[SHOUT-OUT] Shopee 脳 Seoul Shop Pop-Up Store @ Suntec City

Hello everyone!

The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival opens tomorrow and those who’ve planned to go there might be wondering what to do before the doors open at 4 pm. Well, perhaps you could consider adding Suntec City to your afternoon itinerary since it’s just one stop away from Bayfront MRT and has a free shuttle service to the carnival. Most importantly, if you’re into all things Korean, there’s something new there to keep you occupied for at least an hour!

From now till 17 December 2017 (that’s two days from now), get your Korean fix without leaving Singapore! In partnership with Shopee, Seoul Shop (the same management behind I’M STARTICE) has set up a pop-up store at Suntec City (West-North Link) that provides a unique (believe me on this) and fuss-free shopping experience!

Expect an array of products ranging from beauty, accessories to household essentials flown in from South Korea at the store which will make great Christmas gifts! For the neat freaks, I spotted some nice 2018 planners on the shelves too 馃槅

The aisle

The aisle

Cutesy stationery found here!

Cutesy stationery found here!

If you're a fan of LINE Friends, this is why you should go to the pop-up store!

If you’re a fan of LINE Friends, this is why you should go to the pop-up store!

Handheld LINE Friends fans (if you didn't manage to score one from McDonald's)

Handheld LINE Friends fans (if you didn’t manage to score one from McDonald’s)

Isn't this the cutest tea infuser you've ever seen?!

Isn’t this the cutest tea infuser you’ve ever seen?!

Iceberg-inspired cup cover and infuser! Gwiyo

Iceberg-inspired cup cover and infuser! Gwiyo 馃槏

Writing pads!

Writing pads!

A durian-looking humidifier? Not expensive at all - only S$13.41 (before discount)!

A durian-looking humidifier? Not expensive at all – only S$13.41 (before discount)!

Wigs! Quite a number of styles available!

Wigs! Quite a number of styles available!

Vanity mirror for you to see if the wig looks nice on you!

Vanity mirror for you to see if the wig looks nice on you!

I guess.. these are hair dyes? Buy one get one free!

I guess.. these are hair dyes? Buy one get one free!

Eye shadow palettes

Eye shadow palettes

Lipsticks! Don't expect insane pigmentation though because Koreans like barely-there makeup looks!

Lipsticks! Don’t expect insane pigmentation though because Koreans like barely-there makeup looks!

But how is this little retail space different from the surfeit of pop-up stores out there? For one, a customer service counter takes the place of the cashier because the shop adopts a contactless payment system whereby only credit cards are accepted through the Shopee app. In other words, all purchases at the pop-up store are made聽through @hiseoul.sg聽on the Shopee app so you don’t have to tote around your bulky wallet! Hence, don’t be deceived by the lack of customers waiting in line at the counter (as given the Singaporean mentality, when a shop has short or no queue, it is presumably not good, right?) because checkout queues are practically nonexistent at the pop-up shop!

That said, do arm yourselves with the app already downloaded on your phone to speed up the transaction process (and save your mobile data). Once you have the app installed, register for an account with your mobile number, add a credit card via Account Settings and you are good to go! In the meantime, you can browse the catalogue to get a better sense of what may be available at the pop-up shop. Due to space constraints, only a small selection of items (from the catalogue) is sold at the pop-up shop so it is advisable that you drop by before you make any order on the app.

To add new credit card, go to settings (gear icon on top left) on your profile page

To add new credit card, go to settings (gear icon on top left) on your profile page

Tap on 'Bank Accounts/Cards'

Tap on ‘Bank Accounts/Cards’

Then, tap on 'Add New Credit Card/Debit Card'

Then, tap on ‘Add New Credit Card/Debit Card’

What’s more, buying through the app entitles you to a 15% off your total bill with the code “HISESEOUL“! If your Korean sheet mask supplies are running low, I suggest you take this opportunity to stock them up! Don’t say I bo jio聽worz聽馃き聽Prices reflected on the shelves are before the discount is applied!

When it comes to mask packaging, Korea wins hands-down!

When it comes to mask packaging, Korea wins hands-down!

I spy the Americano and Latte Mask on the bottom right. Like, what?!

I spy the Americano and Latte Mask on the bottom right. Like, what?!

More masks! The ones on the bottom row are mask for your feet! Bought one box and it friggin' works!

More masks! The ones on the bottom row are mask for your feet! Bought one box and it friggin’ works!

Buy this Peel Off mask and film down your reaction XD #waystogoviral

Buy this Peel Off mask and film down your reaction XD #waystogoviral

There will be a live makeup demonstration by native Korean makeup artist Jinnie Lee on Saturday and Sunday (16/12, 17/12) at 1-2 pm and 6-7 pm so be sure to stick around if you’re heading to the pop-up store this weekend! Psst.. I heard there will also flash deals up for grabs over the weekend! You won’t wanna miss them 馃い

Can’t make it for the event or want something on mobile but is not available at the store? If you don’t mind the wait, go ahead and place your order with ease because Shopee is currently offering FREE local shipping聽on top of the 15% discount that is extended to orders made through the app! Simply apply the same code “HISESEOUL” at checkout to enjoy the offer! But remember, all good things must come to an end – this irresistible promotion sadly runs right up until this Sunday, 17 December 2017. The good news, though, is that you get to keep the Shopee coins (100 Shopee Coins = $1 discount) you earned from your Seoul Store order for three months!

Some products available on the app

Some products available on the app

That’s not all! Shopping at the pop-up store comes with an extra treat – a goodie bag! But do act fast because the goodie bags are available while stock lasts on a first-come-first-serve basis and are limited to one redemption per person. Psst.. get another friend to make the payment of half your order to fully utilise this offer 馃槣

Mmm, what else? Oh yes, a grand draw! Who can say no to contests? Stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to Seoul by following @hiseoul.sg on Shopee. And as an added bonus for your support, you get to double your chances of winning with any purchase on @hiseoul.sg from 11 to 17 December too! Easy, right?

Look for 'Seoul Shop' in the search bar

Look for ‘Seoul Shop’ in the search bar

Hit the 'Follow' button!

Hit the ‘Follow’ button!

So, wait no further and start Shopee-ing now! 馃榿 Who knows? You could be the lucky one jetting off to Seoul next year!

Shopee 脳 Seoul Shop Pop-Up Store 路 11 – 17 December 2017 路 Suntec City West-North Link 1-2 (Outside Cotton On)聽路聽3E Temasek Boulevard Singapore 038984聽路 Operating hours: 11.00 am to 9.00 pm 路 Nearest MRT stations: Esplanade (CC3) / Promenade (CC4/DT15) / City Hall (NS25/EW13)聽路 More information here
This post is brought to you by Seoul Shop.

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4 Hidden Causes Of Acne – Does Lack of Sleep Cause It?

Suffering with spots? Plagued by pimples? Bothered by breakouts? Then this is the article for you.

Whatever you call the blasted blemishes, most of us have suffered from the uninvited presence of acne at some stage in our lives. And while having a good diet and a five-star skin-care regime are important, keeping the dreaded pimples at bay is by no means that simple.

Acne is a multi-factored beast, and our busy daily lives throw up many contributing causes 鈥 a number of which are not always that obvious.

Lucky for you, I鈥檝e done some digging and uncovered a few sneaky hidden causes of acne, plus some accompanying solutions. So read on and let me help clear things up.

The top 4 hidden causes of acne are:

1. Heat and Humidity

While we all welcome the onset of summer and the chance to get our Vitamin D fix, unfortunately warmer temperatures aren鈥檛 always a friend to our face.

Heat and humidity bring an increase in oil secretion and sweat, both of which exacerbate skin conditions and can trigger outbreaks amongst those prone to acne.

Now unless you鈥檙e Storm from the X-Men, there鈥檚 nothing you can do to change the weather. But solutions are available, such as washing more regularly throughout the day and carrying around clean tissues to avoiding touching your face with your hands.

Too much heat during the nighttime can also cause problems, because we often overheat while we sleep. My advice? Try sleeping with the window open, or find yourself a nice fan. Fresh air = fresh face.

Another quick trick to solve those heat-led breakouts? Look to the magic of technology! Blue light therapy devices are a great way of tackling acne-causing bacteria that build up under summer skin. Problem sorted!

2. A Lack of Omega-3

Oily skin bad. Oily fish good.

Omega-3 fatty acids, also know as healthy fats, play an important role in tackling inflammatory conditions like acne. And if you lack Omega-3 in your diet, you’re missing an important weapon in your battle for a clear complexion.

Omega-3 deficiencies have been shown to decrease the production of sebum, which lowers the risk of getting unwanted pimples.

So like you looked to technology for a great fix, look to the sea now! Fish like tuna, salmon, sardines and anchovies are all high in Omega-3 鈥 and therefore contribute to a healthy glow.

If you鈥檙e not a fish fan, you can get your Omega-3 fix from nuts such as almonds and walnuts. Allergic to nuts too?! Uh oh. Well fear not 鈥 a variety of supplements do exist, including krill oil, cod liver oil, fish oil and flaxseed.

Psst…As an added bonus, Omega-3 will help keep your joints nice and loose. Great skin, supple body 鈥 it does it all!

3. Dirty Pillows

Think about it. While you might diligently wash your face every night before heading off to la-la land, what is the very next thing your freshly cleaned skin comes into contact with? Yep, that鈥檚 right 鈥 your pillowcase.

And if you are neglecting to properly wash or swap your pillowcase on a regular basis, it鈥檚 the same as forgetting that cleansing regime of yours and going to bed with a full face of make-up.

Because your pillowcase is like a big sponge; soaking up everything your face throws at it through the night 鈥 sweat, drool, skin cells, oil 鈥 and yes, even residue of your nightly moisturiser. Gross.

So, if you want to avoid that breakout, then break out your inner washer woman and start washing that pillowcase at least once a week. And if you are really concerned, then try flipping your pillows more frequently. It鈥檒l help you sleep better, too.

4. A Lack of Sleep

Speaking of better sleep, we鈥檝e arrived at our fourth hidden cause of acne.

What does sleep have to do with acne, I hear you ask? Well, a lot actually.

Research have shown that poor sleep impacts on almost every aspect of our physical and mental health. Poor quality sleep has been proved to play a role in depression, obesity, our ability to fight disease, and yes, even our appearance.

A lack of sleep leads to increased stress, which results in the production of a stress hormone called glucocorticoid. This in turn can lead to the deterioration in the health of skin structure and function. Basically, bad sleep leads to bad skin. Got it?!

So how do we solve this problem? Well, there are no magical number of hours you need to sleep 鈥 everyone is different. However, if you鈥檙e regularly getting less than six hours sleep a night then this is probably preventing you from having blemish-free skin. It鈥檚 possibly affecting other aspects of your health, too.

After all, there鈥檚 a good reason why they call it 鈥榞etting your beauty sleep鈥!

For more tips and tricks on getting a good sleep, visit this site. Once you learn how to get into a proper bedtime routine and how to have a decent sleep, every night, your skin will thank you for it.

So there you go 鈥 four hidden causes of acne that you may not have heard of before!

Now remember to prepare for hot weather, get some Omega-3 into you, wash that pillow and get more sleep.

I hope that鈥檚 clearer now. Your skin will be soon! 馃槈

Thanks for reading!

This article is guest-written by Sarah Cummings, co-creator of Sleep Advisor, a one-stop website for everything you need to know about achieving optimal sleep level and聽waking up each day with more energy and focus.

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Get Your Customised Health Report from Eu Yan Sang


Hey everyone!

What comes to your mind when you think of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)? Having relied mostly聽on Western medicine to treat my illnesses聽all my life, I admit my perception of TCM had always been聽pretty warped and shallow even聽as a Chinese myself. Apart from the unusually bitter herbal tea my Mom occasionally聽makes聽to nourish the family (and I’d always have to pinch my nose while forcing the tea down my throat聽so as to avoid tasting聽the bitterness), I had also personally seen how cupping works at a makeshift sinseh’s stall. Although the man聽being cupped never聽showed any signs of distress (he probably was already accustomed to the pain. Who knows?), it still聽looked scarily painful enough for me to generalise that all TCM modalities of healing聽are a form of torture.

The various types of treatment available in TCM, chosen based on what's most suitable for your body

The various types of treatment available in TCM, chosen based on what’s most suitable for your body. Do note that foot reflexology is a part of acupuncture but it’s not a treatment used in TCM.

But after an excruciating session of facial extraction last month, that kinda got me thinking again.聽If people are actually willing to undergo the process of extraction despite the pain, surely there must be some benefits to it. Likewise, the same for TCM treatments, except that they are a lot less painful,聽perhaps causing聽only brief discomfort or tingling sensation which will go away before you know it.

(ADV) Do you know that turmeric is great for helping both your body and your brain? Check out which 10 turmeric supplement made the cut on聽MonicasHealthMag.com!

There are many TCM practitioners in Singapore whom you can seek medical help from but Eu Yan Sang is unarguably one of the most trusted and reputable clinics (more on this later!) around given their聽long history in the business of TCM and large customer base.

Luckily for me,聽I was given the golden opportunity to consult one of their聽physicians with regards to my health concerns聽at their Novena Specialist Centre outlet and I’m very excited to share my experience with you guys!

Getting to know Eu Yan Sang (浣欎粊鐢)

Contrary to popular belief, the household brand聽isn’t homegrown nor was it from Hong Kong. It was actually founded in Perak, Malaysia by Eu Kong in 1879 to nurse tin miners battered by illnesses and poor living conditions back to health. Currently managing the enterprise is Eu Kong’s great grandson, Singaporean Richard Eu, who wanted to keep the last family business alive.

The Eu聽Tong Sen street along Chinatown was named after Eu Kong’s eldest son in recognition of his generous contributions in World War I to further the British efforts,聽as well as聽in social causes.聽After his death,聽Eu Yan Sang continues to be actively involved in community works under the helm of his successor.

Health screening聽at Eu Yan Sang Wellness Clinic

That’s right, besides the many stores which stock up raw聽and packed herbs islandwide,聽Eu Yan Sang also has its own chain of clinics! I honestly didn’t know about that until I was invited to a one-on-one health consultation with Physician Neo Min Jun. I’ve been seriously living under a rock -_-

Eu Yan Sang TCM Wellness Clinic at Novena Specialist Centre

Eu Yan Sang TCM Wellness Clinic at Novena Specialist Centre

As I was running a little late for the appointment at 6pm (due to work), I hastened my pace from Novena MRT to Novena Specialist Centre, which is fortunately just a stone’s throw away from each other. As a result, my temperature and blood pressure聽skyrocketed and kinda puzzled聽the clinic assistant who took the readings for me a little. Hahaha!

Physician Neo is effectively bilingual. Upon entering her room, she asked if I was comfortable with聽conversing in聽Mandarin or English, to which I chose the latter because I jiak kantang聽(or rather, I wouldn’t be able to understand all the TCM terms that she’d most likely bring up).聽Following that, she went on to seek more information about my sleeping habits, eating habits, lifestyle and so on. I could see the subtle shock in her eyes (the聽only facial features visible on her partially masked face) when I told her that I had been sleeping at 6am for the past 2 months. On top of that, she also checked my pulse and tongue.

As she was busy punching the keys on her computer keyboard, I was silently enjoying the soothing sound of the trickling fountain water in the background. Soon after, my first TCM health report was printed!

Physician Neo Min Jun

Physician Neo Min Jun

My TCM health report from Eu Yan Sang

My TCM health report

My TCM health report

My聽folder consists of a 4-page introductory section that explains the purpose and features of TCM, and a聽9-page customised health report (with聽my full name and NRIC number indicated on every single page) detailing the healthy living do’s and don’ts in聽both English and Chinese languages.

TCM health report

TCM health report

Name and NRIC on cover page

Name and NRIC on cover page

For those not well-versed in TCM terms like me, basically everything in the universe – including our body聽– has both Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) attributes聽which聽are opposites聽and interdependent of each other. The example my physician gave me was the presence of “water” (yin, our bloody and bodily fluids) and “fire” (yang, our Qi or energy) elements in our body. We have to keep both in balance because聽failure to do so will either extinguish the fire聽or evaporate the water (姘磋兘鐏伀锛岀伀鑳界儳骞叉按). When one of these energies diminishes (闃撮槼澶辫皟), the body suffers聽and becomes聽more susceptible to falling ill.

5 elements of TCM

The 5 elements of TCM are Mu, Huo, Tu, Jin and Shui. The cyclical of the 5 phases tells you what the preceding elements are (e.g. Mu gives rise to Huo, Huo gives rise to Tu and so on. More info here). Each element represents a part of our body. For example, Mu represents our liver and Huo represents our heart. The direction of each line of the star in the middle links two opposing elements

And because聽of all the late nights, my “fire” has been constantly聽drying out聽my “water” to keep my body going (and it’s not easy to replenish these Yin and Yang energies). Therefore, Physician Neo had diagnosed a Yin-deficiency in me, based on my physical characteristics and what she had derived from my pulse rate, tongue texture and possibly other factors.聽Many general characteristics of a Yin-deficient individual resonated with me. Having too little bodily fluid, for instance, is one because聽I聽hardly drink up. I also have yellow urine, hard and dry stools and feel constipated.聽Most importantly, I am very easily agitated! My poor boyfriend and loved ones聽are often on the receiving end of my bad temper 馃槓

Physician Neo聽also went through the report with me and gave valuable advice on how to turn my health around at the same time.聽I learnt that TCM studies the body as an organic whole. In other words, an external problem (e.g. red eyes) may be of internal origin (e.g. liver issues). TCM聽doesn’t just treat the symptoms – it actually gets to the root of the problem.聽However, some people (especially youths like myself) may not notice these symptoms聽because prior to that, conditions have not yet developed into diseases. Even if they do experience certain discomfort such as chronic fatigue, headaches and poor quality of sleep, these聽sub-health issues are often neglected or overlooked.

Watch the video to learn more about sub-health issues!

In my case, I don’t present any聽symptoms on the surface聽due to聽my young age. But through the hassle-free health screening, my physician was able to identify my problem, which was a Yin-deficiency caused by my late nights. To resolve this issue, I’ve got to sleep early, preferably by聽11pm, or 1pm latest because that’s when the liver (the聽organ with the most stressful job because it monitors all our 7 emotions)聽detoxes. Once I’ve missed the organ’s repair timing, I will have to wait til the next day!

The healing power of sleep
Organ’s daily repair/maintenance schedule

鈾β11pm – 1am: Gall bladder – time to sleep
鈾β1am – 3am: Liver
鈾β3am – 5am:聽Lungs
鈾β5am – 7am: Large intestines (or colon) – wake up and聽poop!
鈾β7am – 9am: Stomach – have breakfast
鈾β9am – 11am: Spleen
鈾β11am – 1pm: Heart
鈾β1pm – 3pm: Small intestines
鈾β3pm – 7pm: Kidneys and Bladder
鈾β7pm – 9pm: Pancreas
鈾β9pm – 11pm: Blood vessels and聽Arteries

Source: Physician Neo and additional info from healthreviser.com

Note: The human body functions according to the meridian clock,
not the body clock! So don’t have the silly thinking like me that the body would grow聽accustomed to your unhealthy sleeping habits XD

It’s gonna be tough聽resetting聽my body clock but for the sake of my health, I’ll try. *fingers crossed* I definitely don’t want to look older than my peers 10 years down the road and be menopausal earlier than anyone else!

Do you know?

Women age faster than men.

In the olden days, females underwent puberty at 14. However, with GMO foods embedded in our food system these days, the age has been lowered significantly over the years. The child-bearing years for women is between 21 and 35 years old. Thereafter, female fertility deteriorates and women start to age and subsequently go through menopause聽after聽49 years old (7×7). Men only experience andropause after the age of 64 (8×8).

Another thing I was told to avoid was overly warming and drying food such as glutinous rice (an exception for me), chili, garlic, leek, cinnamon, dried ginger and mutton because they聽deplete my bodily fluids. Adding on to the list are fried food (which I’d be permissible to eat – in moderation – so long as I sleep early *sigh*) and *drums roll*…. my favourite BREWED聽GREEN TEA because it’s too cooling for my body system 馃槬 I should instead consume food such as lotus roots, black fungus, sugar cane, pear, wolfberry and red dates because they are more moisturising in nature.

Omg…… so much sacrifice to make. I’m not going to lie. I need time to get used to this lifestyle. I聽will certainly cheat a little, for now. Haha!

Get your own TCM health report!

After my session with聽Physician Neo, the ignoramus in me was tremendously enlightened. The purpose of TCM is to protect us聽from illnesses聽and it’s advisable聽to聽take聽care of our聽health now while聽we’re still young. Internal problems that arise now can still be reversed聽but聽it will be too late by the time symptoms start to emerge.

The best way to prevent these sub-health issues from developing and becoming emergencies is early discovery and of course, to treat them at the root before they worsen. You can begin by getting your health screened at Eu Yan Sang and obtaining your very own TCM health report… at a special rate!

That’s right, it’s not gonna burn a hole in your pocket! 馃檪


Get your own TCM Health Report at Eu Yan Sang.
Simply call the clinic to make an appointment and quote 鈥My TCM Health Report鈥 to enjoy Health Report service at $38 (Usual price: $48),
until 31 Dec 2015.

For more information on the availability of the service and clinic numbers,
click here.

How do you find TCM in general? Have you consulted any TCM physician? Do share your experience with me in the comments below!

Thanks for reading! 馃檪

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