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Hey everyone!

The SG50¬†weekend may be over but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! In my book, birthdays last the whole month. Whaddya say if we continue the golden jubilee celebrations ’til the end of August? After all, it took us 50 years to come this far and it would be a pity not to stretch out the celebration for as long as possible, amirite? ūüėÄ

How about some Singaporean-inspired delights by Domino’s Pizza¬†to kick-start round two of the National Day celebration?


Introducing Domino’s all new Banana Kaya Dessert!

This new offering certainly evokes some nostalgia in me. I believe many Singaporeans (and even Malaysians) would agree that kaya jam is simply part of our everyday diet. Long before I discovered the wondrous joy of Nutella and peanut butter, breakfast before school was always white bread spread with kaya jam accompanied by a cup of hot Milo tirelessly prepared by my Mom. Subsequently when I got a weekend job during my Polytechnic years, I would have kaya toast served with teh (hot milk tea) at the kopitiam (coffee shop) under my block faithfully every morning before I headed to work.

Therefore launching this new Banana Kaya pizza in conjunction with SG50 is pretty apt, isn’t it? ūüôā

Domino's Banana Kaya Dessert

Domino’s Banana Kaya Dessert

Domino's Banana Kaya Dessert

Domino’s Banana Kaya Dessert

Domino's Banana Kaya Dessert

Domino’s Banana Kaya Dessert

Thickness of the crust

Thickness of the crust

I had the privilege of tasting this new item at the launch party two weeks ago. The Banana Kaya dessert comes with light and buttery crust sprinkled with icing sugar. Filling the middle is a generous layer of sweet,¬†authentic pandan kaya made from rich coconut cream, fresh egg and aromatic pandan leaves and topped with oven baked banana slices that marry well¬†with the spread. It’s about the size of your personal pan pizza which you can either have it all to yourself or share it (the calories, that is) among your friends!

I must admit, though, that it’s exceptionally¬†delicious only when served¬†straight from the oven so you can savour the crunchiness of the crust. It doesn’t taste as nice when it’s all cold and soggy in the middle (I know because I inadvertently left my second slice under the air-conditioner and it was blergh). But fret not! Domino’s Pizza, as you know, has a 30-minute delivery guarantee (and a 15-minute takeout guarantee) so you can rest assured that your orders would be delivered to you hot and fresh. Otherwise, do consider dining in!

What’s more, because it is (still) SG50, this delightful Banana Kaya Dessert is selling at 50% off for a limited period! In other words, this is going for S$3.90 instead of the usual price of S$7.80! Not only are you able to indulge in the familiar flavours of a childhood favourite, but you also get to enjoy great savings on this new dessert! ūüôā

Here’s what also went down at the launch party:

*sings* Everything is awesome!

*sings* Everything is awesome! (photo credit: The Influencer Network)

Other bloggers who attended as well

Other bloggers who attended as well (photo credit: The Influencer Network)

Won myself a Domino's Pizza T-shirt woohoo!! (photo credit: The Influencer Network)

Won myself a Domino’s Pizza T-shirt woohoo!! (photo credit: The Influencer Network)

One of the games lined up for us was to stack as many bananas as possible on a team member's head and thereafter, walk to the other end of the restaurant without toppling them over. Unfortunately none of us could do that u_u (photo credit: The Influencer Network)

One of the games lined up for us was to stack as many bananas as possible on a team member’s head and thereafter, walk to the other end of the restaurant without toppling them over. Unfortunately none of us could do that u_u (photo credit: The Influencer Network)

But the other team successfully did it! So skilled lah. (photo credit: The Influencer Network)

But the other team successfully did it! So skilled lah. (photo credit: The Influencer Network)

The next challenge was to make our own banana kaya pizza using the many fingers of banana and a small bowl of homemade kaya provided by Domino's. (photo credit: The Influencer Network)

The next challenge was to make our own banana kaya pizza using the many fingers of banana and a small bowl of homemade kaya provided by Domino’s. This was our creation! (photo credit: The Influencer Network)

Our pizza when baked!

Our pizza when baked!

Not bad ah :D

Not bad ah ūüėÄ

And we won for that segment! (photo credit: The Influencer Network)

And we won for that segment! (photo credit: The Influencer Network)

If you’re planning to throw another party over the weekend (that’s not too far away, thanks to the off-in-lieu!) with your family and loved ones at your crib, or a potluck dinner for friends to get together, you definitely have to take advantage of this SG50 deal rolled out by Domino’s Pizza!

Pizza partehhhh

Pizza partehhhh

You can now complete your meal with Domino’s ‘2 Pizzas’ deal for only S$22!¬†Choose¬†2 regular pizzas from the wide¬†array of Italian favourites and at the same time, select your desired crusts including Classic Hand-Tossed, New York Crust, Crunchy Thin Crust, Cheese Burst Crust and Domino’s latest Cheesy Crust – a crust that is luxuriously filled with melting hot mozzarella and coated with garlic and herbs. There are also 6 delectable and original pizza sauces to choose from, such as Domino’s signature sauce, Sweet & Spicy sauce, Smoky BBQ sauce, Napolitana sauce, Top Secret sauce and Pesto Passion sauce.

What I love about Domino’s is its huge selection of¬†flavours which are not limited to the same ‘ol boring ones like Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Chicken and whatsoever. They have really interesting additions like Basilico Chicken, Chilli Beef and Sicilian Prawns in the Classics and First Class range (surcharge applies). Plus, they taste reaaaally good.

Ultimate Hawaiian (surcharge applies)

Ultimate Hawaiian – “loads of delicious roasted chicken, shredded chicken, juicy pineapples and fresh mushrooms on our brand new pizza sauce” (surcharge applies)

Sicilian Prawn (surcharge applies)

Sicilian Prawn – “succulent prawns, fresh onions, cherry tomatoes on pesto sauce” (surcharge applies)

Meatzza (surcharge applies)

Meatzza – “100% mozzarella cheese with succulent smoked chicken breast, chicken ham, chicken sausage, cabanossi, beef pepperoni and ground beef” (surcharge applies)

Basilico Chicken (surcharge applies)

Basilico Chicken – “roasted chicken, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, onion and pesto sauce” (surcharge applies)

Alfredo Prawn (surcharge applies)

Alfredo Prawn – “onion, red pepper, pineapple, prawns, mozzarella cheese on Top Secret sauce” (surcharge applies)

Full list of flavours can be found here.

Apart from that, you can also enjoy 50% off (yes, another one!) your all-time favourite sides! Available daily from 3pm to 6pm (share with your hungry colleagues!) with no minimum spending required, these are the sides eligible for the awesome discount:

  1. Chocolate Lava Cake, S$3.40 (RP S$6.80)
  2. *NEW* Golden Chicken (Golden Mediterranean Chicken, Golden Outback Chicken, Golden Italiano Chicken or Golden Mexican Chicken), S$5.40 each (RP S$10.80)
  3. Cinnastix, S$2.90 (RP S$5.80)
  4. Napolitana Baked Meatballs, S$5.40 (RP S$10.80)
  5. Banana Kaya Dessert, S$3.90 (RP S$7.80)
  6. Roasted Chicken Drummet (6 pcs), S$4.90 (RP S$9.80)
Golden Mediterranean Chicken

Golden Mediterranean Chicken (S$5.40)

Golden Italiano Chicken (S$5.40)

Golden Italiano Chicken (S$5.40)

Psst.. There’s a¬†Domino’s SG50 contest going on!

Celebrate Singapore’s 50 years of excellence and heritage with Domino’s Pizza Singapore. 5 lucky winners will win a pizza party worth $100. You may choose to take part on either Facebook or Instagram or even both platform.

For Facebook:
For Instagram: (hashtag #BananaKaya #DominosSG)

Contest ends 16 Aug 2015

Oh gosh, my stomach is starting to growl after seeing all the pictures above! I guess my dinner later is settled. What about yours? ūüôā

Signing off with a group picture with the rest of the amazing bloggers! Thanks for the invite, TIN :)

Signing off with a group picture with the rest of the amazing bloggers! Thanks for the invite, TIN ūüôā

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d’Good Cafe @ Holland Village

Hey everyone!

Being a location¬†that is highly frequented by (presumably) well-to-do expatriates and very cultured locals (remember the Samantha incident?) has certainly shaped Holland Village into the very happening and classy place it is today. Therefore, for people like me who live in the west and don’t like to venture too far out, Holland Village immediately comes to mind when we think of hipster food like Eggs Benedict because of the abundance of brunch cafes there.

As mentioned in my PARK review, I will be taking you through some of the cafes I lunched at with my colleagues within the Holland Village area during my 6-month internship stint (which ended in June). You probably have read numerous reviews about them since they are not exactly new set-ups but how accurate are they, considering that some of them might be written as far back as three years ago when the cafes first established?

d'Good Cafe

d’Good Cafe

Blown away by the largely positive feedback¬†on blogs and review websites, my colleagues and I decided to pay d’Good Cafe a visit¬†for lunch one day. It was a calm and peaceful afternoon at the three-storey cafe with only a handful of diners in sight on¬†the third level. Majority of them were students buried in books (yes, it’s a study-friendly place) and a hungry few¬†would¬†occasionally¬†take a short study break¬†to¬†order finger food¬†at¬†the cashier¬†downstairs.

Cute lil figurines along the stairway

Cute lil figurines along the stairway

D'Good Cafe dining area

D’Good Cafe dining area

Photo-worthy ornaments at the alfresco dining area

Photo-worthy ornaments at the alfresco dining area

Everything there was self-service, even the delivering of food to the table. My poor colleagues who had kindly volunteered to do the ordering¬†(while the rest dealt with other tasks) had to travel back and forth between the third¬†and the first floor¬†–¬†the first round to order and¬†make payment and the subsequent rounds¬†to collect the food (all appetisers, mains and desserts for the 9 of us). It took them at least three rounds before all the orders were completed¬†because of the varying preparation times for different dishes. It’s such a silly system, don’t you think?

I mean, I¬†am fully aware of¬†the growing labour crunch that the food and beverage industry is facing but I couldn’t¬†fathom why, in this day and age, a relatively popular cafe like d’Good would be unable to invest in the latest technology, like purchasing wireless handheld devices so that customers can send their orders to the cashier without having to leave their seats (and save a trip)? Or at least come up with a simple order chit to facilitate the ordering process, especially when it involves multiple orders? Despite its fascinating and modern¬†decor,¬†the cafe is¬†so unbelievably backward.

And that’s not all.

Iced water is complimentary at the cafe but one has to take the stairs (lift was not in operation that day like seriously) to the ground floor to get them. There were no jugs and only average-sized plastic cups were available! Imagine having to go back down and up two storeys again if you need to refill your cup?! That’s intense workout man! I wouldn’t¬†recommend¬†people with mobility difficulties to dine at this cafe.

Ground level

Ground level

Having gone through¬†all the unnecessary inconvenience, our lunch obviously didn’t start on a good note. We thought maybe the food would be marvelous enough to override all our dissatisfaction and we would eventually leave this place with a happy tummy. After all, that’s what most reviews we had read seemed to suggest.

But no.


Eggs Benedict (S$13.50+) –¬†“Two poached eggs are nestled on brioche & bacon and drizzled with homemade Hollandaise sauce. The salad on the side completes the eggs-trodinary morning boost”

My Eggs Benedict came looking like someone had¬†stolen a huge portion of my Hollandaise sauce. In the most unappetising yellow, it looked miserable¬†and diluted,¬†a far cry from what I had at PARK and other cafes (of similar price range) prior to this. I also couldn’t believe that a piece¬†of cheap-looking toasted¬†white bread (what brioche??) was served in place of the English muffins, not forgetting the ridiculously small portion too. Although¬†my mood was already¬†partly dampened¬†because of the presentation, I thought, okay, maybe it wouldn’t taste that bad.¬†I picked up my cutlery and gleefully readied myself for the little yolk explosion that was to come.



But lo and behold! Huge disappointment overcame me when nothing oozed out as the¬†tip of my knife sliced through the middle.¬†I went into a frenzy of rage when I¬†saw the¬†overcooked poached egg and the entirely¬†hard and dry yolk. Without the runny yolk to combine with the (awful) Hollandaise sauce, my meal was ruined. The bacon tasted slightly cold and raw too. Argh, needless to say, I didn’t enjoy my food at all. The money is better spent on 4 sets of Kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs from a nearby Kopitiam which would most probably taste a million times better than this overpriced nonsense ūüė°

Lava Chocolate Cake (S$5.00++ or S$3.00++ as add-on)

Lava Chocolate Cake (S$5.00++ a la carte or S$3.00++ as an add-on)

Sans Lava Chocolate Cake

Sans Lava Chocolate Cake

The dessert I ordered was also a letdown. Contrary to its name, the chocolate within the Lava Chocolate Cake was nowhere near molten and gooey. It was overcooked once again hence the dense and bumpy texture. Its only saving grace was the decadently rich taste.

Still, can somebody enlighten me? Why the vast disparity between the reviews (which praised their food to the high heavens) and reality? Am I missing out on something?

Bangers and Mash

Colleague’s order: Bangers and Mash (S$12+) –¬†“Plump and juicy Cumberland and smoked chicken sausages are grilled and served on a bed of soft mash potato with crunchy potato bits and finished off with caramelised onion”

I didn’t get to try the sausages but according to my cooking enthusiast colleague, it was alright. I wouldn’t blow 12 bucks on 2 pieces of sausages (not like they were really gigantic) which wouldn’t keep me satiated through the next few hours in the office though.

Bacon Carbonara

Colleagues’ order: Bacon Carbonara (S$15+) – “Linguine served with pork bacon in mixed herb tomato sauce”

If you’re looking to satisfy your Italian appetite, d’Good does serve pretty decent¬†Carbonara. I tried a spoonful of my colleague’s Bacon Carbonara and really loved the creaminess but the taste gradually became heavier with¬†more mouthfuls¬†and you end up feeling sick of it. My colleague didn’t finish her Carbonara in the end.

Another colleague¬†ordered Chicken Tikka Masala¬†(Indian-spiced chicken stew with Japanese rice) as well but I didn’t manage to snap a picture of it because she was seated at the far end of the table. Before I could react she had already dug her fork into the chicken meat ūüėõ I vaguely remember it looked delicious and the portion was quite generous.

All in all, I think d’Good¬†is an overrated (sorry!) cafe serving subpar food at inflated prices. It’s probably only popular because of its lovely and beautifully whimsical decor and latte art which¬†are both¬†very Instagram-worthy (hence words spread fast like wildfire). But¬†now that I’ve tasted the food, I kinda doubt the credibility of any positive reviews (like, y’know, the 4-star rating on Facebook) about this cafe. Therefore I don’t see myself returning to try other stuff on the menu unless I see visible improvements (will be keeping a lookout for food pictures on Instagram). Honestly, my Eggs Benedict was so bad, it was a shame! :\

That’s all for my review! Share with me your thoughts in the comments below if you’ve been to d’Good Cafe ūüôā

+ All prices are not inclusive of 7% GST

d’Good Cafe
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Jamie’s Italian @ VivoCity

Hello everyone! I’m back in my blogging mode now that my exams are¬†OVER! *pops champagne*

Today’s topic will still be food, but I believe many of you would be able to relate to this because..


It’s Jamie Oliver’s restaurant!

Jamie Oliver opened his first restaurant in Asia on 17 July 2013 at VivoCity Mall, Singapore. I had somehow forgotten that he has a venture here until I unknowingly walked past his restaurant one day while trying to get to the taxi stand. I told Bf that we had to try this one day and we finally did last Sunday!

Tucked in a more secluded corner of the mall, Jamie’s Italian is clearly crowd magnet because it was the only restaurant with a queue among many others there, albeit a short one. They have an excellent table reservation¬†system which would send¬†the waiting guest¬†a text message when a table opens up (thus explaining the short queue). As it was an impromptu decision to dine there, we had to wait awhile (for only 30 minutes, a reasonably short time considering that it was a weekend) before we could get a table. But with that system in place, we were able to wander around the mall while we waited.


There’s an ongoing contest which patrons can join to win a Vespa!


The menu (click to enlarge). There’s a cocktail section at the bottom but I cropped it out because I won’t be featuring anything from the bar here!

I like that the menu is nailed onto the wall next to the restaurant entrance so that anybody could view it without having to feel pressurised by the wait staff to dine there. It’s not their fault, I know. But don’t you just hate it when someone in the restaurant comes up to you when you’re merely browsing the menu on the display stand? I do! And rejecting them would make me feel so bad ūüė¶

The items on the Pasta section have two different pricing because they signify two different things. The lower-value is for starters while the other is for mains.

You can hardly see what’s in the restaurant from the outside because it’s so dimly-lit, making it an almost-hazardous place for¬†people with terrible vision like me because I may just trip over something if not careful.¬†Some patrons even needed the light from their handphones to read the menu. It was that dark,¬†too dark for photo-taking¬†too (hence I had to depend heavily on the camera’s flash). I hope the management would do something about it because I don’t find dining in darkness a form of enjoyment. I would like to see clearly what’s on my plate, please.

But that’s at night. I’m not sure if it’d be brighter during the day so perhaps you guys can give it a shot during lunchtime.

Let’s move on to our orders!


For beverage, we had a non-alcoholic cocktail called Refresher (S$7.50++).

Refresher consists of fresh lemon, elderflower, cordial and cranberry juice. topped with lemonade. We were initially contemplating between their Homemade Italian Lemonade (S$6.50++) and Berry Blast (strawberries, passion fruit, lemon and cranberry, S$8.50++) but we settled on Refresher in the end because it seems to have most of the stuff found in those two drinks. Haha money-pinchers.

But Refresher was good and refreshing! It tasted a little like Ribena but of course, way better and more sophisticated.


Also got ourselves iced water because one cup of Refresher was obviously insufficient.


Crispy squid (S$11.50++)


For appetizers, we had Crispy Squid (or Fried Calamari in Singaporean’s term) which was basically fried squid but with garlicky mayo and lemon. The squid unfortunately wasn’t exactly crispy because it wasn’t sizzling hot. Bf remarked that it might had sat¬†on the kitchen table for some time before it was delivered to us¬†as¬†it was a slightly cold and soggy. The dip that came with it was on the sour side, but it went well with the squid. All in all, it was a passable dish. There’s nothing really fantastic about it.


Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli (S$17.50++)


For starters, I had Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli with pine nuts and fresh sage in creamy mascarpone, Italian butter, lemon and olive oil. I felt that the dough was a little too thick and firm and it kinda overwhelmed the fillings. I think there were about 5 or 6 Raviolis in there. The fillings were nice though! And the nuts in the creamy sauce added crunch to the dish. Once again. this is also nothing to wow about.


Wild Mushroom and Smoked Mozzarella Risotto (S$16++)

This Wild Mushroom and Smoked Mozzarella Risotto is the bomb. It is an Acquerelle rice with fresh and dried wild mushrooms and oozy smoked mozzarella. Sadly, this starters¬†belonged to Bf so I couldn’t dig more into it. It was extremely creamy and rich with a nice, thick texture, all thanks to the cheese in it. The rice also had some chew to it and it was really delicious! This is going to be a main course the next time we’re there.


220g Rump Steak (S$28.50++)



For the mains, Bf and I shared a 220g Rump Steak served with garlic and parsley butter, rainbow coleslaw with natural yoghurt and skinny fries. The nicely cut steak facilitated the sharing¬†and I’m so glad it came this way because otherwise, the hungry Bf would slice a bigger portion for himself, leaving me with a measly piece of meat. *victoryboymeme.jpg*¬†(Just kidding later he scold me)

The garlic and parsley butter is such an unusual topping but¬†I actually love it. It had the right amount of saltiness and it’s so amazing I wanted to wipe it all off onto my own portion. The steak was soft, tender and cooked to juicy perfection. The entire dish was simply indulgent. I couldn’t get enough of it.

I kinda regretted sharing the main course because I was still hungry towards the end of the meal. So lesson learnt, never share anything at Jamie’s Italian. Hahaha.

On the whole, the food was not too bad but there’s definitely still room for improvement. Don’t go there with high expectations (Jamie Oliver’s not the one cooking after all) or you’d be disappointed. I also think that my experience was let down slightly by the unsatisfactory¬†service in the restaurant. Our orders were only taken after beckoning to the wait staff several times and each time we’d be asked to wait but no one would come to us in the end. It might be due to the weekend crowd but yeah, it was really tiring to have to keep getting hold of the wait staff.

But the risotto was really, really awesome so you guys must go there and try it!

On top of that, the prices are actually quite reasonable for a reputable restaurant in a luxury shopping mall, don’t you think? I will definitely return for other items I’ve yet to try on the menu! Any recommendations? ūüėÄ

Okay that’s all for this post!

Thanks for reading ūüôā

Jamie’s Italian @ VivoCity
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