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Welcome to the TechTalk, the newly added section on this blog for the technology geeks where you will find honest reviews on the latest gadgets and accessories in the market. Most of these posts will be contributed by my boyfriend, Alphonsus Neo, who is an absolute technology enthusiast. With years of experience in the telecommunication industry, he lives and breathes technology and definitely knows his stuff. so Enjoy!

An invitation was extended to me by JBL a while back as a contributor of this blog to test out their latest offering – the Under Armour Bluetooth wireless earphones. For the uninitiated, Under Armour is an American sports clothing and accessories company that is very popular among athletes for its high quality shirts that helps to keep them cool and dry even after an intense work out.

JBL x Under Armour Headphones Wireless

JBL x Under Armour Headphones Wireless

Fitness buffs definitely should rejoice because Under Armour has joined hands with JBL to create the perfect pair of Bluetooth earphones that is compatible for both iOS and Android users hoping to listen to some music while they exercise. Perfect may seem a strong word to use but trust me, despite some of my gripes that I will share along the way, this product is definitely a beauty and a keeper!

Just look at the packaging, the bright red screams to you as you walk pass it along the aisle.

Pick me! You know you want to!

Pick me! You know you want to!

If the packaging can be an indication of how well made a product is, then the Under Armour Wireless definitely does not disappoint. It reminded me of the packaging of a MacBook Pro, which is not an easy feat by far.

So the packaging looks great, so what? Let’s get into the nitty gritty details that all of you out there are looking for.

For starters, it is extremely light weight which is great because the last thing you need while exercising is a pair of earphones tugging on your ears. The Under Amour Wireless comes with TwistLockTM Technology that helps to keep the earphones snugged tightly into your ears while you run on a treadmill or climbing a mountain. Unlike conventional earphones which you directly insert into your ears, the Under Amour Wireless is placed at a slightly 45 degrees angle at the entrance of your ear before turning it in a clockwise direction to ‘lock’ the earphones securely in. It did feel slightly uncomfortable initially because admittedly, it takes some practice to get the technique right. But once you have mastered it, it stays in your ear! I tried to shake and tilt my head vigorously left and right but it still wouldn’t budge, if I tried to shake my head any harder I am sure I would have to wear a neck brace for a couple of weeks.

The Under Armour Wireless’ cord between the earbuds measures just slightly over 30 cm which might not sound incredibly long, but it gets the job done as it doesn’t impede head movement at all. After all, this is a sports earphones which means that long dangling wires are a big no-no. Does anyone know the feeling when earphone wires starts to get slimy and the condition of the wires deteriorate because of the sweat? Well, the Under Amour Wireless so far hasn’t presented this problem during the weeks of testing because of its IPX5 sweat proof feature. Of course, you still have to be conscientious and do your part in ensuring you wipe off the sweat after each exercise session. Don’t be too overly worried that tugging constantly at the wires as you clean may cause it to become dislodged as during the product briefing, it was shared that the Under Amour Wireless was made to be as rugged as possible which meant all the connections were reinforced to prevent that from happening.



But the real test for any pair of earphones is not how well it can withstand wear and tear, but its sound quality. And boy does it deliver, JBL has graciously included a solid pair of 5.88 mm dynamic drivers into the Under Armour Wireless. It definitely will not disappoint those who are looking for a pair of earphones with enough bass to help them power through a 10 km run that’s for sure. However, for those who are looking for noise cancellation features, move along because these earphones are not meant for you because the good folks at Under Armour and JBL have the common sense not to include this feature in a pair of sports earphones. Now, the last thing you would want is a pair of sports earphones that cancels out all ambience noise such as the horn of a car that is about to hit you because you were not paying attention while you were running.

3-button mic

3-button mic

The Under Amour Wireless also comes with a pretty standard 3-button mic which allows you to control tracks, volume and calls easily without the need for you to whip out your phone. If you decide that the Under Armour Wireless is your cup of tea, this will set you back $289. This might seem like a hefty amount but if you do your homework, you will also realise that similar earphones by other reputable brands costing around the same price range. However the key difference is the brands behind the product. With Under Armour’s unique experience in understanding the needs of athletes as well as JBL’s brand name for delivering quality speakers, you will be hard-pressed to find another brand in the market that can fully understand the needs of athletes. If it is any comfort, the Under Armour Wireless Bluetooth earphones also come with a 12 month premium membership for MapMyFitness that is available on both iOS and Android app stores.

Core features

Core features

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Indulge in the Sounds of Luxury with Harman Kardon, AKG & JBL


Listen up, audiophiles!


CD galore!

If you’ve been to places like the Yankee Stadium and the iconic Beijing National Stadium for concerts, chances are you would have been awed by the incredibly high-quality sound system. But unknown to many, such superior sound quality can also be heard in enclosed places like in cars especially if you’re riding in an Audi, a BMW, Subaru, Hyundai or Chrysler, just to name a few. They may sound slightly different from one another due to the disparity in location size but ultimately they still sound insanely good to the ears.

That’s because all these venues and automobile manufacturers use HARMAN, the mastermind behind leading audio brands including JBL, AKG and Harman Kardon which are also used by international artistes like Kanye West, Maroon 5, Paul McCartney, Black Eyed Peas, Linkin Park (MY LUV!) and Kelly Clarkson in the studio and on stage.

In fact, if you have never heard of HARMAN (and the 7 highly-acclaimed audio brands under its belt), then you have not heard everything, literally. Apart from the voice of the artiste playing in your ears, the song lyrics and the main instrumental melody in the background, can you hear each and every bass and rhythmic note with your current headphones? Does it give you crisp and natural-sounding music that makes you feel like you’re at a live performance? And does it produce acoustic music that sounds so soulful and surreal, it serenades your soul and sends chills down your spine? If none of the above resonates with you, boy are you losing out a lot!

(Sadly, I was subconsciously describing what my earpiece can’t do too, boohoo)

With Harman Kardon, AKG and JBL, you get only the best sounds, so good that even Mozart would be proud.


Of course, I wouldn’t dare say that every product under Harman Kardon, AKG and JBL is rave-worthy (don’t want to risk getting slaughtered by you tech-geeks). But have you seen their latest range of portable speakers? I had the heaven-sent opportunity (since I’ve been on a lookout for better speakers as my current ones are spoiling and very unfortunately I fall into the stereotype of females who are completely clueless about technology) to experience them for myself at the recent HARMAN media event by IMS Marketing and wow, I was totally blown away by the loud-crystal clear sound projected by these small, innocuous-looking things that left my jaw hanging throughout the demo!

Here’s what I saw:

JBL (Smart Series III)


Charge it, flip it, clip it. Fuel your passion for music!


JBL Clip Plus (RRP S$99)


Small but powerful – these disc-like speakers can project sounds SO loud, it puts my home speakers to shame. It’s meant to be “clipped” onto your bicycle so that you cyclists can enjoy good music on the move for up to 5 hours!


JBL FLIP 3 (RRP S$179) – full-featured splashproof portable speaker with powerful sound in a compact form. It fits perfectly into the bottle cage attached to your bicycle! 🙂


It actually means this…


HELLLLLL NOOO how cool is this?! (featuring JBL Xtreme, S$439)


JBL Charge 2+ (RRP S$279) – another splashproof portable speaker but with 6000mAH rechargeable battery!

My Dad was gifted a JBL Charge 2+ recently and judging from his incessant music playbacks (kinda irritated by his poor choice of music but aiya, what to do?), I can vouch how long-lasting the battery life is! And the sound is just flawless.


JBL Pulse II (RRP S$329) – 10-hour battery with custom LED light show that acts like a visualiser and changes according to the music tempo


So preeetzz! I think ABBA’s Dancing Queen was playing 😀

All the products above come with Social Mode which you can use to connect up to 3 music sources so that everyone in your clique gets a chance to play their favourite tunes. All JBL portable speakers can also be wirelessly connected via Bluetooth to one another so as to amplify the volume of the music played.

Harman Kardon

While it’s quite obvious that JBL exudes energetic and youthful vibes, Harman Kardon takes on a different personality and goes for the elegant and sophisticated feel.


Esquire Mini (RRP S$269) – an sleek and chic speaker that doubles as a conference phone system with dual-microphone and built-in echo and noise cancellation technology for superb sound and USB access to recharge your favourite devices. This all-in-one (speaker/phone system/microphone/portable charger) speaker has battery that can last for up to 8 hours

This product wasn’t showcased at the event so I didn’t get to see or test it out myself. But people who are well-versed in the audiomotive market should know that Harman Kardon (and other brands of HARMAN as a matter of fact) would never compromise on quality. After all, Harman Kardon had bagged quite a number of awards, including some iF Design Awards for its Esquire Mini 🙂


I’d think that AKG is a hybrid of JBL and Harman Kardon because some of the products under its line can be both stylish and sporty at the same time, like this stunner:


AKG N90Q (RRP S$2199, yup it’s 贵的咯) – gold headphones that listen to your ears. It has sound so realistic, the only barrier is the headphone itself


Inspired by the Grammy Award winning producer Quincy Jones, this state-of-the-art, flagship level headphone represents the pinnacle in acoustic performance and audio customisation. It features TruNote technology, Tone Control (full control of adjustment sound signature). Stage Control (three spatial listening modes), Patented ergonomic design, USB and HD audio and a built-in DAC.


Enjoying 5 seconds of premium sound with dual foam cushions and ear cup mounted controls (I swear my ears felt so comfortable) as well as active noise cancelling technologies. Love it so much leh. Why is it so goddamn expensive? 😦

And also not forgetting the hand-selected audio gift set I received from the event organisers:


AKG Y23 ear headphone and Y40 mini headset


Thank you so much, IMS Marketing! Boyfriend has been eyeing on the headset ever since. -_-

And that’s about it from HARMAN! 🙂 Did anything catch your eye? I’ll most probably be getting one of those JBL speakers to replace my current ones. Which one would you recommend? Leave me a comment below!

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P/S: If you haven’t realised, this post is so full of puns, I love it.