REVIEW: Urban Decay Electric Palette

Hello again!

I’m updating more than usual because it’s my study break now! And my first paper is two weeks away thus giving me plenty of time to catch my breath. But before I head back to the books, let’s talk about one of Urban Decay’s newest products – the Electric Palette!

I know it was launched a million years ago but better late than never! And all the more so since it’s a permanent product so people would still have the opportunity to buy it many months down the road. Plus I only got this recently because I was kinda hesitant to try bright and bold colours and I didn’t really wanna pay the full price (S$72) for something I only wanted to experiment with.

So one day I decided to do a search on Carousell to see if it was up for sale and true enough, someone was selling it (a brand new piece) at a way lower price.. at S$50? The last time I checked, there aren’t any imitations for this so I was very sure it was authentic. Both of us were busy during that period so I only managed to collect the item from her about a month later. That was in early October.

And I only tried it today. Haha. I’m sucha procrastinator.


Beautiful packaging! I’m a sucker for colourful designs.


Neutrals lovers would be very terrified to see this. But I’m always open to new experiences!

Truth be told, I don’t really need this palette because I don’t see myself wearing this often. In a conservative country like Singapore, you can hardly see anyone wearing dark lipsticks on the streets, let alone bright eyeshadow. But the colours are so intriguing, I couldn’t control myself.

I also had this worry that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off because I have pretty poor colour coordination (haha). I was so afraid that I would mess it up!



The above picture depicts how pigmented the shadows truly are (with a maximum 3 swipes with an Urban Decay Good Karma Shadow Brush). They are not as heavily pigmented (with the exception of Chaos and maybe Urban) as how some beauty bloggers portrayed, especially Revolt because you can hardly see a thing there. I also have no idea how they managed to get such pigmented swatches too. I hope they didn’t leave huge dips in the pans while doing so. 😳

But having said so, I really like that they’re not too pigmented. It’d be very frightening for a makeup rookie like myself (in terms of using extremely bold colours on the eyes) if they come off too strong. So phew!

Anyway, out of all the colours, I love Thrash the most, followed by Fringe. These two colours, especially Thrash, saved my Electric eye makeup. I felt that the palette should have one or two more shades of yellow. There are just too many blues in here (which tempted me to use them all and then almost ruined the look lol).

If you’re apprehensive about using bold colours like my previous self, here’s a guide done up by yours truly after doing lots of trial and error:


Each style has different sets of colour. Revolt acts as a highlighter on the brow bone (and can also be used on the inner corner of the eyes)

Style 1 is more bluish in general, kinda like the colour of twilight if done correctly. I attempted this today and really liked it. It looked like a compressed Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting on my lids but then I inadvertently destroyed it with purple shades -_-

Style 2 places more emphasis on Thrash and Slowburn, and gives a sunburst effect. If you love yellow hues, this is perfect for you.

Style 3 is another blue-dominated set of colours for you blue/violet lovers out there.


A quick tutorial on how to apply, using my favourite style 1 as an example. Remember to always have a base colour (in this case, I used Thrash) or the end-result would be disastrous.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to snap any pictures of style 1 in real life before I destroyed it with the rest of the colours on the palette.


Attempted to incorporate all the colours lol.


Style 1 is gone on the upper lid so I tried to apply it on the lower lid. Can you tell? (btw lipstick here is Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Catfight)


Werkin it yooo


Ok final shot before I remove my makeup

That’s all for this post! Do you have an Electric palette? What kinds of look can you create with it?

Oh I (finally) bought Vice 3 today and will review it soon!

Thanks for reading guys ❤

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