Centrum® Women: The All-In-One Multivitamin Specially Designed for Us!

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Many people would agree that turning 21 is the biggest milestone in life. After all, it’s the age of majority in Singapore, our gateway to adulthood as we finally meet all age requirements at the cinemas, polling station and not forgetting – if you’re a Singaporean – for receiving the annual GST voucher (this was the greatest deal to me, man! But being born in November meant that I’d only usually be eligible for anything in the following year 😒).

*cough* You know, I know

*cough* You know, I know (source)

Sadly, life also starts going downhill from then on. From the increasing prominence of  dark circles and saggy jowls to declining energy levels and metabolic rate, my body has been inevitably experiencing a multitude of degenerative changes as I inch towards my 30s. Even without looking at the mirror, I can already feel age creeping up on me as I squint my eyes more often than not to get a better view of things (crow’s feet very soon?) and notice how brittle my nails have become.

Granted, we can’t play God and stop the ageing process, but we certainly can slow it down by eating a healthy, balanced diet that promises all the essential vitamins and nutrients we need. But seriously though, who has the time (and money) for that? The last thing I want to do after a hard day’s work is to fret about what should be on my plate instead of indulging in the food I love (which more often than not are practically void of any nutritional value 🙊 *cough* bubble tea and fried chicken *cough*). And honestly, I don’t know how some people do it but damn, it takes an insane amount of discipline to resist all the temptations in a food haven like Singapore!

That's not to say that I condone unhealthy lifestyle habits but there are times when we need to give ourselves a pat on the back, y'know? Like today, I wrestled with my dog just so that I could brush his teeth. Surely I deserved a bowl of laksa as reward?

That’s not to say that I condone unhealthy lifestyle habits but there are times when we need to give ourselves a pat on the back, y’know? Like today, I wrestled with my dog just so that I could brush his teeth. Surely I deserved a bowl of laksa as reward?

And while doing so, how do we ensure that we still meet our nutritional needs? That’s when multivitamins like Centrum® come into play!

Centrum for Women

Centrum for Women

A household name to even the least health-conscious Singaporeans *raises hand* (I mean, they’re not lauded as the world’s number 1 multivitamin brand for nothing!), Centrum® may have been around for as long as I can remember but it was only recently that I started taking the multivitamins (all the HPB infographics have definitely gotten to me). Unlike many other brands I’ve seen, Centrum® does not seem to take a one-size-fits-all approach – they have multivitamins catered to the various needs of each gender and age group (i.e. kids, teens, adults, elderly) specifically. Therefore, if you’re pushing 30 like me, Centrum® Women would be the ideal choice.


Dear 90’s kids, you are old. 

What is Centrum® Women all about, though?

Simply put, it is the complete multivitamin (A-Z!) that helps fill the specific nutrition gaps of women below 50 (hit the golden age? Here’s something else for you!).

Double the protection layer! Child-resistant caps and a protective seal which was a pain to peel in its entirety 😅

Double the protection layer! Child-resistant caps and a protective seal which was a pain to peel in its entirety 😅

Since men and women have different body compositions and nutritional needs, it would be ludicrous if we shared the same dietary supplement.

Since men and women have different body compositions and nutritional needs, it would be ludicrous if we shared the same dietary supplement.

So what’s in it for us? Based on the latest findings in nutritional science, Centrum® for Women has more Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D, as well as over 20 other important nutrients* to support optimal health for modern women from the inside out. Besides fostering a healthy immune system and maintaining bone strength, the multivitamin is also made up of the essentials that keep our eyes (great for OLs who need to spend hours in front of the computer screen), nails (hear ye, manicure addicts!), skin and hair functioning strong. Never seem to get adequate rest no matter how early you hit the sack? Perhaps the B vitamins (e.g. Vitamins B6, B12, and Folic Acid) and iron present in each tablet would be the answer to your tiredness and fatigue!

TL;DR in colour for you (you’re welcome!)

Let’s not forget the fact that women in my generation would also be in their childbearing years now. Getting enough of Folic Acid can greatly reduce the chances of neurological birth defects too!

*be sure to check if you are allergic to any of these vitamins or minerals
The so-called "ingredients"..

The so-called “ingredients”.. Sorry for the terrible lighting. Click here for the full list!

The other side of the packaging

The other side of the packaging

Each bottle contains 60 tablets which would essentially last you 2 months. And don’t you hate it when you miss your dosing schedule? Well, this hardly happens to me with Centrum® Women because there isn’t a strict regimen to follow per se. Pop one tablet a day with (optimally) or after any meal (but I usually take it with breakfast or lunch because kiasu) and you’re good!

If only these are grape flavoured!

If only these are grape flavoured!

Having only been on Centrum® Women for a month thus far, it is still too early to tell if it has improved my overall health (I’m not really in poor health to begin with lah.. I think.. hahaha hope I’m not jinxing myself). But one thing I know for sure is that my energy level has restored quite a bit. I guess that’s a good sign, eh? 😁

If you’re fortunate enough not to feel the effects of ageing yet (yet hor!), it won’t hurt starting on some of these multivitamins because it’s never too early to power up your life! So watcha waitin’ for?! Visit your nearest Watsons, Guardian or Unity Pharmacy outlet now!

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This post was done in collaboration with CENTRUM SINGAPORE.

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[FAST FOOD] FIRST IN SINGAPORE: Mom’s Touch Chicken & Burger at Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ)

Hello everyone!

East-siders have one more reason to rejoice: along with the opening of Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ), popular South Korean fast food chain Mom’s Touch has also launched their first-ever Singapore outlet at the mall!

Courtesy of No Signboard Holdings

Courtesy of No Signboard Holdings

Here, Mom’s Touch – which presently has over 1,200 stores across South Korea and is established in major cities in the USA, Taiwan and Vietnam – offers the same famous chicken and burger dishes that they are particularly noted for in an al fresco dining setting (still sheltered in a way, so you are safe from the rain, the harsh afternoon sun and now, the annoying haze – just no air-conditioner, yeah?). Plus, since it is located at the open space right next to Paya Lebar MRT station (so exit from the fare gates on the first level), it would be impossible to miss!

Back in their home country, Mom’s Touch has always been touted as the restaurant that serves properly-made food. In fact, for the uninitiated, the brand name Mom’s Touch derives from the notion of the way mothers prepare meals for their families – heartwarming – so you can certainly expect your food to be prepared with a great deal of passion and flair. Their renowned chicken, for instance, is hand-battered and hand-breaded in the kitchen and marinated with their very own special blend of seasoning for a fuller, tender and juicier taste.

Mom's Touch (SG) on opening night

Mom’s Touch (SG) on opening night – queue immediately started forming the moment the restaurant announced that there were still limited amount of fried chickens left

Despite being a newcomer to our shores, Mom’s Touch seems to have already won the hearts of the locals as evident from the snaking queue formed outside their PLQ outlet when it first opened its doors to the public on 30 August (though, to be fair, many of the patrons were Koreans who probably missed home, and there was an irresistible 3-day opening offer as well). The demand got so overwhelming that everything (the mains) was sold out by 5pm on the first day (😱❗) that even food bloggers like myself who were invited down for media tasting in the evening had to be turned away. A few of us eventually stayed to try the desserts and a few sample portions of their fried and sauced chicken (apparently they brought in more chickens towards closing time but still ran out of buns to make burgers) so as not to waste the trip. Even though we were only expecting a few menu items, it wasn’t until 40 minutes later that we finally got them. So… hungry…

Left: Citrus Yuzu Orange Ade / Right: Raspberry Melon Ade

Left: Citrus Yuzu Orange Ade / Right: Raspberry Melon Ade (all at S$3.80 each)

Mom's Spicy Sauced Chicken

Mom’s Spicy Sauced Chicken (1 pc: S$3.80 / 2 pc combo meal: S$8.90 / 3 pc combo meal: $12.00)

Mom's Fried Chicken

Mom’s Fried Chicken (1 pc: S$3.60 / 2 pc combo meal: S$8.70 / 3 pc combo meal: $11.70)

But the food sat well on my palate – Mom’s Fried Chicken (available in spicy and non-spicy versions, though I must say the spiciness didn’t really hit me) was crispy and non-greasy while the sauced-drenched Mom’s Spicy Sauced Chicken was tantalising to say the least. It was also juicy and succulent – yum! Between both flavours, the latter stood out more because of its more flavourful aroma and sweetness. That said, opt for both on your first visit. After all, you can never go wrong with fried chicken.

Cajun fries

Cajun fries (S: S$2.60 / M: S$3.40)

The cajun fries we had were served fresh from the fryer so they were very crunchy on the outside and fluffy inside. Taste-wise, I thought they were comparable to Popeye’s which is one of my go-to places for cajun fries, so no complaints there.

Black Sesame Sundae

Black Sesame Sundae (S$3.80)

As for desserts, we were served Black Sesame Sundae which was essentially vanilla ice-cream topped with a pretty generous dose of black sesame powder, a few sticks of Oreo Pocky and some vanilla waffle biscuits which gave an added crunch to the whole texture – nothing really groundbreaking here but it was surely a great dessert to end a savoury meal.

Fortunately, a second tasting session was held and I was able to try most of their signature dishes. As it was on a weekday afternoon, the queue would have died down significantly. Still, we were not spared from the relatively long waiting time of about 20 minutes. Granted, it was an improvement from the previous visit but it was still a stretch for a fast food restaurant.

Post-promotional period.. there's still queue omagawd!

Post-promotional period.. there’s still queue omagawd!

Joining me at the panel was a companion who couldn’t quite take spicy so we ordered both Mom’s Thigh Burger and Mom’s Spicy Thigh Burger (what suggestive and cannibalistic names though… 🤔) to provide you with the most balanced views.

L-R: (Cajun) Cheese Fries, Peach Pear Ade, Elderflower Apple Ade

L-R: (Cajun) Cheese Fries (S$4.40), Peach Pear Ade, Elderflower Apple Ade (at S$3.80 each)

The packaging of the burger!

The packaging of the burger!

Dinner of the day! Burgers, L-R: Mom's Thigh Burger, Mom's Spicy Thigh Burger

Dinner of the day! Burgers, L-R: Mom’s Thigh Burger (a la carte: S$5.70 / combo meal: S$8.20), Mom’s Spicy Thigh Burger (a la carte: S$6.00 / combo meal: S$8.50)

Close-up of spicy patty

Close-up of spicy patty

Non-spicy patty

Non-spicy patty

Both burgers came with the same chicken patty, freshly cut lettuce, onions and pickles with the only difference being the type of sauce used – Mom’s Thigh Burger was infused with homemade burger sauce while the spicy version drizzled with authentic Korean spicy sauce. Even though the sauce was given in generous amounts that could potentially turn anything soggy, the crispiness of the patty crust could still be distinctively felt with every bite and the buns remained fluffy and light. On the downside, we thought the tenderness of the patty was largely overshadowed by the insanely crispy batter, so much so that the meat felt almost non-existent in contrast.

Fleshy, succulent meat..

Fleshy, succulent meat..

What disappointed us more, however, was how different the actual thing looked from the images depicted on all their promotional materials which show an exaggeratedly thick stack of ingredients slapped between the buns (I’m sure it was done from a marketing standpoint to showcase what go into the burger more clearly but still… clueless people like us would naturally assume that the height is attributed to the thick patty instead) and that kinda distorted our expectations. I think the same issue applies to the other burgers as well, so take note and don’t have high hopes 🤣

I haven’t been to any of their outlets in South Korea so I cannot tell if the quality and taste are consistent with the original. But based on what I have tried so far, the food is decent, something different from the usual Korean fare here, I guess. Of course, there are many more items on the menu which we didn’t get to eat because our little stomach could only handle this much food. So the only way for you to verify our reviews is to try them for yourselves! Just be prepared to wait, okay? 😬

What is/are on your must-try list? If you’ve eaten at Mom’s Touch in South Korea before, are you excited about their arrival here? Otherwise, would you be keen to give Mom’s Touch a try? Let me know your thoughts and reviews (if you’ve already tasted the food) in the comments below!

On a side note, travelling 2800 miles to South Korea to get our Korean food fix may soon be unnecessary as more of such foreign-based restaurant chains permeate our local F&B scene! Woohoo!

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Mom’s Touch Chicken & Burger · Paya Lebar Quarter, 10 Paya Lebar Quarter, #01-37, Singapore 409057 · Operating hours: 10 am – 10 pm (including public holidays) · Nearest MRT station: Paya Lebar (EW8/CC9) · For more information, please visit Mom’s Touch FACEBOOK PAGE, INSTAGRAM or WEBSITE.

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