[POKÉMON] NEW Limited Edition Snorlax EZ-Charm Launches This December, Just in Time for Christmas!

Hello everyone!

Since the release of Pokémon GO, millions of people – both young and old – have been introduced to the world of Pokémon, thereby propelling the media franchise into a global phenomenon once again many decades after its inception. As a long-time fan of the series (and RPG games), it pleases me greatly to see Pokémon becoming one of the most talked-about topics in the country because every business then will be leveraging this trend to appeal to the masses 😆

In this respect, the biggest offender is most likely to be EZ-Link for draining my wallet with their periodical Pokémon-related launches (and I’m not complaining). From the super adorable Pikachu EZ-Charm launched in May, to the many Pokémon-themed EZ-Link cards sold subsequently, I’ve never missed a single Pokémon collection (okay, perhaps except for those only available at Golden Village – too much of a hassle for me). And if you’re as hard core a Pokémon collector as I am, you will be thrilled to know that EZ-Link is going to do it again this December with another Pokémon-related release…

Guess what just came in the mail?! Thank you EZ-Link for taking pity on my bank account!

Guess what just came in the mail?! Thank you EZ-Link for taking pity on my bank account!

… featuring Snorlax! Is this a subtle dig at our post-Christmas body? 🤣

This limited edition Snorlax trinket will be on sale for S$29.90 on Lazada Marketplace from next Monday, 10 December 2018. There is no mention about the launch time, but based on past experience, it should be available at the stroke of midnight. Otherwise, just wait for the announcement on EZ-Link’s Facebook page!



It's everyone's favourite bui-bui! XD

It’s everyone’s favourite bui-bui! XD



Snorlax's sexy back

Snorlax’s sexy back

In case you’re still tapping the MRT fare gates the conventional way (no shame, though. I still do, too, for practical reasons), EZ-Charm works just like your EZ-Link card, which is the most common payment option for public transport fares. On top of that, it can also be used for dining and at retail outlets where EZ-Link is accepted as a payment mode. The first EZ-Charms – featuring the world’s most iconic cat Hello Kitty in various designs – were launched in 2015 to much fanfare and since then, EZ-Charms have become a popular choice for gifting. Initially valid for only two years during its introductory period, the validity of EZ-Charms has now been extended to 3 years from the date of encoding and thereafter the trinket itself can be used as an accessory. Similarly to EZ-Link cards, EZ-Charms are sold without stored value but can be topped up at any top-up channels.

Remember to mark your calendar! As a word of advice, camp by your computer or phone before these EZ-Charms officially goes on sale to avoid disappointment because anything related to Pokémon tends to sell out. Fast.

Thanks for reading!

The Limited edition Snorlax EZ-Charm will be available for S$29.90 on Lazada Marketplace from 10 December 2018.
Product was provided by EZ-Link for my editorial consideration.

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