6 Vital Points to Massage for Health and Beauty


Hey everyone!

In this day and age of face-paced living, it is almost impossible to relax yourselves especially when you’re residing in Singapore, where one in four workers here reported being highly stressed in a poll conducted by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) in 2013. Fortnightly pampering sessions like trips to facial spas, massage or nail parlours are reduced to once a month (none, for some) as you rise through the ranks with heavier responsibilities to shoulder because there’s just no time for that. As a former supervisor in a popular tuition centre who had to juggle work, study and love life, I can totally understand the fatigue from working long hours with little time to recuperate. At work, I had to run 3 outlets and be at my ex-bosses’ beck and call, sometimes even working past midnight to tie up loose ends. I worked over the weekends due to lack of manpower and hardly had time for leisure because most shutters would be down by the time I knocked off. With such hectic lifestyle (as with what most working adults are experiencing here, albeit I’m sure not as demanding as mine – that’s why I’m now out of there 😐 ), who would have the time for relaxation?

But do you know that it is very important to relax your body? Not only does it “trigger a flurry of genetic activity that is responsible for some important health benefits“, it also rejuvenates your body and slows down your ageing process! You don’t know how chao lao (old and haggard) I looked when I was slogging at the tuition centre three years ago. I looked frail with terrible complexion, had my hair falling out and fallen sick a couple of times in a short period. All these could have been avoided if I had found a better job hadn’t put so much unnecessary pressure on myself (trying to perfect myself at work) and relaxed. Ex-colleagues used to describe me as a kan chiong spider, overly anxious about everything.

Since I left my job, I had all the time in the world to pamper myself. I started indulging myself with full body massages (occasionally, coz so pricey omg) and foot reflexology and really felt the difference in my general health (slept better, getting sick less often, etc.). I did the latter typically weekly. Even so, you know how expensive such massages are in Singapore. Each 40-minute reflexology session costs at least S$30 at some places and doing it long term will make me go miserably broke.

Then one day, I had this sudden realisation that I could do the massage myself (learnt by secretly observing the masseur’s techniques ohohohoho!!). It’s a bit troublesome lah but I could save LOTS of money in the long run, so why not? And it works even better with this Warming and Facial Body Roller I had received from Panasonic to review as part of the requirements for being a finalist of the Singapore Blog Awards.


Warming Facial & Body Roller EH-SP32 (S$189)

The Warming Facial & Body Roller is such an amazing tool – it comes with two detachable rollers (squeezing and stroking rollers) to suit use and preference and even has a heating element to create warming effect on skin! I largely enjoy using it because of this feature. It’s like putting a warm towel on your body.


Detachable rollers for squeezing and stroking


Adjustable temperature – Hi (approx 48°C) and Low (44°C) available

So now I’m going to share with you guys the areas on your body to massage, as well as some really simple (yet very beneficial) massage techniques I’ve acquired by observation and research combined with my takeaway from my recently attended workshop conducted by top health and beauty guru, Bryan Gan 老师!


▪ Do not use the device with any lotions, oils, creams or alcohol wipes as doing so may damage the roller.
▪ Do not soak product in water or use in locations with high temperatures and levels of humidity as it is not waterproof.
Do not use the roller while wearing makeup as the makeup can get into the gaps in the roller and damage it.
▪ Do not wash the product. Wipe with baby wipes (no alcohol wipes) after use.

1. Face

Facial massages, although easy and intuitive, are often overlooked but do you know that by relaxing your facial muscles and connective tissues, you’re actually softening your expression-induced lines around your eyes, lips and brows, helps expel acne-causing toxins and de-puffs and brightens the eye area [1]? That’s right! By massaging your face often, you not only get a face lift naturally, you also save money on Botox! But remember, all facial massages are to be done in an upward direction. You don’t want your skin to sag as a result of the massage, right?

Psst.. If you don’t have a roller, just stroke with your fingers or massage in rotational movements 🙂

  • Set your temperature to ‘LOW’. Beginning with your contour lines, move the squeezing roller from the bottom of the chin to the bottom of the ears so as to squeeze and lift. Also, clench your jaw and roll onto the masseter muscles (a.k.a jaw muscles, the upper part of your jaw that’s protruding out, both sides) 10 times. Push one end of the diamond roller into the masseter muscle and rotate around it. Do it 5 times for the first time and gradually increase it to 10 times. This can help to relieve constipation and migraine.

Hehe like my illustration? Face modelled after mine with some modifications of course. Purposely added blush and bronzer to the face (contours) because I’m a beauty blogger after all mah


Contour lines

  • Switching to the stroking roller, move it toward the outer side of the face so as to pull the corners of the mouth upward. Do this 10 to 15 times.



  • Move the roller from the side of the mouth to the cheekbones. Do this 10 to 15 times.



  • Move the roller from the corner of the nose to the ear and slowly move upwards to the area under the eyes. Do this 5 to 10 times because the skin there is more tender. This will help to soothe puffiness and relieve muscle tension under the eyes.





  • Move the roller to your forehead in an upward direction. Do this 10 to 15 times. This will help to even out the skin (no more wrinkles!) above your brows.




  • And finally, move the roller up from the bottom of the chin to the bottom of the lower lip. Do this 10 to 15 times.



2. Scalp

If you’ve been to salons to get your hair washed, you might have experienced having your scalp massaged for a few minutes. It’s one of my favourite moments in the salon because the feeling is so orgasmic and I’d sometimes fall asleep unknowingly. Well, scalp massage actually helps to increase blood flow to the hair follicles, thus promoting hair growth. It can also ease the tension you feel in your neck and behind your eyes.

I’d sometimes rub and knead the skin of my scalp with my bare fingers which can get tiring after a while. Now that I have the roller, it makes my life even easier! A technique that I’ve come up with, it’s not as enjoyable as having your scalp massaged by a professional but it’s still better than nothing. Use the roller with a teeny weeny bit more strength.


Start with your hairline


Then to your main scalp area


Move the roller up and down towards the crown

3. Neck

If you have neck stiffness, this is something you should try! Neck stiffness is caused by stress, excessive computer use, head and neck trauma and bad posture. This in turn reduces the blood flow to cause fatigue, headaches, dizziness, panic attacks, insomnia, and poor functioning of the immune system. Hence a good neck massage would help relieve that stiffness and rectify or prevent the above problems [2].

Using the squeezing roller, move it up and down and enjoy the grip! Then, move the roller down to the shoulder and back up to your neck again to give it a good massage! Feel the warmth of the roller, it’ll make you feel so good!







(optional) I use the stroking roller to “roll down” my double chin. HAHA!

4. Stomach

The appliance also helps to tone your stomach and at the same time, activates the acupressure points around the stomach area to ease indigestion and bloating (have to be followed by peppermint oil), rid water retention and boost your immune system. Switch to the stroking roller, turn the temperature to ‘HI’ and move the roller up and down. As it’s going to get very comfortable, it’s best to do this exercise on your bed. Do this 30 to 50 times before sleeping 😉


No supermodel abs to show sorry

5. Arms

If you’re a victim of bye-bye arms like me, this roller can help tone them! It also makes you feel so awesomely good and at the same time, invigorates your tired and aching arms (maybe from carrying all the heavy shopping bags! GSS mah)

  • Going back to the squeezing roller, raise your arm and move the roller up and down your underarm about 50 times (following the stomach exercise) or for around 3 seconds. You will feel the device gripping onto your flabs.


The product can also be used on your wrist and elbow but I personally use it around my wrist to improve my lung circulation. In Chinese medicine, massaging the wrist (内关 nei guan) ensures smooth flow of Qi (oxygen) in chest and it is good for relieving pain when breathing. It also, among many other benefits, improves cardiac functions; prevents cardiovascular diseases such as angina, stuffy chest, palpitations. Perfect for asthma sufferers like me!

  • Move the roller from the wrist toward the elbow. There is a “point of sleep” on your wrist where massaging it would make you feel drowsy (great if you’re insomniac). It’s located at the point where your ring finger and index finger meet when a line is drawn vertically downward from the fingers to the wrist.


6. Legs

Despite being the most used part of the body, your thighs are sadly the most neglected part of your leg which you walk on all day. Unless you’re in for a full-body massage, no masseur (especially if he’s a guy) would dare to touch your upper thighs during a reflexology session. It’s a very sensitive area and touching it would give you goosebumps instantly. So yes, you are solely responsible for your poor overworked thighs.

  • To relieve muscle tension around the thighs, move the roller from the knee towards the upper thigh. Do it for about 2 seconds. I like to do it around my inner thigh though ^_^


Like runners, ladies who love wearing high heels would often experience sore calves. The calves most likely get injured more often than not due to very intensive calves workout or running. Calf muscle injuries can greatly hinder your mobiliy because they are what help you walk, run or jump  so it’s important that you take great care of them.

  • To improve your systemic circulation and reduce scar tissue (happens when your calf injury is left untreated), move the roller from bottom to top. Do this for around 2 seconds.


Last but not least, alright, this will probably disgust some of you clean freaks out there but hey, I realised that it can also be used on your feet! For obvious reasons, please only do this step after you’ve completed your facial massage haha. And of course, after you’ve washed your feet thoroughly. Feet massage has a truckload of benefits including promoting better sleep, improving blood circulation and relieving aches and pains and many more. After all, your feet are packed with nerve endings connected to every part of your body.

  • Use your squeezing roller and target different points of your feet. Since the diamond roller is quite huge, you can probably only massage the centre of your foot, grip the sides and the area beneath your toes (press the diamond against it – your Tai Yang acupuncture point is somewhere there). If you don’t have the roller, you mainly use your thumb.



Press against the middle

There are in fact other areas of concern mentioned by certified massage therapists, like on the buttocks, spine (actually this is worth trying!) and collar bones but I’ve yet to explore them. Essentially, it’s the same massage technique using the squeezing roller – just move the roller up and down and enjoy the warmth and grip!


In a nutshell… (tl;dr version)

It’s super easy and since the appliance is so portable, you can do it any time, any where, even in your office, in your car, while watching your favourite Korean drama on the computer screen.. you get the gist. What’s more, if you have aged parents at home, you can also help massage their hands or legs with the roller. But be warned, they’ll probably request for MORE sessions like this in the future because it’s seriously very comfortable. (Never mind lah, they like can already. Filial piety mah!)

Like this Warming Facial & Body Roller
by Panasonic?

Great news!

Panasonic Singapore is extending a very special offer to my Singapore resident readers from now till 5 July 2015! The Warming Facial and Body Roller EH-SP32 is now going at $159 (including delivery and GST) with ONE-YEAR warranty. Its usual RPP is S$189. It’s really a great offer and investment, don’t you think? 😉 Better than paying S$60 a month for foot reflexology!

How to order?

1. Email to hanwei.chew01@sg.panasonic.com with subject: “Blog readers’ promo – Panasonic Beauty (omy.sg)”
2. In the email, indicate product name, model, and quantity of purchase.
3. Indicate which blog you saw this promo from (fionaseah.com).

I will be back again to talk about another product range by Panasonic so do stay tuned for it!

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