Yaki Yaki Bo

Hey everyone! I’m back with another food post because I’ve been eating out very often so that pretty much sums up my boring life.

(Just kidding, beauty posts coming up real soon!)

Yesterday, boyfriend and I decided to eat at Yaki Yaki Bo because he had completed his rewards card which entitled him to many free food. Damn aunty right I know.. We wanted to save the redemption for a rainy day but damn, good deals always come with an expiry date and it was going to expire at the end of this month! FASTER CLAIM THEM BEFORE WE FORGET!! We unintentionally forwent too many free meals in the past because we were too busy to redeem them.

Since we were at Serangoon, we went to their Nex outlet. Most of the reward points were collected at their Jurong Point branch because we usually had our lunch there after school.

For completing the rewards card, we were given the following:

Yaki Mentai Potato

Yaki Mentai Potato

Bacon, bacon everywhere.

Bacon, bacon everywhere. The Mentai paste was really good and flavourful and it went really well with the bacon!! It’s like a more glamourised version of mayonnaise…… Hah ok probably not the best description but you get what I mean right!?! IT’S JUST DAMN NICE LA PERIOD.

6-piece Teppan Gyoza

6-piece Teppan Gyoza

Gyoza fillings

Gyoza fillings. Boyfriend and I shared a bowl of rice coz there were too many dishes with potato.

Pumpkin and Sweet Potato

Pumpkin and Sweet Potato

Pumpkin and Sweet Potato

I frowned upon this on the menu ‘coz it definitely didn’t look appetizing at all. Since this was free I thought it wouldn’t taste nice but BOY I WAS WRONG. I loved it so much! The gravy was absolutely delicious and addictive! Pumpkin was softer and chewier than the sweet potato.

Teppan Chicken Set

Teppan Chicken Set (with a separate bowl of Japanese rice)

Close up of the chicken

Boyfriend and I ate the chicken without the skin because we’re so health-conscious like that. Chicken was alright, not very fantastic but honestly still pretty decent for a set meal. Haha (and don’t ask me why there’s a piece of corn kernel coz I also only noticed it now O_O)

Beansprout that came with the Teppan Chicken Set

Beansprout that came with the Teppan Chicken Set

Beansprout that came with the Teppan Chicken Set

I confess.. I’m not a veg lover and I dislike bean sprouts because I think they taste horrible. BUT THIS CHANGED MY PERCEPTION. I don’t know what magic the chef did but this was the best bean sprouts I had. It was one of those dishes that smelt like its taste.

Yes, 4 free dishes in total. To prove that we were not all cheapskate and only there to dine for free, we ordered one extra meat dish because we are extremely carnivorous.

Rib eye beef

Rib eye beef

Rib eye beef

Our rewards card completion is mostly attributed to this ‘coz we’d order this on every visit (plus it’s not very cheap). You can choose how you want the rib eye beef to be done and we always opt for medium rare. Depending on the mood of the server, this may come with a special dip which enhances the overall taste (it’s already nice on its own but I like it to be a little more salty) so if yours forgets, do request for one!

Cabbage that came with the rib eye beef

Cabbage that came with the rib eye beef. It was originally bean sprout but since we already had that, we requested for a change to cabbage at no extra charge.

Preparation style is akin to that of the bean sprout

Preparation style is akin to that of the bean sprouts so it’s equally delish!

For desserts, we ordered Teppan Banana. It’s basically banana split but the banana is cooked with metal griddle to give that crunchiness. YUMS! Ice cream is topped with some semi-bitter powder which tasted like.. cocoa? Before I could really taste it it had already dissolved into the ice cream so yeah -_-

Teppan banana

Teppan banana

Inside the banana.. is banana flesh.

Inside the banana.. is its flesh. #captainobvious

My bill totalled up to $34.84 inclusive of GST and service charge omg. My cheapest restaurant meal ever. In addition, we got to spin their wheel of fortune to win vouchers worth up to $80. GUESS WHAT WE WON?

$30. Not too bad right!! We expected to win nothing since our luck isn’t that great. Hehehe so technically the meal was only $4.84 whoop whoop.

We got another blank rewards card but the management probably realised that previous validity period of 1 year was a tad too long (that allowed more time for cheapskates thrifty people like us to complete it) so they reduced it to 3 months. Such ngiao-ness (stinginess) lor, pfft. However the good news is that the card can still be used at other affiliated restaurants like Ichiban Boshi and Kuishin Bo. Find more outlets here.

That’s all from me! You can wipe that drool off your face now.

Carousel @ Royal Plaza on Scotts

Hey! Hope everyone had a great Easter Sunday 🙂

I spent mine pigging out at Carousel, an international buffet (not the shopping app ah). As mentioned on the title of this entry, it’s located at Royal Plaza on Scotts, just opposite Far East Plaza. It was a long overdue dinner treat to boyfriend’s parents who frequently took me to fancy restaurants and took great care of me over the past 5 years. Boyfriend was the one who told me about this buffet since he dined there once FOR FREE with his game mates. However, with a hefty cost of $66++ per person (and I’m paying for 4 people including myself *ouch*), I was hesitant at first. But it turned out to be worthwhile after all.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Reservation has to be made at least one week in advance, otherwise you can only dream of entering. This place is always fully occupied despite the cost and I can totally understand why.

The buffet is divided into 4 rows serving Japanese cuisine, seafood, Western and Asian foods alongside other appetisers and desserts like salad and chocolate fondue *drools* It is also a Halal-certified buffet which is quite a rare find in Singapore, thus the presence of many Malay families when I was there.

Anyway the aim of this entry is to make you guys hungry. Therefore it’s gonna be extremely image-heavy 😀 So drool away~

Carousel Entrance

Carousel Entrance. I wanted to censor the guy’s face but I think he deserves some attention for giving really great service! He was really polite, patient and friendly, always carrying a sincere smile on his face. Double thumbs up!

Cutlery for all sorts of food

Cutlery for all sorts of food.. and I must say I really love their high quality serviette. Hahaha what a suaku I am.

Japanese cuisine

Japanese cuisine. Too much rice so I didn’t bother taking any of them.

Sashimi. Not sure what kind. It could be tuna.

Sashimi. Not sure what kind. It could be tuna.

This is all that matters at the Japanese row.. SALMON SASHIMI!!

This is all that matters at the Japanese row.. SALMON SASHIMI!!

Everyone just whack the seafood side only. 'Coz it's here we eat our money's worth.

Everyone just whack the seafood side only. ‘Coz it’s here we eat our money’s worth.

Oysters from the seafood row

Very high-in-demand oysters from the seafood row.

The no-meat part of the crab.. also from the seafood row

The no-meat part of the crab.. also from the seafood row

For people who don't want the crabs to die in vain.. This is for you, from the seafood row.

For people who don’t want the crabs to die in vain.. This is for you. As you can see, the crabs are divided into several parts to cater to people of different preferences. How thoughtful of Carousel!

For crab pincer lovers like myself, this is definitely heaven!

For crab pincer lovers like myself, this is definitely heaven!

Scallop but it's not that fantastic.

Scallop but it’s not that fantastic.. so don’t waste your tummy space. Take one and try will do.

The I-thought-it-was-lobster-chey crayfish.

The I-thought-it-was-lobster-chey crayfish. But I LOVED IT! In fact, more than the crab pincers.

Some clams.. Never tried it. Don't waste my time. Hahaha..

Some clams.. Never tried it. Don’t waste my time. Hahaha.

Salmon fish

Salmon fish. Boyfriend absolutely loved it as he kept going back for more. I couldn’t believe he ate more of this than the Salmon Sashimi -_-

Roasted chicken from European corner

Roasted chicken from European corner.

Some potato dish which name I forgot.

Some potato dish which name I forgot.

I think this was from the European row.. or Western, can't remember. This is fish with some sauce made of cherry, tomato and other stuff.

I think this was from the European row.. or Western, can’t remember. This is fish with some sauce made of cherry, tomato and other stuff.

Fried chicken which the chef claimed was better than KFC's chicken. True to some extent :)

Fried chicken which the chef claimed was better than KFC’s chicken. True to some extent 🙂

Another random shot which I thought would make anyone hungry.. Guess not. Hahaha..

Another random shot which I thought would make anyone hungry.. Guess not. Hahaha..

Cheese section

Cheese section. Being a cheese lover I really let myself down for not sampling any of these. The downside of going to an expensive buffet is that you neglect all the cheaper-looking food 😦

Asian row.

Asian row.

Prawns from the Asian/Indian row

Prawns from the Asian/Indian row. The colours damn nice sia!

Curry crab from the Asian/Indian row

Curry crab from the Asian/Indian row. Super strong Indian curry smell! Too strong for my liking 😦

My favourite - Chocolate Fondue section

My favourite – Chocolate Fondue section. I totally dig the Rose and the Matcha one!! If I ever return to Carousel again, it will definitely be because of these! Of course I wouldn’t want to pay $66+ just for the chocolate fondue, so if you guys have any fondue restaurant suggestions that serve equally awesome fondue but at more reasonable charges, PLEASE let me know!

Some cake with a fake egg.. Never tried it. In fact, I never got the chance to try any desserts at all :(

Some cake with a fake egg.. Never tried it. In fact, I never got the chance to try any desserts at all 😦

Nice pink donut-cake. I quickly snap a picture of this before someone sliced it.

Nice pink donut-cake. I quickly snap a picture of this before someone sliced it.

More desserts!

More desserts!

I admit I’m an amateurish AND selective selective food photographer. I don’t think my pictures did justice to Carousel. The buffet has MORE food choices than that! Foodies who have never been to Carousel should go there at least once in their lifetime.

We went in at 6.30pm and left 3 hours later feeling like we were going to explode. I was very amazed at some families who repeatedly returned to their tables with plates full of food and could even finish everything! :O

It was a pity that my stomach couldn’t take in any more food, or else I would have went for the cakes! I think the fondue took up most of my stomach space LOL. I felt quite nauseous after eating too much marshmallow.

It was definitely worth every penny and I would go back again, probably with my parents who are quite big eaters. But before that, I have to save up some money first. On my next visit, I will try the cheese and cakes!

My total damage that night was $288 (inclusive of a 10% discount for local credit/debit card holders) but unfortunately, they do not offer complimentary parking. If I remember correctly, it’s $5.50 per entry into the carpark.

That’s all for Carousel and thanks for reading!

Guide to WKWSCI Admission Interview

Hello everyone!

PLEASE READ: Please direct all questions to the comments section below so that they will also be visible for other prospective students. Do note that I will not be entertaining any NTU-related enquiries through e-mail from now on. Thank you for your understanding!

The time of the year is here again, when prospective students frantically scour through the internet for tips to ace their college/university admission interviews. I hope what I documented prior to my acceptance to NTU help shed some light on how the interview works. I have also received numerous e-mails pertaining to this so I thought I should share some frequently asked questions here for the benefit of those who’re too shy to approach me.

Please bear in mind that I’m merely a student of the school and not some ambassador who is authorised to speak on behalf of WKWSCI, so everything that is written here are merely my thoughts. It’s always advisable to seek second opinion before forming your own judgement 🙂

You can still e-mail me at askme@fionaseah.com should you have queries not answered here. I’m always very happy to help prospective students!

I also appreciate feedback about the accuracy and helpfulness of this entry! Do share your joy with me if you succeed at your interview as well! 🙂

Before I begin the FAQs, there is ONE thing you’d need to know about WKWSCI before you go for the interview because it’s one achievement that we’re so damn proud of and it’d be a shame if you don’t already know it:

According to the 2014 Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings by Subject, NTU’s Communication & Media Studies is ranked 6th in the world…. NTU said the subject Communication & Media Studies jumped an impressive 17 positions within two years since QS started ranking this subject, to become No 1 in Singapore and in the Asia-Pacific.

Source: TODAYonline

Interview FAQs

1. I do not come from a Communication Studies (CS)-related diploma programme. Is my chance of getting accepted into WKWSCI slimmer?

I had received tons of emails about this which makes this the most frequently asked question. This is very subjective so my opinion on this is: yes and no. ‘Yes’ because you may not have relevant portfolio to show that you’re suitable for the course and ‘No’ because you MAY not need to even produce any portfolio (with exception of NAA), thus categorising you with the JC applicants who also have no experience in this field.

In fact, I think that people with CS background stand a slightly lower chance of getting in because they’d expect higher standards from us. When I went for my interview, I had to make a short impromptu speech on top of producing my portfolio which showed my designing AND writing capabilities even though I already expressed my interest in the advertising field clearly from the start. Some of my friends who graduated with Business diplomas on the other hand got it way easier – they didn’t have to produce any portfolio because the interviewers refused to see them so all they did was talk. Of course, a handful of my DBA (a Business course offered by Singapore Poly) friends briefly showed what they did to a different interviewer so it all really boils down to the one(s) interviewing you!

But if you want a definite answer, I think it’d be a ‘No’. I always have the impression that WKWSCI assesses every applicant fairly. They don’t shun people with no CS background nor do they only favour those who have. However, you definitely need to possess 2 sets of IMPORTANT skills in order to be considered, regardless of the specialisation you intend to pursue. They are writing AND public speaking. If you don’t have these skills, CS is probably not the course for you.

2. What should I do if I do not have any CS-related portfolio to show?

First and foremost, I recommend that you decide what specialisation track to pursue if you were accepted into WKWSCI as doing so makes you seem less indecisive. WKWSCI offers the following tracks to concentrate:

  • Journalism
  • Broadcast & Cinema Studies
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Communication Policy & Research
  • Inter-Disciplinary


For me it was, no doubt, advertising like duh… I spent my entire Poly life trying to perfect my advertising/design portfolio hahaha. I had no problem answering any advertising-related questions. What stumbled me was the interviewer’s request to view my writing because I had just too many design works that didn’t show my writing proficiency at all.

Having a track in mind makes your more focused on improving on your portfolio. You can modify it according to what you want to pursue. For example, if you want to be a journalist/PR, you should have more write-ups than anyone else to show your flair for writing. Or if you want to be in the advertising field, you should have some mockups WITH COPY (learn from my mistake). They DON’T have to be perfect/professional because if you’re so good, then why are you applying to University? You can start working already! FYI that was exactly what my interviewer told me -_- I was repeatedly shot down by him when I answered that my works were amateurish. “No no no! What is there to improve on? These are very good! You shouldn’t waste your time here! Go apply into SUTD or SIT!!!111”

Since having good command of English is what makes the cut, producing anything that shows your proficiency in the language should be sufficient in that aspect. Personally I think you can show reports you had done during your Poly course (or GP/History essays done in JC), or you can do a write-up/essay about anything that interests you. I believe the interviewer (typically a professor) will be interested to read about your thoughts. If you were part of a CCA in Poly that required you to write (a writer for the school magazine or something), you should also include that in your portfolio. Once again, it doesn’t have to be of top-notch standard and LONG but it has to be grammatically correct. I showed my copy for a newsletter (about 5 lines) and the interviewer seem pretty satisfied with it. Haha.

During the application process you would have already indicated your course of study in Poly, hence the interviewers would most probably know that you do not have anything really CS-related to show. Just show what you did during your 3-year course and if possible, select those that are closely related to CS (e.g. event planning, marketing plan etc.).

Always, always bring something to show to your interviewer(s) even though they MAY not look at them (it depends on how lucky you are). Going there empty-handed = bo chup, okay?

3. Since I do not have any background in CS, would it be difficult for me to keep up with the lessons?

NO OF COURSE NOT. You basically start from scratch in Uni and study the fundamentals of everything media before you choose your specialisation. That means you have to, at least once in the course, design a newsletter, write a press release, shoot a short film, study media law, study the history of media and other not-so-fun stuff. The only difference between one with CS background and one without is the ABILITY TO EXEMPT FROM COURSES and end your programme 1 semester earlier. But there are MANY people I know who came from Mass Comm in Poly who chose not to accelerate the programme because the graduation ceremony will be held on the same day anyway.

4. What were some of the questions thrown at you during the interview?

Okay I hope my memory doesn’t fail me. I am not feeding you my responses because if you guys are passionate about the course, you should have your own answers!

“Why did you choose WKWSCI and not elsewhere?” (elsewhere – if you get what I mean)

“What do you like to do?”

“Why do you want to apply into WKWSCI and not enter the working industry since you already have so much experience?”

“Why not SUTD and SIT?” 

“In WKW, we value good writing and public speaking skills. Do you have anything to show your proficiency in writing?”

“Now, give me a 3-minute speech about someone who inspires you or someone whom you look up to.”

And lastly… “If you can’t get in this year, try applying again next year okay?” to which I replied, “This is my second application.” He was a little dumbfounded. “Oh..”

5. What should I wear for the interview?

Anything not too formal, casual, fanciful and revealing. For girls, just be donned in a knee-length dress and for guys, short sleeves top with long pants should do the trick. Jeans are fine too.

6. How long must I wait for the interview results to be out?

I waited for close to 2 weeks but that was during the appeal period. If you had your interview before that, it should be faster.


Other WKWSCI-related FAQs

1. What are some essentials I need to have?

There are no needs per se because the school has almost everything. As long as you’re a student there, you get free access to the computer labs and printers (have to pay but through credits). Of course, your life would be much easier if you have the following:

  • Macbook
    … but I’m still coping very well with my HP laptop. Go Windows!!!
  • Adobe Design and Web Premium
    … Basically all you need from there are Photoshop, Dreamweaver and InDesign. Contrary to popular beliefs, it is not expensive to own the authentic Photoshop. You can get the Adobe Design and Web Premium at student price from mine.com.sg.
  • Final Cut Pro (FCP)
    … to edit videos but it’s only available for Mac. Windows users have to edit their videos in school 😦 The authentic copy can cost you thousands of dollars though so usually students get it by other *sinister look* means.
  • Sony Vegas Pro / Adobe Premiere Pro
    … Another alternative for FCP. Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe Premier Pro are also Windows-supported. Likewise, you can only get them by other means.
  • Microsoft Office
    … For report writing and creating presentation slides. MO isn’t that important now that we have Google Drive. But nowadays students also like to act cool and 一个 artsy fartsy and use Prezi instead for their presentation. Huh why? I find Prezi too complicated and error-prone. I have never encountered any group that managed to go through all Prezi transitions smoothly without exclaiming, “Oops!” and then clicking several times before getting to the right frame. I get massive headache just by looking at the slides zooming in and out in fast motion.


2. I missed the Freshmen Orientation Camp!!!!! O SHIT WHAT SHOULD I DO!?!?!

NOTHING. Relax and let nature takes its course. If you’re intending to stay in hall, you don’t have to worry at all. If you’re not, you can still meet nice people through group projects and elective classes! Or if you’re free, through clubs and other CCAs. Please always remember that you go to school to study okay, not to be the most popular person or something. Life will still be equally awesome with just 432 Facebook friends and 3 likes on your statuses LOL. Life will still be equally fantastic even if you have to eat, travel and study alone sometimes.

To read more about my friend-making process, click here.

* * *

That’s all from me 🙂 I will update this post as and when I have new questions but please don’t ask me about FASS because I don’t think it’s fair for someone who know nuts about the NUS/FASS to answer them.

Thanks for reading!

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