[CONFECTIONERY] Golden Moments Signature Galaxy Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake

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Somehow, being cooped up in the house for a prolonged period has led me to develop major cravings for foods that are not easily accessible in Singapore or at this time of the year, such as raw freshwater fish (long banned; it was great while it lasted 😢) and durian, and I really had it worse with the latter. Since the durian season has yet to reach its peak, it is almost impossible to find my preferred variants (i.e. sweet flesh only) and reasonably priced ones in the market. Therefore, I had to resort to less-than-legitimate alternatives, such as durian puffs and cakes.

My first durian food purchase during Circuit Breaker [click here for shop]

My first durian food purchase during Circuit Breaker [click here for shop]

Bought this for my mother's birthday! [click here for shop]

Bought this for my mother’s birthday! [click here for shop]

With bakeries cashing in on the nation’s growing obsession with the king of fruits, there is certainly no lack of durian cakes in the confectionery scene. But the supply took a hit when stricter Circuit Breaker measures forbade brick-and-mortar confectioneries from operating. As a result, I had to turn to online retailers like Golden Moments, a homeground startup known for their handcrafted premium durian delicacies (you might have heard of their bamboo charcoal snowskin durian mooncakes), and it just so happened that they were also having a one-for-one promotion on their Signature Galaxy Mao Shan Wang Durian Cakes on top of a discount to commemorate their four-year anniversary of inception! Mind you, their prices are usually on the steep side (U.P. S$158.80 per cake, like hooooooly) so when the rare opportunity arises to get two for the price of one, you betcha I ain’t gonna let it slip away. The only issue was finding another person to share the cost with me (which I did eventually) because consuming two cakes would be stretching it (and my tummy 😂).

The promotion on Golden Moments website! (Sorry guys, offer ended!)

The promotion on Golden Moments website! (Sorry guys, offer ended!)

The cakes arrived four days after placing my order (to be fair, Golden Moments did forewarn about delays due to a surge in demand on their website) packed in white plastic bag, two hours shy of the start of the delivery slot I had opted for (i.e. 2pm – 6pm). Kudos for being early – too early, in fact – but I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed that it came without being in an insulated bag to maintain its temperature. Imagine frantically getting out of bed (because Sundays are for sleeping in) to receive my order, only to panic the next moment as there wasn’t sufficient space in the freezer for two cakes (this procrastinator had planned to make room when she woke up, but her bad; she should have done that the night before 🤷🏻‍♀️). Besides, what if no one was at home to answer the door in Golden Moments’ attempt to be (overly) efficient?

Dear (courier?) companies, if your customer has chosen a delivery slot, please stick to it 😒 Otherwise, give the customer a call before making that trip if you’re very early to ensure that he/she is available to receive the order! /rantover

According to the website, each cake weighs 1 kg and measures 8″ (or 18 cm), and comprises layers of cheese mousse, 100% premium Mao Shan Wang durian, coconut sponge and coconut crunch – a complex and bizarre favour combination, if you ask me, but I was genuinely curious how putting together two pungent ingredients – durian and coconut – would work out to be.



A gradual pull of the cake board out of the box revealed the ritzy cake blanketed in black mirror glaze coating, which marble effect is said to be different on every cake. Although marketed as having a galaxy design, there was a lack of blue and purple hues to justify its name – it was just.. black gelatin sheet with faint white marbling patterns (I would actually relate better if the design was described as smokey instead), decorated with gold sprinkles and a dash of gold leaf to add exquisiteness to the whole appearance.

(Pardon the frosty surface as this picture was taken immediately after it was taken out of the freezer) Golden Moment Galaxy Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake

(Pardon the frosty surface as this picture was taken immediately after it was taken out of the freezer) Golden Moment Galaxy Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake

The depth of the cake (picture taken without flash)

The depth of the cake (picture taken without flash)

Once removed from the freezer, it is best to leave the cake to defrost for a while or it’d be a pain to move the blade of the knife into it (rookie mistake 😟 see images below). After managing to dissect the cake, I took a peek at the cross-section and was slightly underwhelmed by how it looked. It was clearly a far cry from how it is depicted on the website (although as an advertising grad, I should have known better and adjusted my expectations). But I could definitely see the layers of the promised ingredients – cheese mousse, durian and coconut crumbs.

Took me many slicing attempts to lift this slab up

Took me many slicing attempts to lift this slab up

A closer view of the cross-section (picture taken with flash to make cake appear less frosty)

A closer view of the cross-section (picture taken with flash to make cake appear less frosty)

Despite the rather unimpressive presentation, I’ve got to admit – the aroma of durian was strong in this one. It wasn’t the smell of durian puree; but of a true MSW durian (but the smell got less distinct with each passing day). Just one bite into the cake and I was instantly hooked. It had an unrivalled texture of a cake. There was the lightness and fluffiness from the mousse, softness and waxiness from the durian flesh and gelatin sheet, and crunchiness of the coconut flakes and crumbs. My taste buds were confused, but in a happy way. The distinct flavour of each ingredient stood out with each bite, and all of them indeed fused seamlessly together. To say this cake was delicious would be an understatement; I would gladly swim in this this phenomenal cake and have it for all meals 😛

The cake can be stored in the freezer for up to one week, but it is best consumed within three days (though mine couldn’t last that long). Also, if you’re thinking of cutting the cake in slices before serving, just note that the gelatin sheet would fuse together upon refrigeration (or that was what happened to my friend at least).

Without a doubt, the taste managed to more than compensate for its shortfall in appearance. The cake was so good, every bite lulled me into a sense of euphoria – a feeling that no other cake had come close to giving me (I’m not even a cake person to begin with!). So this begs the question: would I repurchase? CERTAINLY, but only at the promotional price. S$158.80 for an 8″ cake is really pushin’ it, bruh 😭

What are your thoughts about Golden Moments and their products? If you’ve tried the cake above, does my review resonate with your experience? Let me know your views in the comments below!

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Golden Moments · GOLDENMOMENTS.SG · For more information, please visit Golden Moments FACEBOOK PAGE, INSTAGRAM or WEBSITE.

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Lady M Confections @ Marina Square

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I wanted to blog about a confectionery that my boyfriend had recommended to me and yup, it’s called Lady M. Apparently it’s a confectionery originated from New York City and I believe the Singapore stores are its only overseas outlets.


Lady M


Shop interior. There is a takeaway booth at the back and you don’t have to queue for that!

We went to the Marina Square branch (the other is at One Fullerton) yesterday after attending my niece’s baby shower and we spotted a long queue at the entrance when we were there! It must be really good, I thought. We waited for about 20 minutes before we finally got a table. With a budget of $30 (which I subsequently increased to $40 lol), we ordered two of their signature cakes and a pot of Earl Grey Tea.


Cake and beverage menu (Click on picture to enlarge)


I thought it’s quite important to mention that Lady M serves free iced water! And it comes in this bigger-than-usual good quality plastic cup. To me, offering free iced water is the first step to breeding goodwill among customers but restaurants here rarely do it nowadays.


Our pot of Earl Grey Tea (S$5 without taxes) was enough to serve 2. It was very fragrant, rich and made of very high quality tea leaves. Highly recommended!

Their cakes are layered with “no less than twenty paper-thin handmade crêpes…with ethereal light pastry cream”. In other words, they are America’s kueh lapis 😛


Boyfriend ordered their most popular crepe cake – Vanilla Mille Crepes (S$8/slice without taxes). I tried it and it’s really not bad. The vanilla frosting isn’t too strong and you’d crave for more with every bite.


Side view. Look at how creamy it is!


As a green tea lover, I went with Green Tea Mille Crepes (S$8.50/slice without taxes) which is 70% covered with green tea powder – on top and infused into every layer.


Side view – Made of very layers of thin, soft, green tea powdered crepe. For hardcore green tea fans only.


Back view – the edges of the crepes


The crepes fall out very easily when sliced, making my plate very messy 😦

I’m not a huge cake fan to begin with, so going to a confectionery didn’t really excite me. But their mille crepes were a refreshing change from the usual layer cakes. I didn’t enjoy the Green Tea Mille Crepes as much as the Vanilla one though because I felt that the former is a little too green tea overdose? It’s not bad at the first bite but you’d get sick of it gradually. However you may love it if you’re a big green tea lover.

We still had some time to burn after having our cakes so we went through their soup menu. Both my boyfriend and I love mushroom soup so we got ourselves a bowl of Vanilla Mushrooms to share. Vanilla?? Interesting. But I’m afraid nothing in there is vanilla at all.


If you’re not in the mood for cakes, they have other food alternative as well! (I actually misread “Fig Tart” as “Big Fart” the very first time I looked at this menu lol)


A bowl of Vanilla Mushroom (S$10 without taxes) is enough for 2 people if you’re not very hungry. But it’s really nice so I regret sharing it with boyfriend.


Soup made of Shimeiji mushrooms, white truffle essence and cheesy croutons. It’s totally meat-free thus it’s also a vegetarian-friendly appetiser. What stood out on my taste bud about this soup is the white truffle essence. It really enhanced the taste of the soup!


The egg york caught us by surprise! We didn’t know there was egg in it since this isn’t mentioned on the menu. Broke the poached egg and mixed it with the soup! It was a brilliant combination!


Happy boy finally satisfied his craving.

Perhaps I’m really not a fan of pastries but I personally feel that their crepe cakes are overrated. I may be wrong since boyfriend loved it so much. Thus I would come back again but obviously not for the cakes. I would for the mushroom soup! It’s honestly one of the best I’ve had and I will definitely not share it with anyone LOL. I would love to try their starters as well probably when I’m ready to splurge again coz they are pretty pricey.

My total damage was S$37.10 including 10% government tax and 7% service charge. Service was satisfactory as the staff were very friendly and welcoming.

I went back again on 18 June as part of a plan for my boyfriend’s birthday celebration and had Red Velvet cake. They seemed to have added new items on their menu coz I didn’t see Red Velvet on my first visit.


Red velvet cake (S$9)

ladym2 ladym

Lady M Confections

Marina Square Shopping Mall 
6 Raffles Boulevard #02-103
Singapore 039594
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 10pm
Telephone: +65 6822 2095

One Fullerton
1 Fullerton Road #01-10
Singapore 049213
Opening Hours:
Weekdays: 11am to 11pm
Weekends: 11am to 12am
Telephone: +65 6820 0830

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