Indulge in the Sounds of Luxury with Harman Kardon, AKG & JBL


Listen up, audiophiles!


CD galore!

If you’ve been to places like the Yankee Stadium and the iconic Beijing National Stadium for concerts, chances are you would have been awed by the incredibly high-quality sound system. But unknown to many, such superior sound quality can also be heard in enclosed places like in cars especially if you’re riding in an Audi, a BMW, Subaru, Hyundai or Chrysler, just to name a few. They may sound slightly different from one another due to the disparity in location size but ultimately they still sound insanely good to the ears.

That’s because all these venues and automobile manufacturers use HARMAN, the mastermind behind leading audio brands including JBL, AKG and Harman Kardon which are also used by international artistes like Kanye West, Maroon 5, Paul McCartney, Black Eyed Peas, Linkin Park (MY LUV!) and Kelly Clarkson in the studio and on stage.

In fact, if you have never heard of HARMAN (and the 7 highly-acclaimed audio brands under its belt), then you have not heard everything, literally. Apart from the voice of the artiste playing in your ears, the song lyrics and the main instrumental melody in the background, can you hear each and every bass and rhythmic note with your current headphones? Does it give you crisp and natural-sounding music that makes you feel like you’re at a live performance? And does it produce acoustic music that sounds so soulful and surreal, it serenades your soul and sends chills down your spine? If none of the above resonates with you, boy are you losing out a lot!

(Sadly, I was subconsciously describing what my earpiece can’t do too, boohoo)

With Harman Kardon, AKG and JBL, you get only the best sounds, so good that even Mozart would be proud.


Of course, I wouldn’t dare say that every product under Harman Kardon, AKG and JBL is rave-worthy (don’t want to risk getting slaughtered by you tech-geeks). But have you seen their latest range of portable speakers? I had the heaven-sent opportunity (since I’ve been on a lookout for better speakers as my current ones are spoiling and very unfortunately I fall into the stereotype of females who are completely clueless about technology) to experience them for myself at the recent HARMAN media event by IMS Marketing and wow, I was totally blown away by the loud-crystal clear sound projected by these small, innocuous-looking things that left my jaw hanging throughout the demo!

Here’s what I saw:

JBL (Smart Series III)


Charge it, flip it, clip it. Fuel your passion for music!


JBL Clip Plus (RRP S$99)


Small but powerful – these disc-like speakers can project sounds SO loud, it puts my home speakers to shame. It’s meant to be “clipped” onto your bicycle so that you cyclists can enjoy good music on the move for up to 5 hours!


JBL FLIP 3 (RRP S$179) – full-featured splashproof portable speaker with powerful sound in a compact form. It fits perfectly into the bottle cage attached to your bicycle! 🙂


It actually means this…


HELLLLLL NOOO how cool is this?! (featuring JBL Xtreme, S$439)


JBL Charge 2+ (RRP S$279) – another splashproof portable speaker but with 6000mAH rechargeable battery!

My Dad was gifted a JBL Charge 2+ recently and judging from his incessant music playbacks (kinda irritated by his poor choice of music but aiya, what to do?), I can vouch how long-lasting the battery life is! And the sound is just flawless.


JBL Pulse II (RRP S$329) – 10-hour battery with custom LED light show that acts like a visualiser and changes according to the music tempo


So preeetzz! I think ABBA’s Dancing Queen was playing 😀

All the products above come with Social Mode which you can use to connect up to 3 music sources so that everyone in your clique gets a chance to play their favourite tunes. All JBL portable speakers can also be wirelessly connected via Bluetooth to one another so as to amplify the volume of the music played.

Harman Kardon

While it’s quite obvious that JBL exudes energetic and youthful vibes, Harman Kardon takes on a different personality and goes for the elegant and sophisticated feel.


Esquire Mini (RRP S$269) – an sleek and chic speaker that doubles as a conference phone system with dual-microphone and built-in echo and noise cancellation technology for superb sound and USB access to recharge your favourite devices. This all-in-one (speaker/phone system/microphone/portable charger) speaker has battery that can last for up to 8 hours

This product wasn’t showcased at the event so I didn’t get to see or test it out myself. But people who are well-versed in the audiomotive market should know that Harman Kardon (and other brands of HARMAN as a matter of fact) would never compromise on quality. After all, Harman Kardon had bagged quite a number of awards, including some iF Design Awards for its Esquire Mini 🙂


I’d think that AKG is a hybrid of JBL and Harman Kardon because some of the products under its line can be both stylish and sporty at the same time, like this stunner:


AKG N90Q (RRP S$2199, yup it’s 贵的咯) – gold headphones that listen to your ears. It has sound so realistic, the only barrier is the headphone itself


Inspired by the Grammy Award winning producer Quincy Jones, this state-of-the-art, flagship level headphone represents the pinnacle in acoustic performance and audio customisation. It features TruNote technology, Tone Control (full control of adjustment sound signature). Stage Control (three spatial listening modes), Patented ergonomic design, USB and HD audio and a built-in DAC.


Enjoying 5 seconds of premium sound with dual foam cushions and ear cup mounted controls (I swear my ears felt so comfortable) as well as active noise cancelling technologies. Love it so much leh. Why is it so goddamn expensive? 😦

And also not forgetting the hand-selected audio gift set I received from the event organisers:


AKG Y23 ear headphone and Y40 mini headset


Thank you so much, IMS Marketing! Boyfriend has been eyeing on the headset ever since. -_-

And that’s about it from HARMAN! 🙂 Did anything catch your eye? I’ll most probably be getting one of those JBL speakers to replace my current ones. Which one would you recommend? Leave me a comment below!

Thanks for reading! ❤

JBL | Harman Kardon | AKG

P/S: If you haven’t realised, this post is so full of puns, I love it.

Combating Hair Loss with Plantur


Hey ladies!

What do you consider to be some of your best physical features? According to a recent study conducted by Nielsen, most Singaporean women regard their eyes to be their pride and joy – not for me, however, because I have slit eyes and eyelids with irregular creases that always interfered with my eye makeup application. For me, apart from my 瓜子脸 (oval-shaped face), I’d say my hair comes second and I believe many people share the same sentiment about their mane, which made the top 4 in the research. Countless advertisements for hair products (shampoo, hair dye, hair supplements, hair loss clinics and whatnots) flash across our TV and computer screens every day in between shows and video clips, sometimes even on our movie screens, proving the great emphasis we place on our hair in our daily lives.

It’s understandable. I mean, we all know that hair plays an essential part in our social lives. It’s your hair (other than your face) that matters most to first impressions and it’s also what completes your appearance (that’s why we have “bad hair days” and not “bad eyes days” or whatsoever.. right?). Hence, it’s not surprising when the study revealed that most Singaporean women think that looking ugly is the greatest concern related to hair loss. A staggering 9 in 10 Singaporean women also felt that hair loss affects their self-confidence and mood tremendously and out of these respondents, 58% and 51% of them felt helpless and depressed respectively.

My struggle with hair loss

In fact, even though I consider my hair to be one of my best assets, I’ve too got my fair share of hair woes. Just five months shy of turning 25 and already I’m experiencing thinning hair at my crown. It’s a perpetual problem. My hair has always been under constant strain and tension from regular braiding and having tight ponytail (it’s part of the rules in all Singapore schools to have the hair tied up at all times if it extends beyond the uniform collar) since my primary school days because I absolutely detest wearing my hair back loosely and needing to retie over and over again. This habit had caused me to lose a substantial amount of hair along my frontal hairline (became more visible when I was in Secondary 3 and was even taunted in class for that. Humiliating much :\ ) and sometimes even my scalp would hurt when I let it down.


May 2014 – before the cat fight

Like the 7 in 10 women who responded to the survey, I also wish I had naturally full hair so that I wouldn’t have to rely on artificial fixes. I’ve always felt ashamed of my brittle and lifeless locks. In recent years, I’ve rebonded and dyed my hair and treated my scalp a few times, as well as tried various volumising and hair setting products – which ironically cause more damage than good to my hair (and wallet) – just to “revive” it or conceal my flaws. Not wanting to spend more unnecessary money, I’ve now resorted to bunning up my hair whenever I’m heading outdoors (no thanks to the hot weather). My condition became worse last year when I got into a cat fight with my sister (lolz) and a couple of hundred strands of hair fell out as a result of all the hair-pulling, leaving a 3cm bald patch on my head on top of my existing ones. I attempted to cover them up by combing my hair around but most of the time it just reverted to its normal position unknowingly. :\


Also May 2014 but after the cat fight 😡

I’ve tried…

Following my uncle’s advice, I hang my head over the edge of my bed while I blow-dry my hair every night for up to 5 minutes to “stimulate blood flow to the head and encourage hair growth” and have also reduced my salt and oil intake. Although I did see improvement in my hair by the second month, the central part of my crown is still noticeably widened especially in pictures where I am facing downwards and my scalp in full view. So embarrassing 😥

Another advice given involves massaging the scalp with honey (or aloe vera). I haven’t personally tried it because I cannot stand the thought of putting sticky substance on my hair. Ewwwww…

But how credible is my uncle’s advice?

Plantur Talk at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

I had the opportunity to clarify my hair loss doubts with some experts in that field – Dr Pirkko Brusila, a specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics from Germany, and Dr Alvin Wong, an aesthetic doctor from SKN MediaAesthetics at a talk about female hair loss for Plantur last week. I asked if there’s any scientific basis to the advice given by my uncle and apparently both doctors agreed that they’re baseless. Therefore I cannot explain how hanging my head upside down helped me to regrow some of my lost hair (could be due to other factors like my higher magnesium and iron diet which are great for overcoming Alopecia). But both doctors were on the same page about letting the hair down (and not tie it/bun it all the time like me) to let the scalp breathe. This will help to reduce hair fall.

Did you know?

It is perfectly normal to lose up to 150 strands of hair a day.

In addition, speaking to the doctors also helped to debunk some common hair misconceptions I had, including the correlation between high salt (sodium) intake and hair loss. There is absolutely no medical evidence that eating too much salty food would cause your hair to fall (but of course too much salt is bad for your health la). Similarly, hair cream marketed to prevent hair loss do not have any scientific evidence behind their claims. However, what may actually promote hair growth is scalp massage using combs, hairbrush or anything that is not too harsh on your scalp.

Did you know?

Natural ageing, bad genes, medical conditions (e.g. irregular periods, acne, thyroid disorders, eczema & dandruff), pregnancy, menopause, stress, poor diet (e.g. anorexia) and external environment (humidity, heat & pollution) are some reasons why women lose hair.

During the talk, the audience was also advised on how to combat hair loss, including having a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, reducing stress and anxiety, not smoking, avoiding tight ponytails and.. (you wouldn’t believe the last one)

Applying caffeine to your hair!


That’s right. It is scientifically proven that caffeine helps to halt hair loss!

However, it’s not the same as drinking coffee because not everything from there goes to your hair follicles. You’d have to apply the caffeine directly to your scalp for it to be effective as a hair loss treatment. But how?

The Plantur series


Plantur series

By using hair products with caffeine, of course! And Plantur is just about the right product for the purpose of preventing hair loss. Developed by Dr Wolff Research in collaboration with the dermatology department of university clinics, the products – Plantur 21 and Plantur 39 – contain the Nutri-Caffeine Complex and Phyto-Caffeine Complex respectively.


Plantur 21

The Nutri-Caffeine Complex in Plantur 21 helps protect against an energy deficit in the hair roots and prevents degradation of the important energy carrier cAMP while Phyto-Caffeine Complex protects the hair roots from premature exhaustion of hair growth and at the same time, provides the hair roots with sufficient energy to grow.


Plantur 39

From the above, you should be able to guess the distinction between the two ranges of products: Plantur21 is targeted at younger ladies between the age of 21 and 39 while Plantur39 is for women from the age of 40. Both of them are available in three formulae.


Plantur 21

Products under Plantur21: Nutri-Caffeine Elixir, Nutri-Caffeine Shampoo & Nutri Conditioner

Products under Plantur 21: Nutri-Caffeine Elixir, Nutri-Caffeine Shampoo & Nutri Conditioner


Plantur 39

Products under Plantur39: Phyto-Caffeine Tonic (for massaging into the scalp), Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo & Conditioner

Products under Plantur 39: Phyto-Caffeine Tonic (for massaging into the scalp), Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo & Conditioner

Since I fall in the targeted age group of Plantur 21, it’s only apt that I explain in more detail about it 😉

An additional effect of the Nutri-Caffeine Complex comes from the valuable micronutrients biotin, magnesium, calcium and zinc. All these were mentioned by the doctors as beneficial for healthy and vigorous hair growth.

Caffeine activates the hair roots and improves hair growth

Biotin regulates the hair roots’ energy levels and contributes to maintaining healthy hair growth

Zinc is the most important trace element in the hair and a growth factor for healthy hair roots. (Another source of zinc is dark chocolate yay great news for chocolate lovers!)

Calcium and magnesium improve the hair roots’ resistance

Plantur 21

The Nutri-Caffeine Shampoo was developed for colour-treated and stressed hair and it also contains conditioning agents that repair the externally stressed hair. The Nutri-Caffeine Elixir, on the other hand, provides protection from an energy deficit in the hair roots, thereby preventing premature hair growth disruption. It is to be applied and massaged into the scalp once a day (daily) without rinsing it out.

Plantur 21 Conditioner

Last but not least, the Nutri Conditioner is formulated especially for dull, colour-treated and stressed hair caused by frequent bleaching, colourations and heat treatments (e.g. blow-drying, straightening – argh, guilty as charged!) It contains micro-nutrients and caffeine (duh), which prevent the valuable ingredients absorbed during application of Plantur21 Shampoo from being rinsed out.

If you have poor hair growth and premature hair loss, it’s recommended that you use both the Nutri-Caffeine Shampoo AND the Nutri-Caffeine Elixir. The latter is more suitable for women who do not wash their hair every day (but omg, why wouldn’t anyone wash their hair every day in this hot and humid country? O_O).

Based on the description above, the order of application would first be the shampoo, followed by the conditioner and then the elixir. That was also the exact sequence used at my Plantur Hair Wash Experience after the talk ^_^ The lady who washed my hair spent a good 10 minutes massaging my scalp with the Elixir! *secretly beaming with joy inside*


Pre-hair wash. Smiling broadly even though I suffered from major food poisoning that morning v_v


Post-hair wash!


Celebrity treatment hahahahah kidding. Blow-drying time!


Love my post-blow dry hair ❤


After applying the elixir and getting my hair styled (wavy) by the talented stylists at J’s Salon, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel (address below)!

My hair definitely felt a lot healthier and lighter after the wash!

And there you have it – the Plantur series 🙂

Plantur 21 and 39 hair care product range are available in selected Watsons, Guardian, Unity, NHG pharmacies and independent pharmacies as well as NTUC Fairprice, Cold Storage and Giant supermarkets islandwide. Prices are S$18.90 for a shampoo, S$12.90 for a conditioner and S$19.90 for the tonic/elixir. Pretty affordable eh? 🙂

Plantur is strictly only for the ladies, by the way! But fret not guys, there’s also another range of products formulated just for you! It’s the Alpecin series which also uses the special caffeine formula to prevent hair loss. Prices for that are also rather similar to Plantur – S$12.90 for Alpecin C1 Shampoo (hair loss shampoo), $15.90 for Alpecin Double Effect Shampoo (hair loss and dandruff) and $17.90 for Alpecin Liquid (hair loss tonic).

Dr. Kurt Wolff GmbH & Co. KG          Johanneswerkstr. 34-36         33611 Bielefeld, Germany          Sitz der Gesellschaft ist Bielefeld. Geschäftsführer: Dipl.-Ing. Eduard R. Dörrenberg, Ass. jur. Christoph Harras-Wolff, Dipl.-Kfm. Carsten Heins.

Thanks for the awesome experience, Plantur, Golin PR and J’s Salon! If you’re at J’s Salon, you’ve gotta try their specialty drink Longan with Red Dates! It’s SO GOOD, I tell ya!

Alright, hope this is informative for you ladies 🙂

Thanks for reading! ❤

J’s Salon
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
392 Havelock Road Level 3
Singapore 169663
Tel: 68340012

Nara Thai @ ION Orchard + The Entertainer App


Hello guys!

What comes to your mind when you think of Bangkok? Being a shopping haven for both locals and foreigners, it’s inevitable to think about all the trendy apparels and accessories you can get at a bargain price at the Land of Smiles. For me, I get reminded of the food carts that line the streets of Bangkok and I still miss them fondly even though I haven’t set foot in that city for almost 5 years (due to my preference to travel to somewhere different and further for my annual trip). However, these foods are somehow not really common in Singapore (not sophisticated and restaurant-quality enough?). Hence, whenever my craving for Thai food kicks in, I’d usually settle for safer choices like Green Curry (kaeng khiao wan), Tom Yam, Phad Thai or Pineapple Fried Rice and (the obligatory) Mango Sticky Rice for dessert which often are signature dishes and will never go wrong at local Thai restaurants.

But even the nicest food gets bland after awhile. And surely there is more to Thai food than these few mainstream dishes as evident from what I saw at Bangkok. If so, where can I find them in Singapore?

As if to answer my thoughts, Nara Thai introduced a new and refreshed menu inspired by Bangkok’s famed grilled street food! Thai food lovers like myself are in for a treat with 15 new dishes ranging from $7.90 for the Ma Muang Khara Mel (Caramelised Mango with Coconut Ice Cream and Basil Sauce) to S$88.90 for the Ruam Mit Talay Yang (Assorted Grilled Seafood Platter).


Nara Thai Cuisine Singapore | 我像不像泰国妹? 😀

First opened at ION Orchard in September 2013, Nara Thai is a restaurant where anybody with a passion for good food can enjoy authentic Thai Cuisine in a relaxed ambience with good service. Named one of Singapore Tatler’s best restaurants from 2007 to 2014, it is known for its Kuay Tiew Rua (Boat Noodles) and Phunim Phad Pong Karee (Stir-fried Softshell Crab with Yellow Curry) while serving a la carte dishes that are derived from authentic recipes which have been adapted into a modern context.

Diners can expect the following dishes from their refreshed menu:

Kao An Chan | Blue Jasmine Rice

Kao An Chan | Blue Jasmine Rice (S$2)

My low-carb diet took a backseat that evening because I was so intrigued by the rice colour. But to be honest, this blue rice tasted just like any basic white rice – plain but fragrant and fluffy. However, what makes it so unique (apart from the colour) is its health benefits. Steamed with dried an chan (Thai for Butterfly Pea Flower, from which the rice inherits the blue colour), it is laden with powerful antioxidants and is also said to treat depression, soothe the heart-mind, relieve stomach and menstrual cramps and known to be beneficial for healthy hair growth (source). So ladies, go easy on your diet and enjoy your plate of Blue Jasmine Rice with the rest of your dishes! 🙂


Gai Tord Gra Tiem | Crispy Fried Chicken with Garlic (S$10.90)

Not really the highlight of the dinner but the chicken was entirely boneless (awesome!) and really tender. Plus, it was cut in nice proportions thus making sharing very easy at my table for four. The fried garlic (although I don’t fancy fried garlic at all) gave the chicken, which skin was already very crispy, an extra crunch.


Moo Yang Jim Jaew | Barbecued Pork Neck with Tamarind Dip (S$13.90)

Moo Yang Jim Jaew

Moo Yang Jim Jaew

I don’t know why Singaporean Chinese love anything pork – pork leg, pork belly, pork tenderloin but never (or seldom) pork neck! Pork neck is actually very popular in Thailand and a lot less fatty as compared to pork belly. It has the perfect balance of fat, muscle and tender flesh. It actually tasted very delicious and soft with the right amount of saltiness and went especially well with the Tamarind dip which was sweet and refreshing to the palate! One of the top favourites among the bloggers present that evening, it was also the first to empty on the table.


Kai Jiew Cha Om | Cha Om Omelette (S$12.90)

Cha Om is the feathery shoots of a shrub called Acacia penneta and it emits a revolting smell in its raw form (like stink beans/臭豆 argh) but miraculously disappears when it’s cooked. Apparently, it’s very common for Cha Om to be fried with beaten eggs in Thailand and Myanmar, giving you the above Cha Om Omelette! I call it the Thai version of our Fuyong omelette. It’s a very homely dish widely prepared in Thailand and definitely very tasty 🙂 Best eaten with the chilli sauce served with it!


Ruam Mit Talay Yang | Assorted Grilled Seafood Platter (S$88.90)


Grilled whole squid



The platter, good for two to three (but in my case it was for four, so the actual one should be of relatively smaller portion), was a combination of 5 different seafood that are also sold a la carte – Pla Kra Pong Yang (Street-style Grilled Whole Sea Bass), Kung Yang (Black Pepper Tiger Prawns), grilled whole squid, skewered scallops and mussels with chili lime marinate. Squid was a little too dry for my liking but I really enjoyed the succulent scallops and fleshy butterflied Tiger Prawns which were coated with a generous layer of crushed black peppercorns and minced garlic! Shiok. Mussels were great and tangy too!


Pla Kra Pong Yang | Street-Style Grilled Whole Sea bass with Thai Herbs (S$32.90)


Lemongrass removed from the Sea bass

The street-style grilled Sea bass is stuffed with lemongrass (as can be seen from the picture above), kaffir lime and galangar and subsequently slow-cooked on the grill. Every fish served at Nara Thai, including this Sea bass, is handpicked by the chef personally at Jurong Fishery Port during wee hours of the morning everyday to ensure optimal freshness. Indeed, the Sea bass (which also happens to be my favourite type of fish, whoopie!) I had was really tender and aromatic. To my bewilderment, the crispy skin isn’t meant to be eaten at all so it was a little stiff and hard to tear (still safe to eat nonetheless if you get fragments of it on the flesh).

Finally, a signature Thai dessert to end a splendid meal.


Ma Muang Khara Mel | Caramelised Mango with Coconut Ice Cream and Basil Sauce (S$7.90)


Coconut ice cream topped with basil sauce

The coconut ice cream tasted exactly the same as the one found along the streets of Bangkok but with a subtle dash of basil sauce to give it some zest that wasn’t too overpowering. The mango was absolutely fresh and sweet too! I just wish that we were served individual portions of this awesome dessert instead of having to share haha 😛


With my +1 for the event!

Thanks Nara Thai and Originally Us for having me at the food tasting session 🙂

And that’s all for my review!

But hold on, if you’re planning to try out the food I’ve featured, do read on because I have another awesome recommendation for you guys!


Do you fancy some 1-for-1 food offers? If you do, you have to check out The Entertainer! Some of you might have already heard of The Entertainer book which contains a truckload of 1-for-1 vouchers at the hottest restaurants, spas, leisure (yes, overseas hotels included!), beauty, fitness centres and international renowned hotels (and when I mean the hottest, I mean well-known ones like Spruce, Yoshinoya, Marble Slab and many more!), available for sale at selected bookstores. If you’re more of a techie than a bibliophile, you will be pleased to know that The Entertainer is now available as an app!


Like the book, the app has over 1000 one-for-one deals but with new offers added through the year. You can expect savings totaling over S$89,000 from the app and what’s more, it’s completely free for 14 days! Of course, if you’d like to know more irresistible 1-for-1 deals within the trial period, you can make an in-app purchase of just S$60 (discount code below) to unlock them all 1000+ of them at once! 🙂 Do the math and realise how much you will save with the upgrade! Trial ended? No worries, you can still do so after the 14 days.


Full users (those who paid S$60) get to enjoy 1-for-1 main course deals* at Nara Thai, one of the participating merchants. Every merchant comes with 3 buy-one-get-one-free coupons (mostly for main course for food deals) and the most amazing thing is that they are not restricted to one per product purchase! In fact, you can even combine ALL 3 in one transaction for a party of 6 (omg why wasn’t I introduced to this app earlier when I was having my internship?!). Once you have used up all 3, you can actually get more by trading coupons with your friends! All coupons are valid for the entire year excluding eves of and public holidays (weekends OK!). It’s fuss-free and really easy to use 🙂


*1-for-1 Main Menu Item at Nara Thai. This includes appetizers, drinks and desserts. Do take note if you’re planning to use this offer for your main course (i.e. don’t order anything else)!

The app is available for download at or via your appstore (Android/iTunes) while the book retails at S$75 at selected bookstores. If you’re getting the full version on your phone, do quote “2015ALVIN” upon purchase to enjoy a 10% discount!

Have fun and thanks for reading! 🙂

Nara Thai Cuisine (ION Orchard)
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(last order at 9pm Mon-Thu, 9.30pm Fri-Sun)

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