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Hey everybody!

During my staycation a few months ago at Hotel Clover, Bf and I walked past a stretch of road that leads to Haji Lane and Kampong Glam and we saw this super long queue formed outside a shop called Fluff Bakery. The time was a few minutes past noon and the queue was so long that it extended all way to the next small road beside it. We were both intrigued by the long line so we did a quick Google search about the bakery on the spot.

Apparently, it’s a very famous bakery well-known for their cupcakes and they’re often sold out within a few hours! And many a times, there’d be people who’d queue for 30 minutes only to realise that everything was gone the moment it was their turn to order. We didn’t want to risk queueing so long under the scorching sun. It was also partly because we were famished and we needed food right then, so we gave the bakery a miss and went to have our lunch at Pastamania (which was awful by the way).

We didn’t expect to walk that same stretch of road again 3 months later (to celebrate my birthday again at Hotel Clover) and this time we were early!






I guess the hype has died down a little because the queue was seemingly shorter now but yay, that means first-timers like me would get the opportunity to try their famed cupcakes! The waiting time was less than 10 minutes and I managed to get all the flavours they had. Like Twelve Cupcakes, they have different flavours every week.


This was the menu for the week of 17 November!


One of their regular flavours is Nutella Red Velvet


Another regular: Salted Caramel

Looking at the pictures can already make me drool! The beautifully decorated cupcakes are just too enticing. Who would be able to resist them, you tell me?!


Nutella Red Velvet and Crème brûlée


I’ll introduce them one by one in awhile!


Here’s what I got! Top view 🙂


Top row (from left): Explosive Cookie Butter Latte, Nutella Red Velvet, Crème brûlée // Bottom row (from left): Pecan Orange Salted Caramel Liquid Cheesecake, Salted Caramel, Ispahan

I only realised that I had forgotten to take pictures of them individually (except for Ispahan) today. Bummer 😦 Anyways…

Salted Caramel is described as a vanilla cake with salted caramel filling, vanilla Mascarpone frosting and salted caramel drizzle.


Bf isn’t a fan of Caramel so I got to devour the entire thing, woohoo! However the caramel tasted like Werther’s Original caramel flavoured sweets so I’m not sure if it’s hand-made by the people at Fluff (or did they just conveniently melt the sweets? But I choose to believe everything was D.I.Y). The filling was really thick which made the cupcake overly sweet in my opinion. *reaches out for a cup of water* But I’m sure caramel lovers would love this to death!

Explosive Cookie Butter Latte is described as a light and fluffy coffee cake with Speculoos cookie butter filling, Speculoos cookie butter frosting, cookie crumbs and an explosive white chocolate shard. You must be kiddin’ me.



This is it. Ladies and gentlemen, I have found my new favourite cupcake flavour. I’m usually a sucker for Red Velvet but this just takes the cake (no pun intended hehe). I love this so much that I regretted not buying a few more of this because this was one of their limited edition flavours! NOO! Hey Fluff, when are you bringing this back again? I will be first in line just for this 😦

This cookie-flavoured cupcake has a good mix of crunchiness (from all the cookie crumbs, yum!) and softness. What I like about Fluff’s cupcakes is that everyone of them is filled with sweet and savoury fillings that surprise you with every bite. It ensures the moistness of the cake and makes you crave for more!

And why explosive, you ask? Because the popping candy that coated the white chocolate shards would fizz and pop in your mouth! I’m not sure if you guys are old enough to know what the candy is but during my time, it came in a form of a foot-shaped lollipop like this:


source: alibaba

Oh my God, they are so creative I love it! Who would have thought of incorporating something like that into a cupcake? It made eating cupcake so much more fun haha. Now if you see any cupcake described as “explosive” by Fluff Bakery, you know why!

Crème brûlée is described as a light and fluffy vanilla cake with a creme brûlée filling, topped with Mascarpone frosting and burnt sugar shards.


I must really take my hats off to Fluff Bakery for being able to bake crème brulée into a cupcake. Every keen baker would know that making and perfecting the taste of crème brulée aren’t easy. Heck, you don’t even need to be a baker to know that because Masterchef shows you everything that happens in the kitchen haha. But their ability to fuse a casual dessert with one of higher-end is definitely very admirable.

I like that the cupcake is soft and creamy, but I don’t fancy that burnt sugar shards at all. Granted, they were burnt intentionally, but they were just too bitter for my liking. You can do without them because everything else was perfect 🙂

Nutella Red Velvet is described as a red velvet cake with Nutella filling and cream cheese frosting.


It’s heavenly *_*

A cupcake shop is never complete without the crowd’s favourite Red Velvet cupcake. To me, it’s one very important flavour to have because my final verdict of the cupcakes depends very heavily on it. Hence my eyes were already set on their Red Velvet cupcake before I stepped foot in the shop. And I wasn’t disappointed at all.

It is fluffy, moist and its sweetness is just right – exactly what I’m looking for in Red Velvet cupcakes. To top it off, it’s filled with everyone’s favourite chocolate hazelnut spread which complements the overall taste. It’s basically a major crowd pleaser that’s bound to sell out before the rest. But fret not, this is a permanent flavour so it’s available every single day!

Pecan Orange Salted Caramel Liquid Cheesecake is described as a light and fluffy vanilla cake with liquid cheesecake filling, orange salted caramel frosting and caramelised pecans on top.


I don’t really like nuts but I must say that they’re necessary here because they gave the cupcake the extra crunch! It’s really good, light and tasty. It felt like eating a real cheesecake because of the generous amount of filling.

I love to eat but I’m also very weight-conscious at the same time. I usually avoid eating (too much of) the frosting of cupcakes but I actually don’t mind sacrificing a few pounds (just run more rounds lor) for the frosting on Fluff’s cupcakes, especially this one! It’s so one-of-a-kind and delectable and I’d kill myself if I wasted it!

Last but not least…

The Ispahan cupcake is described as a light and fluffy rose cake with a lychee filling and raspberry frosting.


SO BEAUTIFUL (erm btw, the rose flower is inedible)


This is another unique flavour that really stood out but somehow isn’t very popular (last to sell out every time). I guess it’s an acquired taste? But I ABSOLUTELY love it! The lychee filling really upped the game. It’s something that you can hardly find elsewhere (in fact, you seldom see fruit-flavoured cupcakes, do you?). It’s thick, flavourful yet not too sweet at the same time. I got the orgasmic feel biting into the cupcake. It’s AWESOME! Unfortunately, it’s not included in this week’s menu 😦 I hope it’ll make a comeback!

Each cupcake costs S$4. Quite a hefty price tag but I say it’s worth it! Also, it’s HALAL so it’s practically for everyone!

It opens at noon on most days and queues would already start forming before that. I’m not a morning person so I’m not sure when I’ll go back again 😦 Plus, it’s so far from where I live! Fluff Bakery, Y U NO DELIVER?

That’s all for this post! Thanks for reading guys 🙂

Fluff Bakery
12 Jalan Pisang
Operating hours: Tuesdays to Saturdays, from 12pm ’til sold out (around 3-4pm)
Nearest MRT station: Bugis
Facebook | Instagram

6 thoughts on “Cupcakes @ Fluff Bakery

  1. I prefer twelve cupcakes..price lower & dont have to queue long as they have a few outlet. Not forgetting les cupcakes, a chinese muslim owner. She bakes very soft & moist red velvet cupcakes. A must try. Choc.banana is very good too.


  2. twelve cupcakes would be nice if they have fillings! i still like their red velvet cupcakes though. just checked out les cupcakes but they don’t have a physical store, do they? i prefer buying from stores as i don’t have to meet any minimum quantity to buy 😦


  3. Hope my reply isn’t too late! I didn’t wait very long… say 10 minutes? Either I went pretty late (past 12 noon) on a weekday or I was just lucky! But to ensure that you get all the flavours, it’s best to go there when it opens!


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