Zap Those Unruly Upper Lip Hair with IPL by EXPRESSIONS


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No matter how nonchalant a lady is about her appearance, the last thing she would want to see in the mirror is a face marked by masculine features such as facial hair especially on the upper lip. Not only is it embarrassing for a female to have a moustache, it is also as socially unacceptable as women who don’t shave their armpits.


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Apart from aesthetic and hygiene reasons, I personally detest facial and androgenic (body) hair because they, especially pubic hair, prick the skin and cause it to itch! I count myself really lucky to have abnormally high tolerance for pain because that has enabled me to master the art of plucking and waxing at a tender age of 11. Believe it or not, I’ve been plucking my own armpit and pubic since puberty with my tweezers because I hated the aftermath feeling of shaving. Crudely put, I’ve been baby-smooth down there for as long as I can remember and the feeling of being hair-free is truly orgasmic. Perhaps I’m weird, but there’s a therapeutic quality to pubic hair plucking just like pimple popping 😉 (yes, in case you’re wondering, I’m a poppaholic too! *fist bumps*)

But of course, a lot of time has to be invested every week (not forgetting the tendency to get ingrown hairs) to ensure that they don’t strike back with a vengeance so it’s always good to have a time-efficient alternative that does an equally great job at removing unwanted hair.

Expressions (Orchard branch)

Expressions (Orchard branch)

I recently came to know about the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal programme at Expressions and was drawn to the fact that there’s even a portable device now that you can use at your convenience. Called My IPL, it comes in three different packages aimed at removing hair, clearing acne and rejuvenating the skin for as low as S$169! But being terrible at electronic gadgets myself (as I keep spoiling stuff), I opted for an in-house IPL session for hair removal because I heard that it’s more effective per session as compared to using the mobile IPL device too!

In-house IPL

In-house IPL

Expressions was kind enough to provide me a demo session, albeit an impromptu one done on the same day I had my weight assessed after undergoing the three-day detox juicing programme. Hence, I hadn’t allowed my armpit hair to grow out prior to my visit. The IPL treatment was carried out on my upper lip area because that was the only hairy spot I could think of 😆

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is the transmissions of highly-wave dependent light passing through the skin. These filtered bands of light consist of various wavelengths that penetrate deep into the skin and thereby effectively removing unwanted hair.

My eyes were shut the entire time because a sudden beam of light would be emitted from the device each time the button was pressed. The whole process was generally painless save for the slight tingling sensation which lasted for a split second upon every zap. They actually felt like static shocks so my body would kinda jerk a little every time a laser shot hit my skin. Lol, embarrassing much. But if it was the My IPL device, I would be able to choose the energy level of the shot according to my preference.

With cream applied

With cream applied

Following the treatment, a clear moisturising cream (Hair Inhibitor Essence) was applied on the affected area to sooth the skin and avoid irritation. The cream somehow accentuated the appearance of my upper lip hair (which otherwise would be unnoticeable) so I could still see some.



From what I understand, IPL is meant to weaken the roots and they will only be effectively eliminated after a few sessions. I would probably need to go for more sessions to see results in that case!

In-house IPL prices (image courtesy of Expressions)

In-house IPL prices (image courtesy of Expressions)

If you’re unable to find time to make an appointment with Expressions for an IPL session, remember, you can buy My IPL online for just S$169 (before discount – scroll down for 10% discount code)! The My IPL device offers up to 60,000 shots per cartridge which can be replaced with a new one (at S$80) once the shots have been depleted. On average, you would need 40-50 shots to remove hair on the arm completely. The device can be used practically anywhere on your body – your forehead, underarm, legs and even your bikini line if you’re too shy to do it in the salon.

So what are you waiting for? Get yours now and feel your baby-smooth skin once more! I guarantee you’ll not want to stop touching yourself after that LOL.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

In-House IPL (as low as S$48)
My IPL (S$169.00)

Click here to purchase individual or bundle mobile sets!
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