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One of the perks of applying for a credit card is the ability to earn cash rebates whenever the card is used to make purchases. I know because I’ve been earning mine through my beauty trips to Sephora and the accumulated amount is quite substantial. But very often, the money collected from such rebates can only be used to offset the subsequent purchase and cannot be converted to cold hard cash. Being one who doesn’t like carrying my bulky wallet around, it inconvenience me sometimes knowing that the physical card has to be produced in order for me to enjoy these benefits. Above all, I believe nothing irks us more than losing out on an attractive deal (1-for-1 air ticket deals especially – happens oh too many times!) just because we’re not cardholders of that particular bank that has rolled out that irresistible offer!

Argh, stop the discrimination already!

Haven’t they heard of the saying, “The best things in life are meant to be shared”? Nobody should be deprived of any cashbacks, discounts and jaw-dropping deals. Nobody!


Fortunately, with the recent introduction of ShopBack, everyone can now enjoy these deals without any prerequisite. ShopBack keeps you up to date with the latest online deals while helping you to save money via their cashback scheme. That’s right, you get reimbursed a portion of what you originally spent online through ShopBack on top of whatever discounts the merchant is offering!

With every deal categorised in a logical manner, you can expect site navigation to be a breeze. Whenever I’m on ShopBack, I would zoom straight in on the beauty section for the latest Sephora sales.

Well-organised menu

Well-organised menu

Current Sephora deals

Current Sephora deals

I was also surprised to see American brands that do not have retail presence here like Bloomingdales, Walmart and Nordstrom Rack listed on the page with a cashback rate of 3%. Considering that the Singapore dollar has weakened against the US dollar, these little savings would definitely come in handy for your future purchases. Furthermore, you can already request for payout once you’ve reached Redeemable Cashback of $10.00. That’s quite an attainable sum especially if you’re a shopaholic like me! You can find out more about how ShopBack works on this comprehensive guide here.

Some of the many listed merchants under the "Beauty" section

Some of the many listed merchants under the “Beauty” section

Apart from beauty, another section I would browse for deals and offers is fashion because I’m crazy about clothes and shoes. If you would like to see more variety of affordable apparels and fashion accessories, Zalora is one store you should check out because of its wide selection of products and the irresistible Zalora discount codes they would offer every now and then. Besides, the cashback rate tagged to Zalora (up to 12% for new Zalora customers) is also one of, if not the highest among all the stores listed on the website.

Busy professionals who prefer to whip up a good meal at home would rejoice knowing that they can now buy fresh produce and household items from RedMart and on the cheap too, when they make their orders with RedMart coupons without needing to spend additional time outside to do last minute grocery shopping (when you could jolly well be home earlier). You can place your orders whilst at work and they will be delivered to your home within the next 2 hours. How amazing is that? I personally dislike making trips to supermarkets during peak hours because the queues can be alarmingly long sometimes.

What about you? I’m sure I’m not the only lazy one 😆  It is impossible for me to write about all the brands listed on ShopBack here so I’d really recommend that you visit the website to find out more. You’d be amazed by the vast number of choices available and the cashback rates offered for purchases at some of the outlets!

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With Soufeel, There’s Something for Every Occasion


Hey everyone!

I was brought up in a traditional Chinese culture that perceives gold to have higher intrinsic and market value than silver or even diamonds. This reason, coupled with the fact that it is more auspicious to give gold jewelry as gift among the Chinese, meant that most of my birthday (or first month) presents in the early years were either gold anklets, bracelets, ear studs or pendants. This custom is still pertinent now in the Singapore Chinese society especially to weddings because to the elders, nothing signifies wealth better than a qi pao bedecked with gold jewelries during tea ceremonies.

But like many modern Chinese youths today, I don’t really see the appeal of gold jewelries (apart from the fact that they are highly cashable). Not only are they expensive and passé, they are also of a very obtrusive colour that don’t go well with my eyes. In terms of appearance, I would very much prefer diamond, silver or white gold (ok rose gold isn’t too bad for a change too) to pure gold any time as they are more sophisticated-looking and less in-your-face. Did I mention how much I hate those chunky ah-beng-ish gold jewelries? Those are not statement makers. Those are awful.

No way am I gonna wear that.

No way am I gonna wear that. (source)

However, if you’re a bling lover, you probably would’ve known that good quality diamond and silver don’t come cheap either! As a person of simplicity, I don’t yearn for luxury so it’s not like me to splurge on anything ostentatious. I probably didn’t see the need to invest in any since I don’t get invited to private functions all the time. But once, I fretted over the accessories to pair with my outfit for a cousin’s sumptuous wedding (where I served as a bridesmaid) because I had none! If not for my boyfriend to give me a set of diamond jewelry for my birthday (also in the same month as the wedding), I might have to shop for some adornments at the eleventh hour and then end up spending at least a hundred bucks on something I hardly use.

And ever since someone commented how plain I looked without any accessories on, I kinda became a little more self-conscious.. which isn’t entirely a bad thing because I used to be so lazy, I didn’t give two hoots about styling myself hehe. I started with the lower-end bracelets and necklaces from blogshops, but damn, they wear and rust faster than I would’ve blown my salary on lipsticks. So I explored better alternatives like sterling silver which has gotten pretty popular recently and are supposed to be cheaper than gold or platinum jewelry. But guess what? The sterling silver bracelets and charms (for a more casual feel) I saw at a very popular jewelry chain were even pricier than my diamond jewelries combined!

You.... paid for that?

You…. paid for that? *judge mode on*


It’s only sterling silver leh!

I pity the poor boyfriends (especially those who are still schooling) who rush to buy Valentine’s Day gifts from these shops because they’re bound to make a big hole in their savings. But seriously, I don’t understand the hype about these overpriced charm bracelets when you can get them at a fraction of the price elsewhere! Yes, you heard me right! There are many credible shops with the same concept (though not as mainstream as you-know-what) but here’s one that’s sure to satisfy your inner bling desires!


Introducing SOUFEEL, the up-and-coming jewelry company that specialises in charms, beads, bracelets and other accessories offered at ultra-competitive prices ranging from S$21 for a charm (or S$9.79 for a charm on special offer omfg so cheap) to S$480 for a 925 sterling silver charm bracelet. Things get even cheaper prices are slashed (which happens very often). Their products adopt 925 sterling silver and colored gems as main raw materials and are designed to cater to suit every occasion.

Although it was only founded in 2011, it has already garnered more than a million likes on their Facebook page! Within such a short period of time? HOW IMPRESSIVE. Since then, it has expanded to six continents such as Europe, North America and Asia Pacific area through approximately seventy countries.

Soufeel has kindly sent me some of their products to share with you guys! I didn’t choose any charms because many people have reviewed them (go Google!) and I wanted to show you other things that are offered on their website. So here they are!

Soufeel box

Soufeel box (not sure what size it is but I believe it’s either medium or large to store bulkier or multiple items!)

I know the relatively low prices may raise some doubts about the quality of the products. Well, don’t be fooled! Every product is made of superior material, even the box! The paper box is hard and sturdy and opens with a detached lid on top wrapped with a blue ribbon and bow and it closes securely too. It also comes with a silver care cloth for you to clean your jewelries!

Austrian Crystal Bowknot Round White Ear Studs, was on offer at S$19.53

Austrian Crystal Bowknot Round White Ear Studs, was on offer at S$19.53 [SOLD OUT]

There was a blue version but I picked white because you can never go wrong with white jewelries! It is apt for all kinds of occasions, casual or formal, and it’s also a gorgeous design which I’m sure would sit well with your elders (if you’re planning to get this for her birthday, or for Mother’s Day).

Austrian Crystal Angel Wing Ocean Blue Ear Studs, was on offer at S$23.73.

Austrian Crystal Angel Wing Ocean Blue Ear Studs, was on offer at S$23.73 [SOLD OUT]

Austrian Crystal Angel Wing Ocean Blue Ear Studs

Austrian Crystal Angel Wing Ocean Blue Ear Studs

My favourite ear studs out of the two designs I picked has got to be the ones with wings! Like the Bowknot design, this also came in white but I figured that the wings would stood out more if the teardrop-shaped crystal was in a different colour! It’s so cutesy yet stylish at the same time! Perhaps this would make a great birthday gift for your BFF or girlfriend! I’m sure she’d love it as much as I do 🙂

Oh by the way, all crystals are from Swarovski.

Back studs

Back studs. You can remove the hard plastic!

I was surprised to see their 925 sterling silver products priced very affordably too! They are 100% guaranteed 925 sterling silver authorised by international authoritative institutions such as SGS. Hence, rest assured that there is not a single trace of the toxic elements like nickel, lead or cadmium in the silver composition. Soufeel products are absolutely safe!

Whirlpool Pearl Necklace 925 Sterling Silver, now on offer at S$49

Whirlpool Pearl Necklace 925 Sterling Silver, now on offer at S$49 (U.P. S$109.20) [LINK]

Whirlpool Pearl Necklace 925 Sterling Silver

Whirlpool Pearl Necklace 925 Sterling Silver

Whirlpool Pearl Necklace 925 Sterling Silver

Whirlpool Pearl Necklace 925 Sterling Silver

Going to meet your boyfriend’s (or girlfriend’s) mother for the first time and don’t know what to get for her as 见面礼 (gift presented to somebody at the first meeting)? This is it! This pendant features 3 elements – sterling silver, crystals and a pearl. It basically screams, “YOUR MOM WILL LOVE ME!” No, I’m definitely not kidding.

I guess this is their small-sized box! Guess what's in there?

I guess this is their regular box! Guess what’s in there?

Exclusive 925 Sterling Silver Basic Bracelet, now on sale at $27.93 (U.P S$91)

Exclusive 925 Sterling Silver Basic Bracelet, now on sale at $27.93 (U.P. S$91) [LINK]

This basic snake bracelet can be used as the backbone of your charms or on its own! I have no charms at the moment but I may soon load the bracelet with some because I’m already eyeing on a few charm designs on the website! Having said that, the charms may not be from Soufeel because the bracelet is made in a way that it fits charms manufactured by other brands as well 🙂

Available in 8 different sizes (from 16cm to 23cm, circumference of your wrist + 1.5cm), it also features a barrel clasp to ensure the security of the bracelet and charms. To be honest, it was a little difficult for me to close the clasp with one hand but I’m confident that it would gradually be easier with more usage!

Exclusive 925 Sterling Silver Basic Bracelet with barrel clasp

Exclusive 925 Sterling Silver Basic Bracelet with barrel clasp

Exclusive 925 Sterling Silver Basic Bracelet with barrel clasp - how it works!

Exclusive 925 Sterling Silver Basic Bracelet with barrel clasp – how it works!

Exclusive 925 Sterling Silver Basic Bracelet with barrel clasp - how it works!

Exclusive 925 Sterling Silver Basic Bracelet with barrel clasp – how it works!

TADAH! It's so simple yet elegant!

TADAH! It’s so simple yet elegant!

On top of that, Soufeel also provides a necklace for free with orders over S$70, or bangle with orders over S$138.60. Trust me, you’ll probably go crazy shopping at Soufeel (‘coz, so affordable omg) that you won’t even realise you’ve hit the required amount! 😛


Go ahead and feast your eyes with all the enchanting charms on Soufeel now! But make sure you have someone beside you to monitor your cart (and your card, heh). You’ve been warned.

Thanks for reading! 😉


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Love, Bonito Year-End-Sale 2014

Hey everyone!

It’s been such a long time since I wrote anything about apparel shopping so let’s take a short break from food posts, shall we? 🙂

Before that, I have a small confession as a shopaholic. I’m a compulsive shopper – that’s a known fact. Before I got obsessed with makeup, I used to go crazy on online shopping and would spend hundreds of dollars a week on clothes. My spendthrift ways became apparent when I was awarded the “VIP” status at Love, Bonito for being one of their top spenders in 2012. For that, I (together with a few other VIPs) was given priority over the rest in The Great Love, Bonito Sale in 2013 and was allowed to enter the room an hour ahead of everyone. No doubt it was such a rewarding experience and the privilege made me feel that all the spending was worthwhile.

Then, I had to return to school. I was forced to leave my full-time job and gradually, I started spending lesser on clothes (also because my wardrobes couldn’t take in anymore clothes and Bf was nagging incessantly at me for that) and of course, I also lost my “VIP” status on Love, Bonito.

Fast forward to October last year, I was given the opportunity to work at Love, Bonito after responding to their recruitment ad and successfully getting through the interview. I was their Photo Editor but because of school commitments, I had to leave the company after close to 4 months with them. It was one of my best working experiences and it kinda healed most of my scars from my previous long-term employment (which was beyond terrible. Read here). A few months had passed since I stepped foot into Love, Bonito office and I really missed working with the wonderful people there.

Just then, I received a text from one of my Love, Bonito ex-colleagues asking me if I was available to work during their warehouse sale in November. Without hesitation, I gave a positive reply. They must’ve heard me! Haha.


So yes, that’s just a short background story on how I got to work at the Year-End-Sale. It was a two-day event. Only two days and I felt like my legs were going to break. For days I couldn’t walk like a human being and I had to forgo my morning runs because my soles were hurting like crazy from running around non-stop at the event to replenish stocks at the racks. But that’s fine, because I really enjoyed myself! Met quite a number of great people, and of course, shopping at the sale also plays a great part in making the experience memorable 😀

Okay enough of rambles. Here are some of the event highlights!


We got to shop! Here are 2 bags full of my purchases! Not everything was for myself, of course 🙂


Day 2!


Good deals in the wagon! Quite a number of stuff I bought were from the wagon 🙂


The pixies were all treated to a sumptuous (to me lah) breakfast on Day 2, courtesy of Kith Cafe!


Here’s my cup of hot chocolate! What a way to start your morning. It definitely gave me a boost and made me more energised for Day 2!


Great companions at the event! Here’s me with 2 Jocelyns. Haha!

Are you ready to see my loots?


These are bags for shopaholics. Haha. Lugged back 2 of this!


What I bought! I’ve got to agree that I managed to snatch up some great deals! 😉


Featuring some of my star buys, here are my favourite tops and dresses (especially the maxi dress at the bottom which I had forgotten what it’s called) from the sale.


Some more dresses and tops, and also the bottoms I bought!


These are sample pieces (no tag) which I bought on impulse. Way too snug and small on me. 😦


The very popular furry pullover which was gone before sunset on day 1!


Love touching the material haha.

I didn’t have time to try out everything I bought but I managed to wear out a few of my purchases 🙂


The top is loose-fitting which kinda made me look preggers so I tucked it in (but it’s so short, it kept coming off my shorts). I like the colour and the intricate design on the sleeves.


Got this from the wagon 🙂 It’s a very unique design for a shorts.


White romper which was launched during the Chinese New Year period this year. I actually have the same piece in Navy and love it so much that I decided to get another one in different colour! I was lucky enough to have seen it at the sale 🙂

Okay that’s about it! Will resume my food reviews shortly 😛

Please note that I will not be answering any questions relating to employment at Love, Bonito.