECTS”. High-end brands like Urban Decay, M.A.C, Bobbi Brown do not release defected products (or also known as factory seconds) for sale. Why? Obviously it will TARNISH their reputation if they don’t work well on UD users, duh! Wake up your idea, people!! THINK!
  • Priced their palettes ridiculously and unbelievably low, but that does not mean that a $50, $60-ish UD Naked 2 is authentic either. Refer to the points above again!
    If you wish, you can also ask why they’re selling them at such a low price. You’ll probably get a crap answer but it’s entertaining to see how they react 😛
  • Are likely to sell other fake stuff as well. Always, always check his/her listings when in doubt. If you spot one imitation product, STEER AWAY FROM THIS USER. Ok maybe not so serious, but exercise precautions alright? I’d never trust anybody who sells fake stuff. That’s so mean! How could you bear to sell something HARMFUL to someone else?
  • Do not have real-life pictures of the product. Either the user has something to hide or truly does not have any because the items are obtained from his/her “trusty” suppliers (hence pictures are also provided by them).
  • Are not very sure of its authenticity. If they’re not sure, then they probably didn’t get it from an authorised reseller. Likewise, stay away unless you have all the time in the world to verify. (Why bother? Patience is a virtue. Just wait for the real deal or get it from Sephora if you can’t)
    Ask “Is this authentic?” and do not stop questioning if they say “yes”. Probe further! Ask where they got it from 😉
  • People who buy from the ultimate counterfeit cosmetics wholesale centre called VogueMagic (originates from China). No matter how many A’s they claim the grade has, DO NOT BUY.

Always keep a list of sellers who sell counterfeit products. I have mentally blacklisted some and reported many of them.

Identifying Ethical Carousellers (who only sell authentic products)

This is just my observation so please don’t blame me if I’m wrong..

  • Usually have a profile picture of themselves (ok not 100% true because I don’t put a picture of myself hahaha..) because they are proud of the authentic stuff they put on their faces 😛
  • To reiterate, they sell other authentic products too. No sight of unauthentic items for sale. These people are damn atas (high class).
  • Usually indicate that everything on sale is 100% authentic on their description box. I once saw a seller semi-lashing out at doubtful buyers that she does not buy and wear fake make up and “neither should you”. How awesome is that? I like her.
  • Usually provide real-life pictures of their products on their listings automatically (without having you to request for any). Unethical sellers only know how to use low-quality pictures grabbed from Google or from their beloved suppliers.

Likewise, keep a mental list of sellers who only sell authentic stuff by perhaps, following them? Keep a lookout of their listings because that’s probably where you can find real deals at reasonable prices!

I think my brain has stopped working for now.

5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Buy Counterfeit Make-up

Just a quick summary once again…

  • Fake cosmetics are made of HARMFUL ingredients that are likely to worsen your skin conditions and cause you to break out. Or even worse than a pimple outbreak.
  • Unlike fake branded bags and apparels, you are applying them DIRECTLY on your face which will then get absorbed into your body. And then what happens? I don’t know. Why don’t you try and let me know? Ha, just kidding.
  • The money earned from selling fake make-up (I’m referring to the original sellers like the “SUPPLIERS”) is used to fund illegal activities like drug trafficking, people smuggling and robbery. Gasp, gasp! Why would you want to support that??
  • You want to buy Urban Decay products because you’ve heard great things about them. If you buy a counterfeit one, you are definitely not going to experience what beauty bloggers and product critiques went through! You’re better off buying Watsons/NTUC/Drugstore cosmetics that way.
  • Give Urban Decay credits where it’s due! Why are you supporting imitation? UD spent so much time and money perfecting the formula and yet you’re paying someone who is not involved in all these hard work at all?

OKAY hopefully I have knocked some sense into people who think wearing fake make-up “is no big deal as long as it does its job”. Well, if you still think it’s no big deal then I guess it’s your choice? You got problems later don’t regret ok?

There’s another fake Naked Product in the market! Wanna guess what it’s called? It’s no brain teaser I swear because counterfeit makers don’t have much creativity, do they?

Alright, let me unveil the name! It’s…. *drums roll*






Those are screen captures from Carousell, by the way. I can’t remember if the seller actually indicated that it’s authentic but I think she did. Otherwise I wouldn’t have screengrabbed these. But seriously, if anyone bought this thinking that it’s authentic, then gosh you deserve to be conned because there is no such thing as Naked 4 (yet)! There were however quite a number of enquiries about its authenticity in the comments section. *face palm* Please leh, can you girls not be so gullible and naive?!

Ok ladies, that’s about it! 🙂 Thanks for reading and good luck in finding great deals on Carousell!

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References (read to find out more, with pictures):

The Polytechnic Way, The Way to Go

Hey guys! I’m back with a quick write up. Since I have been getting an influx of visitors wanting to know more about NTU, perhaps I should also cover on Pre-U matters to aid secondary school leavers on which study path to go upon completing their ‘O’s. Since I am a Polytechnic graduate, I thought it would be more appropriate for me to talk in depth about the diploma route.


As many of you know, I was educated in Singapore Poly (SP) and I graduated 2 years ago. Interestingly, I never struggled with my options after completing my ‘O’ levels as I had already made up my mind even before I began Secondary Five. I would take time to browse through SP website (because it was the most convenient Poly for me and my father was also an SP graduate) and the informational brochures all 5 Polys would send me throughout the year. Though some may argue that I had 1 extra year to decide, I believe I would still do the same even if I was in the Express stream.

Check our this article from Digital Senior to understand more about the differences and similarities between Polytechnic and University life!

Why did I not choose the Junior College (JC) route then? Apart from being sick of the books (I definitely did not want to study intensely for another 2 years after going through ‘N’ and ‘O’ levels consecutively), I wanted more hands-on experiences and the idea of being able to wear home clothes to school just won me over. Very superficial I know. But trust me, there is more to that. So going to JC never crossed my mind. Fortunately, my batch was able to experience the PAE (Provisional Admission Exercise a.k.a “first three months”) before it was abolished. I did fairly well for my prelims and went to Innova JC. However my first three months only lasted for a day because I found a job which commenced on the second day haha. Hence I wasn’t at all tempted or lured to go to JC.

Studying in polytechnics does not only give you hands-on experience (which is heavily harped on by all Polytechnic when promoting to secondary school leavers), students also get to meet and work with real companies through internships and projects assigned by the school. I have personally visited PR firm Edelman, spoken with someone from advertising firm Leo Burnett (who is also a graduate of my alma mater as well), worked with Singapore Maritime Foundation on a logo and many more. If you have communications background, you’d definitely know the first 2 firms mentioned because they are worldwide renowned. People who specialise in radio and TV will also get to work in Mediacorp studios or radio. I have also been personally taught by real industry players, such as the founder of MooMedia (a pretty well-known cinematography and photography company that recently just helped produced the NDP mini series) for a particular video editing course. Being a Poly student really gives you an edge over JC students who will only know about these in Uni (unless of course, you already have an interest in this area and have had hands-on experience).

I understand some students chose to go to JC due to financial difficulties since Poly fees are so expensive. But for students who chose the JC route because they hadn’t decided on which career path or specialisation to take.. why? I mean, no offence but I really cannot fathom why some hadn’t make up their minds. How long more would they need to decide? If they couldn’t even decide in 4-5 years, would an additional 2 years help at all? These people rely on fate to take them to places and to me, they are just plain lazy.

Of course, there are those who think that the duration to obtain a diploma is too long, that they’d get distracted in Poly and fare badly or that getting into a local University using a diploma is tougher than using an ‘A’ level cert.

As one who had enjoyed and developed tremendous skills during her time in Poly, done fairly well and gotten a place in NTU (applied twice and was offered a place in both, even though the first wasn’t what I wanted), I can easily refute all these assumptions. What’s more, I came from the not-so-elite-and-looked-down-upon Normal Academic stream which is “supposed” (italics + inverted commas to emphasize that it is NOT true at all) to be less academically inclined so what other excuses do you have?! To add on, I was also from the “lousiest” and “stupidest” EM3 stream in primary school but that’s another story.

Not trying to be cocky but I truly believe it all boils down to your mindset (maturity) and self-discipline. People who tell (or scare) prospective Poly applicants that they’d tend to slack, cut classes bla bla bla and ultimately get poor GPAs are usually those with no self-control themselves. The timetable is less rigid such that you do not have classes everyday from 9am-2pm which allows you to have more free time (usually for group projects but I had my own life.. I went shopping in town and relaxed too). No one told you to slack and skip classes what?! If you do it, that’s your own problem! If you’re determined and focused enough, you should be able to overcome this obstacles. If you keep having the mindset that, oh.. I’m in Poly, I bound to lose focus, play a lot and then do badly like my seniors, then of course you’re bound to fail too. So don’t generalise and make slacking sound like it’s part of the Poly culture. It’s definitely not.

Yes, poly takes a longer time to complete but why are you complaining? What’s the rush? You are 17 (or 18 in my case) and you’re a student. You are going to spend the rest of your life working and clocking hours so why not enjoy your student life while it lasts? If money is a problem, you can always work part-time like how I did (I worked on weekends throughout my Poly life so don’t tell me about how busy you are in school.. I’ve been there, done that). The same idea applies to undergrads too. Sometimes I just don’t understand their hurry to complete their undergrad studies. Imagine waking up at 7am everyday, struggling to get into the packed train before and after work and only able to get home by 7pm, barely even have time for entertainment because you’ll be dead beat by then. I dread the day I have to work full-time. Lol, but I guess everyone has his reasons for dying to graduate ASAP.


Just me and the gentlemen at my SP Graduation, May 2011.

And going to a Polytechnic definitely does not reduce your chance of entering into a local Uni. As mentioned earlier, if you’re focused and disciplined enough, you should do just fine and subsequently graduate with flying colours. I was in director’s list for the first year but competition was so stiff in my school so I didn’t emerge as top 10 in my third year. But my GPA was decent enough to earn me a spot in NTU, which was my to-go local Uni since WKWSCI (or ADM) was what I really wanted. I have many friends in my course (Media and Communication) who also got a spot in NTU, NUS, SMU so yes, it’s definitely possible 🙂

I would also like to highlight again, in case it wasn’t obvious earlier, that you do not need to be in top 10 in your cohort to get into a local Uni (for normal admission). I mean it does help getting a diploma with merit but as long as your GPA meets the COP for your desired course, there should not be a problem (unless you’re super unlucky). They also look at your ‘O’ level results.. So, if what I have written above doesn’t spur you to work hard for your O’s, I hope this does now. Hahaha.

Also, as briefly mentioned in my NTU freshmen entries, being a polytechnic graduate would have equipped you with a lot of relevant skills which JC graduates didn’t have the chance to learn. The culture, though faster paced in Uni, for both are also similar so it won’t appear as a drastic transition or a culture shock to you. You also get to be exempted from similar courses and that means more free time for yourself! Hahaha. Isn’t that great?

So here, something to ponder about for you secondary school leavers. No hard feelings for JC choosers! I mean if your ambition is to be a doctor, dentist, lawyer or other prestigious professions, probably continuing your studies in JCs would be a better choice. I said probably because it’s also possible to get into law and medical schools using your relevant diploma certs (with more effort of course)! Click here 😀

Yup I’m such an advocate for polytechnic studies haha. Because I really feel that I have benefited and learned a lot from SP which is something I wouldn’t get if I went to JC 😉


‘Til next time!