Tanuki Raw @ Orchard Central

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Remember when Orchard Central used to be a ghost town? I remember how quiet it was when it first started despite its prime location along Somerset. Empty shops (mostly boutiques) that looked like they were on the verge of closure lined the mall and there was hardly any affordable eateries around. Most of the time, I would avoid going there because there was seriously nothing much to see. And it also didn’t help when the MRT exit was directly linked to its competitor Somerset313 which also enjoyed the bustle and attention brought by its anchor tenants like Forever21.

Fast forward more than 3 years and the mall began to show some improvements with more well-known F&B outlets occupying most of its commercial space. I like how Orchard Central has now become an international food hub, offering established brands like Dean & DeLuca and Lady M which were previously too out of the way for me.

Besides international brands, there were also a couple of local F&B firms that made their way to Orchard Central. One of them is Tanuki Raw, a sushi and tapas bar restaurant 🙂 As unusual as its name, this restaurant celebrates Happy Hour every single day, offering $2 oysters and $10 Martinis and cocktails from 5pm to 8pm when long queues typically start to form. There’s even an al fresco area where you could enjoy great live music while you dine!


Shopfront, snapped with my phone.


A picture of my resting bitch face to begin this post HAHA. We were given an outdoor seating on our second visit!


Apple & Mint cocktail (S$10+)

The $2 oysters come with a catch – you can only order a maximum of 6 oysters per alcoholic drink ordered. So boyfriend and I (reluctantly because not in the mood for alcohol actually) ordered a cocktail so that we could get the oysters as well. After all, they were our reason for dining at Tanuki the very first time.


Fresh oysters at S$2+ each.


The oysters were remarkable – fresh, huge, clean and meaty. It’s super worth the price!


5 slices of Salmon Sashimi at S$7+.

Like the oysters, the Salmon Sashimi can only be bought with purchase of any alcohol. It was great but nothing extraordinary; it didn’t leave an impression. Nevertheless it was fresh and adequately thick and fatty.


Garlic Fries at S$7+.

I was craving for truffle fries that day but the restaurant doesn’t have it, so I settled for garlic fries! They came piping hot in a basket and in such generous amount which was impossible for me to finish. They were incredibly tasty, mildly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Bravo! Each piece was thick and sliced proportionately too 🙂


Rockstar (sushi roll) – seared salmon draped over mozzarella, mentaiko sauce, at S$10+.


Mozzarella in the middle.

This is an all-time favourite at Tanuki, and possibly mine too. I really love the torched taste of the seared salmon as well as the richness of the Mentaiko sauce. The entire thing was simply delicious. As most of you are aware, sushi traditionally has to be eaten in one bite but this is such a mouthful hahaha. It took me awhile to successfully chew every bit of it.


Truffle Yakiniku Donburi – pan seared black angus short rib, onsen egg, truffle soy sauce, at S$18+.


I’m in heaven~

This was the highlight of our dining experience because it’s the bomb. I couldn’t believe I finished the entire donburi when I was supposed to be on a low-carb diet. So if you’re on a diet, I suggest you forget about this dish altogether (pretty sure it’s more than 500 calories) because once you start, it’s gonna be so difficult to stop goddammit. IT’S SO GOOOOD.

Meltingly tender and extremely satisfying, the thick black angus short rib slices were an absolute treat. The eggs were cooked perfectly (just look how runny those whites are) and the rice (mixed with toasted sesame seeds) was phenomenal. Needless to say, this is a must-try when you’re at Tanuki.

That’s all for this food review!

Thanks for reading 😉

Tanuki Raw
181 Orchard Road
#02-03 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Operating hours: 11:30am – 10:30pm daily
Tel: +65 6636 5949
E-mail: tanuki@tanukibar.com
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Boyfriend’s Birthday Dinner @ SKIRT (W Hotel)

Hey everyone! My tutee’s mom cancelled my only tuition assignment today so I shall use this time to blog about the birthday celebration I planned for boyfriend. And if time permits, I’ll also write about Father’s Day later.

To be honest, the plan was only thought up on the night before on my bed, before I fell into a deep slumber. I didn’t tell boyfriend this haha. But everything went pretty well with the exception of the last segment where I stupidly bought movie tickets for a show that boyfriend had already watched (Edge of Tomorrow – hilarious movie!).

The highlight of the celebration was dinner at SKIRT, a restaurant in W Hotel located at the prestigious Sentosa Cove. Boyfriend (and myself) had been longing to try Beef Wellington ever since watching 3 seasons of MasterChef. There are only a few places here in Singapore that serve that dish so it wasn’t difficult to decide on the place to dine at. (The other highly-recommended restaurant is Wooloomooloo Steakhouse which I will definitely try if the opportunity arises). I chose SKIRT mainly because of its mid-range pricing but having said that, their food and service are first class.

I made my reservation here in the morning and received a confirmation call about 2 hours before our dining time. At the same time, I was also reminded of the dress code which was smart casual (no shorts, bermudas, open shoes and slippers). I took a quick glance at boyfriend’s (who had no idea where I was gonna bring him to) attire and was relieved that he dressed appropriately haha.

The cab fare from Suntec City to Sentosa Cove was a whopping $22+ lol thanks to peak hour surcharge, ERP and Sentosa’s entrance fee ($2). 😦


The restaurant was adorned with vintage-looking furniture and enthralling pieces of chandelier which turned into a really gorgeous sight when night fell. We found ourselves the only diners when we arrived. But more patrons started streaming in as we were enjoying our complimentary homemade bread which I later realised was free flow! We didn’t manage to finish our first serving though as our stomachs were partially filled by the cakes at Lady M earlier on. Came with it was a bottle of chorizo lard oil and some dip we couldn’t make out what that was. According to other online reviews it’s supposed to be seaweed dip but it didn’t taste like seaweed at all :\

Flower-shaped bread topped with 2 unusual dips

Flower-shaped bread topped with 2 unusual dips (S$free)


A glass bottle of distilled water (Acqua Panna 750ml) costs S$12

Duofie with the birthday boy <3

Duofie with the birthday boy ❤

Some pictures of the menu for your reference:

skirt14 skirt15 skirt17 skirt18 skirt19

We waited for quite awhile before our mains and sides were served and were starting to grow a little impatient as we had a movie to catch. But we kept quiet because we didn’t want to be served rushed food. Hahaha so understanding right!?

Came shortly after the bread. The one on the left is BBQ sauce for the steak and on the right is apple bourbon juice, to cleanse your palette. Only served if you order meat.

Came shortly after the bread. The one on the left is BBQ sauce for the steak and on the right is apple bourbon juice, to cleanse your palette. Only served if you order meat.

I’m not an alcohol fanatic but the apple bourbon juice was really appetizing. I think it only has 1% alcohol content.

Dusk was falling. Henceforth, the quality of my pictures worsens as I have lost the natural lighting. My phone is terrible at taking photos in the dark. I should have brought my camera along 😦

Hand-Cut Garlic Fries

Hand-Cut Garlic Fries (S$10 but on the house for us)

We actually ordered Sautéed Portobello Mushroom (S$16; forgot to take picture of it -_-) for our sides but was given this instead (we were contemplating between the two and the one taking the orders probably didn’t catch our final decision hehe). Informed the assistant manager about it but instead of returning the fries to the kitchen, he left it there for us to enjoy while he got our right order out.

We rejected the gesture at first because we foresaw that we would be too full for 2 sides but he insisted that we had it.

“Please have it. I apologise for the error. It’s (the fries) on me.”

Exemplary service!

I’ll give a verbal review on the mushrooms since I forgot to snap pictures 😦 I thought I did though. If I remember correctly, it was a few pieces of portobello mushroom coated with unique black sauce with a sprinkle of green garnish, served in a small plate. They are rather huge! And meaty. I’m not really a mushroom person (unless you’re talking about mushroom soup – different story) so I’ll quote my boyfriend: “omg super savory and yummy”. *thumbs up*

Hereford Grass Fed, John Stone Longford, Republic of Ireland. Tenderloin 250g

My main: Hereford Grass Fed, John Stone Longford, Republic of Ireland. Tenderloin 250g. (S$62) The small thingy on the right is just garlic.

Very, very tender and chewy. Unfortunately I had my eyes set on boyfriend’s main. *salivates*

Beef Wellington

Boyfriend’s: Beef Wellington (S$62)

*angelic sound effect*

Medium rare


Pastry, according to boyfriend, was a little thin and flaky so it kinda fell apart when we cut it. But it was still good for me. Other than that, the beef… oh my god. WE WERE IN HEAVEN!! I was so sad that I didn’t order the beef wellington (coz we wanted more variety to try) so boyfriend gave me one of his. In return I gave him 3/4 of my steak. Hahaha. We’re still craving for it up to now.

Boyfriend briefly mentioned about his birthday to the one bringing us the bill and we were told to stay put for 10 minutes..

..So that they could give him a cake! Or rather, a chocolate mousse cake. Whoa, so nice and generous of them! Thank you, SKIRT staff!


Super chocolatey and sinful. (S$free for birthday boys and girls)


Birthday boy and his glamorous cake.


Inside the mousse cake is CARAMEL!! My fave. Boyfriend doesn’t like caramel so he gave me the cake but I couldn’t finish it 😛 Eh whose birthday was it again?


The trainee staff offered to help us take a picture. SURE WHY NOT? Hahaha. But this is a little blur.


Second take, much better. Boyfriend must had felt really exhausted to give that kind of face.. He definitely needs lessons on how to pose in front of the camera.

Left the restaurant in haste as we were already VERY late for our movie. Boyfriend complained that travelling to so many places in a day made him very tired. But… we went to these places by taxi -_-

Total damage by the way for the dinner was S$178.90. Ouch to the wallet definitely but the great service and food coupled with the birthday boy’s satisfaction made the splurge worthwhile. This restaurant is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

He also got his first Manchester United jersey from me on his birthday! Hope he didn’t outgrow the shirt after all the sumptuous meals. 😛

That’s all for this post and thanks for reading!

SKIRT at W Hotel
21 Ocean Way
Singapore 098374
Website: http://www.wsingaporesentosacove.com/en/skirt
Make reservation here or call +65 6808 7278