Treats for Your Pets: My Greedy Pet

Hello everyone!

Noticed my new banner? I have finally replaced the old with one that has a less in-your-face of myself so I hope it won’t be that much of an eyesore anymore haha. My pet Pomeranian, Chubs, has once again made a special appearance on my banner and some of you might be wondering why when I had never blogged about dogs before. Well, I tried to on many occasions but I simply had nothing to write about. So I ended up thrashing my drafts.

Then last June, the managing committee of my estate organised a Most Photogenic Pet Contest in an attempt to integrate the new residents into the neighbourhood. Residents with pets were encouraged to participate. I thought it was a great opportunity for Chubs to mingle around with other dogs because he’s a rather shy boy (snarls at home but retreats into fear when he’s outdoors) so I registered him for the contest!


Garbed in a Pooh cloak (actually, a rain coat) purchased from Taiwan! It’s a little big on him so we had to pin the excess cloth with a small safety pin.


Hey Mr. Photogenic!


Side profile!


To show my support, I was also dressed to the theme. Hehe!

Unfortunately, he was only awarded the consolation prize because he was so scared stiff that he just laid flat on stage the entire time, ignoring all my commands! He even had to be carried down from the stage as he refused to move no matter how much I nudged him. This silly fella 😐


Among the consolation prizes was a $15 voucher for My Greedy Pet (MGP), one of the sponsors for the event. MGP specialises in home-cooked pet food and they offer delivery of the food right to your doorstep – perfect those with busy schedule (but only night delivery on weekends to cater to the working adults). According to their website, “the food…are prepared using only the freshest ingredients and home-cooked to perfection without the use of sugar, salt, gluten, artificial colouring, oil or preservatives.” Sounds really healthy to me. As I navigated my way through the end of the menu (an amazingly wide selection of food by the way), I found myself drooling over the pictures even though the food isn’t really meant for human consumption (bland for us). Well… if I like it, so would Chubs the glutton. 😆

In fact, Chubs had a taste of their food at the event and he seemed to love it, plus I hadn’t properly pampered him for a while. So I rang MGP up to place an order for an 8-day basic Tingkat package (S$50.20 before discount) which includes four types of customisable dishes: Diner Dash, Fetch the Meatball, Fatty Patty and Sing to the Don. There are other higher-tier packages too that offers more food choices, albeit pricier. The amount of food differs according to the size of the dog (small, medium and large).


Cute takeaway box!

What I like about MGP is they allow the choosing of meat, carbs and vegetables for each dish, regardless of the type of package. With this flexibility, you are able to tailor the meal to greater suit the appetite of your furkid. My Pomeranian for one doesn’t really like rice and carrots so I’m definitely going to exclude those for my future orders.

On average, he took less than 10 minutes (seriously) to clear the box. And ever since the first time he ate the food, he had been anticipating them at the sound of the door bell. My greedy pet, indeed.



The delivery ran over a span of four weekends (consistency of delivery days is required), mostly during the day. No one was home most of the time when the food was sent, so it would be left hanging on my door (don’t worry, nobody would seriously steal a box of dog food). Afterwards, Myndy, the owner (I think) of the virtual shop, would inform me via phone that the food had already been delivered. Talk about great service! 🙂

Anyway, here are what I got for Chubs! Not gonna elaborate on the taste because I didn’t get to try them (duh) 😛 But I did take a whiff of them before I gave it to Chubs. They smelt decently good (but to your pets, they smell absolutely heavenly). And healthy – that’s for sure.

Day 1: Diner Dash (Beef, Mashed Potato & Sweet Peas)





Day 2: Diner Dash (Pork, Pasta & Green Beans)


Ifeel that this is Chubs’ favourite. I guess he just loves pasta



Day 3: Fatty Patty (Chicken, Mashed Potato & Sweet Peas)


I tore the chicken patty into smaller pieces for easy digestion. Or else, Chubs would just gobble everything down without first chewing them, as if someone’s gonna steal his food -_-


Day 4: Fatty Patty (Beef, Brown Rice and Green Beans)


This was when I found out Chubs’ dislike for rice because he didn’t finish it


But he ate everything else. Every single bit, no less

Day 5: Fetch the Meatball (Pork, Pasta and Sweet Peas)


The colours are just wow, so inviting

Day 6: Fetch the Meatball (Beef, Brown Rice and Broccoli)


Tore the meatballs as can be seen here

Day 7: Sing to the Don (Beef & Sweet Peas)

The name is a take-off of a popular story “Sing to the Dawn” by author Minfong Ho. “Don”, or Katsudon, is a Japanese food, a bowl of rice topped with a deep-fried pork cutlet (but steamed beef in this case), egg, and condiments (Wikipedia). Gotta love MGP’s attempt at being creative.



Day 8: Sing to the Don (Pork & Carrot)

Topped with rice and egg, like the above.


Pardon the poor quality. This was photographed by my Mom as I wasn’t home at time of delivery

And that’s about it! If you’re considering about treating your pet to a gourmet feast, perhaps you could start from My Greedy Pet. They also offer a 7-day trial package if you’re uncertain whether your dog likes the food. I personally find their prices rather affordable as compared to those at pet cafes. And what’s more, they deliver to your home at no extra cost! 🙂

It can also be a great birthday gift for your furkid! How about celebrating his/her birthday for the whole month with a 28-day package? Because that’s what I’m planning to do this June! 😆 Chubs the greedy boy is gonna be so happy.

Thanks for reading guys! 🙂

My Greedy Pet
Choa Chu Kang Central Post Office
PO Box 250
Singapore 916839
Website | Facebook | Instagram
Delivery Hotline: (65) 6649 0099

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