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Hey everyone!

The past weeks have been a period of unhealthy and sinful snacking for many Chinese. No matter how strong the will, there is no way anyone could escape the clutches of those irresistible and delectable Chinese New Year goodies (think those addictive, crumbly pineapple tarts *drools*) which are out to unravel all the painstaking hours of gym sessions spent on obtaining a trim figure. How many of you have reached for another cookie despite telling yourself that the one you just ate would be your last? I, for one, am guilty of this because when it comes to food, my mouth seems to have a mind on its own! And it would take a monumental effort to overcome the temptation of helping myself to the treats on the snack tray 😦

credits: Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

I would need to climb at least 1000 floors to burn all the pineapple tarts in my tummy. Why is life so hard? (credits: Khoo Teck Puat Hospital)

Now that we have passed the halfway mark of the Chinese New Year, it’s time to distance ourselves from these goodies and start planning on how to shed those extra pounds gained over the festive occasion before we get too comfortable with our weight! While partaking in intensive exercise is certainly the fastest and most effective way to get your body back in shape, it is not a foolproof method of losing weight for people who loses control around food… like me *buries face into hands* I don’t know about you but I feel especially ravenous after every workout session and would end up eating more than I usually do. Perhaps due to this reason, my weight never dips below 55kg (my ideal weight is 50kg) because I’m essentially putting back the calories that are burnt off.

My weight measurement at Expressions (Orchard outlet)

My weight measurement at Expressions (Orchard outlet)

Therefore, a balanced diet needs to be part of the game plan to lose weight – the only problem is how to control the portions you’re ingesting such that they do not exceed the amount of calories you’ve burnt from working out. I love food so much that I wouldn’t starve myself in the name of looking good, so to not eat at all would be out of the question.

My Expressions goodies!! *thumbs up*

My Expressions goodies!! *thumbs up*

But ever since I became an ambassador for Expressions, I have been privileged to trial some of their slimming products which I never knew about. Under the recommendation of my wellness consultant Chloe at their Orchard outlet, I was given two diet supplements. The first, a detox juice, will be reviewed in greater detail in this post while the other will be spotlighted in my next Expressions feature. I have personally tried both products for a couple of days and felt a world of a difference in my appetite, so I thought I should share them with you!

SlimJuice, S$19.90

SlimJuice, S$19.90 available on

SlimJuice, formerly known as KiloKiller but with an improved formula this time, is a slimming supplement that zeroes in on the unwanted fat cells.  It helps to burn stubborn fats in the body that refuse to budge, drains harmful toxins that hinder the absorption of nutrients, and aids in the breakdown of food. On top of that, it naturally keeps your appetite in check and therefore, reduces the tendency to snack.

Inside the box: 14 sachets and some information pamphets

Inside the box: 14 sachets and some information pamphets

Packed in the handy box are 14 sachets filled with soluble powder (like fruit salt) which are to be prepared in lukewarm (or room temperature) water. As I had been put into the Expressions’ 3-day detox juicing programme, my wellness consultant had advised me to consume one sachet twice a day (together with the other dietary supplement), morning and evening before meal, as opposed to what is stated on the packaging that only one is required every day.

SlimJuice sachet

SlimJuice sachet

A small gap at the side for easy tearing

A small gap at the side for easy tearing

Upon adding water, the powder dissolved instantly and a thick foam started developing on the surface with a faint sizzling sound. I was intrigued by the appearance of the mixture because it looked so much like a pint of beer! 😛

Before adding in some water..

Before adding in some water..

SlimJuice ready-to-drink

SlimJuice ready-to-drink

On closer look, it actually looks more like apple juice with a hell of a froth. In fact, it kinda smelt like it too! It tasted a little sour and fizzled in my mouth. Such fun! Heeding my beautician recommendation, I embarked on my 3-day detox challenge with no intake of solid food (mainly red meat, carbs and sugary foods) as well as cold water. It wasn’t easy switching to a diet like this, but I persevered.

credits: Expressions

credits: Expressions

This may seem ludicrous but I felt the satiation fill my body the very moment I downed the cup of SlimJuice and no, it wasn’t a sense of bloatedness! Although I still experienced urges to snack (out of habit) on the first day (which was easily resolved with some cut fruits), I felt my energy level taking an upward turn despite having less than 5 hours of sleep. I used to feel extremely lethargic and weary by the late afternoon but I felt less of these during the 3-day trial.


Apart from fruits, you can also substitute snacks with microwaved vegetables topped with oyster sauce (I prefer choy sum) or a bowl of healthy soup (such as sliced fish soup) because these are not only healthier, but also a lot lower in calories.

Amazingly, the craving for tidbits also died down from the second day. Furthermore, I had also felt my appetite suppressed as I hardly had hunger pangs throughout the day even though I was constantly on the go!

Even though it didn’t really aid much in my bowel movement nor lead to a significant drop in my weight, it had toned up my muscle fat and reduced my body fat by 1.2%. My VFA (Visceral Fat Area) level had also decreased from a ‘3’ to a ‘2’, signifying a healthier and younger body. These results were, of course, achieved with the combined use of SlimJuice and Wheat Bran & Psyllium, which I will talk more in depth about in the next installment. Perhaps I would be able to see better results if I had extended the duration of the programme! 🙂

Still, considering how affordable it is and how effective it was in curbing my appetite, I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a reliable slimming supplement and yet doesn’t want to spend a fortune on it.

What are your thoughts? Do share them with me in the comments below!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next instalment! 🙂

SlimJuice by Expressions (S$19.90)

Click here to purchase or here for the promotional bundle!
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