ShopBack: Save with Sephora promo codes, cashback and more!


Hello everyone!

One of the perks of applying for a credit card is the ability to earn cash rebates whenever the card is used to make purchases. I know because I’ve been earning mine through my beauty trips to Sephora and the accumulated amount is quite substantial. But very often, the money collected from such rebates can only be used to offset the subsequent purchase and cannot be converted to cold hard cash. Being one who doesn’t like carrying my bulky wallet around, it inconvenience me sometimes knowing that the physical card has to be produced in order for me to enjoy these benefits. Above all, I believe nothing irks us more than losing out on an attractive deal (1-for-1 air ticket deals especially – happens oh too many times!) just because we’re not cardholders of that particular bank that has rolled out that irresistible offer!

Argh, stop the discrimination already!

Haven’t they heard of the saying, “The best things in life are meant to be shared”? Nobody should be deprived of any cashbacks, discounts and jaw-dropping deals. Nobody!


Fortunately, with the recent introduction of ShopBack, everyone can now enjoy these deals without any prerequisite. ShopBack keeps you up to date with the latest online deals while helping you to save money via their cashback scheme. That’s right, you get reimbursed a portion of what you originally spent online through ShopBack on top of whatever discounts the merchant is offering!

With every deal categorised in a logical manner, you can expect site navigation to be a breeze. Whenever I’m on ShopBack, I would zoom straight in on the beauty section for the latest Sephora sales.

Well-organised menu

Well-organised menu

Current Sephora deals

Current Sephora deals

I was also surprised to see American brands that do not have retail presence here like Bloomingdales, Walmart and Nordstrom Rack listed on the page with a cashback rate of 3%. Considering that the Singapore dollar has weakened against the US dollar, these little savings would definitely come in handy for your future purchases. Furthermore, you can already request for payout once you’ve reached Redeemable Cashback of $10.00. That’s quite an attainable sum especially if you’re a shopaholic like me! You can find out more about how ShopBack works on this comprehensive guide here.

Some of the many listed merchants under the "Beauty" section

Some of the many listed merchants under the “Beauty” section

Apart from beauty, another section I would browse for deals and offers is fashion because I’m crazy about clothes and shoes. If you would like to see more variety of affordable apparels and fashion accessories, Zalora is one store you should check out because of its wide selection of products and the irresistible Zalora discount codes they would offer every now and then. Besides, the cashback rate tagged to Zalora (up to 12% for new Zalora customers) is also one of, if not the highest among all the stores listed on the website.

Busy professionals who prefer to whip up a good meal at home would rejoice knowing that they can now buy fresh produce and household items from RedMart and on the cheap too, when they make their orders with RedMart coupons without needing to spend additional time outside to do last minute grocery shopping (when you could jolly well be home earlier). You can place your orders whilst at work and they will be delivered to your home within the next 2 hours. How amazing is that? I personally dislike making trips to supermarkets during peak hours because the queues can be alarmingly long sometimes.

What about you? I’m sure I’m not the only lazy one 😆  It is impossible for me to write about all the brands listed on ShopBack here so I’d really recommend that you visit the website to find out more. You’d be amazed by the vast number of choices available and the cashback rates offered for purchases at some of the outlets!

Thanks for reading!


A Look Back at 2012, and What to Expect in 2013

Hey guys, happy (belated) new year! Hope the first month of 2013 has been good to everyone so far.. 🙂

I spent my first day of 2013 overseas – in Chengdu, China – which officially marked my first country abroad in 2013. I was actually scheduled to fly back to Singapore on that very day. Chengdu was freezing cold in December and I didn’t really enjoy myself there despite the snow (couldn’t believe I saw falling snowflakes!) and the cute pandas. I shall leave this part of the story to another time. For now, I’d like to pen down the events that shaped 2012 and of course, my resolutions for this new year 🙂

Probably what happened most significantly was my acceptance to WKWSCI (NTU) which took me by surprise because I thought I flopped the interview. I can never forget my outburst of joy at work when I receive the call from Bf informing me about my acceptance e-mail from NTU. (He has access to my e-mail inbox to monitor my online shopping spendings hahaha).  Then it was the orientation day where I made new friends (mentioned in the previous post), followed by my first few days getting lost in NTU.

Of course, 2012 also marked the end of my one-year (or more) stint as a full-time supervisor at a tuition centre. I faced many challenges during that mere one year, from handling difficult customers to disciplining stubborn and spiteful subordinates. The most unreasonable and ferocious parent I had come across was one who had an upper-primary son. The mom wanted to enrol his son in classes which he was very weak at (failing grades), but because our curriculum was tougher and faster than school’s and it was a large-grouped tuition, I really had no choice but to break the news to the mom that he wasn’t suitable for our courses. I totally understood the desperation both the mother and son felt but as an employee, there was nothing much I could do, especially when this is a managerial decision that was practised across the board. In fact as a near-EM3 student back in my primary school days, I knew how it was like to be ostracised and turned away especially by an education centre which was supposed to be assisting students in their studies.

So obviously the mom took offence and started making a big fuss in front of other customers. I tried to keep my cool until she took out her phone and wanted to snap a picture of me so that she could lodge a complaint to the headquarters! I dodged and told her it wasn’t needed, telling them my name would suffice. She just went on, so determined to get my picture and finally gave up after I told her firmly to leave. But this feisty young single mom wouldn’t let the matter rest so easily of course.. She publicised my name on a parenting forum (my instinct told me she’d do that) and recounted the whole incident to her favour, conveniently leaving out the part she wanted to snap a shot of me, and many others which are not necessary to be mentioned here, to make me seem like a total villain. Please lor so disgusting can *roll eyes*

If this happened 6 years ago, I would have commented on that thread and cleared my name. But now I thought, what for? Parents would always side parents because I don’t have kids so I’m ignorant ma.. Oh well. And not that I’m against single parents, but erm… especially single mothers, I know you women are dying to show your independence and capability but please, don’t overdo it? So far my worst customers (as in rude, demanding and “know-it-all”) have always been single parents. Just sayin’.

Anyway I digress. So on top of my one-year permanent job position, I had also been abroad for a record-breaking of 3 times! I went to Beijing in May where I successfully climbed the Great Wall of China, followed by Taiwan in July which I fell in love instantly and last but not least, Chengdu, just last month. I’m going to blog it about once I got the pictures from Bf’s DSLR. Out of the three, I enjoyed Taiwan the most and will probably go back again during my term break! Teehee so excited!!

Hopefully in 2013, I’m able to visit Hong Kong which I’ve been dying to go. I want to buy things, eat things, buy things, eat things HAHAHA. If time and money permit, I also want to visit Australia (Melbourne or Sydney.. any is fine) which I hope to do so if Tetrina gets accepted to UQ (then Wenqin and I won’t have to fret over accommodation hahaha). Of course, all this can only happen if I stop splurging on stuff I do not necessary need.. like -okay- clothes. I already have 2 huge wardrobes packed with clothes, so packed to the extent that I can’t take them out anymore, lol. So yeah… I hope, hope, hope I can control my hands. Sigh, online shopping is really evil! But I definitely won’t stop shopping altogether. Perhaps like limit myself to 5 purchases a month? HAHA so recalcitrant.

And in academics… well, I didn’t do as well as I expected for my first term and I’ve experienced the downside of bell curves. Irritating moderating system! Modules which I was so confident in getting an A turned out to be a grade lower -_- So my aim for now is to strive for the best, clinch at least an A.. To meet this, I’m going to do hardcore mugging at least twice a week. Or if I know I’m not gonna do well, just try my best and enjoy what I’m doing since I’m very lucky to get all the modules I wanted! 🙂 So yeah.

Oh did I also mention I’m already a Year 2 student in NTU? Haha because I’ve met the minimum AUs for a sophomore due to my exemptions! But it’s really tough and long-winded for me to explain why I’m in Year 2 when it’s only my first year there. So should I introduce myself as a Year 1 or Year 2 student? :\

Also, I know I’ve screwed my body clock up during the term break by sleeping as late as 5am. So this year, starting from THIS WEEK, I shall sleep by midnight so that I can be fresh and awake for 9am classes (and allow my skin to recover)!! This is super tough (tougher than curbing my online shopping  addiction) but I will do it! I CAN DO IT!! And by doing so, I will NOT be late for 9am classes and will be early instead!

Lastly, okay this is going to sound superficial but I’m just going to say it anyway: TO LOSE WEIGHT, at least 5kg, from a UK8-10 to a UK6-8. I know I’m not the fattest person in the world and should be satisfied with my appearance but clearly I’m not and I want to look even better in everything. I’m not going to drastically change my diet but I’m probably just going to work out more. This shouldn’t be difficult! But the most challenging part of it is probably to shrink my arms -_- Stupid stubborn flabs, refusing to disappear since 2005.

Okay that’s the end of my ramblings. Hope I can find time to blog about Chengdu!

Cab Thieves

One of my biggest pet peeves (on top of crying children, spoilt children and.. well basically children) is people who attempt to flag down a cab knowing that I, the impatient one standing right beside them, have been waiting LONG BEFORE THEM.

These scumbags anger me terribly especially when I am running late for work and there is almost ZERO available cab in sight. On my unluckiest day, it rained very heavily and I had to wait for more than 15 minutes for a friggin taxi. What happened was this: a bloody fat female idiot had to jump the queue (walked further away from me but nearer to where vehicles were coming from) and flag down a cab before me. Of course, it stopped for her and trust me, I ALMOST pulled out my middle finger as the cab drove past. But I didn’t because I am GRACIOUS. I don’t behave like those selfish retards. Bloody hell.

And that was NOT the end. Then came another male idiot on the phone and pretended not to notice my presence and blatantly flag for a cab! Thank God the cab was busy so after witnessing his selfish act I immediately told him off. I shouted, “Oi, EXCUSE ME? I came first yeah?” and he crossed the road to flag at the opposite direction (not too bad). I know this action contradicts my statement about me being gracious but hor, graciousness has its limits too and I certainly do not have that much patience to sustain my graciousness at that point of time. Once is enough. Do it again for the second time and you jolly well GET IT.  And no, let me just say that even if you ask for my permission I will not let you have my cab too. You’re in a hurry I AM ALSO IN A HURRY OK?! If not why would I choose to get a cab right?

That happened a few weeks back but lo and behold! This “cab theft” incident occurred again when I was waiting for a cab near Bukit Gombak MRT station. Already late for work, this douchebag in the form of a lady had to get on my nerves by flagging down an incoming SMRT taxi. I was like, what the flying f***?! and began waving frantically and signalling the stupid bitch to go away (ok I think my actions quite exaggerated and funny come to think of it). To my surprise, the taxi DID NOT stop for her! It took me in the end!

What I learned from the driver is this: he saw ME flagging first so he refused to stop for her. He claimed that that’s the law but seriously, which taxi driver cares these days? Most of them are so lazy and inattentive and would choose to stop for anyone’s flagging near them. I applaud his righteousness! Yay!!

So for frequent taxi riders out there, here are some tips you could use to combat cab “thieves”:

  • Run to the front of that shameless moron like how he/she did to you and flag down a cab
  • Walk to that shameless moron and ask him/her why he/she deserves the cab more than you. Regardless of the answer, simply shrug it off by saying, “Sorry but I still think you should hop on to the one after mine because you know what principle is? It means you should step aside because I FRIGGIN CAME BEFORE YOU.”
  • Shout to that shameless moron that you came first. If he/she pretends not to hear it walk up to the person and tell him/her upfront. This is also one of those times you should put up that hooligan look on your face.
  • When a cab comes, wave frantically and signal to that shameless moron to go away. The moron wouldn’t be able to see it since his/her back would most probably be facing you. It’s actually to tell the taxi driver that you came first.
Ok that’s all.
P/S: I’ve written a compliment letter about the righteous driver to SMRT 🙂

Kids’ Impression of Sunway Lagoon

Two days ago my colleague at my Jurong tuition centre overheard a conversation between two primary 1 kids.

Tristan: I’m going to Sunway Rogoon this coming holiday!

Boy: What’s Sunway Rogoon?

Tristan: It has a big swimming pool, very nice and tall houses..

Boy: That’s a condominium!!

When I heard that from Grace I immediately burst out laughing. Kids these days… simply intelligent and imaginative.

You Are Not Forgotten

Hiiiiiii I’m so glad I finally found time to update this neglected thing. I’ve been quite busy these few weeks and I’m always feeling so lethargic when I reach home.

Oh by the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 even though it’s more than 3 months late. I’m sure 2011 would be different from the past years as I’m gonna embark on a brand new (education) journey.. Well, if I get accepted into NTU to study design.  Having said that, I’ve just completed my studies in SP 🙂 Wow can’t believe 3 years just went by like that. From the day I entered SP as a freshman on 7 April 2008 to the day I completed my final module on 18 February 2011 – it was definitely a blast even though there were ups and downs. But it’s alright because between the down and up moment, your maturity level goes up by an inch 😛 And if I remember correctly I should be able to collect my diploma on 25 May. Til then, I’ll be working my ass off hopefully to achieve a fatter bank account, enough to sustain my next holiday trip.

How should I continue from my abrupt end to my 2010 journals? Let me start from my final module – internship, which carried a whopping credit unit of 17 like, almost half of the total CU for that semester. I shall not reveal the name of the company because I’m not ready to burn any bridges. But for a little hint, it was a magazine company which gave me the design internship.

Although I’m truly grateful for the design skills I was taught, I simply cannot deny the horrible experience I had there. Complete with mean bosses and terrible employee welfare especially when you’re only a teeny weeny intern, it’s just anybody’s nightmare. And the pay is bloody low. I bet after CPF deductions (yes you heard me) I could be the lowest paid intern in my batch. Like who on Earth would deduct a measly intern’s pay? That flirtatious-looking accounts person didn’t believe that interns are excused from CPF deductions until my lecturer gave him the CPF guidelines. I wonder how many interns were duped by their so-called compulsory CPF scheme before I came. And after I left they CONTINUED to deduct the next intern’s pay for CPF. How despicable and unethical right?! They’re also very calculative in our pay I CAN’T STAND IT. So stingy for what?!

And that’s not just it you know.

Apart from having to endure that awful breath my supervisor exhaled that smelled like a dead rat, I also have to endure her bad temper. Usually she’s very moody on Mondays, I don’t know why. But that doesn’t give her the rights to vent it on me. She is exceptionally nice to and fearful of the editor and bosses, which I don’t really blame her. But her niceness is a little bit extreme, like she is gonna lick their shoes. You should totally see how her tone changes when she spoke to me AND THEN to the editor or the CEO. Kinda puts me off, like I’m not worthy of her respect.

Being an intern there also means that you’d be under-appreciated, taken for granted and I freaking hate it. Like I’m some kind of their SLAVE. I’m expected to work overtime and leave the office everyday at 10pm without any word of thanks from anybody. And when I don’t, I get reprimanded for not working as a team. I also get chided for the small mistakes I made during those sleepy nights. !#$%&! The most absurd thing was when the entire company left for Christmas lunch last year, the interns were made picking up the mess they left (who wouldn’t be surprised we were not invited). We could only leave for lunch at 4.15pm once we were done. My overly controlling supervisor texted me at 5pm asking me what time I left for lunch because she didn’t see me in the office. FYI, my lunch break was 1 HOUR. And she was so afraid I took more than that for lunch and had to resort to questioning me. What am I, your prisoner?? And once again not a single “thank you” from them for helping to clear the mess. Well done!

There are so many other unethical stuff they do but I can’t say it here since it’s a public page. I’m boycotting the stupid magazine from now and while I’m at that, I’m telling all friends to do the same too. It seriously doesn’t deserve the attention it gets.

Because of the company, my tolerance level rose. Even after all the crap they gave me, I was still able to keep my cool and pretend to be a well-behaved, soft-spoken intern all for the sake of grades. It’s amazing how I did that.

Unlike my classmates who had awesome colleagues to plan a farewell dinner for them on their last day, I had nothing. No farewell gifts, no paycheck, nothing. Instead I was given a B+ for the overall grade. I was SO UPSET that night and my heart wrenched. I effing cried. Did my utmost best, gave my all and that was what I got you know. And the most ridiculous thing was how my supervisor who bloody gave me that demeaning grade consoled me, probably to relieve herself of guilt. She said something along the line of  “don’t worry about the grade. It’s not too bad” which really made me feel like stabbing her. It’s like telling the person you’ve slapped so hard it doesn’t hurt. You’re not the person receiving a B+ for a module worth 17 credit units you bloody idiot! OF COURSE IT’S NOT WORRYING TO YOU.

So it’s been more than a month since my departure and I haven’t received my paycheck! What does that tell you about the company? BULLY. ‘Nuff said!

Anyway thank God hell ended. It was the longest 3 months of my life. And the worst one.

Stay tuned for my next update 🙂

So Worn Out Like a Wrinkly Bitch

Hey minions (ohoho), it’s time for me to finally take a short break and BLOG about my miserable life.

I have finalised my internship matters! I would be commencing as a design intern at a magazine from 29 November onwards. I’m quite looking forward to the whole new experience but yet at the same time, feeling rather nervous. Hope it’ll go okay for me!

Wednesday unofficially marked the final day of FYP slavery and slogging like nobody’s business. Why unofficially? Because I still have bloody report to submit, expenditure and attendance compilation. And because my group was in-charge of costume design AND making, we also have to WASH and return them to the school like, why the hell? 😦 But I’m so glad the event is OVARRRR! Anyway I felt a great sense of accomplishment because our costumes turned out awesome for Lady Gaias. At first we were full of doubts and uncertainty but in the end we managed to impress our Principal, CASS director and other participating members. Hahaha and the whole Green March event managed to obtain press coverage on Straits Times (not sure about TNP but I’m sure they did an exclusive coverage on the main Lady Gaia).  What an achievement! But all these wouldn’t be a success without the determination and help from my group members! Well done Outreach Team A!

Now for other modules I’m left with the big ICMT mock press conference and CIBM CA3. After that I’ll more or less be smelling freedom.

Oh one last issue. Today I was totally in my bitchy mode. It all started because of the so-unexpected pipe leakage at the DMS which caused me and 15 others from Advertising Copywriting class to be unable to print our CA3. The main colour printer was switched off to prevent any possible electrocution from happening. The other colour printer died on me when it was MY turn to print, like what the flying coconut! So in the end I printed all text in black and white and went to the printing shop nearby to get coloured visuals printed. SO RELUCTANT to go there because of the hefty cost..$0.50 per COLOURED printing. I had 6 pages to print and that was definitely going to eat up 3/4 of my EZ-link card value.  KNS.

Went there to find the shop totally packed with anxious students like myself. That was fine, but I was so upset the machine couldn’t detect the files I wanted to print! I went to 3 different printing kiosks and gave me the same result: BLANK PAGE. What the hellll I wasted almost 1 hour trying to print. AND what pissed me off was this guy, who was OBVIOUSLY aware of the long waiting queues, having the cheeks to ask his friends (who also took damn long to print also) to print for him as well. I was so angry seah!! So I lashed out at him, “Excuse me, can you don’t be so inconsiderate? Can’t you see we are all QUEUING up?” He was stunned and dumbfounded for awhile but quickly gave a rejoinder.

“But it’s only one page..”

“I’m sorry, no, please go and queue up,” I argued while looking right into his eyes.

“One page only mah. Okay fine, fine..” And he reluctantly joined a queue next to mine.

Geez, I seriously can’t stand people who get their friends to buy things on their behalf and PROLONG the waiting time. This also includes people who help withdraw others’ money from ATM machines. I mean like, you have legs so why can’t you friggin’ wait with the rest? STAND WILL DIE IS IT!

>: (

Worst Friday, Ever

Hey guys!

My life has been so drama recently.. Even more drama after I failed to complete my test yesterday for ICMT (Issues & Crisis Management). I was extremely upset, already on the verge of crying when I left the lecture hall because I knew I was never going to get an A after losing about 6 marks so far? If you haven’t already know me I’m an extreme perfectionist. B+ is never enough for me ok? 😦 I’m also a victim of the warped (elitist) education system in Singapore. Anyway before I digress..

The air-con in MLT 12 was like, blasted to its maximum that left everyone including myself (cannot adapt to extreme weathers) shivering like some naked people in ice water. That reaaaaaally hindered my writing speed and I was writing extremely slow and UNTIDILY 😦 Ok lah also partly because the time given for the paper was damn short! 1 hour and I had to write & explain 5 kinds of organisations that are prone to crisis  at the last page?? 5?! WHYYY MS DAWN WHYYY!? 😦

Then it was during the peak hour when I took the train home. I practically ran and squeezed into the supposedly Marina Bay-bound train a few moments before the doors closed (that’s my usual practice). And unexpectedly the strap of my bag got trapped in between the doors. Normally during peak hours the doors would close, open and close again to ensure that everyone is kept clear from them right? Well NOOOO.. the train just moved okay! And the doors were closed so TIGHTLY that I couldn’t release my bag from them despite multiple attempts. Instead of alighting at Bukit Gombak, I decided the take the train to Bishan because the doors open there.

Ok you must be thinking why I didn’t press the red button to alert the staff? Because I’m afraid of embarrassment ok.. It’s like, Singaporeans are so amazed and alarmed by the smallest matter. Argh..

So throughout the journey I was standing stupidly at the door until…. an announcement was made at around Yishin that “this train terminates at Ang Mo Kio”. KANASAI I immediately panicked like hell!! FYI, Ang Mo Kio is one stop before Bishan which means the doors that trapped my bag will NEVER be opened. My heart pumped so fast that my hands went numb while texting my boyfriend for help. There were 2 chatty girls sitting opposite me who totally stopped talking and started pointing at me in shock when I left my bag hanging in mid-air as I pressed the red button. Argh, super embarrassing I swear. Everyone just started to look at me 😦

Train terminated at Ang Mo Kio (not at the middle lane somemore wtf) and all lights went out. Passengers waiting for the next train all looked at me too. Sigh.. then came some station officers whom I beckoned for help. One of them told me to just pull the strap out.. I couldn’t so he helped me. Now my strap is torn. Zzz.. To end of the embarrassment I had to leave down my particulars and tell them what happened. Apparently it’s like a nightmare for them whenever the red button is pressed.. because they have to submit a report to the headquarters. Hoho.. Anyway I hope no idiots took picture of that incident and post on STOMP. I’d be STOMPING mad. :\

After that I took the train back home. Knocked the door, and was half surprised that my dog didn’t bark to welcome me home. She’d bark whenever she hears door knocks, or bell rings. But no.. Maybe she’s hiding somewhere in my mom’s room and couldn’t hear anything.

Went into my mom’s room and mom was shocked to see me there. “How come no sound when you come home?” she said. “Why Angel never bark at all? Where is she?” I started panicking again as I went searching for her within the house. Dad’s room, no. Toilets, no.. She was nowhere to be found. Called her name but she never appeared..

Crying, I walked around the neighbourhood with mom and sister clapping my hands and calling out for her. I was blaming my mom and sis for being so negligent that they didn’t even realise she was gone! I went home, printed notices and pasted everywhere in the vicinity.. A friend of my mom saw the notice and said that he saw her in the afternoon running around and playing with some strangers. That was about 3 pm. It’s already 8 pm now. She’s missing for 5 hours and not even a single soul knew? I was dead mad and kept scolding my mom! My sister was outside at that time. No one was in the living room but yet the door was left OPENED. Angel obviously knew a way to sneak out because the gate has holes big enough for her to squeeze her way through. I became so worried and started crying even more.. Tried finding her for the next 3 hours but to no avail. I tried knocking on every single door to ask if anyone seen her 😦 Luckily towards the end of the day someone called to tell me who took her home.. and Angel is back in my Alfi’s arms now 🙂

Okay that’s all. Today is a better day 😉