Indulge in the Sounds of Luxury with Harman Kardon, AKG & JBL


Listen up, audiophiles!


CD galore!

If you’ve been to places like the Yankee Stadium and the iconic Beijing National Stadium for concerts, chances are you would have been awed by the incredibly high-quality sound system. But unknown to many, such superior sound quality can also be heard in enclosed places like in cars especially if you’re riding in an Audi, a BMW, Subaru, Hyundai or Chrysler, just to name a few. They may sound slightly different from one another due to the disparity in location size but ultimately they still sound insanely good to the ears.

That’s because all these venues and automobile manufacturers use HARMAN, the mastermind behind leading audio brands including JBL, AKG and Harman Kardon which are also used by international artistes like Kanye West, Maroon 5, Paul McCartney, Black Eyed Peas, Linkin Park (MY LUV!) and Kelly Clarkson in the studio and on stage.

In fact, if you have never heard of HARMAN (and the 7 highly-acclaimed audio brands under its belt), then you have not heard everything, literally. Apart from the voice of the artiste playing in your ears, the song lyrics and the main instrumental melody in the background, can you hear each and every bass and rhythmic note with your current headphones? Does it give you crisp and natural-sounding music that makes you feel like you’re at a live performance? And does it produce acoustic music that sounds so soulful and surreal, it serenades your soul and sends chills down your spine? If none of the above resonates with you, boy are you losing out a lot!

(Sadly, I was subconsciously describing what my earpiece can’t do too, boohoo)

With Harman Kardon, AKG and JBL, you get only the best sounds, so good that even Mozart would be proud.


Of course, I wouldn’t dare say that every product under Harman Kardon, AKG and JBL is rave-worthy (don’t want to risk getting slaughtered by you tech-geeks). But have you seen their latest range of portable speakers? I had the heaven-sent opportunity (since I’ve been on a lookout for better speakers as my current ones are spoiling and very unfortunately I fall into the stereotype of females who are completely clueless about technology) to experience them for myself at the recent HARMAN media event by IMS Marketing and wow, I was totally blown away by the loud-crystal clear sound projected by these small, innocuous-looking things that left my jaw hanging throughout the demo!

Here’s what I saw:

JBL (Smart Series III)


Charge it, flip it, clip it. Fuel your passion for music!


JBL Clip Plus (RRP S$99)


Small but powerful – these disc-like speakers can project sounds SO loud, it puts my home speakers to shame. It’s meant to be “clipped” onto your bicycle so that you cyclists can enjoy good music on the move for up to 5 hours!


JBL FLIP 3 (RRP S$179) – full-featured splashproof portable speaker with powerful sound in a compact form. It fits perfectly into the bottle cage attached to your bicycle! 🙂


It actually means this…


HELLLLLL NOOO how cool is this?! (featuring JBL Xtreme, S$439)


JBL Charge 2+ (RRP S$279) – another splashproof portable speaker but with 6000mAH rechargeable battery!

My Dad was gifted a JBL Charge 2+ recently and judging from his incessant music playbacks (kinda irritated by his poor choice of music but aiya, what to do?), I can vouch how long-lasting the battery life is! And the sound is just flawless.


JBL Pulse II (RRP S$329) – 10-hour battery with custom LED light show that acts like a visualiser and changes according to the music tempo


So preeetzz! I think ABBA’s Dancing Queen was playing 😀

All the products above come with Social Mode which you can use to connect up to 3 music sources so that everyone in your clique gets a chance to play their favourite tunes. All JBL portable speakers can also be wirelessly connected via Bluetooth to one another so as to amplify the volume of the music played.

Harman Kardon

While it’s quite obvious that JBL exudes energetic and youthful vibes, Harman Kardon takes on a different personality and goes for the elegant and sophisticated feel.


Esquire Mini (RRP S$269) – an sleek and chic speaker that doubles as a conference phone system with dual-microphone and built-in echo and noise cancellation technology for superb sound and USB access to recharge your favourite devices. This all-in-one (speaker/phone system/microphone/portable charger) speaker has battery that can last for up to 8 hours

This product wasn’t showcased at the event so I didn’t get to see or test it out myself. But people who are well-versed in the audiomotive market should know that Harman Kardon (and other brands of HARMAN as a matter of fact) would never compromise on quality. After all, Harman Kardon had bagged quite a number of awards, including some iF Design Awards for its Esquire Mini 🙂


I’d think that AKG is a hybrid of JBL and Harman Kardon because some of the products under its line can be both stylish and sporty at the same time, like this stunner:


AKG N90Q (RRP S$2199, yup it’s 贵的咯) – gold headphones that listen to your ears. It has sound so realistic, the only barrier is the headphone itself


Inspired by the Grammy Award winning producer Quincy Jones, this state-of-the-art, flagship level headphone represents the pinnacle in acoustic performance and audio customisation. It features TruNote technology, Tone Control (full control of adjustment sound signature). Stage Control (three spatial listening modes), Patented ergonomic design, USB and HD audio and a built-in DAC.


Enjoying 5 seconds of premium sound with dual foam cushions and ear cup mounted controls (I swear my ears felt so comfortable) as well as active noise cancelling technologies. Love it so much leh. Why is it so goddamn expensive? 😦

And also not forgetting the hand-selected audio gift set I received from the event organisers:


AKG Y23 ear headphone and Y40 mini headset


Thank you so much, IMS Marketing! Boyfriend has been eyeing on the headset ever since. -_-

And that’s about it from HARMAN! 🙂 Did anything catch your eye? I’ll most probably be getting one of those JBL speakers to replace my current ones. Which one would you recommend? Leave me a comment below!

Thanks for reading! ❤

JBL | Harman Kardon | AKG

P/S: If you haven’t realised, this post is so full of puns, I love it.

A Wok Down Memory Lane at Ellenborough Market @ Singapore Favourite Food Village 2015 + GIVEAWAY


Hey foodies in Singapore!

If you’re looking to feast on some sumptuous local food before you embark on your long National Day weekend next August, you’re in for a treat!

From 24 July to 2 August 2015, join me and many other food lovers as we celebrate the richness of Singapore’s culinary landscape through a variety of delectable Singapore signature delights at the Singapore Favourite Food Festival! Located at Read Bridge, Clarke Quay and held in conjunction with the anchor food event, Singapore Food Festival, the Singapore Favourite Food Village is an annual 10-day local culinary festival organised by the Singapore Food & Beverage Alliance (SFBA) and supported by Singapore Tourism Board that celebrates and showcases Singapore’s rich and unique multicultural food heritage and pays homage to local culinary heroes all under-one-roof.


Admission is free!

In celebration of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, Singapore Favourite Food Village 2015 revives one of Singapore’s iconic and long-lost makan place Ellenborough Market – through the theme ‘A Wok Down Memory Lane at Ellenborough Market’. You’d discover the stories behind the market nicknamed the ‘New Market’ and ‘Teochew Market’ and meet one of the authentic hawkers of the old Ellenborough Market along with other Teochew cuisine and local delights hawkers. This is a not-to-be-missed food event for Teochew food lovers, and Teochew nang like yours truly! 🙂


Ellenborough Market before it was destroyed in a fire in 1968 (source)


ericlowAward-winning celebrity chef, Eric Low, will make an appearance to impart a culinary skill to cooking enthusiasts. Fancy a bowl of Teochew Opera Porridge but don’t know where to get it? Chef Low would be there to teach you the authentic way of preparing it so that you can whip up a bowl of piping hot Teochew Opera Porridge any time, any where! For those who don’t know what it is, as the name implies, this porridge was sold in street hawker stalls during the heyday of Teochew street operas. They would travel with the performing troupes around the island and business was brisk as good performing troupes could easily attract large audiences. This porridge made an ideal supper treat as each performance ended rather late close to midnight.

Live Cooking Demonstrations by the various Teochew chefs are available every weekend from 24 July to 2 August 2015.

nickshenBe entertained by traditional Teochew Opera, Tok Tok Chiang, co-founded by local celebrity Nick Shen Wei Jun as you feast to your heart’s content. Driven by his passion for Chinese Opera, Nick Shen founded Tok Tok Chiang in 2010 to reconnect youths with their cultural roots and keep the dying art of Chinese Opera alive. With refreshing elements such as magic tricks and bilingual performances, Tok Tok Chiang remains relevant by reaching out to people of different races in racially diverse Singapore.

Catch the traditional Teochew Opera every weekend from 24 July to 2 August 2015 by Tok Tok Chiang and Nam Hwa Teochew Opera Troupe!

Here are 5 things to look forward to at the Singapore Favourite Food Village 2015:

Teochew Streamed Fish by Swissôtel Merchant Court

Teochew Steamed Pomfret with Preserved Soya Bean Sauce by Swissötel Merchant Court // Pic: SFBA

Carrot Cake by Everything Foods 1

Carrot Cake by Everything Foods // Pic: SFBA

Braised Duck by Mr Duck

Teochew Braised Duck by Mr Duck // Pic: SFBA

Cold Crab by Swissôtel Merchant Court 1 copy

Cold Crab, Teochew Style by Swissötel Merchant Court // Pic: SFBA

Ba Kut Teh by Xiao Chen Gu Shi 1 copy

Teochew Bak Kut Teh by Xiao Chen Gu Shi // Pic: SFBA

… as well as other interesting food innovations like Truffle Wanton Noodles, Ondeh Ondeh Churros and Honey Hoisin Orange Glazed Pork Ribs.

*drools* I can’t wait to savour them all!

Be sure to mark your calendars, fellow foodies! 😉


I’m giving away a pair of Weekday Dining Ellenborough Market Cafe* Voucher worth $48 each to 1 lucky reader, courtesy of Singapore Food & Beverage Alliance! To win, simply share this post on Facebook and comment with your e-mail address below.

*not Singapore Favourite Food Village. Please take note!

Giveaway closes 18 July 2015, 2359h.

The winner will be announced and notified by 21 July 2015. Prize redemption will be at Information Counter at Singapore Favourite Food Village from 24 July to 2 Aug 2015, 5pm – 11pm daily.

UPDATE: Giveaway has ended! Thank you for your participation!
The winner is Yile! Congratulations 🙂

Thanks for reading! ❤

Singapore Favourite Food Village 2015

24 July to 2 August 2015
5pm to 11pm
@ Read Bridge, Clarke Quay
Free Admission
Visit for more information

EVENT: LINE Friends Pop-Up Store at 313@Somerset


Hey guys!


LINE in Singapore

Almost three years ago when I got my first smartphone (yes, I was probably the last person my age to own a smartphone then because… buttons for the win), I was so intrigued by mobile apps that I started downloading a whole slew of them on it. Messaging apps, of course, form an integral part of my phone usage (because for the first time ever, I didn’t have to pay for excessive messaging), even today. I had a few of them installed on my phone for different purposes but I only actively used two, one of which was LINE for its free voice calls (back then before WhatsApp introduced it) and wide selection of expressive stickers. The latter reminds me of the good ol’days of MSN Messenger when I would bombard the other party with lots of big emoticons. But the Japanese messaging app is different in the sense that its stickers feature popular cartoon characters from Disney, SpongeBob SquarePants and even my favourite Pokemon! To date, I think I’ve spent over S$8 on these premium LINE stickers alone ^_^” They’re just sooooo cute!

But that doesn’t leave frugal users, who are reluctant to pay, with nothing. There are also default stickers which are equally expressive and endearing. You’re bound to find something that accurately illustrates your mood among the pool of free stickers starring LINE’s mascots Moon, James, Cony and Brown (the only expressionless one hahaha but still adorbs, my favourite!)


LINE style! From left: Brown, Cony, PSY, Moon and James. (source)

By 2013, LINE became even more popular with over 120 million users (more than 400 million now) across the globe. Its mascots even have its own TV animated series in Japan (click here for episode 1! Please watch it’s damn funny), further proving how well-received the app is.

In 2014, as part of LINE’s efforts to bringing Singaporean closer to the ultimate LINE experience, it held its first ever pop-up store at Wisma Atria to roaring success, with as many as 100 people queuing up before its opening to be one of the lucky customers to walk away with free LINE mini doll worth S$14.

This year, if you haven’t heard already, the high-anticipated pop-up store is back again for the second time, at 313@Somerset. Located at the mall’s Atrium on Level 1, the pop-up store will run from 8 June to 15 July 2015 and will likewise have an extensive array of official LINE merchandise including exclusive collaboration items.


Entrance of 313@Somerset


From level 3 of the mall! It’s e-ve-ry-where!

My favourite LINE character mascots, Cony and Brown will also make special appearance during the period of the pop-up store for photo-taking opportunities. The event will also feature a photo zone, complete with a backdrop for the perfect selfie with the mascots. Scroll down towards the end for the mascots’ meet-and-greet timings!


With Brown and Cony! Brown is so animated and affectionate I love it!


Brown giving me a thumbs-up for initiating a selfie HAHAHA (aye can’t see the backdrop though)


Missed the appearance of Cony and Brown? Fret not! There are mascot cut-outs of all the LINE characters for you to pose with, available 24/7 hehe


The names of the characters are on the ground just in case you forget who they are!

As I was invited to the media preview of the pop-up store this morning (2 hours before the official opening), I was also one of the first to lay my hands on the merchandise! YAY! Let’s take a look at what the store offers, as well as some highlights of the event 🙂


SPOTTED: Crew putting up the Brown Cuddle Doll on display. It’s H U G E.


“I’m ready! Come and buy me! S$298 only :D”


Spotted another Cuddle Doll! This time it’s Cony!


This is one of the collaborated items I was talking about – the limited edition LINE x Swarovski jewellery


Jewellery close-up


Omg how cute is this necklace??


Another collaboration, with EZ-Link card! And it’s only S$10!

The third collaborated items are the LINE x LAMY pens 🙂

Sally the duck!

Cups for sale, featuring Sally the duck!


Water bottles


Sally water bottle






Head plush


Mini plush




Postcard designs




Gel pens


Pin badges


Dust caps


Folders and notepads


More badges and other stuff


Apparels! Boyfriend and I both got one top each


1.5 hours later, some guy really bought the Brown Cuddle Doll! Woah who’s that lucky girl (I assume)?

Prices at the pop-up store range from S$2.50 for a folder to S$298 for a LINE Cuddle Doll. It’s surprisingly affordable if you ask me and I even got myself a Brown mouse pad! Boyfriend also won a Brown pin badge from the sure-win lucky draw! 🙂

Other LINE user privileges

– All LINE users will receive 10-20% discounts

– Type your receipt number in LINE Event Official Account for a sure-win lucky draw of LINE merchandise! Official hard copy receipt has to be produced upon collection for verification

– Notice of LINE Brown x LAMY Limited Edition pen sale will be highlighted via LINE Event Official Account

Apart from the merchandise, there are also several events lined up for the shoppers!


Also, follow 313@Somerset on LINE for a chance to win vouchers, goodies and many more!

Thanks LINE Singapore, 313@Somerset and Originally Us for having me. I had a blast! I also received an awesome goodie bag as well, courtesy of 313@Somerset 🙂 Let me show you guys what’s in there:


What’s in my goodie bag


What’s in my goodie bag – stickers


What’s in my goodie bag – Head Plushies!!

Head on down to 313@Somerset now and immerse yourself in the exclusive LINE merchandise and engage in some fun and games! Remember, the pop-up store is only going to be around ’til 5 July, less than a month from now so hurry!


8 June – 5 July 2015
Store hours: Mon-Thu 11am – 10pm / Fri and Weekends 10am – 10pm
Venue: 313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Road, S(238895)
Homepage | Facebook | YouTube | 313@Sometset Facebook Page

THROUGH THE LENS: Happy FIRST Birthday, SkinnyMint!

Hey everyone!

If you recall, I underwent a 28-day teatox programme earlier this year courtesy of SkinnyMint which saw me lose a total of 3kg by the end of it. I had never lost so much weight in such a short time (despite exercising regularly) and I am indebted to SkinnyMint for steering me towards leading a healthier lifestyle. Having gone below the 60kg mark, I am now more determined to maintain my lifestyle changes like consuming less refined grains such as rice and bread even after the completion of the programme. Judging from the reviews on Instagram (#skinnymint), the tea seems to be working remarkably well on many people! My boyfriend who witnessed my transformation was also convinced to try SkinnyMint 😀 And he’ll probably start teatoxing during his semester break.


Yay my chubby face

It has been a year since SkinnyMint set foot in the Singapore market and I was very honoured to be invited to their birthday party at Lantern@Fullerton Bay on 25 March 2015. It was cosy event graced by a few popular bloggers like Yan Kay Kay, who is also one of their ambassadors. I shall let the pictures take you through the party 🙂 Enjoy!


Makeup of the day. Toned it down a little out of respect for the passing of Singapore’s founding father, whose lying-in-state happened in the same week.


Fullerton Bay


Our view from Lantern!


The floating platform



We were the first to arrive!


Our door gifts! Thanks SkinnyMint 🙂


Cocktail tables


Venue lined with SkinnyMint-themed balloons


Lovely cake pops!


They had great cocktails and mocktails!


Red Lantern (Tequila, Watermelon & Cucumber Lemon) and SkinnyMint Special (Gin, Cucumber, Herbs Liqueur, Apple Liqueur, Blue Curacao Liqueur, Apple Juice and Fresh Lime) cocktails


Hahaha us having fun taking pictures of the food.




The appetisers served were really goooood although I felt a little queasy after downing a cup of cocktail (note to self: never drink alcohol on an empty stomach).


Preparing Crêpe Suzette


And the condiments to go with.


More of the appetisers!



One of my favourite couple pictures that night, photographed by SkinnyMint’s professional photographer hehehe.


Chocolate mousse for dessert!


With the amazing Dee, Relationship Exec of SkinnyMint 🙂 The dress on me was an inspired Prabal Gurung piece (the one Kate Middleton wore for her Singapore visit in 2012) from Taobao! Cheap and good. Haha.


And of course, with the babes of the night! Audrey of WahBanana and blogger Yan Kay Kay.


What’s in the goodie bag 😉 The one tied with ribbon is a pair of LuluLemon Wunder underpants – perfect for yoga and gym sessions! And I guess it’s about time I start teatoxing again. Woohoo thanks SkinnyMint for keeping me in shape. 😀

I’m not exactly the most sociable person around and I was very glad to have met so many amazing and friendly people at the party, especially those working for SkinnyMint, because they made me feel so much at ease. 😀 Of course, I also have to thank my boyfriend for networking on my behalf when I was trying to recover from the queasiness.

Those interested to try the 28-day Teatox programme may find out more about SkinnyMint here.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more updates comin’ up 🙂

Love, Bonito Year-End-Sale 2014

Hey everyone!

It’s been such a long time since I wrote anything about apparel shopping so let’s take a short break from food posts, shall we? 🙂

Before that, I have a small confession as a shopaholic. I’m a compulsive shopper – that’s a known fact. Before I got obsessed with makeup, I used to go crazy on online shopping and would spend hundreds of dollars a week on clothes. My spendthrift ways became apparent when I was awarded the “VIP” status at Love, Bonito for being one of their top spenders in 2012. For that, I (together with a few other VIPs) was given priority over the rest in The Great Love, Bonito Sale in 2013 and was allowed to enter the room an hour ahead of everyone. No doubt it was such a rewarding experience and the privilege made me feel that all the spending was worthwhile.

Then, I had to return to school. I was forced to leave my full-time job and gradually, I started spending lesser on clothes (also because my wardrobes couldn’t take in anymore clothes and Bf was nagging incessantly at me for that) and of course, I also lost my “VIP” status on Love, Bonito.

Fast forward to October last year, I was given the opportunity to work at Love, Bonito after responding to their recruitment ad and successfully getting through the interview. I was their Photo Editor but because of school commitments, I had to leave the company after close to 4 months with them. It was one of my best working experiences and it kinda healed most of my scars from my previous long-term employment (which was beyond terrible. Read here). A few months had passed since I stepped foot into Love, Bonito office and I really missed working with the wonderful people there.

Just then, I received a text from one of my Love, Bonito ex-colleagues asking me if I was available to work during their warehouse sale in November. Without hesitation, I gave a positive reply. They must’ve heard me! Haha.


So yes, that’s just a short background story on how I got to work at the Year-End-Sale. It was a two-day event. Only two days and I felt like my legs were going to break. For days I couldn’t walk like a human being and I had to forgo my morning runs because my soles were hurting like crazy from running around non-stop at the event to replenish stocks at the racks. But that’s fine, because I really enjoyed myself! Met quite a number of great people, and of course, shopping at the sale also plays a great part in making the experience memorable 😀

Okay enough of rambles. Here are some of the event highlights!


We got to shop! Here are 2 bags full of my purchases! Not everything was for myself, of course 🙂


Day 2!


Good deals in the wagon! Quite a number of stuff I bought were from the wagon 🙂


The pixies were all treated to a sumptuous (to me lah) breakfast on Day 2, courtesy of Kith Cafe!


Here’s my cup of hot chocolate! What a way to start your morning. It definitely gave me a boost and made me more energised for Day 2!


Great companions at the event! Here’s me with 2 Jocelyns. Haha!

Are you ready to see my loots?


These are bags for shopaholics. Haha. Lugged back 2 of this!


What I bought! I’ve got to agree that I managed to snatch up some great deals! 😉


Featuring some of my star buys, here are my favourite tops and dresses (especially the maxi dress at the bottom which I had forgotten what it’s called) from the sale.


Some more dresses and tops, and also the bottoms I bought!


These are sample pieces (no tag) which I bought on impulse. Way too snug and small on me. 😦


The very popular furry pullover which was gone before sunset on day 1!


Love touching the material haha.

I didn’t have time to try out everything I bought but I managed to wear out a few of my purchases 🙂


The top is loose-fitting which kinda made me look preggers so I tucked it in (but it’s so short, it kept coming off my shorts). I like the colour and the intricate design on the sleeves.


Got this from the wagon 🙂 It’s a very unique design for a shorts.


White romper which was launched during the Chinese New Year period this year. I actually have the same piece in Navy and love it so much that I decided to get another one in different colour! I was lucky enough to have seen it at the sale 🙂

Okay that’s about it! Will resume my food reviews shortly 😛

Please note that I will not be answering any questions relating to employment at Love, Bonito.

Concerts and Live Shows from 2012

Hey guys!

Today’s post can be considered quite outdated because I’m going to recount all my concert and live show experiences that I’ve attended since 2012 (which is not really long ago right? Hehe). I didn’t do so then coz Uni (or college) had just begun for me and I kept procrastinating until I totally forgot about it. Since this blog would be the first thing I’d refer to in the future when I reminisce about old times, I HAVE to write about them. So here goes! Hope my memory serves me well.

I’m not really a concert-goer to begin with as I dislike crowds. I HATE rowdy ones so I tend to avoid modern rock and mainstream concerts where there’s a mosh pit. My first concert ticket was gifted to me by my cousins who happened to be acquainted with an employee of the organising company and it was for My Chemical Romance (disbanded) in end 2007. It was horrible! I remember getting pushed from the back with crazy girls jumping in front and smacking my face with their sweaty hair. The stage lights were so bright and strong, my eyes went momentarily blind after being constantly shone in! I could only see pitch black for 5 minutes. Luckily I slowly regained my vision but my cousins were worried shit lol. That’s when I decided NEVER to go to any of such concerts unless I get to be seated.. but where’s the fun in that right?

Anyway I digressed. I went to my second concert in 2012 with boyfriend and mind you, tickets were paid for haha. If you don’t know me, you’d never be able to guess who I saw. It was for Chicago! Yes, the oldie rock band that produced the hit singles “If You Leave Me Now” and “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” back then in the 1980s. Friends all know that I’m a complete oldie lover. Instead of tuning in to hits radio stations like 987fm, I listen to Gold 90.5fm most of the time. But having said that, I am still in the know about the latest songs… thanks to Youtube and Class 95fm which occasionally plays old melodies as well.


BUT I WAS SO EXCITED ABOUT CHICAGO! I literally went OMGOMG THEY’RE FINALLY COMING when I heard about the news on radio and immediately bought the tickets. Poor boyfriend who isn’t really a huge fan of Chicago was forced to tag along hahaha.

Fast forward to the day of the concert, it was at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 29 October 2012. Boyfriend and I were one of the very few youngsters in the audience as I had expected. Majority were already in their fifties but I didn’t really care. Music is after all a universal language for all ages! 🙂

Pardon the terribly poor quality images as they were taken with my iPhone 4/crappy camera back then!

Getting a bottle of water before entering the stadium

While others were drinking beer, we had mineral water lol.

chicago live in singapore1

Before the concert. Audience filling their seats.

2 years ago.. we looked like that.

2 years ago.. we looked like that.

chicago live in singapore6

Concert began! Big screen showing the flautist.

chicago live in singapore5

They may be old, but they were as energetic as any younger artistes!

chicago live in singapore4

Hyping up the crowd

chicago live in singapore3


chicago live in singapore2


Mega enjoyed the concert. They sounded great live, as good as in their studio albums. I was so elated that my favourites were sung and there was even an encore. So it was money very well-spent.We even went to purchase some merchandise: 2 Chicago albums containing all their greatest hits, one with Peter Cetera and the other with their newest lineup. My only complain about the concert was the absence of Peter Cetera, whom I regard as the true voice of Chicago. I was a little disappointed even though I already knew that he wouldn’t be performing since he had long broken away from the band. But it’s alright! The new voices sounded equally awesome!


In the same year, Russell Peters (a stand-up comedian if you don’t know – wait, how can you not know him?! Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad) also came to Singapore for his Notorious World Tour on May 5 and 6! His live show was way before Chicago but we bought the tickets later as we were too slow to get tickets to the first show, hence the classification. They were sold out so quickly! The organisers were aware that many people couldn’t get the tickets thus they opened a second show. Boyfriend was dying to see him and he wanted me to return the favour of accompanying me to Chicago’s concert so.. I did.

fly away cash

But in Singapore dollars lol.

We were so broke!! But I was glad to have agreed to go, coz Russell Peters was EXTREMELY hilarious HAHAHA. Even before he started his first joke I was already in (happy) tears. I could still laugh to myself now as I recall them. People who bought tickets to the front rows were constantly picked on and used as the subjects of his jokes but they were not offended. Well, they probably were but this is the kind of topic you’d expect to hear at his show so I guess they were already mentally prepared.

So if he ever comes back again (I hope he will), be warned. NEVER buy tickets to the front row if you don’t want to be in the limelight. Or else, be prepared to be ridiculed face the consequences.

russell peters 1

Us.. looking so cui back then haha.

russell peters 2

Before the show

russell peters 3

DJ playing what seemed to be an hour-long music lol.

Sadly, I have no pictures of Russell Peters in action because of the show’s super strict “no recording” rule. An audio recording which warned the audience not to use any recording devices or face ejection from their seats could be heard repeating over and over again before the show. They seemed really serious about it, so I better not try to do anything stupid! (yeah I sibei humji (very gutless) as you can see)

But if you guys really want to watch his performance but couldn’t be there, I believe there are videos that were shot secretly uploaded on YouTube. 🙂

In 2013.. concert organisers probably heard my plea and brought PETER CETERA to Singapore! 不会那么巧吧?LOL. It was too much of a coincidence, really. But I was twice as excited as the band! THE VOICE OF CHICAGO WAS FINALLY HERE!!! However I knew about the concert late. I was still as broke as a church mouse and I needed more time to save up. I was very determined to get the tickets coz you never know when Peter Cetera would be back again. Furthermore he’s not very young already hor, if you get what I mean.


By the time I had the money, the good seats were all gone 😦 So I resorted to buying from Gumtree. It was a blessing in disguise coz I ended up saving quite a lot of money hehehe. Collected the tickets from the seller 3 hours before the concert and then met boyfriend at The Star Performing Arts Centre (where the concert was held) to have our dinner. Thereafter, we took the lift up to the theatre entrance. Oh, I think it’s also worth mentioning that we shared the same lift as Glenn Ong. Haha.

I was told by the seller that The Star Theatre has one of the best sound systems in Singapore. I thought that’s pretty accurate!


Waiting for the concert to begin… We were once again surrounded by people way older than us.


Our tickets!!

Peter Cetera and his back-up female singer who has voice so freakin' powerful.

Peter Cetera and his back-up female singer who has a voice so freakin’ powerful. She sang Amy Grunt and Cher’s parts in “The Next Time I Fall” and “After All”


Peter Cetera not looking like his age (he was 68). I’m honestly mesmerised by his mature looks lol oops did I just let the cat out of bag about my unusual fetish hahahaha


Have to buy something at every concert lol


So we bought a concert-only audio CD which includes Chicago pieces as well! It also has Peter Cetera’s golden signature!! 😀 (But this means I have 2 CDs of the same songs now lol).

Peter Cetera’s voice was still as good and crisp as 20 years ago WOW I wonder what his secret is. He was never out of breath even after singing for close to 2 hours! And listening to him sing live is like a dream come true please. It was BETTER than on studio album! He’s truly a legend. I wouldn’t mind paying to watch him again honestly.

Now comes the complaint.. why didn’t he sing this? WHY!? I was looking forward to this lor..

He could have sung this instead of the duet with Cher, argh. 😦

Last but not least, the live show we attended just recently this year was Cesar Millan‘s, also at The Star Theatre. I love that place coz it’s new and quite near to where I stay unlike the Singapore Indoor Stadium hahaha. Concert organisers, if you are reading this, please hold more concerts there okay!!


I wasn’t very keen on Cesar Millan at first coz seriously, what could a dog whisperer talk about in 2 hours? I definitely don’t want a lecture on dog discipline please. So I was very reluctant to spend the money even though our ticket prices were discounted. But once again… because boyfriend went to see Peter Cetera with me, I had to give in to his request this time around. Lol so calculative this person.



Waiting for the leader of the pack.. (And finally among a pool of younger audience hahaha)

Waiting for the leader of the pack.. (And finally among a pool of younger audience hahaha)



Sorry, camera not good enough to capture his face!

Sorry, camera not good enough to capture his face!

One of his "lecture" slides lol. If you can understand it then good for you.

One of his “lecture” slides lol. You won’t be able to understand it just by looking at it alone. Chim hor!?

But Cesar Millan proved to be more entertaining than I thought! I didn’t expect him to be so funny too haha. He showed us how to manage the dog in public, how we should hold the leash and how to prevent our dogs from causing a wreck at home when the owners are not around. Other than that, I didn’t learn much from him (maybe coz I knew it wouldn’t work for me) but I don’t regret my purchase as boyfriend seemed to enjoy his talk. He happy can already la 😀

At the end of the show, Cesar Millan stayed on stage to give his autograph to eager fans on the floor – how nice of him! It was very crowded on the floor though so I didn’t bother getting his autograph and left. But yup, I can vouch for his down-to-earth character! He seemed to me as really nice, humble person.

Okay that’s about it! Actually Michael Learns To Rock recently also came to Singapore but I was too broke to go 😦 I hope I don’t regret this.

Thanks for reading y’all 😉

Movies That Blow My Mind

I’m currently uploading this EXTREMELY huge file onto Mediafire because Gmail, being a bitch, doesn’t allow me to attach files more than 25mb of size. So while waiting for the upload to be completed I think I should blog a little about movies.

Today I felt like I was the stupidest person on earth because I didn’t friggin’ understand the movie Inception, and I think it was just me! In my opinion (please don’t shoot me down movie experts) Inception was mind-boggling that it confused the shit out of me. Like I totally paid $6 to exhaust my brains even more on top of the brainstorming they had to do for my school projects. Movies are supposed to be our form of entertainment!! Why are they giving me more stress instead?! So about 20 minutes into the movie I DOZED OFF!! How terrible was that?? Okay I’m really not blaming the movie.. The hall was half packed with students my age or even YOUNGER and they actually cheered after the movie ended. That showed how much they enjoyed it. Alphonsus loved it too.. even claimed it to be the one of the best movies ever.  😦

Update: Even after reading the plot I still don’t get it! WHAT THE HELL just shoot me. This is so frustrating!!

Inception wasn’t the only movie that made me feel this way. A Team too.. sigh, everyone else was like telling me how HILARIOUS A Team was but I didn’t feel a thing?! I couldn’t understand what the actors were talking about and I dozed off during that movie too. What the hell is wrong with me?? 😦

I think I should just stick to chick flicks and horror.. and Hong Kong movies. Sigh, what a bimbo lor..