6 Flavours Korean BBQ & Steamboat @ NTU Alumni

Hey, how’s everyone’s Monday goin’?

Mom’s at it again. It seems like browsing Groupon has become part of her daily routine! Today, she bought vouchers to dine at a Korean BBQ restaurant for the entire family. The voucher entitled us to free-flow of meat for steamboat and a la carte BBQ dishes, and a jug of soft drink. I think it was my fifth steamboat in 3 months.. I really feel that I’ve been putting on lotsa weight from all the binging.

The 59-day-old restaurant is tucked in the corner on the 8th level of the already-very-inaccessible (if you’re not driving) NTU Alumni Club at one-north. Despite its short tenure, it could still maintain a full book even on a quiet Monday. Besides placing an ad on Groupon, I guess occupying the unit opposite Teo Heng KTV probably plays a part in attracting customers too. However as far as I can remember, there wasn’t any signboard displayed prominently at the entrance. The only clue to the presence of the 6 Flavours was the menu display stand wedged between the door and the level directory, which once again wasn’t very noticeable. Also, I’m not sure why “6 Flavours” but I reckon that it has got something to do with the Korean cuisine? Like “palsaik”, which means eight colours in Korean, actually refers to the 8 different flavours of pork. But I’m no Korean pro, so I’m really not sure. Nothing on the menu suggested anything to be in 6 different flavours too so I guess it’s just another random name.

There is an entertainment corner in the restaurant where you can find a karaoke system and plenty of video games. When we were there this evening, a group of people were already occupying that space. They looked like they were really enjoying themselves!

Now back to the food. Despite 6 Flavours being a “BBQ and Steamboat Restaurant”, you would only be given a hotpot. Without a BBQ hot plate, you won’t get to barbecue your own food. But on a brighter note, the food would be cooked up and served to you and you won’t leave the restaurant smelling like a BBQ dish.

Let’s move on to the food selection..


Raw food for your steamboat





Not a very wide spread but the freshness of the food makes up for it.


Soup base. There were chicken and ma-la options. We went with chicken! Mom commented that it was a little salty but I thought it was fine.


Chicken and beef


BBQ Chicken. The sauce is really not bad! I actually prefer this to the beef and that’s a biggie because I always prefer the latter!


BBQ Pork. I’m not sure why we were served pork because I don’t remember ordering it in the first place. I wanted mutton but they didn’t think that it was a good idea to barbecue it so…


Oh man, sorry for the bad quality but I guess it doesn’t make much difference. The beef was reeeeally dry, even drier when chewing it. It actually had potential because the seasoning was quite nice!


Bibimbap (beef). It’s some sort of a mixed rice dish served in a stone pot. Reminded me of Pepper Lunch haha. Serving was quite generous for something that’s included in the Groupon deal. Taste wise, picture says it all. Yummy!

After ordering two bowls of Bibimbap, my folks who have a huge appetite wanted to get themselves Egg Fried Rice. Unfortunately, the request was denied because the restaurant didn’t have enough rice to prepare them, leaving my parents a little disappointed.


I found another hoarder! These are the number of (empty) gas canisters collected by the restaurant.

All in all, the food, albeit with lesser variety, was pretty good and fresh. I like that I didn’t have to barbecue the food myself because getting rid of the lingering smell on my hair and fingers can be really bothersome. Price wise, I feel that it is more worthwhile to dine with vouchers (which are inclusive of everything, even service charge). The staff were commendable for they were nice and patient (to my grumpy Dad especially, because he wanted rice which had ran out).

Due to the inconvenience of the location (you have to climb up a slope after a good 15-20 minute walk from Buona Vista MRT station), I may not be returning anytime soon. But if transport is not an issue for you, this restaurant is worth a visit.

Thanks for reading! ❤

6 Flavours Korean BBQ & Steamboat
11 Slim Barracks Rise
NTU Alumni Club
Singapore 138664
Tel: 6777 7945 | Facebook
Opens daily from 12:00pm – 3:00pm and 5:00pm – 11:00pm

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