Hey advertisers! My name is Fiona and I am the editor and author of

I have been blogging since 2004 on various platforms such as LiveJournal and Blogger before finally making WordPress my online home in 2010. However I only started blogging actively in mid 2012 when I took a year break from studies. Within just 4 years of this blog’s existence, this blog has grown to be one with a relatively large and diverse readership averaging about 1000 to 1500 views per day. My peak was over 22,000 views in one day and this is largely attributed to word-of-mouth. Most (~80%) of my readers come from Singapore while another large portion of them come from the United States, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. The rest of my readers (the United Kingdom, Canada, Philippines etc.) are evenly distributed across the globe.

I strive to update my blog at least once a month (welcome to the working life!) with posts pertaining to beauty products, food, school and work life, travels and other first-hand experiences that I think are worth sharing. I consider myself bold and adventurous at times as I enjoy trying new things (especially cosmetics). I am certainly not one who tries to rack up post count and my content is generally timeless, original and unique. I write honestly, independently and thoroughly hence my posts are often long but they are definitely substantial and worth the read! 🙂

Why work with

Simple. Consumers typically look up the search engine to learn more about a particular product or service they are interested in. Many a time, informed decisions are made only after reading blogs with detailed reviews complete with pictures which can hardly be found on other social media platforms that have word limit and inflexible layout (e.g. Instagram). At, every effort is taken to ensure comprehensiveness and honesty of the reviews to address potential doubts readers may have. Only original views and opinions (not merely cutting and pasting facts from press kits or elsewhere – that’s being lazy and not doing your products justice!) are injected into the reviews. Therefore, posts published on this blog are often long yet readworthy.

Check out some of my all-time popular posts here!

My usual topics of interest are…
(in order of preference)

▪ Beauty/Cosmetics (makeup preferred!)

▪ Food

▪ ANYTHING POKÉMON (yes, I’m a huuuge Pokémon fan!)

▪ Health and Fitness**

▪ Staycation/Travel

▪ Pet care (dog-related products preferred!)

▪ Technology (which will be covered by my techie/foodie co-writer Alphonsus)

▪ Singapore heritage (as evident from my Closed School series and review on books about Singapore)

That said, I have zero interest in writing about products under the following categories. My sincere apologies in advance…


▪ **Weight-loss products – (as of 2017) I am a firm believer of the “no pain, no gain” mantra. Exercising is the only way to make a healthy difference to your waistline! 

▪ Gambling/vice-related activities – Adding this here because I’ve been receiving requests to guest-post articles that promote gambling. Please note that I do not condone gambling or any sort of vice-related activities due to personal and professional reasons. That said, if you need someone to spread anti-gambling messages, gimme a buzz! 

▪ MLM products/products marketed through direct selling – sorry huns, just nope.

▪ Independent sales reps – I’m just not comfortable promoting a person/group of people. Sorry!

▪ Flowers – I am not a fan of flowers and see no practical use for them 😦 So my boyfriend saves hundreds of dollars on bouquets every Valentine’s Day!

▪ Manicure/pedicure – I don’t do my nails simply because they won’t last beyond a day on me 😂

If you have products/services that do not fall under any of the categories above which you think might interest me, hit me up! However, I have been very selective with my choices due to my tight schedule so no hard feelings, okay? 🙂 


I enjoy writing, thus I’m always very happy to receive advertorial requests! As you can see from my existing posts, I aim to be detailed and engaging in all my reviews. Every advertorial is written from a different angle to set you apart from your competitors. Giveaway hosting (discount codes, samples etc.) would be greatly appreciated to reward my readers for taking their precious time to read the post! 🙂 This would also give my readers a chance to try your products or services. However, please note that all postage charges (including those of giveaway prizes) are to be borne by the company providing the products.

Brands I’ve worked with include
(but not limited to):


Skinny Mint   enzserum-logo  alcina-logo  plantur clinique Panasonic_logo skinrecipe-logo  glomaxskinthenexttktrichokare  tdf euyansang


Carousell the-entertainer-logo line-logo Zalora-Logo 313-logo logo site-logo


 narathaisfba_logo  dominospizza mcdonalds_560 fivesq District10 Logo.aicrowne_plaza_vector_logo ribena


tln-logo-black jbl-logo akg-logo harman-kardon-logo

Do note that I will need to try out the product or service first before writing the advertorial. This is to ensure truthfulness and accuracy of my reviews. Hence, please allow up to three weeks (or depending on how long I’d need to try the product for) for the post to be up 🙂


If three weeks is too long a wait, why not place an ad on my sidebar? You would not be required to send me a trial package of your product. Simply send me your banner (250 x 250 pixels) and have it displayed there for as long as you like (min. 1  month) at an affordable rate! 🙂

For further enquiries, feel free to drop me an e-mail at, or use the form below:

PLEASE READ: The form below is strictly for collaboration requests only (because I have labelled mails sent to me through here differently). For private enquiries, please use this form instead. Thank you for your understanding!

Thanks for dropping by!

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