Yaki Yaki Bo

Hey everyone! I’m back with another food post because I’ve been eating out very often so that pretty much sums up my boring life.

(Just kidding, beauty posts coming up real soon!)

Yesterday, boyfriend and I decided to eat at Yaki Yaki Bo because he had completed his rewards card which entitled him to many free food. Damn aunty right I know.. We wanted to save the redemption for a rainy day but damn, good deals always come with an expiry date and it was going to expire at the end of this month! FASTER CLAIM THEM BEFORE WE FORGET!! We unintentionally forwent too many free meals in the past because we were too busy to redeem them.

Since we were at Serangoon, we went to their Nex outlet. Most of the reward points were collected at their Jurong Point branch because we usually had our lunch there after school.

For completing the rewards card, we were given the following:

Yaki Mentai Potato

Yaki Mentai Potato

Bacon, bacon everywhere.

Bacon, bacon everywhere. The Mentai paste was really good and flavourful and it went really well with the bacon!! It’s like a more glamourised version of mayonnaise…… Hah ok probably not the best description but you get what I mean right!?! IT’S JUST DAMN NICE LA PERIOD.

6-piece Teppan Gyoza

6-piece Teppan Gyoza

Gyoza fillings

Gyoza fillings. Boyfriend and I shared a bowl of rice coz there were too many dishes with potato.

Pumpkin and Sweet Potato

Pumpkin and Sweet Potato

Pumpkin and Sweet Potato

I frowned upon this on the menu ‘coz it definitely didn’t look appetizing at all. Since this was free I thought it wouldn’t taste nice but BOY I WAS WRONG. I loved it so much! The gravy was absolutely delicious and addictive! Pumpkin was softer and chewier than the sweet potato.

Teppan Chicken Set

Teppan Chicken Set (with a separate bowl of Japanese rice)

Close up of the chicken

Boyfriend and I ate the chicken without the skin because we’re so health-conscious like that. Chicken was alright, not very fantastic but honestly still pretty decent for a set meal. Haha (and don’t ask me why there’s a piece of corn kernel coz I also only noticed it now O_O)

Beansprout that came with the Teppan Chicken Set

Beansprout that came with the Teppan Chicken Set

Beansprout that came with the Teppan Chicken Set

I confess.. I’m not a veg lover and I dislike bean sprouts because I think they taste horrible. BUT THIS CHANGED MY PERCEPTION. I don’t know what magic the chef did but this was the best bean sprouts I had. It was one of those dishes that smelt like its taste.

Yes, 4 free dishes in total. To prove that we were not all cheapskate and only there to dine for free, we ordered one extra meat dish because we are extremely carnivorous.

Rib eye beef

Rib eye beef

Rib eye beef

Our rewards card completion is mostly attributed to this ‘coz we’d order this on every visit (plus it’s not very cheap). You can choose how you want the rib eye beef to be done and we always opt for medium rare. Depending on the mood of the server, this may come with a special dip which enhances the overall taste (it’s already nice on its own but I like it to be a little more salty) so if yours forgets, do request for one!

Cabbage that came with the rib eye beef

Cabbage that came with the rib eye beef. It was originally bean sprout but since we already had that, we requested for a change to cabbage at no extra charge.

Preparation style is akin to that of the bean sprout

Preparation style is akin to that of the bean sprouts so it’s equally delish!

For desserts, we ordered Teppan Banana. It’s basically banana split but the banana is cooked with metal griddle to give that crunchiness. YUMS! Ice cream is topped with some semi-bitter powder which tasted like.. cocoa? Before I could really taste it it had already dissolved into the ice cream so yeah -_-

Teppan banana

Teppan banana

Inside the banana.. is banana flesh.

Inside the banana.. is its flesh. #captainobvious

My bill totalled up to $34.84 inclusive of GST and service charge omg. My cheapest restaurant meal ever. In addition, we got to spin their wheel of fortune to win vouchers worth up to $80. GUESS WHAT WE WON?

$30. Not too bad right!! We expected to win nothing since our luck isn’t that great. Hehehe so technically the meal was only $4.84 whoop whoop.

We got another blank rewards card but the management probably realised that previous validity period of 1 year was a tad too long (that allowed more time for cheapskates thrifty people like us to complete it) so they reduced it to 3 months. Such ngiao-ness (stinginess) lor, pfft. However the good news is that the card can still be used at other affiliated restaurants like Ichiban Boshi and Kuishin Bo. Find more outlets here.

That’s all from me! You can wipe that drool off your face now.

One thought on “Yaki Yaki Bo

  1. Yaki Yaki Bo Teppenyaki at NEX please dun waste your time. Service staffs have a super lousy attitude. Food is so so and mot fantastic. Pricewise, for this kind price, those teppenyaki at the foodcourts are way better. Dine at your own risk. My pure bad luck to wander into this restuarant at nex. never came across such a lousy japanese resturant in my life.


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